5 Amazing Bracelets That are More Than Just Beautiful


Today we want to share 5 amazing bracelets that are more than just beautiful. Jewelry in all manner of forms has been enjoyed in different cultures for thousands of years. Rings are exchanged in marriages across the world, and some women choose to wear a black ring to symbolize power and strength. Jewelry is not always something that is worn as an accessory, it can have a deeper meaning.

In some countries, gold is brought as an investment but also as a way of displaying wealth. While gold doesn’t always yield the same return as stocks or bonds, it has grown by 330% over the last 15 years and is an investment that can be enjoyed and worn.

Other materials used in jewelry can have different spiritual powers, and bring about protection, or luck. Bracelets have traditionally been a way to harness power, luck, protective forces, healing properties, and perhaps even magic.

For some, a bracelet may just look attractive and nice to wear, but it may be holding more power than you realize. 

The spiritual power of precious metals and stone

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It is believed by many that different precious metals have their own powers. Silver, gold, steel, and natural stone are commonly used for this. 


This metal has long been seen as a symbol of wealth, and in some cultures, it is normal to flaunt this. Gold is a popular purchase in some Asian countries such as Thailand, where it is worn and shown off in good times but in a period of hardship can be redeemed for cash.

It is also believed that gold can open the Crown Chakra, which is also known as the sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is the key, or bridge to the cosmos. This can help to overcome black energy and bring about a higher level of understanding and spirituality. 


This precious metal is linked forever with the Moon, and Goddesses such as Diana, and Artemis. It is believed that not only can silver protect but provide good luck and help with psychic abilities. It is also well documented that silver can be used in the prevention and treatment of infections, dating back to 4000 BC or earlier. 


This metal may not be the obvious choice when it comes to bracelets or rings but it has some powers of its own. Firstly, steel is hypoallergenic, making it better than silver or gold for allergy sufferers. It is heat, corrosive, and scratch-resistant, and it is believed by some to offer protection against psychic attacks and negative energy. 

Natural stone

Gemstones and natural stones can reduce stress and help the wearer to focus. Gemstones are varied and come with individual powers and healing abilities of their own. 

Amazing Bracelets

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The use of gemstones in bracelets

Below you can read about five very different bracelets that each have their own significance and power. Before you dive below, here are a few gemstones and their abilities. If you are considering designing your own or buying jewelry for someone special, then you might want to think about what each stone means and what it can bring.

  • Onyx – beautiful stone that is linked to the Root Chakra, and brings control over emotions
  • Amethyst – can help with several symptoms including pain, insomnia, arthritis, and circulation
  • Peridot – helps in relationships by reducing jealousy and anger
  • Ruby – this deep red gem can bring about devotion
  • Turquoise – throughout lore, this stone has been known to bring balance to its owner
  • Sapphire – can bring about inner peace and help with meditation

However, some of the most powerful bracelets do not contain precious metals or gemstones. Some of them are simple in design but have hidden strengths that may surprise many people. Some of them are well known in certain cultures, while others may be new to you. 

Kabbalah and other religions

Amazing Bracelets

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A scarlet string bracelet is worn by followers of Hinduism, Kabbalah or Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Depending on the wearer, the bracelet may be made of a number of beads or may contain one single gold bead. They may also just be a string with no other adornments. The bracelet is used to symbolize many things in each religion.

In Hinduism, it can show if a woman or man is married. Unmarried women wear it on the right wrist, and married females, on the left. The string is sacred and is used to bring luck and protection.

Kabbalah followers use the bracelet partly for protection. Before the bracelet is worn it must be tied seven times while reciting a prayer. Traditionally, these bracelets were cut from a string that was wound seven times around Rachel’s tomb. 

Evil eye bracelet

Anyone wearing an evil eye bracelet will be hoping to invoke the power of God and bring protection to themselves. The symbol of the evil eye goes back to around 5,000 years ago and has been used in many cultures and religions. It was probably first used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans but was adopted by Christians, and by the Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Someone wearing one of these bracelets can look for protection over material items in their life or spiritual life, depending on how they wear it. If you want to look after your career, finances, or material assets, then it should be worn on the right wrist. If however, you want to care for your emotional wellbeing, then it is worn on the left.

This is because the left side of the body is thought to be linked to the emotional side of our makeup. 

