How to Wake Up Smart


Having trouble getting a morning routine going? We all know the struggle: our heads hit the pillow at different times each night and we just can’t seem to rise at the first beep of our alarm. For some, it’s simply more sleep you crave; yet, for others, you just don’t have anything to look forward to in the morning. A morning routine acts as motivation to spring out of your fluffy covers and start your day with productivity.

1. Guzzle

H2O, that is. In the morning, our bodies are dehydrated and craving a splash of nature’s miraculous cure-all: water. Add a few slivers of lemon to cleanse you internal system. The benefits of drinking water are enormous and include glowing skin, a balanced lymph system, renewed cells, and weight loss. After establishing “water-first” as a habit, your body will thank you, and reach for the glass without even thinking twice.
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2. Bend
Starting your day with twenty minutes of light yoga will do wonders for your mood, flexibility and overall appearance. Not only does daily yoga add strength and flexibility to your body, it improves brain function and lowers stress level. You should also note that a few months of consistent yoga provides relief from chronic back pain, improved sense of balance, heightened libido, and lowered risk of heart disease!
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3. “Om”
You may be thinking, I just got up from lying on my butt for 8 hours, and now you want me to relax? It’s true, your body may be feeling refreshed from your night of much needed zzz’s, but you have neglected to massage the knots out of your anxious mind. By starting the day with, at the very least, 15 minutes of meditation, you will have center and focus for the day to come. Find a quiet place, away from kitchen-clanking and talking house-mates. And be sure to make this place your own; by adding pillows, candles, and fostering your meditation spot with respect, over time you will begin to feel centered upon entering your personal haven.
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