Honoring Innovative Beauty & Wellness Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Month


Today’s article is all about honoring innovative beauty and wellness entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship month. We’d like to introduce you to some of these empowering entrepreneurs who are driving change and making strides in their respective industries. 

Entrepreneurship MonthOlowo-n’djo Tchala of Alaffia 

Togolese native Olowo-n’djo Tchala founded Alaffia nearly two decades ago with a mission to cultivate beauty, equality and empowerment in West Africa through the fair trade of indigenous resources and community empowerment projects. Women’s cooperatives in West Africa handcraft Alaffia’s products. Proceeds from product sales are returned to communities in Togo to fund sustainable community projects, such as maternal health care, education, reforestation and regenerative agriculture. Most recently, Alaffia launched its maternal health care program in the U.S. to help mothers in marginalized communities. To date, Alaffia’s many sustainable programs in West Africa have improved the lives of more than 250,000 individuals. 

Entrepreneurship MonthSamia Gore of Body Complete Rx

Samia Gore, Founder and CEO of Body Complete Rx, is paving the way as the first Black female founder to break ground in the male-dominated, nutritional supplement industry. The author and healthy lifestyle advocate founded Body Complete Rx (BCRX) in 2017, a wellness brand of plant-based supplements formulated by a Black woman nutritionist with a complete wellness journey in mind. Created as a result of her own wellness journey, from health to beauty, Body Complete Rx is a complete solution and has been credited in changing the lives of thousands of consumers worldwide. Samia’s self-funded start-up has successfully grown and garnered over $10 million in sales in just 4 years and seen the support of celebrity clients including LeToya Luckett and Kenya Moore. In August 2021, Gore is launching her exclusive plant-based, vegan supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe, making BCRX the first Black female-owned brand to launch in the retailer’s weight management category. 

Entrepreneurship MonthJosh Rosebrook of Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook, founder of the eponymous hair and skincare line Josh Rosebrook, is a celebrity-adored innovator in the natural beauty space. Rosebrook created a brand that only uses high-quality, efficacious products that support and protect healthy hair and skin function and structure, but also takes a deep focus on whole body-mind balance. Today he works with a team that includes industry-leading natural cosmetic chemists and herbalists. The skincare guru behind the brand counts celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Bush, Mila Kunis, Naomi Watts, and Alicia Silverstone as fans, and they all have flawless, glowing skin to prove it.


Entrepreneurship MonthBeatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot Company

Beatrice Dixon, Co-Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company, is taking the world by storm with her plant-derived feminine care brand. Created by “humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas,” The Honey Pot Co. provides gender, body and age-inclusive products that are free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfate. Dixon has been committed to educating, advocating, and supporting humans worldwide with the tools and resources that promote health and hopes to end the stigma of menstruation perpetrated by taboos, discrimination, lack of education, silence, and period poverty. Among her accomplishments, Dixon was named Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020, and Entrepreneur’s top 100 groundbreaking women entrepreneurs of 2019. She’s also 1 of the first 40 women of color to raise over $1 million in venture capital. 

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Images provided by Alaffia, Body Complete Rx, Josh Rosebrook, and The Honey Pot Company

Tips to Understanding Data Room M&A


Today we want to share some great tips to understanding data room M&A. Virtual Data rooms or VDR are vital assets that every modern business and organization should have. Data rooms are a secure way of storing vital business data especially for legal proceedings as well as mergers and acquisitions. They are also used for file sharing, keeping sensitive documents secure, and carrying out important financial transactions. These rooms have enhanced convenience and security from the traditional methods of storing documents where companies stored their files in file cabinets. Further, they have also reduced the cost of storing and sharing information significantly. There are a lot of companies offering these services today, so it is important to understand how this technology works to know what to look for.

Security Feature

The security feature comes top of the list of aspects that you should understand and consider in a virtual data room. As more organizations take their businesses online and abandon the traditional and cumbersome way of doing business, it calls for those adapting the new systems to also understand the threats or risks that come with technology and how to avert such threats. Get to understand security software that you can incorporate into your system to ensure that there is no chance of information leaking to the wrong hands. You can then control how you want files to be used, and also restrict access to only those that have a stake in any particular business.