Laos’ baasi bracelets

Amazing Bracelets

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels

North of Thailand, and landlocked by China, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, lies the secretive country of Laos PDR. The country is made of several ethnic tribes with Lao Tai being the largest, followed by Khmu, and Hmong. Despite the diversity in tribes, Theravada Buddhism is practiced by around 66% of the population.

Ceremonies in Laos are known as baasi or a baci ritual. They are used for many purposes but generally, they are there to provide luck and prosperity. During the ritual, thirty-two white string bracelets will be tied to the recipient. These strings represent the 32 guardian spirits or khuan, and the tying ritual is to bind these protective spirits to the individual.

This is often done before someone goes on a long journey to ensure that they are in perfect balance and have all their khuan with them. 

Charm bracelets

A charm bracelet can, at first glance, look like a pretty piece of wrist jewelry. To the owner though, they can have deep personal, religious, or even spiritual meaning.

Many bracelets are handed down from one generation to another, and some are given to mark certain events in one’s life. Charms can be added to the bracelet to aid in protection or luck or to mark the birth of a child, with a zodiac symbol for instance. 

Rheumatism copper bracelets

Metal has often been believed to have healing effects, and this is partly because the human body contains traces of different elements itself. Copper is one of these metals, and its purpose is to reduce inflammation.

Rheumatism bracelets these days can look very elegant with intricate engraving but they are much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is believed by many users that copper is absorbed through the skin to help bring relief to pain and inflammation.


Five very different bracelets that have much more going on than meets the eye. One of the jewelry trends that are going to take over may be items with hidden meaning, power, and healing abilities. Although some of these are linked to ceremonies, others such as the evil eye can be worn by anyone.

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Shop Small Businesses For a Large Impact


The Importance of Small Businesses

Why is it so important to shop from small businesses? It is proven that communities get a significant economic boost from shopping at locally owned small businesses. Especially during these tough times 2020 has hit us with, shopping from small businesses have never been more crucial. According to Forbes, it has been proven that small businesses reinvest in the local economy at a higher rate than large chains do. For example, every $100 spent at one of these businesses, $68 stays in the community. This is more than double the amount that chains reinvest! 

Two of My Favorite Small Businesses 

One of my favorite small businesses to shop this season is Unruly Boutique. This online boutique is a mix of feminine chic and edgy street style. Noelle Gaetano is the owner and runs all the operations herself. Noelle does the buying, updates her social media, models the clothes and so much more! She is truly an inspiration and demonstrates how much work goes into running a small business. There are plenty of items to choose from on her website, especially with new arrivals every Monday. Unruly will surely give your closet that elevated look you have been searching for. 

Another one of my favorite small businesses to shop at is Almajewelryco. This small business isn’t only fabulous but is also sustainable. AlmaJewelry co. sells repurposed designer jewelry. By reusing designer zippers, bags, keychains etc. it makes having luxury jewelry easy on your wallet and on the planet. Diane is the creator/designer of AlmaJewelry Co. Her mission is to bring designer jewelry to all women at an affordable price. This brand wants you to stand out and not blend in with the masses. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted from repurposed designer items and guaranteed to make a statement!  AlmaJewelry Co. would make a perfect unique gift for someone or even if you want to treat yourself.

Any Amount of Shopping Can Help

As convenient as it might be to shop from Amazon, or other large chains think twice next time you do it. This doesn’t mean you can never shop from large chains, sometimes we have to. However, even if you decide to make one purchase from a small business, it can make a difference. Now imagine if everyone decides to do the same.

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All you Need to Know About Jewelry Appraisals


Today we want to share some valuable information about jewelry appraisals with you.  If you’ve decided to make an expensive jewelry purchase, you’ve probably heard a lot about jewelry appraisals, but if you’ve never had an item appraised before, it can be a new experience. For expensive gold chains or pendants, having a professional examine the item can verify the value and help you to have a better understanding of the item you purchased.

Many people choose to make purchases online now and, when buying a major item like jewelry, you want to ensure that you’re getting the real deal and not a cheap counterfeit. Do some research on the company you plan to buy from by reading reviews and asking friends for recommendations, and then consider getting an appraisal once you’ve made the purchase.

What Is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is basically just a verification of your jewelry’s condition and worth. This process needs to be conducted by a certified jewelry appraiser who can carefully examine all aspects of your piece and determine its value based on a variety of factors. Once the appraiser has taken a close look at your jewelry, he or she will present you with an official document stating the exact worth of the piece.

