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How to Decide What Type of Wall Clock to Buy


We don’t always think about wall clocks as an important part of our home furnishings but the truth is that we can find them hanging in almost every home, office space and even out in public. The first mechanical clocks were said to have been invented in the late 1300’s in England. In the 17th century, owning one was considered a sign of wealth and prestige and the models then were as opulent as they were complicated.

wall clock photoThese days, the Quartz mechanism has changed everything. Designs now are extremely affordable, reliable and thankfully far more diverse. In fact, they have become a crucial element for many interior stylists and this has led to the recent outbreak of high end manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their design. With so many wall clock designs available you may have trouble choosing one for your home. Let’s have a look at some important questions to consider when deciding what type to buy.
Will it be a centerpiece?
The recent explosion in designs has meant that we no longer need to persist with a boring old white face with old school numerals and hands. In fact, wall clocks are often now used almost like art pieces, a central point in a room to direct people’s attention and to contrast with its surrounding space.

wall clock photo

Photo by Karen Roe

A carefully chosen style can add a lot of character to a space, so if you want something to really stand out you may want to consider something large. Big clock designs have grown in popularity in recent years as people look for something that goes far beyond function. Typically, large sizes will be more than 20 inches in size but can balloon out to designs that even surpass 40 inches. Obviously for a product this size you must consider the wall you are going to use for its placement. These large wall clocks generally lack a second hand but when look overrides function, this is not really an issue.
What will be its function?
As we’ve seen, timepieces don’t necessarily have to be used for just keeping track of time. They can also be used as accent pieces to enhance a room’s appeal. But if your desired function goes beyond this, it will be necessary to consider some other options. For instance, those who love to cook should explore the various kitchen clock styles that exist these days. Time is important in cooking and selecting a style that features a second hand will give the chef of the house all the information they need to knock out their favorite recipes. Teaching your kids how to tell the time? If so, you should check out the range of clocks dedicated to kids that feature helpful time telling phrases to assist in the development of analogue time reading. Need to just get to places on time? Look at designs with large numerals that you can’t miss or better yet, maybe consider finding an alarm clock like these with dedicated alerts to help keep you punctual.
Where will it be displayed?

This may seem obvious but it’s a factor that can be easily ignored. If you’re planning to hang yours on a wall, ensuring that you have an attachment hook that can support its weight is crucial. But not all timepieces need to be put up on walls. In fact, flat surfaces can make for incredible spots to display the time. Ledges, tables, benches and window sills are all popular locations and there are some incredible mantel clocks available now that leverage these spaces. You can find more antique inspired styles that are very graceful or perhaps something more retro like the modern flip clock design. If you want to push your style right out there you can even be daring enough to use a standard round style propped up on a flat surface.
It’s easy to be nonchalant about your next wall clock purchase. But by taking some time to consider some important questions such as those above, you’ll be sure to select a design that is going to best fit your style and your needs.
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Creative Cushion Ideas to Makeover any Room


Making over a room in your home or apartment can be extremely fun. Perhaps you have a new seasonal theme you want to try out or perhaps you’ve purchased new furniture and are looking for a specific look. There are an infinite number of decorative approaches that can be used when making over a room. Some people will opt for more large-scale methods such as changing their flooring or perhaps the colors on their walls. But for those looking for an easier, less expensive yet equally dramatic approach, there are cushions! One of the easiest ways to makeover a room is by adding a new set of cushion covers to your sofa or other seating areas you may have in the space. Today, we’re going to explore some creative ideas for making over your room by using cushions in the latest stunning designs.

Getting your colors right

Before jumping into your makeover project, you need to carefully consider the colors that you have present in your room. Getting the color combinations right with any interior decorating is important and understanding them is the key to selecting the right cushions for your space. The easiest way to do this is to stand back for a few minutes  and look for the one or two predominant colors that are present in the room. These could be on your walls, in any of your furniture or present in any decorative pieces you have. With these colors identified, you can use them to select cushion covers that carry this theme to bring harmony to the room. If you have a very eclectic mix of hues across the room, don’t stress. In these cases, it will be best to find some neutral cushions in greys, blacks or whites to help calm down the space and lessen the color load.
Finding the style that suits your space
zig zag pillow photo