Tracking Feature

The tracking feature is another important component when it comes to data rooms. You can track every activity that happens within your system remotely. You can see who is logging and the time they spent online. You can see the files they accessed and also see if they made any changes to the document. This feature makes it easy to complete M&A deals without having unnecessary physical meetings.

Artificial Intelligence

Using virtual data rooms will involve a lot of file sharing and communication. It is logically not possible for a human being to manually organize the number of files involved. Artificial intelligence ensures that documents are placed properly and no duplication occurs. It also ensures that all records are properly kept within the system.

Live Chatting

speech bubble, talking, chat

Photo by Deans_Icons on Pixabay

Live chatting is a vital feature to consider when checking out data rooms. Many business deals are now completed or sealed without the need of the involved parties having to travel from one country to another. With a live chat feature, you reduce these interactions significantly especially now when there is a pandemic.

Ease of Use

Virtual data rooms should not be complicated to use. Much as you want to protect your business’ privacy, you should also ensure that your workers do not go through a hard time trying to use your organization’s systems. Make it easy to perform simple and basic tasks such as uploading files, inviting users, and synchronizing files and folders. The easier your system is to use, the more efficient your business will be, and the more time and resources you are going to save. Of course, your files will still be secure. Making the system easy to use will not interfere with your files’ security in any way. 

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Side Hustles That Make the Most Money


Today we want to share a few side hustles that make the most money. Many people have a side hustle alongside their full-time job. Some side hustles are passion projects, while others are done to establish a second revenue stream. A second job is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side while delving into interests separate from your primary career. Side hustles can transition into multi-million-pound businesses, or they can fund your next holiday.

Here are a few side hustles that will make you the most money.

Online tutoring

side hustles that make the most money

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

Believe it or not, tutoring is a brilliant way to earn some extra cash on the side. You can sign up to plenty of sites online that connect tutors with students who need help with a particular subject. For example, if you have a degree in Biology – you could sign up to tutor students for their upcoming exams. You can tutor students across the country via video chat and organize your schedule and criteria. Online tutoring is a great side hustle for recent graduates who need a little extra cash when starting their careers.

Forex trading

Genius! Forex trading is a great way to make some additional money and can be a lot of fun as well. If the more traditional hobbies don’t take your fancy, try out forex trading to spice things up and learn about the market.

One way you can learn and prevent trading failures is by seeking an investment research service from the Fool Newsletter. Through their subscription, they can deliver a constant stream of high growth stock recommendations to your email.


side hustles that make the most money

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Dropshipping is an excellent way to make some extra cash, especially if you’re familiar with the online shopping market. Dropshipping is when a store does not keep products in stock – instead, it purchases them from third parties. The third-party ships the item to the customer, and the seller does not have to manage inventory or move stock. If you can learn to market and utilise drop shipping, you can make a lot of money from dropshipping.

Start blogging

Are you a budding writer? Try out blogging for free and make some extra money on the side. Most people blog on Instagram these days and use brand partnerships and sponsorships to make money. You can receive free PR products to try, review them and share your thoughts with your audience. Or, go the more traditional route and set up an online blog to detail your thoughts on particular topics. You can create a YouTube channel and become a video blogger – if filming and editing is more your speed.

Try out a few side hustles this summer to see which one takes your fancy!

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Now You Can Buy Sotheby’s Diamond With Bitcoin at Hong Kong Auction


In October 2010, a single Bitcoin cost just 10 cents. At the time of writing, the value sits at just over $30,000. Talk about return on investment. With major companies like Tesla and MicoStrategy now holding significant portfolios in digital assets, it’s clear that Bitcoin is worth taking seriously.

Companies are taking note, increasingly accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. From gaming and online casinos, to retailers, food and beverage, and now Sotheby’s – more and more names have been joining the crypto movement.


Sotheby’s has announced they will be accepting Bitcoin (and Ethereum) for an incredibly rare 101.38-carat diamond. It’s expected to go for over $15 million, and the auction is taking place on July 9 in Hong Kong.

The auction clearly has symbolic appeal, with Sotheby’s accepting humanity’s first digital currency in exchange for a diamond, one of the oldest representations of value. It’s not just for show, however. With Bitcoin’s value experiencing exponential growth since its launch, it may end up being Sotheby’s best financial move yet.

What Else Can You Do With Bitcoin?