Some of the factors that are considered during jewelry appraisals include the type of metal used, the type, rarity and grade of gemstones, and the manufacturing quality, among other factors. For people who have purchased used jewelry, these appraisals are especially important to get a sense for how much the piece may have depreciated from its original value or if there are any major areas of concern about the piece—for example, tarnished metal or chipped gems.

Who Should Appraise Your Jewelry?

jewelry appraisalsThe only person who can appraise your jewelry is a professional appraiser. These experts typically have studied gemology and jewelry valuation and undergo training to identify both measurable details and subjective components that can alter the value of a gold chain.

When seeking out a jewelry appraiser, it’s important to verify that this person is accredited to value these products by a reputable organization. As the owner of the jewelry seeking the appraisal, you are well within your rights to ask for any additional credentials, as well, before beginning the process.

Nearly every jewelry retailer has an onsite appraiser, but you can also find appraisers through certified organizations like the American Society of Appraisers. This is a smart way to find someone to examine your jewelry because you’re aware of their certifications and know that they have a connection with a respected group. If you know anyone in your life who has had jewelry appraised before, it’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations.

Why Should You Do It?

jewelry appraisalsThere are several reasons why one might want to have jewelry like gold chains or pendants appraised. The most common reason is for insurance purposes. Major jewelry purchases are typically very expensive, and very desirable to others, so taking out insurance on these big-ticket items is crucial. Having your gold chains insured guarantees that you can replace these items should they be lost, stolen, or damaged. Many people also seek out jewelry insurance as a way to guarantee that the item can be protected and passed down as a family heirloom.

Another reason for getting your jewelry appraised is to verify the quality and value, particularly for antique or second-hand pieces. Of course, purchasing from a reputable company can ensure your piece’s value, but sometimes the price that you pay isn’t always the item’s exact value. Appraisals will give you insight into which aspects of your jewelry are the most valuable and which ones might be bringing down its worth.

Getting Your Jewelry Insured

The number-one reason people purchase jewelry insurance is in case of theft. Should someone break into your home, jewelry and other expensive items are usually the first things robbers are going to look for. Keeping your pieces safely locked up can potentially prevent this, but there are plenty of ways to get into a locked safe or simply carry the safe out with them. When your pieces are insured, you’re guaranteed to receive that money back. Sometimes jewelry is covered under other existing insurance policies, like homeowner’s insurance, but this usually only covers up to a specific value, which could count toward a number of your belongings.

jewelry appraisalsWith jewelry insurance, your pieces are specifically listed as being covered in your policy. Typically, this type of insurance charges around $1 for every $100 of value. For example, if you have a $1,000 piece of jewelry, the insurance will likely be around $100 per year. Before buying the policy, be sure to ask your agent specific questions about what is covered (lost, stolen, and damages?) and make sure that this is listed in the agreement. Before you can receive jewelry insurance, you’ll need the appraisal document to verify the piece’s value, along with a receipt, photos, and any certificates that may have come with the jewelry.

What Can You Learn About Your Jewelry?

Getting your gold chains and other expensive jewelry appraised is a smart idea for a number of reasons, but it will also give you some further insight into why your item is valuable and the rarity of the gems. When an appraiser examines the piece, he or she can identify the percentage of gold or other precious metals, as well as the rarity and quality of the gemstones (based on inclusions, which are imperfections in the stone, color, and cloudiness).

Protect Your Valuables

When we make expensive purchases of jewelry like gold chains and bracelets, we want to make sure that these items are going to last a long time. Unfortunately, because of their value, these items may get stolen, making it even more important to insure them. Consult a reputable, certified jewelry appraisal to learn more about your piece’s worth and begin the process of acquiring insurance to guarantee that you’ll have your favorite gold chain for years to come.

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Top Things to Consider When Selling Your Jewelry


Today we want to share some great tips and certain things to consider when selling your jewelry.  There are many possible reasons why people decide to part with some of their jewelry pieces. Whatever your reasons, you should ensure you get top dollar for all of those beautiful items you choose to sell. Selling your jewelry is easy, but how can you be sure you get what it’s worth? Here are a few things to keep in mind when selling your jewelry to avoid late regrets.

Necklace Jewelry Luxury Rich  - Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

While deciding what to sell and what to keep, you should ask yourself a few questions. Do you ever wear that piece of jewelry you want to get rid of? Is it a family heirloom piece? Is there anyone to whom you might want to pass it down? Is it valuable enough to be worth selling it?

