Is Slab Jacking a Permanent Solution?


Is slab jacking a permanent solution? Slab jacking is a process used to lift up the concrete that has been displaced from its original position. Slab jacking is a permanent and effective solution.


First of all, you need to locate the concrete sinking. After that, the holes are drilled into the concrete. You should call professional contractors for this issue; otherwise, you will drill the holes poorly, and your concrete will further sink. 

Holes are drilled with the specialized tools, and then tubes are inserted. After that, thick and grout-like material is pushed into the holes. It expands and lifts the concrete to its original position. A lot of factors are considered before lifting up the concrete. Some of them include understanding the original position of the concrete, the material used in concrete, and the temperature conditions of the area.

Is It a  Permanent Solution?

If the slab jacking is done correctly, then it is a permanent solution for concrete sinking. The process provides a foundation to the concrete. During earthquakes or expansion of soil, the concrete may change its original position. The complex slurry used in the slab jacking is a permanent solution. The average life for the repair is 8-10 years.


It is not an expensive solution. The reason is that it has been used for many years. Almost every contractor has specialized tools and required skill force for this solution. The average cost for slab jacking is $500-$1200. Mud jacking is less expensive as compared to slab jacking. It usually costs 40-50% less than slab jacking.

Disadvantages and limitations:

Slab jacking is not an environmentally friendly procedure. It produces a lot of dust. The slurry used in the process makes the lifted concrete look different from the other part. It can’t be done if the ground is frozen.

Concrete Replacement vs. Slab jacking:

The concrete replacement is a more reliable solution as compared to the slab jacking. The concrete replacement is more permanent than slab jacking. The issue with concrete lifting is that it is costly as compared to slab jacking.

Moreover, it takes weeks to replace the concrete. While if you do slab jacking, it can be done within hours.

However, there are some scenarios where we have to replace the concrete instead of slab jacking. The contractors must evaluate the conditions before making any decision. If you replace the concrete but do not address the original cause, all of the exercise replacing the concrete will be futile.


The bottom line is that slab jacking is a cost-effective, fast, and permanent solution for the concrete sink. It is a classical method to lift any concrete. It is used all over the world by structural engineers. 

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7 Benefits of Letting Your kids Decorate Their own Rooms


Today we want to share 7 benefits of letting your kids decorate their own rooms. Almost from the time they’re able to express their viewpoints, most children will have an opinion about what they want their room to look like. From race cars to princesses to YouTube stars, your kids will begin developing their own interests early, and they’ll often want to express those interests in how they decorate their rooms.

Should parents allow their children free rein in decorating their own rooms? Experts say yes, up to a point. Below, we’ll talk about seven of the most important benefits that kids can gain when parents allow them to decorate their own bedrooms.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms


  1. You’ll learn about the things that are important to them.

Every parent wants to know more about their kid’s inner life, especially once they hit the more secretive teenage years. Seeing how they decorate their room can give you a window into their private world. From a poster of the musical artist they’re obsessed with to wall decals of their favorite TV characters or sports stars, you can glean a lot of information from simple decor choices.

That said, resist the urge to read too much into your child’s aesthetic choices. Just because they put up some gloomy-looking artwork doesn’t mean they’re actually depressed. What your child says and does are always better guides to what’s going on than any choices of colors or art—so, when in doubt, ask.

  1. You’ll signal to them that you respect their independence.

Even young kids often feel trapped and unhappy when they don’t see themselves as in control of their own lives and decisions. Consequently, it’s important to give them the power to make their own choices when it’s safe to do so.

This kind of compromise helps build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. Allowing kids to curate a space that suits them—and being clear that you’re intentionally doing so—can be a useful talking point in future discussions about which decisions are appropriate for them to make independently, and which ones you insist on having a say in.

  1. You’ll give them a way to express their creativity.

Self-expression is an important part of being human, and decorating a living space is one of the ways that many people do it. Choosing colors, patterns and decor are tasks that many kids find fun, and the liberty of choice will often be a key part of how they discover things about themselves.

This creative self-expression is an important part of the path to building healthy self-esteem. A child who has had ample opportunity for self-discovery through creative tasks is likely to become more confident and sure of themselves throughout the most crucial periods of their young lives.