When Bitcoin launched in 2009, its value was negligible. Now, it’s a legitimate store of value, and it is widely accepted as a payment method:

Retailers: Overstock 

Overstock is big on crypto, accepting a wide range of digital currencies for their products. Not only that, the company is heavily invested in Bitcoin, showing their belief that the cryptocurrency is here to stay.

The next retailer to accept Bitcoin? Don’t be surprised if Amazon experiences some FOMO and decides to enable crypto as a form of payment. If you are super keen to spend your Bitcoin at Amazon, there are ways to buy gift cards to spend at the retailer. For example, companies like Bitrefill do this.

Food and Drink: Starbucks and Subway

Yes, you can now buy your daily cup of Joe using Bitcoin. You have to use a payment app called SPEDN, but it’s totally doable. The app also accepts other cryptos, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollar.

Subway was one of the first fast-food chains to accept cryptocurrency; the first foot-long bought using Bitcoin was in 2013! There’s one issue though, as not all franchises accept it as payment. It depends on the individual location, making it a little tricker.

Another company that has dabbled in cryptocurrency is Burger King, with outlets in Venezuela accepting Bitcoin since 2019. This shows perhaps one of the most powerful ways that cryptocurrencies can be used; Venezuela isn’t exactly a stable country, and using Bitcoin instead of the local Bolivar is perhaps a safer way for citizens to protect their assets.

Tech: Namecheap and Microsoft

One of the leading domain name companies accept Bitcoin as a way to fund your account, allowing you to convert the currency into its dollar equivalent. You can then use your balance to buy domain names.

Microsoft almost deserves its own headline, being one of the largest tech companies around. Microsoft was one of the early adopters, accepting cryptocurrencies for payment on the XBox network. However, it’s still somewhat limited, with not all Microsoft products offering Bitcoin as a payment method.

Gaming and Casinos

best casinos in Ireland

Photo by Aperture Pro on Pexels

The gaming and online casino industry is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. It’s no surprise that many companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. We’ve already mentioned Microsoft with XBox, but it also extends to the iGaming industry.

This is particularly pertinent for users in developing countries like India, South America, or the African continent where it can be a little harder to pay using local currencies; Bitcoin isn’t just an alternative form of payment or a curiosity, but has a legit utility that opens up options for more people. In South Africa, for example, players turn to Bitcoin casinos because of how safe the process is. It may take just a bit longer to make deposits and withdrawals than using traditional methods (it can take up to 10 minutes per transaction), but the safety and potential that come with it are exceptional.

Travel Industry: Flight Centre and Expedia

Flight Centre and Expedia are just two major companies that now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Expedia is particularly interesting, as it has an established relationship with Coinbase, the most popular crypto exchange at the moment. This is important, as it makes the buying process easier, a hurdle that is sometimes still a little too complex for the average user.

Other companies such as airBaltic, PrivateFly, and JetFinder are also expanding their payment methods to include cryptocurrencies. While these aren’t necessarily household names, they’re nevertheless significant players in the travel industry. Expect other companies, such as AirBnB and to join the fold in the coming years.

Will Bitcoin Become Legal Tender?

Various cryptocurrency on table

Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels

It already is. On 9 June, El Salvador announced that Bitcoin would become legal tender. The country’s Congress approved the proposal with a significant majority, with 62/84 voting in favor. This law is significant, as it means businesses must accept Bitcoin as legal tender, alongside the US dollar.

This is a landmark moment for cryptocurrencies, and it is likely that El Salvador will be the first of many countries to make the move. Does Bitcoin have a future as currency, however, or will it become the store of value of choice? That’s a question for another day.

But there’s one thing we can say with certainty: Bitcoin’s chances as a legitimate form of payment and/or store of value look very good indeed. Sotheby’s step to accept it for one of its biggest auctions is just one bit of evidence that Bitcoin has arrived into the mainstream.

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How do I Charge an Electric Car at Home?


A common question these days are how do I charge an electric car at home. There are very few changes you can make in your life today that will be as environmentally impactful as buying an electric car. Even a decade ago, electric cars were still seen as a bit of a joke but thanks to companies such as Tesla and more affordable models such as the Nissan Leaf, there has been something of a sea change in their reputation.

Today, electric cars are incredibly desirable, particularly with the UK government taking great strides to improve the national infrastructure around them. However, while one of the main benefits of leasing an electric car is that you’ll never need to refuel at a petrol station again, this also means you’re going to have to get used to charging your car.

how do I charge an electric carSo, for the first-time electric and hybrid owners out there, how do you charge your electric car?