The list of questions could go on for a while. The main point is that you should weigh your decision with the greatest possible care to avoid regretting your decision. When you’re bootstrapped for cash, you may think that parting with your beloved jewelry is a good thing to do, as it is the only thing that can get you out of trouble. While you’d be right to think so, you might feel sorry later on, when your financial situation will be stable. If you do love your ring or your bracelet, consider borrowing money from a friend instead. In the future you will thank yourself from the bottom of your heart; you can rest assured of that.

If you want to sell jewelry, start with the pieces you like the least. Don’t rush; take your time to set your priorities right. Then, try to get a fair appraisal of the pieces you want to sell. Find one of the most reputable qualified jewelry appraisal specialists in your area and take your jewelry to get a current value on it. Pay special attention when you choose the expert to take your jewelry to. Look for someone with extensive experience and with an excellent reputation in this industry. If you want to sell gems, make sure that the appraiser you choose is a certified gemologist. Also, search the web for customer ratings and reviews to determine what other people think about those appraisers. The more information you can find the better. If you aren’t satisfied with your appraisal, be prepared to ask for a second opinion.

things to consider when selling your jewelry

uluerservet / Pixabay

The current jewelry value depends on multiple factors such as the type and the quality of the metal, the type and the quality of the gemstones (if any), the weight of the jewelry, and the condition of the jewelry piece. A piece that needs repairs will have a lower value than a similar one, which is in pristine condition. This doesn’t mean you have to repair everything you want to sell, but only to keep in mind that you may not get its full worth.

After you get your appraisal, it is time to set a price. Most sellers tend to set their prices too high, as they are emotionally attached to their jewelry. You should always remember that the appraisal value is the price of buying a comparable piece from a retail store. People who seek to purchase jewelry from private sellers want to get a deal. Otherwise, they would choose to shop in a store where they could benefit from professional guidance and advice. Other potential buyers seek lower prices, as they intend to resell the pieces for a profit. If there’s no profit, they will not make the purchase. If you want to find buyers sooner rather than later, you need to set a realistic price for your jewelry.

things to consider when selling your jewelry

monicore / Pixabay

For the best outcome possible, you may want to set an opening price slightly higher than the one you have in mind. This would allow you some room for negotiations, provided that you find an interested buyer who doesn’t agree with your initial price.

The preparation of the jewelry is another important step that can make a huge difference to the price you’ll be able to get. Even though you can clean it at home, it’s best to take your jewelry to have it prepared by a professional cleaner. The last thing you need is to damage the gold or the gemstones by using inappropriate chemicals or cleaning methods.

The payment method is another thing to consider when selling your jewelry. Even though most people are honest, some try to scam others whenever they have an opportunity. You don’t want to be the victim of these people, so you should be keen on getting the payment in cash rather than in a cashier check or money order. Keep in mind that scam artists can forge just about any type of check. This is why cash is the safest payment method.

Last but not least, consider all possible selling options. Private sales are the fastest, but posting on Craigslist may attract a lot of scammers. Pawnshops are also fast channels, but their drawback is that they don’t pay as much as other types of buyers. They are safe, though, so keep them in mind as one of the best options. Consignment jewelers are also great. However, most of them won’t pay you until your piece sells. This means that you won’t be able to get the quick cash you need to sort out your problems.

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5 Luxury Watches Every Collector Should Own


Today we want to share with you 5 luxury watches every collector should own.  Of course there are thousands of watch brands on the market with varying prices, features and styles but there are a few timeless luxury watches that should be in every enthusiasts collection.  Whether you love diving watches, dress watches or  your every casual watch, the following luxury watches stand out among all others.


Luxury WatchesFor those who might not know, the history of Rolex started with its founder Hans Wilsdorf.   Wilsdorf not only wanted to focus on precision and reliability but wanted to create a watch that looked elegant as well.  In 1914, Rolex was awarded a class “A” precision certificate which has since been associated with all Rolex watches.  One of the most popular Rolex watches at the moment is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual a direct descendant of the original Oyster that was made in 1926.  This was also the first waterproof wristwatch in the entire world.  You can find great Rolex Oyster Perpetual deals over at CHRONEXT.


As with most classic luxury watch brands, Omega has a storied background and amazing success stories that have helped fortify the brands distinct reputation.  Founded in Switzerland back in 1848 by Louis Brandt Omega got it’s start by making key-wound pocket.  Let’s take a look at some the company’s historic and most recognized accomplishments.

