Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2021


Today we want to share some affordable anniversary gift ideas for 2021. Surprising the person next to you, whether your spouse or partner can sometimes be stressful, especially when the day of anniversary is coming up! Moreover raving for innovating gifting ideas followed by budget constraints may leave more puzzled. And exactly at this point, if you’re seeking a way out of these, you’re at the right place. Take a glance at these 12 unique anniversary gift ideas that are flawlessly economical and startling at the same time.  

12 budget worthy anniversary gift ideas to surprise your partner

  1. Gift card, message bottle & a bottle of wine

Shop gift card at: Target $9.99| Amazon $6.99

affordable anniversary gift ideas

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Two lines of description, enough to remind how much you care for your partner. Being it your 1st year anniversary or 25th, the strategy works well for all. However you may personally customize the quotes on the gift card. As an alternative to a gift card, you may shop or use a pair of old bottles from the house and fold-n-drop soulful messages inside and put these near the bedside table or couch, the favorite alcove of your partner. While the idea will melt your partner it charges almost nothing on another hand to make it. However, if you wish to curate a bit more resonating and memorable, cart a bottle of wine of his/her choice. You know your partner’s taste right?

  1. Cute Map art

Shop T: Etsy  $58

If your bae is an adventure freak and steps out to rock climbing ventures whenever manages a couple of holidays, choose a map art photo frame as an anniversary gift. As it could be customized additionally, place both of your names under the image with the date you got hitched.

  1. Personalized gift boxes

Shop custom mug at| Amazon $24.90

When you’ve budget confinement to ladder up for an expensive anniversary gift, a box of custom gifts would serve as impressive alternatives. You can put together a printed pillow with a heart touching quote along with a pair of couple mugs inside the box. The whole gift set will perfectly fit under $30.

  1. Whiskey glass set
affordable anniversary gift ideas

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

Shop at: Amazon $46.99

A classic box with a pair of whiskey glasses absolutely blows off your husband’s mind, as your 5th anniversary gifts. Additionally if you can accompany a bottle of his favorite brand, then simply the day will be a lifetime experience.

  1. Passionate iron-sculpture couple

Shop at: Amazon $39.99

Young couples who have just spent 1 year of wedding or in a steady relationship for the same time, an affectionate couple artifact is perfect to embrace their feeling on this very special day. The couple sculpture is available in various styles and designs for just under $40. You can go for any of it.

  1. Personalized cutting board

Shop at: Etsy $31.50

After spending 10 years of togetherness, you may feel nothing left more  knowing each other! So, what to gift for the upcoming 11th anniversary, is a true riddle!  Wait! You still have one option left! After discovering your partner’s passion for cooking you could pick a wooden engraved cutter board to encourage his endeavor. You’re absolutely free to indulge your own design upon it.

  1. Anniversary poster newspaper cut

Shop at: Etsy $16

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be grand? In the same way your wife could have secretly wished for an opulent anniversary celebration. However, in case you’re running low on budget arranging a big ceremony on the day, give her a unique poster wedding photo collage printed in a newspaper style.

  1. Scented candles with hilarious quotes
Close up shot of a person lighting a candle


Shop at| Amazon $20.99| Esty $10.20

Without naughtiness and hilarious senses of humor a relationship can’t be completed or be cherished. That’s why on this anniversary to poke your partner completely crazy and drooled, choosing a bottle of scented candles with witty quotes won’t be offensive!

**Note: if you’re too decent, avoid the idea. For the galore of scented candles are full of frantic quotes.

  1. A gift card from Zales

Shop Zales gift card

Women’s passion for jewelery is inexorable all the time. Thus, a gift card from Zales would certainly equate to 1000 carat diamonds if you do consider it as the anniversary gift for your dear soulmate! The gift card from Zales ranges from $50 to $2000 and handy both in physical and electronic form. You may give a round trip at the nearest Zales outlet for details.

  1. A tub of air plants

Shop succulent plants/ lilies at: proflowers $51

When you both played non-stop innings for the last 30 years, you must want to toast the anniversary day either inside 4 walls in each other’s hand or just being accompanied by nature. That’s why as a gift for the day you may order a pair of succulent tubs or lilies. Otherwise you could personally move out and plant a few saplings nearby your courtyard or within the society boundary of your residence.

  1. Sweet and cookies boxes

Shop at: Amazon $36.89| Proflowers $42.90

Sweeten up this special day accompanied by plenty of saccharine deals. That means simply bring home boxes of cookies, chocolates and dipped desserts. Turn the day sweet with flavorsome treats. For, happiness deepens more with sharing love and munching sweets.