  1. You’ll help them learn to invest in and care for a space.

Children need to learn the value of maintaining a living space to an acceptable standard. When you give your kids a role in creating and maintaining their space, they’ll be more likely to care for it by keeping it clean and tidy.

That doesn’t mean that your child’s room will never get messy. But cultivating their mental connection between space and self will pay dividends in terms of how they see and care for their living spaces throughout life. You might even make room cleanliness a condition of allowing them leeway in decorating.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

Source: FamVeld/Shutterstock

  1. It can be a fun opportunity to collaborate on a home project.

Younger kids will need help with planning and executing a concept for their room, and some older kids may want your advice as well. Working together on projects with your child is a great opportunity to build your relationship, so take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

The optimal level of parental involvement will vary by how much responsibility your child is ready to take. A young child will need help with basic tasks like painting walls and applying vinyl wall decals, while an older teen might just need a few pointers on how to make the details look good. Either way, be prepared—either to offer help or to step back when appropriate.

  1. You don’t have to approve everything.

Remember that you’re still a parent and can put your foot down about things that are unacceptable. Before you allow your child to start choosing decorations, think about where your hard lines lie. There’s a difference between a poster of an artist you don’t care for and, say, a piece of hate paraphernalia or something else deeply concerning.

Talk to your child about what is and isn’t acceptable for decoration in their room, particularly if you foresee conflict. Use it as an opportunity to discuss the values that are important to your family. But always think about whether you’re making the decisions for your comfort or for their own good, and be aware when you might be about to cross that line.

  1. You might be surprised how much you like what they come up with.

The ideas your kids come up with for decorations might not always be something you think will look good. (They might even shock you with a baseball wall mural of your team’s division rival!) But you’d be surprised by how well even some more off-the-wall ideas can be pulled off, especially with a little bit of grown-up guidance.

That’s part of the joy of parenting. When you’re able to let go of some control and allow your child to live as the full human being they are, you’ll find the results are often breathtaking. Allowing your kids to take the reins on decorating their space is just such an opportunity for joyful discovery as you watch them spread their wings.

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Boho Chic Apartment Decor Essentials


Today we want to talk to you about Boho Chic Apartment Decor Essentials. Are you looking to spruce up your home in a bohemian chic style? Bohemian, from the French word bohème, refers to people who live an unconventional life, often in the company of other like-minded people with musical, artistic, and adventurous ambitions.

In regards to interior decor, this style helps you create a new attitude in life. It’s about having an eye for interesting and odd details. It’s not about aiming for perfection but more about creating a personal aura in your home. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy that radiates warmth and embraces passion and a relaxed style.

Boho Chic Apartment DecorThis trend implements seemingly irrelevant elements and creates a harmonious overall theme of incompatible parts. Boho-chic decor knows no limits in colors and materials. But such freedom of action can easily turn into kitsch and create a ridiculous pile of incompatible things.

In the article below, we’ll go through some of the essentials you need to create that unique boho-chic look of your home.

Decorating the Walls

The boho-chic decor places great emphasis on art in all its aspects. For this reason, such interiors never lack artistic creations, whether they are artists’ paintings or self-made works. To better choose art objects for your home, trust your imagination. Think about what seems appropriate for your living space and dare to experiment with wall tapestries, decorative paintings, or hang up original creations made with natural objects, such as feathers and dry plants.

When it comes to this style, less does not mean more. It’s all about details, patterns, prints, color, and embellishments. We have some perfect tips if you want a flamboyant style, or if you just subtly want to add a little boho-chic to your home.

  • Patterns, prints. Abstract pieces of art or repetitive geometric colors are a modern way of creating a bohemian feel. You choose whether you want your room to be more minimalist or go in the “fancy” direction.
  • Maps. The bohemian soul loves to travel. Adding a collage of different photos, posters and maps is an easy way to reflect a free wanderlust desire.
  • Nature-inspired. Boho equals nature which means using natural elements such as wood and stone. Frame photos, use tapestries or designs that recreate the magic we see deep inside the forest. Feathers and flowers are a must.

Boho Chic Apartment DecorColor It Up

There are no criteria or special restrictions in the boho-chic decor and you can choose whatever color you want. It does not matter if the shades of the interiors are combined or not, the most important thing is that you like the chosen colors. Listen to your heart, follow your taste, because everyone has a different understanding of what is pleasing.