  • In 1892, they developed the first minute-repeating timepiece.
  • In 1932 Omega earned its title as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in L.A.
  • In 1962, Omega made history by becoming the first Omega watch to enter space.
  • In 1969, the Omega Speedmaster watch landed on the moon worn on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin.
  • During the 90’s the Omega Seamaster became the official watch of James Bond


luxury watchBreitling is another luxury watch brand that got it’s start back in the 1890’s.  The found, Léon Breitling was a watchmaker who focused on pocket watches, chronographs and stopwatches.   He even created a pulsograph that featured a logarithmic scale for measuring a patient’s pulse rate.  Physicians loved the pulsographs because of their accuracy and durability.  Most people forget that Léon Breitling patented a tachymeter that allowed drivers and police to calculate their speed.  Now I think we can all figure out when the first speeding tickets were issued in Switzerland.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another Swiss luxury watch founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek.  Their watches are known for their great sophistication and elegance.  Patek Philippe was a smart business man who quickly became a favorite of wealthy international clients because he was able to create bespoke pocket watches.   In 1932 dialmakers Charles and Jean Stern purchased the company.   In 1932, Henry Graves Jr. purchased the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe.  It then sold again in 1999 for whopping $11 million.

luxury watch


International Watch Company or IWC was founded  almost 150 years ago in 1868 by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones.  In the early 1930’s aviators and sailors alike were looking for writstwatches that had large crowns that could be easily used while wearing large and thick gloves that protected them in extreme weather conditions both in the sea and sky alike.  IWC was paramount in creating a watch for scuba divers in the 60’s.  At this time, divers wanted watches that would withstand the large amount of pressure at depths of 100 meters or more. IWC’created the Aquatimer, which was water resistant to 200 meters.  What made this watch unique is that it had a rotating scale on the dial rather than using the bezel but more importantly the dive time could not be accidentally altered under water.

We hope you like our article on 5 luxury watches every collector should own.  We recognize that there are hundreds of luxury watch brands out there but these should definitely be on your radar if you have yet to own one.

How to Take Care of Your Silver Jewellery


If you have silver jewelry, you might be wondering how to take care of your silver jewelry.  More understated than gold, silver jewellery is perfect for everyday wear. Yes, it may be hard wearing, but your silver jewellery does need a little care to keep it looking its best. When silver becomes tarnished it turns a dark grey-black color – but fear not, there are some quick and easy ways you can keep your silver jewellery looking sparkling and tarnish free!

tomekwalecki / Pixabay

How to clean your silver jewellery

If your silver jewellery has no gemstones or pearls, they can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Once washed, dry each piece with a soft lint free, or nonabrasive cloth. Avoid using kitchen paper towels to dry your jewellery as it can scratch your silver!

Should your silver jewellery need a bit more TLC, use a soft natural bristle toothbrush to clean your silver, whilst soaked in warm soapy water. And for silver jewellery that has seen better days, using a polish specifically for silver like Silvo (not household polish, however!) will help bring that sparkle back. Simply shake well, apply with a soft cloth and leave to dry. Once dry, gently rub off with a clean soft cloth.

How to wear your silver jewellery

We know that layering silver jewellery looks effortlessly chic, but there are some simple things you could do to help your silver look shiny and new. Take off your silver when you’re applying lotions, perfume or hairspray, and ensure skin is completely dry before putting it back on.

If your jewellery contains gemstones try and avoid too much exposure to sunlight as it can cause them to dull. Similarly try to avoid wearing different diamond pieces next to each other, as diamonds can scratch other diamonds!

Jewellery isn’t meant to be worn 24/7, give it a break by switching up your usual combinations – as if you needed an excuse to buy more silver jewellery.

how to store your jewelry

ArcturianKimona / Pixabay

How to store your silver jewellery

After taking your jewellery off give it a quick wipe with a soft lint free cloth, and whatever you do, avoid leaving your jewellery on chemically treated surfaces or on wood which can stain or speed up the tarnishing process.

When storing silver chains and necklaces fasten them up before putting them away, and always on the last hole on extender chains to avoid them becoming tangled. Keep your silver jewellery in an airtight jewellery box too to avoid pieces becoming tarnished.

If you’re taking silver jewellery items away on holiday with you, storing them in soft pouches will help keep them looking their best – and always store separately, as they can scratch each other if kept together.

Because silver is durable, the more it’s worn the less care it typically needs. So, layer those necklaces, stock up on bangles and stack those rings.