  1. Make the surprise with books

Shop Gift of Imperfection at: Target $13.14

Gifting books on the day of an anniversary? No, no, don’t drift away, it’s not a nerdy idea! Rather this book is exclusively popular as anniversary gifts which named as The gifts of Imperfection written by Brene Brown. You could pick a piece of it for your partner!

With these 12 ideas let’s anticipate you’ve amalgamated fair ideas of how to treat your partner extraordinarily on the anniversary day under budget. So, do go for any of these and congratulations beforehand on this special day.

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5 Things you Didn’t Know About This top Holiday Destination: Croatia


Today we want to share 5 things you didn’t know about this top holiday destination: Croatia. Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque cafés, great wine and amazing nature. It is one of the favorite holiday spots in Europe for a good reason. But there is a lot more to Croatia than most people are aware of. Here are some of the 5 most interesting facts about Croatia that you might not know:

top Holiday Destination: CroatiaNikola Tesla was from Croatia

Most people have heard about Nikola Tesla, but many don’t know that he is from the area. The inventor who changed the world with amazing discoveries was born in a small village during the Austrian Empire in what is Croatia today. He also embraced his Serbian roots and is celebrated by both countries today for his achievements.

Croatia gets more sun per year than Sydney, Australia

It’s hard to imagine that there is a place in Europe in which the sun shines more often than in Australia, but Croatia actually gets more sun than Sydney, Australia, which is part of the reason why so many people love spending time here. The climate is ideal for a holiday and makes it one of the most loved holiday spots in Europe.

Dalmatians come from here

Front view of a Dalmatian puppy sitting, facing, isolated on whiWho doesn’t love the spotted dog breed that became known as Dalmatians and was even featured in successful Disney movies, simply because of its cuteness? Dalmatians were originally used as hunting dogs in Croatia’s historical region of Dalmatia. Did you know? When Dalmatians are born, their coat is often not spotted yet, instead they are born with plain white coats. Their spots then usually appear within a few days.

Croatia has the smallest village in the world

With only 20-30 inhabitants, the village Hum became known as the smallest village in the world. If you visit Istria, you can visit this small group of homes in the Municipality of Buzet. From the town Buzet you will need to drive approximately 14 kilometres by car until you reach Hum. If you don’t have a car, consider taking an excursion bus or even taking a nice walk through beautiful Istria. This way you will be able to view all of the interesting sights and natural beauties.

In order to see as many things as the country has to offer, booking an escorted tour to Croatia will give you the chance to do so. There are countless things to see and do. Taste amazing seafood dishes, try some outstanding wine, visit Zagreb’s pretty coffee houses, spend time relaxing at the beach or go sailing. The beautiful nature parks and landscapes are also perfect for a hiking trip when the sun is out.

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Micropigmentation Important Tips & Aftercare


Micropigmentation NY is a medical-grade procedure that involves injecting pigments normally into the scalp’s higher dermal layer. The hair follicles in the scalp are replicated throughout this treatment, providing the illusion of a natural shaven head. The number of colored dots per square inch in SMP hair follicles can range from hundreds to thousands. If you’re having trouble with hair loss, here’s some information on the scalp micropigmentation services we provide.

However, following your scalp micropigmentation treatment, you may ask how long the benefits of SMP will stay and what aftercare measures are necessary to preserve long-term SMP results.

Following the aftercare recommendations for scalp micropigmentation is critical following your scalp micropigmentation operation. Do you want to learn how? Continue reading till the conclusion of this article.

Preparation Before Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) may be an appropriate treatment method for many different people who are currently experiencing or have previously experienced hair loss as an advanced method of cosmic pigmentation. Whether you are overwhelmed by the various hair loss treatment options available or have been discouraged by previous failed attempts at resolving hair loss, scalp micropigmentation may be the solution for receding hairlines, balding around the crown, or even hair loss caused by disease and medical treatment.

Ensure that you are a candidate for Micropigmentation treatment

Determining whether or not you’re a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation depends significantly on your specific circumstances and type of hair loss, so it’s essential to schedule a consultation with a scalp micropigmentation specialist

Checking skin type

Knowing your skin type is crucial in determining which products would be the most beneficial. Using the wrong products and treatment can actually make your skin worse than improving your skin in the first place.


Unhappy patient with headache and closed eyes

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels

Before your treatment, your practitioner or artist will give you instructions to follow. In general, you should be able to shave or pluck your hair within 48 hours of receiving the treatment. Specific procedures do not necessitate shaving or plucking.

Eat before the treatment.

It is critical to eat a meal before your procedure. You are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks. If you’re nervous, ask if you can listen to music or watch a movie to distract yourself.

After Treatment

You should treat your scalp as an open wound after SMP treatment. Keep your scalp clean and avoid washing it. For 30 days following your final treatment, avoid chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, or tanning beds. This will guarantee a positive, long-term outcome.