At the same time, it is important to create something of your own, unique, unusual, that others might not expect. The living space should be individual, easy on the eyes, and relaxing for the body. The only condition for the design of a boho-chic living space is the presence of rich, vibrant colors. Quite often, decorative elements of orange, red, lemon, blue, green color are used to attain this feel.

Overflow of Fabrics

Beautiful fabrics are one of the keys to achieving a boho-chic style. Pillows, rugs, curtains are easy to replace with new options. With the boho-chic style, people like to use slightly more luxurious materials such as silk and velvet. Also, do not be afraid to use patterns and prints.

The curtains can work wonders to change the feel of a room. If you only have blinds, you can keep them, but also put up a beautiful curtain rod in an old-fashioned style and then hang up a couple of beautiful fabric curtains.

There is a wide selection when it comes to fabrics, and to get the bohemian feeling it’s alright to go big. An antique piece of furniture dressed in beautiful fabric and lots of ornate decorative pillows are good building blocks in a room that you want to decorate in a bohemian style.

Mismatched Furniture

Matching furniture in this style is individual, but its obligatory attributes are sofa, bed, ottoman and chairs. Also, it is not necessary that the furniture comes from a regular set and has the same upholstery. There can be a variety of design options, which perfectly fit a leather sofa, ordinary chairs with fabric upholstery, wooden chairs, tables in different colors, a soft padded stool, a large frameless chair. Each item finds its purpose while complementing the interior.

Usually, the boho-chic decor plays with vintage furniture. The most ideal solution would be old furniture which is simple to restore as it becomes a real decoration of the room. To improve its appearance, it is usually sufficient to remove chips, cracks and then update the wood parts with colorless varnish. Each item should look its age, so you should not radically change it.

Cozy Lighting

When it comes to boho-chic decor, you can choose chandeliers, lighting fixtures in classic style, or handmade items. The lighting in the room should be natural and soft. The most perfect room is where there is the presence of large, spacious windows that give the room enough sunlight.

Electric lighting should be warm, and easy on the eyes. The height of the lighting unit may be different depending on the interior and personal preferences. Be sure to use bright, transparent curtains to get enough daylight inside.

Finishing Touches

Boho Chic Apartment Decor

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Oriental wicker baskets

These baskets can be the perfect eye-catcher on your wall. The positive thing about the bohemian style is that you can bring a little bit of the whole world into your home. The baskets add texture to your wall and are decorative in all rooms in the home. The Mediterranean atmosphere creates a cozy and tranquil atmosphere where you can let go of everyday stress and hustle and bustle.


Image source: Pinterest

Many designers have rediscovered the classic dreamcatchers and turned them into stylish decorations on the wall. Dreamcatchers are stylish and spiritual objects that radiate history and culture. A dream catcher in your interior creates a beautiful and rustic feeling in your home.

Final Thoughts

The bohemian chic style has been coming back in style in recent years. Bohemian and chic means an elegant but relaxed style with a luxurious feel but at the same time simple and worn.

Creating a trendy boho-chic interior in your home is easier said than done. If you are considering giving it a chance, the article above shares tips on the philosophy behind it and some inspiration on how to go about achieving the feeling. 

Start with your walls, continue with the furniture, and don’t forget to finish everything with details that usually do not follow conventional rules, but are a little eclectic and artistic.

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The best home items to buy on Wayfair that will elevate small spaces


Rumor: Small spaces are impossible to live in.

Fact: With the right home items, living in a small space can be what you treasure most.

There’s a lot of research and preparation that goes into decorating and furnishing an apartment. Recently, I had to choose between buying a coffee or dining room table because my dinky New York flat is extremely limited in space. While most people would get frustrated and think that the only way to survive would be to upgrade in size, I learned that there were ways to maneuver around my serious lack of storage and square footage. 

If you’re wondering just how small of a space I’m talking about, picture this; there are no hallway closets for bath linens and miscellaneous products, no designated pantry space for snacking, and don’t even get me started on the 19 x 19 inch counter space I have for kitchen prep. Not only is my storage space extremely limited, but there simply isn’t room for everything. Living in a small space isn’t difficult, but having to pick out your most desired basic essentials, now that’s hard. 

After making harsh decisions to pass on the larger home items, I quickly realized that deciding on a colored sofa was the least of my worries. I needed to get creative and fast. So, I decided to do a little research on how to properly decorate in order to spruce the place up, all while decluttering my living situation.