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Buying Jewelry For Someone Special


We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, nobody wants to have the same best friend as everyone else, do they? You don’t want to go to a party to find that another girl is wearing the exact same piece of diamond jewelry as you. You want to sparkle and shine above everyone else, and custom jewelry allows you to do so.

buying jewelry for someone special

There are so many reasons why investing in custom made diamond jewelry proves to be the best option. Let’s face the facts; buying diamonds marks a substantial investment. Thus, you want to make your investment worthwhile. Having a jewelry design which is completely unique to you ensures that this is the case. You will be able to choose between all diamond colors and cuts, all metal options, and all designs. And best of all; there is no way that the girl at the party will be wearing the exact same jewelry piece as you are.

Plus, this is a great way to incorporate symbolization into your jewelry. This is especially important if you are purchasing a piece of jewelry as a gift for a loved one. You can include something that is special for them, for example, you could use the symbol for the gemini horoscope if this is when they were born or you could opt for something that represents the relationship you share. For example, perhaps you went to a certain part of the world on holiday? If so, you could use the country’s official symbol to create a beautiful diamond charm. The options are well and truly endless when it comes to custom jewelry, and this is what makes it so special. Of course, this is one of the reasons why so many people opt for custom jewelry when they are looking for something special for their other half.

You also tend to find that a bespoke jeweler will take a lot more time and pride in the work that they do. You are much more likely to benefit from a higher quality and level of craftsmanship when purchasing custom jewelry. Moreover, the jewelry will be made to fit you perfectly. This is something which is especially important when buying jewelry pieces such as rings.

buying jewelry for someone special

sweetlouise / Pixabay

As mentioned, when opting for custom jewelry you will be able to pick the diamonds to incorporate in the jewelry design yourself. It is recommended that you know a little bit about diamonds before you buy diamond jewelry so that you can make a good decision. In general, diamonds are graded via the following four criteria; cut, colour, clarity and carat. The latter relates to the weight of the diamond and thus is easy to understand, however the former three points require a bit of explanation.

buying jewelry for someone special

Gromovataya / Pixabay

Let’s deal with cut first. This relates to the proportions of the diamond, and if you want your custom made jewelry to sparkle above all else then you need to ensure that you opt for a good cut. Thus, make sure the proportions are not too deep or too shallow. With regards to the color, you want your diamond to be as colorless as possible. Don’t opt for anything with too much of a yellowish tint to it. And finally, clarity; this relates to the level of inclusions on the diamond. All diamonds have blemishes, yet make sure none are visible to the naked human eye.

If you are considering buying diamond custom made jewelry anytime soon then you should also familiarize yourself with the latest trends. There are some great designs which are proving to be popular at the moment. Antique jewelry styles are highly stylish, with the following diamond cuts lending well to this trend; rose, oval, asscher, and brilliant.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why buying custom jewelry comes so highly recommended. It does not matter whether you are looking to buy a special piece of yourself or you are looking to buy a piece of jewelry for someone special in your life, going down the custom route is going to make a massive difference. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a piece of jewelry that no one else in the world has?

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Revamp Your Wardrobe with 3 Timeless Jewelry Pieces


It’s summer and it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with 3 timeless jewelry pieces.  So what’s a timeless jewelry piece?   A timeless piece of jewelry is a classic piece that you can wear effortlessly with almost any outfit.  It’s classic, appealing and something you know you’ll own forever.  Remember that a good accessory has the power to compliment almost any outfit with the elegant yet subtle presence to still turn heads.  While we still love the extravagant and bold jewelry pieces that request the attention of anyone that can catch a quick glimpse,  what we truly appreciate are beautiful timeless pieces that we can rely on day after day, year after year.

3 times jewelry

Free-Photos / Pixabay

1. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings should be held in high regard when considering your most prized timeless jewelry pieces because they are extremely versatile.  It was once said that an entire military offensive by the Romans was entirely funded from a single pearl earring.  Pearls are amazing because you cannot unearth a pearl.  You’ll instead need to plunge into the depths of the ocean for this beautiful timeless piece of jewelry.  A pearl requires no special cutting, polishing or fancy tools to enhance their natural beauty and adding a set of beautiful pearl earrings to your jewelry collection is the easiest way to dress up any outfit.  The same pair of earrings can provide you a sophisticated look at work while giving an elegant and sexy look over dinner at an upscale restaurant.  The pearl is and has always been one of the most valued gems throughout many cultures for thousands of years.