Immediate Aftercare

During the First Four Days

The most important rule to follow when caring for your scalp during this time is to avoid washing your hair. Washing your hair after your SMP procedures may seem very tempting, but don’t do it. Your scalp is still sensitive in the first four days, and adding water to your head can harm it. Furthermore, avoid shaving your head and touching the treated area.

Day 5 through Day 7

During this time, you should avoid:

  • Sweating profusely: Try to avoid strenuous cardio sessions during this time. Excessive sweating can cause a halt in the healing process.
  • Scrubbing and shampooing – Scrubbing the scalp can aggravate existing wounds, and shampooing will introduce harsh chemicals.
  • Sun exposure – UV rays can cause sunburn and sun damage to your scalp.
  • Touching with hands – Excessive touching of the scalp with your hands can increase the risk of infection.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels

During the first seven days, make sure to drink plenty of water and take any medication as directed. To keep it clean, gently rinse your scalp and wipe it down with a wet cloth.

If you want to shave your head, now is the time to do it. It is critical to use an electric foil shaver. When shaving your head, try to get rid of any scabs that are still visible. Small amounts of water can be applied to your head. You can resume your showering sessions at this time, but remember to take a quick, light shower and avoid sulfate shampoo.

From Day 8 to Day 14,

Your head should look much better and heal nicely from days 8 to 14 following the procedure. It is, however, still recovering. You should double-check that your aftercare routine is still in place. You should still avoid the following in the next 5 days:

  • Scratching the scalp – The skin on your scalp may begin to peel in the coming days. It is critical to avoid scratching or picking any scabs that may form.
  • Using irritants that may cause inflammation and interfere with the healing process.
  • Putting on the moisturizer.
  • Shave with a razor blade for 10 days after each procedure session.

Shave or cut your hair carefully if necessary. You can gently wash the treated area with water and soap. Applying a small amount of moisturizer will also help the healing process during this time. However, make certain that it is fragrance-free.

Day 15 and beyond

After 15 days, your scalp may have recovered sufficiently to resume your regular routine. After 15 days, you may be scheduled for your next treatment session. You will be asked to wash your hair and shave your head before your next follow-up appointment.

Long term Aftercare

There are numerous steps and activities that you must complete in order to receive long-term care:

  • Do not use chlorinated pools, saunas, or steam rooms for the first month.
  • UV rays are harmful to the treated area. As a result, apply sunscreen to your skin before venturing out. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50+. Avoid getting a tan on the treated area for the first month.
  • If you want to wash your scalp, use a fragrance-free, antibacterial soap for the first month.
  • To keep your scalp moisturized, apply moisturizer immediately after showering and before going to bed.
  • AHA-containing products should not be used in the treatment area because they will cause the pigment to fade.
  • Avoid products containing a high concentration of alcohol.


As you can see, following the scalp micropigmentation aftercare guide is simple. You simply need to unwind after each session and gradually return to your routine.

There are unique aftercare products that can help you better care for your scalp, so use them confidently.

If you’re ready for your first scalp micropigmentation session, please contact us right away. Our specialists have years of experience with micropigmentation procedures and can assist both men and women with hair loss problems.

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Often Overlooked Aspects of Staying Healthy


Today we want to share often overlooked aspects of staying healthy. In today’s climate of fad diets and gym bros, the basics of overall health can get lost in the fog. You can be forgetting vital aspects of looking after yourself that could have long-lasting effects. To be sure you’re doing at least the basics, read on to check if you’re covering these often forgotten aspects of health.


staying healthy

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels

An extremely vital aspect of your diet is water, and it’s often dismissed while we’re quenching our thirst with coffee and sodas. Doctors recommend as much as two liters a day for a reason. Water contributes to almost every aspect of bodily function, from the brain to the heart, to the gut and the muscles. It helps remove waste, protects your spinal cord, aids in digestion and brain function, and keeps your cardiovascular system healthy.

You can make your water intake a fun experience with squash, or slices of fruits in your bottle. Experiment with flavors like lemon, cucumber, mint, berries, citrus and watermelon. Or you can invest in some squash pods at your supermarket. Or freeze some berries in ice cubes. Do what you need to do to reach for the water rather than the Coca Cola.

There are also foods that will contribute to dehydration. Diets high in protein such as the Dukan diet and paleo diet are high in nitrogen which will be flushed out with extra fluids. The Keto diet and the Atkins diet also contribute to dehydration by cutting out or lowering carbs, this causes the body to release water by going into its glycogen storage.

Check ups

No matter your age or medical history, a regular check-up is vital. It will pick up on any underlying health conditions early and also uncover a likely overlooked key to an accurate diagnosis.

