4 Things We Can All Learn From Gwyneth Paltrow @ Goop


If you’re like me, you basically only know Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum and can hardly name another movie she’s in (save for checking her IMDB, which I just did). If you were born after the late ’90s, though, there’s a decent chance you only know Paltrow because of her self-proclaimed status as a modern health guru and lifestyle aficionado. I spent a lot of time being irritated that Margot Tenenbaum, my favorite chain smoking idol, had become a “lifestyle influencer” toting $125,000 dumbbells and $1,000 toilet paper because how could that not be infuriating? The dark, lethargic Wes Anderson character that I’d known and adored for so long had become now the poster child for clean eating and vaginal steaming.

Despite my instincts telling me that I entered the abyss when I started reading Goop (skipping the gift lists because come on, Gwyneth, I’m not buying a $3,000 leather bike!), and as someone who is obsessed with the bizarre world of beauty trends and all-natural self care, Goop has become a guide I reluctantly adore. Click through for four things Goop has taught me that you need to learn, too.