Photo by shizzi

Once you have selected your colors, it’s now time to consider the style that will best suit the look you are trying to achieve. The range of options for cushion covers in endless and again it will be important to consider the current makeup of your room before picking your collection. That said there are some amazing styles coming out of New Zealand now which we just adore. If you’re after a more refined and classic look, strong patterns such as zig zags and geometric prints will be important to consider. If you’re after something more fun, there are an enormous range of scatter cushions which feature modern prints, motifs, characters and even popular quotes. As part of choosing the right style for your space, you will also need to consider the material that yours are constructed of. Cotton linen cushions are fantastic for a natural, light feel, while woolen knits and velvet styles are more warm and luxurious. If you want to get really creative and funky, combining these different textures can produce intriguing collections that can become centerpieces of your room.
Putting your collection together
pillow cushionsAfter you have selected your favorite styles it’s then all about how to pull them together into a collection. There are many different approaches to this, again depending on the look you want to achieve. We’ve put together some key tips to keep in mind which should help maximize your makeover efforts.

  1. Mix it up. Your cushion covers should never be the same color as your sofa.
  2. Don’t go overboard. Use a maximum of 3 pieces for each person your sofa can seat.
  3. Experiment with different sizes and shapes. Combining squares and rectangles, small and large sizes can be incredibly effective.
  4. Consider your inserts. Polyester inserts are light and hold their shape, feather inserts are heavy but can be manipulated into different shapes.
  5. Go odd over even. Odd number groupings of cushion covers typically look the best.

These little bundles of joy are some of the most underrated pieces in the interior design world. By using these creative ideas for your cushion makeover, we’re sure you’ll have a blast updating your favorite rooms.
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Beautiful Cushion Trends for Your Home


There’s nothing more exciting than starting the summer by checking out the latest cushion cover trends for your home.   If you love to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to designer style cushions made from beautiful linen, then you should really check out the top 3 trends for 2017.

  1. Dark Green Colors

Dark shades of green will be the new go to for dark interior colors for homeowners looking to revive homes and redecorate their homes.   From emerald to lime green, these colors enable your cushion covers to compliment other décor items, rugs, walls or other furniture present in the room.  In fact the bright green color was named the 2017 Pantone color of the year and is meant to represent new life and a refreshed and cheerful feeling.  Other trendy dark green colors include dark olive and deep evergreen.

  1. Scattered Cushions

Adding beautifully designed scatter cushions to a sofa, couch or even day bed is a brilliant idea and a great way to accentuate the surrounding space by providing eye-popping design and style. Be careful though because these can make or break a space. You know, the pillows that are poorly placed and used as a prop when watching television rather than for décor.  Teal and turquoise cushions provide amazing contrast and can often pull items in the room together such as a painting or wall hanging.  By mixing different patterns and textured styles, you can represent a small-scale version of the entire space.

  1. Geometric Designs

pattern cushions photo

Photo by Bev Trayner

Some of the most beautiful and stylish cushion covers are ones that display unique and artistically designed patterns.  Cushions with shades of red remain some of the most popular and those that come in a variety of geometric shapes, color arrangements and fabric.  The color red is associated with meanings of passion, love, warmth, strength and energy.  Other popular geometric designs include wavy lines, triangles, circles and combinations of different shapes interwoven with other abstract elements adding an artistic flare to the cushion covers.
Summer will soon be upon us.  Whether you are redecorating your living room, foyer and getting new furniture for your deck or patio, be sure to be ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest cushion cover trends.
Images provided by Flickr CC License.
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How To Decorate For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year. I crave the warmth that is felt within this momentous time—not only by the homemade dishes being whipped up in the kitchen, but by the love that comes from one-of-a-kind people. When preparing for Thanksgiving, we not only head to the market well ahead of time to grab ingredients for grandma’s secret stuffing recipe and score ourselves a plump turkey, but to create that cozy atmosphere in our homes, too. After all the eating and resting that is going to occur, we want our guests to feel at home as much as possible. So before our places smell of pumpkin spice, roasted meats, and delicious baked goods, I’m sharing how you can make your humble abode a comfy oasis throughout Thanksgiving day.
If you’re missing the multitude of colors from fall leaves, or haven’t had the chance to experience them, this is an easy way to bring them straight to your home.

Thanksgiving Window Decor


Besides the food, your tabletop will be the center of attention—where everyone gathers for the delectable feast. Decorate to your liking, whether that is subtle or super detailed. Check out some of our favorites below!

For a rustic, authentic feel, decorate your table with a brown paper table cover. Create plate designs with chalk or a Sharpie, filling in your guest’s names. Then decorate the center of the table with pumpkins, candles, lights, or leaves. Anything that you fancy! You can even have your guests write down what they are thankful for on the table for memories to come. Check out these two different options.