While mastering the phrase ballin’ on a budget, I turned to the most trustworthy online furniture and home-goods shop I could find that fit my style and pricing; cue Wayfair.

Home to the land of barginers, I naturally went straight to sale to see what the best deals were. Lucky for you, Wayfair’s extended their end of year clearance clear out sale to up to 60% off! I found five essential home items on sale that were without a doubt the best purchases I could have imagined for my small space. Read on to check out how these under $100 Wayfair items elevated my New York flat and created a storage-savvy apartment!

  1. Drew Kitchen Cart, $83.99 












This Drew Kitchen Cart is great for easy-access and visual storage. If you’re anything like me, coffee is a morning essential. Over the last few years, I have built up quite the collection of at-home coffee items: a French press, a pour over, a milk frother, various mugs, and so much more. This kitchen cart was a great way for me to display my coffee collection and keep everything organized. 

2. Pot Hanger Rack, $49.99 














Who says your kitchen appliances need to be stored away in a drawer? This attachable Pot Hanger Rack was such a fun and unique way for me to add a bit of spice to my kitchen! I never realized how fun it could be to build a collection of home items and actually want to put them out on display. 

3. Removable Patterned Wallpaper, $1.09 / sq ft













This was hands down the most exciting purchase I made. There is nothing easier and more underrated than throwing in an accent wall in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. This Patterned Wallpaper doesn’t take up any space or damage the previous paint job. What more convincing do you need? 

4. Tiered Side Table, $89.99 














The best part about getting multi-tiered tables is that they provide extra storage. Display magazines, books, plants, and other home items you want to show off on this marble and gold side table for a more luxe look. 

5. Asymmetrical Wall Mirror, $77.99 













Out with the old and in with the new! Say goodbye to rectangle frames and try something a little more unique, like this Asymmetrical Mirror. Mirrors provide depth, and in a room where you try to salvage all the space you can get, adding a mirror to a wall is not only a nice touch, but a fun surprise every time you walk by. 

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Images provided by Wayfair.

Celebrate Your Everlasting Love This Valentine’s Day with East Olivia’s Valentine’s Day Collection


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Normally, when we think of the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, we think of classic roses. However, live flowers don’t have much of a shelf life. East Olivia has remedied this situation by offering a beautiful selection of preserved roses, each with their own beautiful vase, in their 2020 Valentine’s Collection. We had the chance to catch up with East Olivia founder Kelsea Olivia about her stunning new collection, as well as how the pandemic prompted her to reinvent her business. Check out the Valentine’s Collection HERE!

Cliché: What is it about flowers that speaks to you as an artistic medium?

I believe beauty is a human right, not a luxury, and nature is evidence of that. That belief and that truth is what made me fall in love with flowers. When I began working more with flowers, which started when I worked at Anthropologie and BHLDN in NYC and taking many visits to the NYC flower market, I got exposed to hundreds of varieties of flowers I had never experienced before. That experience helped me realize the connection between the human spirit and our exposure to beauty and how important that relationship is. Even though flowers aren’t the only way to experience beauty, they are the medium that inspires and excites me most. 

Tell us about your company, East Olivia

We are a female founded, women-led creative agency based in NYC who (pre-covid-19) specialized in large scale floral installations. Post-COVID-19, we have shifted gears to launch our direct to consumer online forever floral shop and our fresh-flower therapy boxes in an effort to still bring beauty and blooms to the world while we’re all stuck at home.  

We want to hear all about your new Valentine’s Day collection!

The new Valentine’s Collection is so exciting because we are introducing a brand new ingredient which we have never used before, where our persevered roses are scented! Most other companies that sell preserved roses keep them in boxes – we believe the beauty shouldn’t be kept in a box and these roses should be displayed in an arrangement instead. The roses are 100% bio-degradable and last a year if taken properly and the scent lasts up to a month.

Why did you want to create preserved roses?

Preserved roses have been a trend for a long time, but they are always contained in a box. I have been working with preserved roses for a long time and believe that beauty doesn’t belong in a box. Being a floral designer, I like to take our ingredients and be expressive with them, rather than keep them contained. 

What message did you want to send with your Valentine’s Day collection?