diamond tennis bracelet

Hans / Pixabay

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet represents a bold and sexy fashion statement.  This timeless piece of jewelry is coveted by actors, celebrities, and even athletes.  For those that are unfamiliar with the acronym “tennis bracelet”, let’s provide a brief background.  During a 1997 U.S. Open tennis match, 4 time Champion Chris Evert was fully engaged in her match when the clasp to her bracelet full of diamonds fell onto the court.   She demanded that the match be halted until she could find her diamond bracelet, which was soon after coined the “tennis bracelet.”  The diamond tennis bracelet blends a touch of elegance that exudes radiance and a lot of sparkle.  Make sure to wear the right type of tennis bracelet to really make a fashion statement.  If you have slender wrists, smaller quality diamonds are best while larger stones and a more bolder bracelet are suitable for someone with a larger wrist.

brooch timeless jewelry piece

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3. Elegant Brooch

The brooch has long been adorned as a timeless piece jewelry that has never gone out of style.  The timeline for the history of brooches goes back to the middle of the second millennium BC.   The earliest known use of a brooch was to fasten clothing.  Over time the brooch was seen as symbol of wealth and status as only a select few had access to the materials required to construct them.  Today one can see these fashionable pieces of jewelry on the red carpet, the runway, in movies, and online stores such as   Let’s not forget the importance of brooches worn by some of the worlds most iconic figures throughout the years including Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor.  Brooches are extremely flexible as they can be worn in the hair, around the neck and are made with a variety of precious metals, gems and pearl like designs.  In fact you could make your own brooch with easy to follow instructions and a few materials.

These timeless jewelry pieces should be a part of everyone’s jewelry collection and while we might not wear them every day, they will be there to accentuate our favorite outfits any given day of the week.

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The Diamond Advisor: Before Choosing an Engagement Ring


Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision. This is a ring that should symbolize your love and commitment as a couple. Before you make your decision, there are a lot of things to consider. Not only should your ring reflect your passion, but it also needs to be a practical choice that takes into consideration your style and budget. Whether you’re purchasing a ring for your partner or you’re searching engagement rings on your own as a bride, here’s what you need to consider before you make that big choice!

1. Budget

Before you do anything else, you need to consider your budget. This will tie into the rest of your choices like ring type, style, stone, and jeweler. There are a lot of myths and beliefs about just how much money should be spent on engagement rings. The reality is that there are no one-size-fits-all rules when it comes to the budget. It depends on you and your partner. There’s no denying that engagement rings are expensive. The good news is there are engagement ring options for every budget.

Remember that you need to be reasonable with your budget. There is no reason to choose something over the top if you can’t afford it or if your partner would not want you to. You don’t want your engagement ring to be your first big debt as a married couple! Remember that the most important part of your ring is the love behind it, not the price tag.

2. Lifestyle

One of the biggest parts of buying a ring that people often forget to consider is the bride’s lifestyle. If the bride will be wearing the ring for years to come, you need to choose something that will suit her lifestyle on a daily basis. What is her job? Will she be able to wear it to her place of work? If she works in an industry with a lot of hands-on work like as a chef or industrial worker, diamonds might not be a good fit. Does the bride lead an active lifestyle? If so, you’ll need to choose a ring that’s easy to clean and that can handle a rough treatment. Speak to a jeweler about the best type of ring to suit your bride’s lifestyle.

3. Style

The most obvious consideration is personal style. How does the bride like to dress? What styles does she prefer? This is something the bride often will need to decide for herself since this ring will become a staple of her personal style. Think about what your bride-to-be usually wears. Does she like bold statement pieces or simple accents? What colors is she more likely to wear every day? If you’re not sure, try looking at the jewelry the bride already owns to see what she’s chosen for herself in the past. Take this engagement ring quiz to see what style suits your bride.

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4. Jeweler

Finally, you need to find the right jeweler. There are more jewelers available now than ever before, and that only makes the process more confusing when you’re not even sure where to start your search for the right ring. There are different jewelers for different budgets and styles, but you need to choose one that reflects your needs. Always check for reviews before making a purchase to make sure you’ve chosen the best retailer. To start your search, read Brian Gavin Diamonds Reviews – Must Read in 2018.

Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

There is a lot that goes into choosing the best engagement ring for the bride. From budget to style to jeweler, you have a lot to think about before making that big choice. As long as you’re thoughtful with your search, you’ll end up with something that reflects your love as a couple!