If your table is being set up with lots of decor, you don’t want the food to be squished into the picture. Opt for a buffet table where everyone can pile their plates and then head over to your beautifully decorated seats.

Last, but not least, keep everyone focused on spending time with each other by placing one of these at the front door. This way everyone won’t be honed in on their phones, but instead be making real life memories—the way it should be.

Eat lots and never regret it. Happy Thanksgiving, Cliché readers—from all of us to each of you!
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Back To School Essentials


Whether you’re in high school or on your way back to college, school is just around the corner. Rather than wasting precious time in the sun and lazing about, allow Cliché and I to make your life easier! From beauty needs, fashion necessities, and random bits and bobs that come in handy, here are back to school essentials for you students out there!

Foundation or BB Cream of Choice: Even if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, there will be an occasion where a full face is called for, be it a Greek formal, a club black tie, or a school dance.Contrary to belief, foundation doesn’t have to be full coverage or thick. Find one that works best for you and your skin!  Pro tip: match foundation with your lower jaw or neck (never match it to your hand since it catches way more rays than your actual face!).

Mascara and/or Eyeliner: Mascara is one of those beauty products that adds so much with so little. Opening your eyes, elongating those already beautiful lashes on your face, keeping everything natural…it’s our dirty little secret! And whether your eyeliner is liquid, gel, crayon, or pencil, it changes an entire look with a simple flick and swish. Pro tip: splurge if you have the resources, but most often than not drugstore versions work equally as good as high-end brands.
Tweezers: Going to a salon or brow bar isn’t easy if you live on campus or are just busy in general. Tweezers become your best friend for those sparse hairs that are just out of place and ruining that perfect arch! Pro tip: make sure you invest in a pair of tweezers with a sharp point and close fairly tightly to be able to grab those tiny suckers!
Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are those items that you don’t realize you need until you’ve lost them all and are in a pinch. Baby and stray hairs beware! Keep yourself stocked with these babies in your locker, bag, or dorm room and you won’t be sorry. Pro tip: make sure these are tight and won’t loosen with time or wear.
Creaseless Hair Ties: These hair ties are thicker and flatter than ordinary. Whether your hair is straight or curly, these are a must because no matter what they will never crease your hair. EVER.
Makeup Remover Wipes/Cleanser/Moisturizer: Basically, everything you need to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. Cleansing the skin is important and so is making sure it’s balanced. Use cleansers that have natural ingredients rather than harsh alcohols that strip the skin of natural oils. Despite the myth, oiliness cannot be fought by stripping but rather by balancing! Make sure you replenish with a face oil or a good natural moisturizer.

Dark Wash Jeans: Dark wash jeans are a staple. Whether they’re dressed up or down, they provide a clean-cut look with very little effort. Jeans are something most people say to splurge on; however, if the right jeans for you happen to be $20 or even $10, what does it matter? Dark wash, skinny, and ankle length is perfect for a business casual event or just a night out with the girls.

Blazer: A good blazer is a must, not just for the preps united but for any event in which an office vibe is needed. If you have a job interview or a work meetup, a blazer adds a serious and professional touch. But really, it all depends on how you work it: blazers can look chic and casual when paired with the right outfit. A good blazer is a serious investment piece everyone should make.
LBD: Audrey Hepburn had it right on so many occasions it’s hard to keep track. However, the iconic actress forever epitomized the little black dress. Thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, women all around the world have this number as a secret weapon in their closets, and if not then get cracking! Whether it be a cocktail party, a work function, or breakfast (at Tiffany’s!), the LBD is a must for every woman.
Flats: Along with the LBD, a nice pair of flats is a must. Whether it’s to add extra “oomph” and comfort to an outfit or for an event where standing and walking is unavoidable, this pair of footwear is as versatile as the next one on the list.
Boots: Whether it’s a pair of riding boots or snow boots (depending on your climate), boots help you get by when the weather is being anything but nice. The East Coast is highly partial to the riding boot trend in the fall and rainboots for the spring. Meanwhile, the West Coast seems biased to chic ankle booties with earthy tones.

Dorm Room and Locker
Posters: Let’s face it: dorm rooms can be rather prisonlike in nature. And school itself can feel just as torturous! Try to liven things up and add your own touch or reminder of home by adding posters or picture of the people you hold dear in your locker or dorm. It’ll make a dorm feel more homelike and keep you smiling all day!