Charging away

Chances are you’ve seen electric charging stations scattered around either at your local petrol station or supermarket. They look in many ways quite similar to petrol pumps, only with a greater emphasis on the digital display and a charging cable instead of a fuel pump. These solutions are going to be lifesavers when you find yourself running out of charge on the road but they are more costly than charging at home. For example, you’ll end up paying around £7.50 for a fast charge or around £1.50 per hour for a normal charge.

Perhaps the more pressing concern with charging out and about, however, is that it takes time. More than you might think. A full charge, for example, could take between 8 and 12 hours. When you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, that’s not exactly ideal. This is why you’ll generally find charging points in locations where there’s something else to do to keep you occupied. It’s also why so many electric car owners are more likely to do the lion’s share of their electric car charging at home.

Charging at home

how do I charge an electric carSurprisingly enough, many who are looking into electric cars are not actually sure whether or not they can charge at home. It’s true that it might be a little more complicated than simply plugging your car into the mains like your mobile phone but it’s not that much more complex than that really. A full home charge can set you back as little as £3, which is excellent when you consider how much a similar amount of petrol would cost.

Installing a home charging point will set you back around £800, but with the Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, you can claim back 75% of that charge capped at £350 per household. Your energy supplier should also install it for you, so you don’t need to do a thing! One thing you will need to consider, however, is that you’ll have to choose between a tethered or untethered cable (the latter comes with a cable you keep in your boot) and the power of the charger. Chargers come in 7kw, 3kw and 22kw, with the higher power chargers being faster but more expensive.

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50 Shades of Green: 5 Ways to Lead a More Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle


Today we want to share 5 ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Green is the new black. As climate change rears its ugly head and out of control toxic pollution proliferates, making an effort to preserve natural resources and reduce environmentally harmful practices has become more critical than ever.

While climate change, warming oceans, poisoned wildlife, and resource shortages point to an apparent environmental emergency, it’s not always easy being green. If you’re feeling concerned about whether or not your seemingly minute contributions to environmental sustainability are significant enough to make a difference, you’re not alone. Apprehension surrounding the efficacy of a few small actions is perhaps the most common deterrent to individuals showing some love to mother earth. 

5 Ways to Lead a More Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Luckily, the jury is in. Environmental scientists agree that the implementation of even one environmentally-friendly habit per day can lead to substantial change. So, if you’re ready to channel your inner tree-hugger and make an effort to protect the planet, but you’re not sure where to start, check out these ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Opt for used car parts over new

According to Tear-A-Part, a pick and pull in Utah, auto salvage yards are a “sustainable, environmentally-sound solution for junk cars.” Not only are used car parts from pick-and-pulls more cost-effective and more readily available, but they also tend to be significantly more environmentally friendly. Recycling used auto parts decreases the number of auto parts that waste or rust away in junkyards. Since the creation of new auto parts requires mining for resources like steel and involves manufacturing practices that negatively contribute to pollution, opting for used auto parts reduces environmentally hostile processes.

Prioritize energy conservation

Perhaps the easiest way to contribute to significant energy conservation is to be mindful of the electricity you consume. Remind yourself to turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room or the house, and only plugin essential devices. As a result, your environmental footprint and your electricity bill will shrink dramatically. 

Cut back on meat consumption

If you’re a carnivore, the notion of reducing your animal product intake may make you wince. Luckily, a host of delicious plant-based meat replacements have flooded the market. Even skipping red meat a few times per week can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the demand for meat processing practices that cause carbon emissions to skyrocket. 

Reuse and recycle 

By reusing and recycling clothing, containers, cardboard, and other recyclable materials, you can conserve dwindling natural resources. Recycling contributes to reducing pollution generated during the harvesting and processing of natural resources and also helps to diminish quantities of waste sent to landfills. If your area doesn’t offer recycling support, consider starting a compost pile or reusing your materials as much as possible. 

Limit your plastic use

Plastic is everywhere. The most common material for the making of storage and food preservation items, plastic waste pollutes the environment upon being disregarded or incinerated. By swapping plastic products with reusable drinking bottles or stylish canvas totes, you can help keep plastic waste out of oceans and landfills. 

In conclusion

Once you implement these simple but significant eco-friendly tactics, your wallet and the planet will thank you.