If this is a worry for you, if you have received a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis, visit for a solicitor that can offer expert legal advice and aid in filing a medical negligence claim.

Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia all tend to rear their ugly faces when you least expect it and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Look after your mind

Unfortunately, mental health doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. Luckily, basic mental health can be quite simple. A change of scenery or talking to someone can elevate your mood and keep you stable.

Some authorities suggest volunteering as a way to gain perspective and having something to care about, others suggest doing something you’re good at, like arts, or keeping a journal.

There are other things you can do, like keeping active, getting a pet, taking a break from a stressful situation, but if you need it, the most helpful mental health tip is to ask for help. Most of these are small solutions to small levels of problems, but if none of them are helping, there are plenty of resources available if you feel like you need them.

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Honoring Innovative Beauty & Wellness Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Month


Today’s article is all about honoring innovative beauty and wellness entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship month. We’d like to introduce you to some of these empowering entrepreneurs who are driving change and making strides in their respective industries. 

Entrepreneurship MonthOlowo-n’djo Tchala of Alaffia 

Togolese native Olowo-n’djo Tchala founded Alaffia nearly two decades ago with a mission to cultivate beauty, equality and empowerment in West Africa through the fair trade of indigenous resources and community empowerment projects. Women’s cooperatives in West Africa handcraft Alaffia’s products. Proceeds from product sales are returned to communities in Togo to fund sustainable community projects, such as maternal health care, education, reforestation and regenerative agriculture. Most recently, Alaffia launched its maternal health care program in the U.S. to help mothers in marginalized communities. To date, Alaffia’s many sustainable programs in West Africa have improved the lives of more than 250,000 individuals. 

Entrepreneurship MonthSamia Gore of Body Complete Rx

Samia Gore, Founder and CEO of Body Complete Rx, is paving the way as the first Black female founder to break ground in the male-dominated, nutritional supplement industry. The author and healthy lifestyle advocate founded Body Complete Rx (BCRX) in 2017, a wellness brand of plant-based supplements formulated by a Black woman nutritionist with a complete wellness journey in mind. Created as a result of her own wellness journey, from health to beauty, Body Complete Rx is a complete solution and has been credited in changing the lives of thousands of consumers worldwide. Samia’s self-funded start-up has successfully grown and garnered over $10 million in sales in just 4 years and seen the support of celebrity clients including LeToya Luckett and Kenya Moore. In August 2021, Gore is launching her exclusive plant-based, vegan supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe, making BCRX the first Black female-owned brand to launch in the retailer’s weight management category. 

Entrepreneurship MonthJosh Rosebrook of Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook, founder of the eponymous hair and skincare line Josh Rosebrook, is a celebrity-adored innovator in the natural beauty space. Rosebrook created a brand that only uses high-quality, efficacious products that support and protect healthy hair and skin function and structure, but also takes a deep focus on whole body-mind balance. Today he works with a team that includes industry-leading natural cosmetic chemists and herbalists. The skincare guru behind the brand counts celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Bush, Mila Kunis, Naomi Watts, and Alicia Silverstone as fans, and they all have flawless, glowing skin to prove it.


Entrepreneurship MonthBeatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot Company

Beatrice Dixon, Co-Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company, is taking the world by storm with her plant-derived feminine care brand. Created by “humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas,” The Honey Pot Co. provides gender, body and age-inclusive products that are free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfate. Dixon has been committed to educating, advocating, and supporting humans worldwide with the tools and resources that promote health and hopes to end the stigma of menstruation perpetrated by taboos, discrimination, lack of education, silence, and period poverty. Among her accomplishments, Dixon was named Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020, and Entrepreneur’s top 100 groundbreaking women entrepreneurs of 2019. She’s also 1 of the first 40 women of color to raise over $1 million in venture capital. 

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Tips and Tricks for Going Green in Your Kitchen


Today we want to share a few tips and tricks for going green in your kitchen. Save the planet—this is the newest song around the world. Going green is a common phrase among countries, organizations, homes, schools, etc. You too, can join this wagon and make the world a better place. It starts with your home. Make your kitchen green. Here are ways of going green in your office or home kitchen.

Pro Tip: Compare precise from different gas suppliers. Use Utility Bidder to compare business energy options.


Going Green in Your Kitchen

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels

It’s always good to think about recycling. Not only is this an excellent way to protect the environment but it’s also the best way to go green. Dump all recyclable materials in a recycle bin. They could be helpful in the future. Things like soft drink containers and milk mugs can be recycled. You may also want to consider reaching out to your local recyclers to see what materials they’ll accept.