The collection represents everlasting love – how beautiful is it to be able to express your love to somebody with flowers, but with flowers that will last more than a week?! There’s nothing wrong with fresh flowers, however it’s a great medium to be able to express love and admiration for somebody with flowers that last longer. 

What are some Valentine’s Day gifts that you would recommend?   

I would recommend any and all of the gifts in our Valentine’s Collection at We’ve curated a beautiful collection of not only forever florals with scented roses, but a variety of fun, and on-trend candles and cards to complement our forever florals. 

As a creative agency, what was your process in terms of cultivating a unique floral experience for every event?

Our floral installations have always been bespoke and have always been the result of the narrative of our clients. We partner with our clients to create a unique floral expression of their overall vision. It is always about connecting with the client and being clear about the narrative and purpose of the event and what they want their guest to feel like. It always starts with a story. It’s so fun to bring clients purpose and vision to life with our florals

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

It completely destroyed our events business overnight, cost us millions of dollars in 2020, and wiped out my ability to maintain my staff. It was through launching the forever floral shop and fresh flower therapy boxes that made it possible for us to hang on this long. That being said, the road ahead is still very tough and it’s quite challenging financially for us and millions of other small businesses that relied on events. We hope and pray each day that that part of our business will come back very soon! 

What lessons have you learned thus far by switching to e-commerce?

I’ve learned that customer #1 is our staff and team, meaning that our customers from our e-commerce can’t have a great experience if our team and staff aren’t taken care of. This is extremely challenging amidst a global pandemic when resources are extremely scarce. Also, the creative process is just as fun as events. Myself and my team have a blast creating each collection – coming up with the names for the arrangements and shooting the products. It’s just as fulfilling as the creative work of events – but nothing can replace the in-person connection that we had during events and that part we still greatly miss. Lastly, the finances are far more complicated. Bootstrapping a direct-to-consumer business is very challenging – if you want to scale your business, you have to spend more money in order to make more money. 

Do you have any advice for businesses that are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic and (different degrees of restrictions) but are nervous to make the switch to e-commerce?

My advice would be to begin inward within your own industry. We turned inward towards our industry first for support and also to see how we could support one another. That’s how the flower therapy box came to be. Shifting to an e-commerce platform is something I had been wanting to do for many, many years. I think staying true and authentic to your own brand and offerings is most important and don’t necessarily think that shifting to an e-commerce platform is the right answer for everybody.  

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Celebrate Your Everlasting Love This Valentine’s Day with East Olivia’s Valentine’s Day Collection. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kelsea Olivia.

The 7 Best Flower Combinations for Christmas


Today we want to share with you the 7 best flower combinations for Christmas.  If you’re like many of the moms searching for ways to keep your kids entertained as the pandemic rages on, you’ve likely taken to frequent outdoor walks.  Perhaps you’ve found that all that time in nature has been uplifting for your little ones (and yourself). That’s no surprise; science has proven time and time again that being outdoors, and more specifically, around plants and flowers, makes you feel better

So with Christmas fast approaching, maybe you’re reconsidering your holiday design this year. Colorful stockings, red and green string lights and Elf on the Shelf might still be your holiday fixtures, but what about incorporating some Christmas floral combinations, too? It might be exactly what everyone needs to muster some celebratory energy after such a hard year. We get the best flowers from Bouqs delivery service for decorating our homes, and these are some of our favorite combinations.

1. Red Roses and Hypericum Berries 

best flower combinations for ChristmasWe like red roses for a floral arrangement because they do double duty: they’re richly-colored and sophisticated enough for the adults to appreciate, and simultaneously cheery and Rudolph’s-nose enough for the kids to get on board with too. We like adding hypericum berries (also known as St. John’s wort) to most of our Christmas arrangements because it reminds us of a vase-friendly version of mistletoe. 

2. White Roses and Hypericum Berries

If your family is more into the color of snow than Santa’s favorite reindeer, then switch out the red roses for white and be prepared for “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” to play in your head on repeat. 

3. Red Tulips and Evergreen Leaves

There’s something about tulips that is so quintessentially sweet. Any floral combination that involves these blooms is bound to make you smile. And though you may think of them as a springtime floral, red ones paired with evergreen leaves make a surprisingly festive combination. 