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The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal Love


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It is also an expected milestone for most couples in love that they will eventually reach this point and commit to spending the rest of their lives with one another. From intimate, romantic moments between two people to grand, public declarations of love, there are hundreds of different ways a proposal can happen, and in modern society, more and more women are the one getting down on one knee.

The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal LoveFor thousands of years, it has been customary for the man in a traditional relationship to provide the woman with a ring of sorts. However, it was not always a diamond, and it was most certainly not always a representation of the love and commitment the couple shares.
The use of rings within a relationship dates right back to prehistoric times where men would wrap cords around their partner’s waist, wrists or ankles. The ties were crafted from braided grass and were used to take the female spirit under the man’s control. Used more as a token of ownership and control rather than love, this practice continued for hundreds of years.
Engagement photoIt wasn’t until the ancient Egyptians came along, thousands of years later, that the ring became a symbol of love and was worn on the finger. The romantic Egyptians felt that the shape of the ring embodied the idea of eternal love between two people and the opening in the ring was the gateway to their future together. Wedding bands were a separate entity, as they are today, and were made of braided reeds, worn by each partner. Rings were worn on the left hand on the finger between the middle and little fingers. This is now aptly called the ring finger and is still where people wear their wedding bands, and in many cultures, their engagement rings. This finger was chosen due to the belief of a vein running from here to the heart, although later discovered to be untrue, this vein was named the  in 1686, which means ‘vein of love’.
Rings took a step back again in Roman times, according to Pliny the Elder who was a Roman author. Engagement rings during this period were, again, a symbol of ownership and property. There were two rings involved in the contract, an iron one for wear around the home and a gold one, which was exchanged at the wedding ceremony, and worn only for special occasions.

Poesy Rings photo

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Over a century later, rings were still teetering on the edge of ownership when sultans and sheikhs would give their partners a puzzle ring. These rings were specially designed to fall to bits if removed and therefore minimized any risks of infidelity. Females only wore the rings in the relationship.
The ring did not come back to depict love or care until 860AD. Pope Nicolas made it a requirement that a woman is presented with a gold ring, by her male partner, as a mirror of his wealth and ability to look after her.
The first diamond appeared on an engagement band in 1477, centuries later. Mary of Burgundy was given a gold band with the letter ‘M’ detailed in diamonds by her partner, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria. The ring gained a lot of attention and later became a trend among the most affluent.
Poesy Rings grew popular in the 1700’s which encompassed beautiful poems inscribed along the band. They were incredibly romantic and continued to be popular into the 1800’s where the addition of brightly colored gems and clusters were added into the mix. Ornate rings continued through from the Victorian times right up until the Edwardian times, where they were called Dearest Rings. Victorian and Edwardian rings are still popular choices now, for lovers of vintage designs.
Diamonds became much more accessible in 1867 when mines were located in South Africa. It was only two decades later that the esteemed & Co launched a new design, which they called the ‘Tiffany Setting’. Using six prongs, the diamond was elevated above the band to create a more prominent dazzle.
Custom designed engagement rings became fashionable in the 30’s as couples wanted to present their own personality and love through what the ring represented.
engagement ringsIn 1938, the economy after WWI and during the Great Depression resulted in the decline of the diamond industry as demands fell. However, large enterprise De Beers was persistent and created a marketing campaign to boost interest, which is still one of the best of its kind to date. A decade into the campaigning, a new slogan was released, which stated ‘A Diamond is Forever‘. During this period, females were led to believe that a diamond was the only thing good enough to be a measure of true love and it became an inevitability within a relationship. Men were expected to spend an entire income earned in a month on a ring. Otherwise, it wasn’t enough. This was later increased in the 1980’s when the campaign published another line suggesting they spend two months: ‘Isn’t two months’ salary a small price to pay for something that lasts forever?’.
The diamond is not only the preferred engagement ring jewel of choice in western cultures. It has been the tradition for years that the women in China wear a simple ring on their right hand when engaged and transfer it to their left hand following the wedding ceremony. However, since the 2000’s, the presence of diamonds has increased and now 30 percent of married women in China fashion diamond rings. A similar transition also occurred in Japan back in the 70’s.
Recent statistics show that China and India, along with the States will be the leading countries in the industry over the next ten years. Not surprising, since 80 percent of proposals in America already include a diamond. Beyond this, however, it may not be too early to predict that 3D diamond rings could become the norm, along with custom designs continuing to prevail.
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