6 Beauty Looks Perfect For St. Patrick’s Day


Green may not be the first shade we gravitate towards in our beauty routines, but with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, this lively hue is only fitting. It’s true that green hasn’t had the best outlook, especially since it’s reminiscent of Elphaba’s viridescent complexion from Wicked. But let’s be honest: that witch made us envious with just how good she looked in it. From olive tones to mint pastels, green just may be the color we’ve been holding back on for far too long. In honor of the leafy shade, we’re inspiring not only you, but us too, with beauty looks you can master on none other than St. Patrick’s Day. 

All Matte Green

Green in a matte makeup look? We’re sold.

Green Smokey Eyes

Take your smokey eyes to the next level.

Mermaid Eyes

The key to being the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be—because who really wants to be a leprechaun, honestly?

Green Duo-Chrome

A subtle green look we believe you could wear everyday.

Colored Wing

Not into green eyeshadow? That’s okay. Try out a colorful liner version instead.

Green Coffin Nails

The coffin nail trend is going green.

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Featured screenshot courtesy of ThatGirlShaexo on YouTube