Planner: No matter how organized you may think you are, a planner is a must! There will be times where you feel as if you need clones of yourself to make all of your appointments and to complete all of your tasks.
Whiteboard: Whiteboards tie in with a planner—being able to write yourself reminders will becrucial. It’s also a fun way for friends and visitors to leave their love or remarks for you to find.
Stain Remover: This is another one of those items you find superfluous until you spill tomato sauce on your new white blouse and you have a presentation with your favorite cutie in the front row.
Mattress Topper: This is for the new dormers out there: You. Will. Need. This. It doesn’t matter how high-quality you think the beds will be, unless you don’t mind feeling like you’re sleeping on a rock!
Throw Blanket: This is one of those items you don’t think you need until you’re sitting in a lounge, studying long hours on those awful desk chairs provided for you, or have a guest over. They’re super useful and super cozy
Condoms: It is always better to be safe than sorry, and even if you don’t use them, someone else will be mighty grateful you have some in stock!
Open Mind: This is beyond needed in order to ensure you take up every positive opportunity that comes your way and live each day to its fullest potential.

Photo credit: courtesy of York town College of Pa on flickr.com

Mason Jar Craft Ideas


Landis Mason didn’t know the extensive gift he brought in to the world by creating the Mason jar back in 1858. This transparent glass container with its threaded screw on lid has become a staple within many homes. Originally used for preserving goods such as green beans, peaches and jelly, this economically beneficial Tupperware of sorts was a coveted possession to any housewife or farmer. With its vast capabilities and traditional physique, today the Mason jar proves not only as a delightful kitchen tool, but also a thrilling vehicle for a slew of homemade crafts.
Here are a few ideas to keep ye ole’ Mason jar chic, simple and fun:
Garden Lamps
Found on etsy.com

Labeled Containers

Found on masonjarcraftslove.com
Summer Sips
Found on ivillage.com
Sewing Kit
Found on waittilyourfathergetshome.com
Jar Terrarium
Found on oursouthernhomesc.com
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Craft Your Way To A Countryside Inspired Home



Craft Your Way To A Countryside Inspired Home

With more and more of us moving to cities it can be hard to inject some charm into our homes, but there is hope for those looking to simulate the feel and look of a countryside house.

You might not be able to afford a thatched roof and acres of land for yourself, but that doesn’t mean with a few tricks and some clever crafting you can’t bring the country to you. The basic ideas behind this aesthetic is having a home that feels rustic but cosy that takes inspiration from nature. It might seem complicated, but achieving this is simpler than you think.
Bringing The Great Outdoors To Your Garden
The obvious place to start with a conversion like this is the outside of your house, and you have a variety of options. The front of your house is the perfect place to plant thick beds of wild flowers for a garden lifted straight from the country. Alternatively, a combination of short, tight hedges and a gravel drive will set you apart from you more metropolitan neighbors.
If you really want to leave the city behind, then consider some climbing plants to paint your house with the colors of nature, with the Guardian making some superb suggestions. Along with this, plants in large ornate pots really give you a countryside house feel; you can put a unique and rustic twist on this and plant some flowers in old wellington boots and other miscellany – if it can hold soil and water plants will grow in it. Don’t forget to let the rest of nature in with a simple bird feeder or bird bath, which can make the most urban of gardens into a place of tranquility.
Rustic Living
Even if the inside of your house hasn’t got the luxury of roof beams or low ceilings you can still bring the country inside. For those looking for a big project to sink their teeth into why not make furniture from old railway sleepers? It’s the perfect shabby chic material, letting you create big, seemingly aged pieces such as tables and shelves. Even if you’re not the greatest craftsman, bringing in wood furniture is a quick way to achieve the countryside feeling. rustic
There is a way of making that wood furniture even better: if it’s looking a bit too fresh then why not artificially age it to make it look as though it’s been used for decades? It’s simpler than it sounds – all you need is some sandpaper, paint, primer and some time. The same basic principles can even be applied to metal furniture, ensuring all areas of your house take on the country look.
One key feature that will give your home a lot of character is the fireplace (if it has one). It might be tempting to tear it out or to cover it up, with a little work you can make it a centerpiece for your living room. Even if it isn’t wooden or aged, there’s still an array of uses for it, even if it’s a place for uniquely-potted greenery.
Don’t forget to decorate the place with some outdoors-inspired accessories – a row of planted herbs on your kitchen window brings some color and flavor to proceedings, and antiques like old tools, barrels and stag’s heads can be converted into functional fixtures like coat hangers and shelves. Curios like this and more can be found for sale on eBay.
Country Home Flooring
One characteristic that many forget about country houses is their flooring: many forgo carpet in favor of more practical materials, such as tiles or wooden flooring. While you may not have shoes as muddy as a farmer’s, or enjoy carpet too much, some tactical flooring selections can help you give your home a cosy farmhouse feel.
Laminate wood flooring may be popular, but tile flooring has a better country style to it. Darker tiles like slate will look great alongside wooden fittings in a kitchen as well as giving your floors a distinct texture. For those wanting wood flooring in their homes then, again, darker woods are ideal, as well as products that have the feeling of having separate planks.
Waking Up In The Country
You’ll be surprised how rustic you can make your bedroom feel with a few choice pieces of furniture. The wardrobe is ideal for crafting into something straight out of the country; why not convert or build one that features a shed-styled wooden door? Lighting can set the atmosphere with an aged simple-styled chandelier hanging low from the ceiling. As for the bed it may seem counterintuitive, but a Victorian-style metal bed frame can have a better effect then something wooden. Finding one of these will put the icing on the cake, letting you wake up in a countryside inspired home every day.