Use Bags to Shop

Get used to the habit of shopping with your bags. This will help you avoid the need for plastic and paper shopping bags. Remember, paper bags are manufactured from trees. So, by avoiding these products you’ll be safeguarding the environment.

Go Local

The cost of shipping kitchen items is usually too high. Plus, purchasing your foods and veggies from very far might compromise their freshness. Thus, it’s imperative to consider going local.

Patronizing your local market for all your kitchen needs can be highly beneficial. It saves you money and reduces the emission of harmful gases from transportation. If you can, plant some vegetables in your kitchen garden for a more healthy living style. Shopping organically will also play a significant role in reducing the impact of pesticides, as well as, herbicides on the environment.

Use Correct Appliances

Going Green in Your Kitchen

Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels

Do you want to make your kitchen greener? Well, it’s time you consider investing in energy-efficient appliances. Purchase a high-quality dishwasher that utilizes less water and a small refrigerator to avoid excessive storage of food, which eventually goes to waste.

Energy-efficient Construction

Another way to go green is to opt for recycled countertops. Green-flooring materials such as bamboo and cork can work pretty well. Instead of modern finishes, you can utilize water-based eco-friendly finishes.

Installing energy-saving lightbulbs is also an incredible idea. Incorporate water-saving faucets and recirculation pumps in your home’s design. To improve the quality of air in your kitchen, consider installing a chimney wood.

Do it Yourself

Ditch pre-prepared or frozen foods. Making them yourself is much better. It’ll help you avoid unhealthy cooking steps like reheating and thawing. Plus, it removes the need for energy that’s commonly associated with processed foods.

Consider growing your own fruits and vegetables. Instead of using soap and detergents to clean your dishes, utilize white vinegar or baking soda.

The Bottom-Line

One of the most used parts of any home is the kitchen. This is where cooking is done. This is the place where you do all your dishes. Thus, you can turn this part of your home into a sustainable space by going green. The above are tips and tricks for going green in your kitchen. Make your kitchen a better place today!

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3 Key Benefits of Using CBD


Today we want to talk about key benefits of using CBD. Over recent years, many people have started to turn to CBD products to help them with a range of issues. CBD has been proven to help improve quality of life in many ways, from helping you to relax and sleep to easing pain, reducing anxiety, tackling inflammation, and lifting mood. This is why CBD products such as CBD THC gummies have become so popular with people from all walks of life over the past few years.

The wide range of benefits that come with using CBD have helped to make these products a natural choice for many people. In addition, the huge range of products now available has helped to boost their popularity, as you can find products to cater to all needs, preferences, and budgets. There are many benefits you can look forward to when you turn to CBD to help you with a range of issues. We will look at some of the main benefits in this article.

What Are the Benefits?

Person holding green canabis

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels

There are lots of reasons why so many people turn to CBD products, and there are many benefits that you can look forward to. Some of these are:

An Affordable Option

One of the benefits of turning to CBD products is that they provide a very affordable option for those who are looking to enjoy a host of benefits that will improve wellbeing and life quality. Often, people spend huge amounts of money on products that have not been proven and offer no real benefit. However, CBD has been thoroughly researched and proven to help with a range of issues. Not only this, but you can get products at prices that will not break the bank, particularly if you shop around and look for the best deals and promotions on high-quality products.

Huge Range of Products

Another of the benefits of using CBD products is that there are so many to choose from. You will find many different options with products available to cater to all tastes, preferences, needs, and budgets. Whether you want edible products, products that you can apply to the skin, capsules that are easy to swallow, or drops that offer total convenience, you will find it all available these days. You can even get e-liquid with CBD if you use a vape, so you can find something that suits your specific needs perfectly.

Wide Variety of Benefits

Of course, one of the key benefits of using CBD products is that you can look forward to such a wide range of benefits. Research has proven that CBD can benefit users in a variety of different ways. It can help to get better sleep, aids relaxation, lifts the mood, reduced anxiety, helps you with pain and inflammation, and much more. So, it is a very versatile product that can help many people with a variety of issues.

These are some of the many benefits that you can look forward to when you turn to the wide range of CBD products on the market. 

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Tips to Understanding Data Room M&A


Today we want to share some great tips to understanding data room M&A. Virtual Data rooms or VDR are vital assets that every modern business and organization should have. Data rooms are a secure way of storing vital business data especially for legal proceedings as well as mergers and acquisitions. They are also used for file sharing, keeping sensitive documents secure, and carrying out important financial transactions. These rooms have enhanced convenience and security from the traditional methods of storing documents where companies stored their files in file cabinets. Further, they have also reduced the cost of storing and sharing information significantly. There are a lot of companies offering these services today, so it is important to understand how this technology works to know what to look for.