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4 Simple Strategies to Save Money in 2021


Today we want to share 4 simple strategies to save money in 2021. Since the worldwide Pandemic happens, most people have experienced losing their jobs in a snap, leading to consuming their savings to feed themselves and their families. As the quarantine slowly resides and works are becoming available, many wonder how they’re going to save money to cope with their financial loss.

Here are some not-so-secret simple strategies to save money in 2021.

1.  Track your expenses

strategies to save money in 2021

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

This may sound old-school since you’ve been hearing this since 10 to 15 years ago, however, this strategy is evergreen. I mean, there’s no better way to save money than to track where your money goes and make the necessary adjustments.

Suppose you’re able to do this every month. In that case, there’s a high chance that you can adjust your financial budget every following month, ensuring that you’ll have an opportunity to save.

You can use digital saving apps or mobile expense trackers that can be downloaded through iOS and Android for better results.

2.  Shop Online

If shopping and doing groceries are your stress relievers, don’t worry, there’s a possible way where you can still save while releasing your stress. You can do that by patronizing online shopping or using digital apps for groceries. Aside from the convenience that it can give, there are tons of discount coupons that you can avail of to at least cut down your expense. For example, if you’re buying gifts for business partners or friends at websites such as Personalization Mall, don’t pay the full price or wait for the sale. You can just use a coupon and save some money!

Just imagine how convenient it will be to just shop in the comfort of your home while maximizing all the promos and discounts of every online shop.

3.  Purchase Bulk items

strategies to save money in 2021

Photo by Tiger Lily on Pexels

Unfortunately, purchasing bulk items has been neglected by many over the course of time. Probably because they think that buying one thing at a time will save them money.

Apparently, this is an effective strategy since many items offer vast amounts of discount when purchased in bulk. You may need to invest a sudden huge amount, however, it will save you a lot in the long run.

Another way to maximize this strategy is by buying directly from warehouses and direct suppliers. If you happen to look for one, there’s a huge possibility that you can have an almost 50% discount. Of course, that still depends on the store and the season.

4.  Ditch Unused Subscriptions

This might frustrate you, but to save big time, you might consider ditching subscriptions that don’t actually provide the correct value as to what you’re paying for.

Instead, look for alternative ways to have the exact quality offers that don’t charge you more or possibly don’t charge at all.

Whether in entertainment, gym, mobile plans, cable TV, or any other subscriptions, make sure that you always get what you’re paying for, otherwise consider cutting it out of your budget.

Apply What suits you!

Those four money-saving strategies are just the tip of the iceberg since there are far more saving tips that you can apply this 2021. But regardless of what methods you’re going to use, make sure that you start immediately and consistently to succeed.

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5 Challenges To Consider When Working Abroad


Today we want to share 5 challenges to consider when working abroad. Taking up a job abroad could be a chance to earn a living and see the world. However, it could also come with its challenges. Here are just some of the challenges to consider when working abroad.

Obtaining the right visa

challenges to consider when working abroad

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Pexels

In order to work abroad, you’ll likely have to apply for a working visa. There may be different types of visa depending on the length of time you plan to work in a country. It’s important that you apply for the right one. Applying for a visa could be difficult in some circumstances and you may need to hire the help of a immigration lawyer. You will usually have to pay a small fee for a working visa.

Affording the living costs

The cost of living varies from country to country. If you’re moving abroad to work, it’s important to consider how much you’re likely to be earning and whether this is enough to reasonably maintain the same lifestyle abroad. In some countries like Switzerland, you may find that you earn a lot more, however accommodation and groceries could also be a lot more expensive. Do the math before you travel out there.

Speaking the language

If English is not the official language, it could be worth trying to learn some of the local language. While you’re likely to find English speakers all around the world, there could still be some people who don’t speak a word of English and communicating with these people could be a necessity. Learning some of the basics will help you to get by when speaking to these people. Even if knowing the local language isn’t necessary to get the job, it will likely still look good on your application and could put you in a better position than other applicants. 

Adjusting to the customs and traditions

challenges to consider when working abroad

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

Getting used to a new country means getting used to a new culture. Consider researching into some of the customs and traditions before you decide to work in a country. On top of looking into everyday customs, it could be important to consider the work culture. In some countries, you may be expected to work longer hours or you may find that you don’t have the same employee protection. You need to be prepared to deal with this when working abroad. 