Top Hand Picked Bloomers


Whether summer, winter, autumn or spring, there’s nothing quite like some colorful, fresh-smelling flowers to brighten up your home.  The trick however, is to invest in plants that will actually last all year round. Now, this may vary, dependent on whether your blooms are for indoor enjoyment or outdoor, but one thing is for sure, there are enough options out there that you’re guaranteed to find just about anything that tickles your fancy!
800px-Spring_flowers_Novosibirsk_Siberia_16.05.2012 Although many of us want a great-looking garden, that doesn’t mean we all necessarily know what to look for, what works in certain types of soil or light, or what to do once we’ve bought the plants home. If in doubt, direct your query to an expert. There is a wealth of knowledge and advice on websites such as http://www.spaldingbulb.co.uk which covers bulbs, trees, shrubs and lawn care.
Another helpful source is sunrise.com, which recently featured an article detailing 20 perennial flowers, ensuring you get some great inspiration for your own gardening.

Top Hand Picked Bloomers

To narrow it down a little though, here’s a list of hand-picked top bloomers for all-year flower loving:
1. Let’s hear it for the Salvia nemorosa (otherwise known as Caradonna). With a stunning combination of sharp violet flower spikes on perfectly polished purple stems, not only are these a firm favourite for the much-loved bee population, but with a little dead-heading, these stunning shoots will re-flower through until October! Despite holding out to the colder months, the Caradonna is, however, much more of a sun-lover by choice, and looks beautiful when scattered through late season grass.450px-Salvia_nemorosa_flora
2. A particularly common and well-recognised garden flower is the Foxglove, easily spotted for its height and elegance. The foxglove is actually formed as a result of hybridisation between hedgegrow foxglove and isoplexis (found on the Canary Islands). Because of this combination, this intergeneric hybrid actually continues to flower tirelessly, in an effort to produce seed. Despite failing, it continues to flower, making it the perfect addition to your garden for lengthy bloom.
3. Penstemons are next on the list. Yes, another funny name, but who are we to judge this hard wearing flower? Come rain or shine, this plant is going to hold its own – we’re even talking lows of -15degrees, which let’s face it, is pretty darn cold. The ‘firebird’ form of penstemons come in a crimson shade, but if you’re more a fan of a plum colour, seek out ‘blackbird penstemons’. These are just two examples of hundreds so the choice really is endless.
While these examples are three sturdy outdoor flower choices, to avoid an unfortunate cold-weather mishap, you could always opt for indoor flower and plant arrangments? With a more controlled environment you can concentrate on giving your blooms the right amount of heat and regular water… it’s just the sunlight that’s out of your control!
Still, for indoor plants, why not try Cape primroses? This eye-catching number can in fact bloom all year round if looked after well. Keep the soil damp but not soggy and believe it or not these home-friendly plants actually prefer to be kept cooler – saves you cranking up the heating in your home.
There really are hundreds of different blooms to pick from and while it’s a bit of trial and error, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the suggestions above. But to be safe, you can always ask the experts. Especially as a beginner, extra advice and reassurance never goes a miss so it might be worth having a read of the Radio Times Gardening 101 for all year planting. Good luck!