Security Feature

The security feature comes top of the list of aspects that you should understand and consider in a virtual data room. As more organizations take their businesses online and abandon the traditional and cumbersome way of doing business, it calls for those adapting the new systems to also understand the threats or risks that come with technology and how to avert such threats. Get to understand security software that you can incorporate into your system to ensure that there is no chance of information leaking to the wrong hands. You can then control how you want files to be used, and also restrict access to only those that have a stake in any particular business.

Tracking Feature

The tracking feature is another important component when it comes to data rooms. You can track every activity that happens within your system remotely. You can see who is logging and the time they spent online. You can see the files they accessed and also see if they made any changes to the document. This feature makes it easy to complete M&A deals without having unnecessary physical meetings.

Artificial Intelligence

Using virtual data rooms will involve a lot of file sharing and communication. It is logically not possible for a human being to manually organize the number of files involved. Artificial intelligence ensures that documents are placed properly and no duplication occurs. It also ensures that all records are properly kept within the system.

Live Chatting

speech bubble, talking, chat

Photo by Deans_Icons on Pixabay

Live chatting is a vital feature to consider when checking out data rooms. Many business deals are now completed or sealed without the need of the involved parties having to travel from one country to another. With a live chat feature, you reduce these interactions significantly especially now when there is a pandemic.

Ease of Use

Virtual data rooms should not be complicated to use. Much as you want to protect your business’ privacy, you should also ensure that your workers do not go through a hard time trying to use your organization’s systems. Make it easy to perform simple and basic tasks such as uploading files, inviting users, and synchronizing files and folders. The easier your system is to use, the more efficient your business will be, and the more time and resources you are going to save. Of course, your files will still be secure. Making the system easy to use will not interfere with your files’ security in any way. 

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Handy Holiday Essentials for Traveling Post-Covid


Today we want to share some handy holiday essentials for traveling post-covid. As summer winds down and Covid restrictions begin to ease up, we’re learning to live in a post-covid world where many aspects of living have been changed forever – including the checklists we make before traveling! Although you may be excited going on holiday for the first time in a while, it can be stressful knowing what to pack. Have I got the right documentation? Have I got the right equipment with me? Did I pack hand sanitizer?

To make sure you’ve efficiently adapted to this ‘new normal’, we’ve put together a list of COVID smart travel essentials you should be packing as we get fully into the swing of summer.

Essentials for Traveling Post-Covid

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

  1. Face masks

Although face masks are no longer mandatory in many places, there are still many businesses and public places that do require them. In fact, many airlines are still enforcing face masks, so you won’t be able to board without one.

To make sure you’re not caught out, be sure to pack a face mask (and spares!) just in case.

  1. Quick drying mini hand sanitizer that fits the airports restrictions

If we’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that personal hygiene is crucial. To make sure that you’re not putting yourself or others at danger, it’s important to wash and sanitize your hands regularly. To keep your hands germ-free on the move, you should consider investing in a mini hand sanitizer that will fit easily into your bag. That way, you can still keep your hands clean if you don’t have access to running water.

Remember, you’re only able to take up to 100ml bottles on the flight with you in hand luggage, so mini bottles are ideal!

  1. Anti-bacterial wipes

If you’re traveling to the airport by train, you’ll want to pack anti-bacterial wipes. That way, you can sanitise your seat table (if you have one) before you sit down and afterwards, to help protect yourself and others from Covid.

You should also regularly disinfect your phone, sunglasses, keys and anything else you touch regularly.

  1. A thermometer

If you’d rather be safe than sorry, a thermometer can be a great item to stash away in your suitcase. That way you can check that you and your family are within the healthy temperature range to keep yourselves and others safe. 

  1. Apple Pay

With thousands of types of bacteria festering on paper currency, it’s never been more important to set up your Apple Pay. By setting up your mobile phone to facilitate payments, you can avoid handling cash and therefore encounter far fewer germs during your trip.

It’s also worthwhile to note that due to the pandemic, many businesses no longer accept cash payments!

Essentials for Traveling Post-Covid

Photo by stevepb on Pixabay

  1. A first-aid kit

Finally, it never harms to come prepared with a first-aid kit. Packed with everything from plasters to antihistamines and relief tablets should you fall ill on holiday, you can be confident that you’ve packed for all eventualities.

The bottom line is that traveling during Covid needn’t be stressful. By taking the time to pack some little extras and coming prepared for all eventualities, you too can enjoy a relaxing summer break with your nearest and dearest.