4. Pine cones and Greenery

best flower combinations for Christmas

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels

Okay, this one might not be “floral,” but it is fun. A few pine cones combined with greenery (think cedar and myrtle) look surprisingly stunning together. 

5. Red Anthurium and Greenery 

If you live somewhere tropical, or wish you did, get your hands on a combination of red anthurium (sometimes called the flamingo flower) and greenery. You’ll be singing Mele Kalikimaka before you know it. 

6. Sunflowers and Hypericum Berries

Nothing about this year has been traditional, so why should your Christmas bouquet be? Take some vibrant sunflowers and pair them with hypericum berries for a cheery, laid-back holiday look the kids will love. 

7. Wreath with Pine cones

If florals aren’t your thing or you have an accident-prone kid at home, a tall vase of buds may not be your first choice. A wreath is a great, harder to knock down alternative and looks extra cute with pine cones tucked in. 

After such a rough year, make holiday decorating simple for yourself this year. A few artfully-placed Christmas floral combinations can have a surprising impact. And all the time you save on decorating is perfect for lounging with a glass of wine and those cookies left out for Santa. 

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Decorating Ideas to Make the most of Your Floor Space


It’s no secret, the truth of the matter is that millennials are living small these days so why not take a few moments to check out some decorating ideas to make the most of your floor space.  While some of us might fantasize from time to time about waking up inside of a large super stylish luxury home with his and her closets that only Hollywood could be proud of, most of us live in a more practical world where floor space is a necessity not a luxury.

Decorating Ideas to Make the most of Your Floor Space

Neramitevent / Pixabay


People are buying smaller homes and it’s a trend that more and more price and environmentally conscience home buyers are embracing.  In the past larger was typically considered better when searching for a home but economic, social and environmental issues have people wondering if they really need to pay more for a nice, safe home close to the necessities one needs. Smaller homes cost less with lowered utility and maintenance costs, take up a smaller footprint in the environment and are easier to maintain.  Families can focus on what really matters without the distractions that come with having to maintain a larger home.

With these trends comes the exciting opportunity to decorate in a smaller space where one can add an abundance of personal touches using simple but visually appealing decorations.  There are so many ideas out there for those of you that enjoy a small living space.

In most smaller living spaces the kitchen can often times be seen sharing space with the dining room.  This type of open design focuses more on creating a larger multi-use living space versus than one that is separated by rooms.  Downsize your appliances.  Instead of using a full size over, opt for a smaller counter top oven that can still bake most foods but more importantly takes up less space and electricity.

If you are lucky enough to have a higher ceiling, you can easily take advantage of wall space in the kitchen by adding your cabinets on a single wall or utilizing open shelving for spices and smaller kitchen utensils.

You can also utilize a raised counter top to use like a dining room table and place stools on the opposite side where people can enjoy a compact but convenient eating space.

The next area we’ll focus on is the main living space where people congregate to watch television, entertain guests or relax and read a book.  Here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of your living space and deliver major style.   The most important aspect of any living room is that it exude a warm and cozy feeling.  To accomplish this, keep your seating close together.  Try using these large covers for your floor to instantly add additional seating and style in a small space.

Instead of having a large television stand or entertainment center, leverage the use of your wall.  You can use recessed sections of your wall to place vases, lighting and family photos.  Instead of a television stand, you can mount your TV to the wall to save space.  If you are an avid reader, consider using an empty wall and transforming it into a wall of books.  It will provide ample storage space for all of your books and will look visually stunning.  This could easily become your most favorite room in your home.  You can add keepsakes and valued treasures to some of the shelves to add a nice styling touch and enhance the overall decor.

Keep your living space exciting and alive.  Try adding a tall floor plant or a large mirror behind your sofa.  You can buy a stylish coffee table that has drawers or storage underneath.   If you want to make the room feel and look bigger then it really is, you can try incorporating floor to ceiling curtains ff you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling.  You can also use a large colorful rug to make the room look expansive and all encompassing.

As you can see, we love decorating ideas to make the most of your floor space. has an amazing assortment of stylish and affordable cushions to help with your decorating efforts.  Remember to infuse your own personal style when decorating, especially in a small space where personalization and feeling comfy is super important.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and be sure to experiment.  You just might find a style that you really like.  A style that perhaps you never thought of before.  Let us know how it goes.

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Images provided by AJ Madison, Urban Outfitters  and Pixabay CC License