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Hollywood Businesses First to Feel Disastrous Effects of Unchecked Homelessness


By Marc Ang: Many Californians and especially Angelenos, who at one time were used to cleaner streets, cite unchecked homelessness as the number one issue affecting their lives. Politicians like to talk high above everyone when asked about solutions, but end up playing hot potato when asked to actually deal with it in a nuanced fashion. We don’t need academic studies or nonprofit think tanks tackling this issue – sometimes, we simply need them removed from camping in front of our house or business, so we can get on with our lives.

unchecked homelessness

Photo by Daria Sannikova on Pexels

Joseph Gharib, owner of several paid parking lots in Hollywood, also has his main offices in the heart of America’s favorite tourist attraction. Annually, pre-COVID era, 48 million come to Los Angeles as tourists and Hollywood is on top of that list. Sadly, Hollywood, even before the shutdown and the exacerbation of the homelessness crisis, was starting to develop a reputation of being an underwhelming slum. Vice Magazine even cited 50 instances when the famous Hollywood walk of fame stars were defaced, which is now a common occurrence, as they are regularly urinated on.

Joseph cites the view of Hollywood Boulevard as “horrific”. Though his office is gated, the homeless have been regularly camped out on the staircases to his office. Sometimes, they have been so brazen, the random homeless person would walk inside his office, wanting to use the bathroom. With COVID regulations, it is actually not permitted to wake them up if they are sleeping, even if it is affecting access and people’s businesses.

On one of his parking lots on Las Palmas and Yucca, the homeless had taken over the sidewalk with their tents and had blocked access into the lot by cars. This affected his business for about two months before he could actually get them removed. During this time, they took power from the ground, had full-on enclosures, which emboldened them to throw parties in the evening with random females coming in and out.

unchecked homelessness

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It was the business that suffered. Joseph called the police, but they were not allowed to move them due to COVID. The police referred the business owner to Hollywood BID (Business Improvement District) who then referred him to Street Services. Secret Services gave the same answer, “we can’t touch them”, and kicked the responsibility football over to a Homeless Liaison, who at least gave lip service to Joseph’s request, “No problem. We will talk to them and move them.”

Joseph wanted to be open for the weekend but he couldn’t. Little did he know it would take many more weeks.  He escalated it to his city councilman, who’s field deputy tried hard and finally after 3 weeks, the tents blocking access into his lot were removed. But not by any power of the government entities that played hot potato with this case.

Funny enough, it was a private entity that ultimately solved the problem.  One of the people in the neighborhood was annoyed with the homeless encampment and figured out that the only way to move them was to pay for a tree service to cut the trees. This private citizen paid for the service with his own money.

If the private residents are annoyed, you can imagine the Dream Hotel, Thompson Hotel, Mama Shelter and other brand new multi million dollar investments cannot hide the optics of Skid Row right in front of their luxury properties.

To this day, encampments are still everywhere and growing by the number. This has affected Joseph’s business as customers are reticent to park in his lot because, while he can keep the lot safe and hygienic, the optics of the outside quickly turn off potential customers. Just a few days ago, a person got stabbed by a homeless man in Hollywood. News stories like this do not help the tourism business. Neither do feces on the sidewalk or random people panhandling, presumably for drugs by their abrasive and jarring approach and jitters in their movement.

Unchecked Homelessness

Naturally, crime has increased and now there’s a new problem of street races on Hollywood Boulevard as there is hardly any police presence anymore, especially on weekends. Meanwhile, everyone is tiptoeing the problem and no one is taking any tangible measures.

Joseph, an honest business owner tired of the inefficacy of government, says, “Bring Hollywood back. That was a dream. It’s not Hollywood anymore. It’s a walk of shame, not a walk of fame anymore. Shame on the city council. Shame on the mayor’s office. Shame on the bureaucracy. Shame on everyone who completely ignored the businesses. Every Hollywood business would attest to how much they have been ignored.”

It is clear that we need solutions and action, not an endless loop of government officials who won’t take responsibility. It’s time for a change.

Marc Ang ( is the President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance in Orange County, co-chair of “Recall Gascon Now”, was the Director of Outreach for the “No on 16” campaign, a community organizer in Southern California and the founder of AsianIndustryB2B who specializes in race relations and the minority conservative experience. His book “Minority Retort” will be released in late 2021

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

Why Hybrid Schedules Are Here to Stay, and What it Means for Your Home


Today we want to discuss why hybrid schedules are here to stay and what if means for your home. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic sent many workplaces scrambling to empty the office. Anyone whose work could credibly be done from home was asked to stay there, making it safer and less contagious to be in the office for essential business.

These work from home arrangements have, in many cases, persisted for months or even over a year. Workers whose work suffered, of course, were often eager to get back to the office as soon as it was safe to do so. However, many companies discovered the opposite: the work from home life rarely impeded their work and sometimes made it easier to strong, distraction-free work.

So as more and more companies bring their teams back to in-person office work, they are considering a new option: for workers who can handle the shifting locations well, partially-in-person, partially-work-from-home schedules are being devised.

These hybrid schedules mean, of course, needing a home office set-up in addition to in-office equipment or workspace. So what do top real estate agents have to say about the housing market trends that will be affected by this newly-popular way of working? Here are some of the survey results Homelight shared in Q2.

Checking for Home Office Space Will Be Common

When you’re selling a house, it’s wise to stage it in a way that allows buyers to see spaces as opportunities. These days, however, more and more people will be asking, “ Does it have a home office?” and so you may want to get creative. You can absolutely make a small bedroom into a home office, but consider showcasing built-in desks in common areas, finished basement areas, or even an under-the-stairs space as an office area. People want the option to use home as a workplace these days, and even smaller homes can show them how.

Schools Remain a Constant In Importance

Especially when commutes become less of a concern, people turn to their other priorities. For families with children, the top concern will almost always be the school district. If they previously lived close to their workplaces but now only commute one or two times a week, they may stomach a long drive those days in order to gain the benefit of a great school district that their children attend five days a week. As always, having a strong school district nearby should be featured prominently if you are getting your home ready to market.

Gym Equipment Investments Mean Continued Desire for Home Gym Spaces

One last point to consider: if your home has finished or semi-finished spaces like a garage or basement, mention how it’d be perfect for home gym equipment. Many people bought home gym set-ups while they were away from gyms due to the shutdown, and many would prefer to continue putting in the miles on the Pelaton instead of paying to return to the gym. Your less-finished spaces can still get some attention on the market if they could comfortably hold gym equipment and let the owners work up a little sweat.

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Body Armor: A Necessary Protection


Body armor is very important for a variety of people. From military personnel to police officers, body armor helps protect them from harm. Body armor can be made from metal and protective textiles or composites. It is used to shield the wearer’s body from bullets and shrapnel, with the intention of preventing death or serious injury. Body armor is typically bullet-resistant so it can stop or deflect a bullet’s kinetic energy, transferring that energy to other parts of the product instead of letting it penetrate through. This reduces the risk of death and eliminates most major threats to security personnel in urban areas. 

Multi-Threat Vests

A “multi-threat” vest is the best type of body armor because it can protect against all types of threats: gunfire, fragmentation, and stabbing. It is a durable garment that can stop bullets and shrapnel from penetrating through. Made from either metal or composite materials, multi-threat vests are lightweight but offer significant protection. These vests are also resistant to bullets and knives. A police officer, for example, will need this type of vest in his or her line of work. He or she is usually exposed to a number of dangers on the job. Therefore, it is important that his or her body armor can resist any kind of threat that he or she might encounter.

A multi-threat vest is the answer to these needs. This type of body armor comes in metal and textile designs. Metal vests are typically worn by military personnel and law enforcement officers, providing them with extra protection in combat situations. This kind of body armor will fare well against bullets fired from handguns, shotguns, and rifles. These vests can also protect the wearer from shrapnel. It will not be destroyed even if struck by a bullet.

On the other hand, textile vests are popular with protective agencies and police officers. These units provide lightweight protection for everyday use and in combat situations alike. However, they cannot stop bullets, as well as metal vests, do. Nevertheless, these vests are best suited for use in urban warfare, where policemen encounter a lot of dangers. They can be worn with other tactical gears to enhance protection and combat capability.

Click here for more info on Safe Life Defense Body Armors

Tactical, First-response, and Concealable Multi-threat Vests

There are different types of body armor. Tactical vests are designed for combat situations and work best when you need to be agile. First-response vests are designed for law enforcement officers who want the option to be able to respond quickly during emergencies but still stay mobile. Concealable multi-threat vests provide protection from a wider range of dangers including knives, spikes, blunt trauma attacks, or being intentionally suffocated with plastic bags, and they can easily be worn under clothing.

agent, armed, armour

Photo by Shutterbug75 on Pixabay

Concealable, multi-threat vests give the wearer full range of motion with reduced arm swing and is best for people who often wear suits or dress shirts. The type of vest you choose will depend on your individual needs as well as how often you will be wearing body armor, which should not happen too often unless there is an event requiring that sort of protection.

A Necessary Protection

Body armor is a necessary protection because it can protect from many dangers like weapons, bullets, and bombs. It is also not too expensive and very easy to find on the product.

If you are a law enforcer, or if you live in a country that has terrorist attacks, we strongly suggest that you buy body armor. It can be a matter of life and death for you.

These vests are available on online stores like Amazon with affordable prices. The most expensive part is the order, because sometimes shipping fees can almost double the price of the vest itself. But other than that it is a cheap investment to make when considering your safety during dangerous situations.

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