Keeping communication with family and friends

If you’re moving abroad to work, it’s possible that you may be able to take some family members with you – however you’ll also have to be prepared to leave some family and friends behind. Fortunately, today’s technology such as social media and video calling has made keeping communication with loved ones on the other side of the world a lot easier. That said, virtual communication is still not the same as in-person communication and you need to be sure that this is something you’re willing to sacrifice. If you’re only working somewhere for a few months, you may be able to more easily cope without seeing family and friends. If you’re planning to stay longer, you may have to put more thought into the decision. 

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5 Social Media Platforms to Leverage for Post-Pandemic Business Growth


Today we want to share 5 social media platforms to leverage for post-pandemic business growth. As the pandemic has forced many companies to evaluate their online presence, the remote workplace and transaction environment has grown dramatically. The online competition has increased dramatically during the pandemic. For businesses to survive, they have to preserve their visibility online. However, the typical digital presence strategies need to evolve to meet post-pandemic behaviors. 

Indeed, the days where a digital venture to promote brand awareness through their website and a handful of carefully selected social media platforms are long gone. Individuals who have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic have developed new online habits. They struggle with digital fatigue, as the majority of their day-to-day interactions happen online. Therefore, they are not mentally and emotionally equipped to research brands on social media anymore. If a brand wants to get noticed, it needs to be where the customers are. This leads to an important fact: Users are everywhere and do not match traditional digital marketing criteria. In other words, the long-term association between B2B and LinkedIn or B2C and Facebook is a thing of the past. Nowadays, online ventures should focus on growing their presence on multiple social media platforms at the same time. Here are the top 5 platforms in 2021. 

#1. LinkedIn

The virtual office environment has offered professionals new career opportunities. It’s easy to schedule a Zoom interview at home, which means that more and more individuals have been updating their LinkedIn profiles. The professional networking platform provides the ideal setup to boast about your company. Indeed, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for digital marketers, providing plenty of meaningful insights to build your strategy. A tool such as Whatagraph can help businesses manage their page more effectively by making metrics more visible and digestible. Creating engaging articles and sharing the latest company updates can boost a brand’s awareness significantly. 

#2. Instagram


Instagram has become a source of inspiration, venting, and sharing during the pandemic. The home office can be a solitary experience, so it’s no surprise that more and more individuals are being active on the photo-sharing platform. Many have been also sharing photos and videos of their day-to-day routine, coping mechanisms to handle pandemic stress, home workout, or even homeschooling tips. In other words, Instagram is booming during the pandemic and it’s been a crucial mental health and emotional support tool for many. Therefore, growing your Instagram presence needs to take users’ emotional states into consideration. 

It can be helpful to make stories pop out with a musical background, and reach out to influencers to spread a positive message. 

#3. Facebook

Is Facebook still growing during the pandemic? The answer is yes. Facebook is for many users one of the oldest social media platforms still active. Additionally, a lot of individuals have turned to Facebook to share their challenges during the pandemic, seek help, or offer free services to those in need. Facebook has bloomed into the friendly and social-aware platform that many needed during the covid-19 crisis. Therefore, it makes sense to remain visible on the platform and use it for business purposes. Setting up a business page is free on Facebook. But it provides a unique opportunity to establish your brand within the community, and provide support and assistance to your users. 

#4. TikTok

TikTok has only recently launched its business side for marketers. The platform is wrongly associated with young Millennials and Gen Z. However, the pandemic has also shown a boost of interest coming from all demographics across the world. The TikTok for Business services includes a variety of engagement techs, ranging from brand takeovers to AR format. The AR format is especially interesting as it enables brands to insert themselves more directly into the content generation process, breaking the bridge between users and companies. More to the point, it is fully aligned with the playfulness and light-hearted videos that users have grown to love. 

#5. YouTube

How do I install an update on my laptop? 
How can I cut my hair at home?
How do I use Excel? 

The pandemic has prevented access to career mentors, in-house services, and everyday small offline businesses. As such, a lot of individuals have found themselves looking for answers to their everyday needs on Google. How-to queries have increased dramatically, which offers the ideal opportunity for businesses to establish themselves as the new expert. Creating video content that answers the most common issues related to the products or services in your industry can help reach out to a new audience group. 

Growing your business presence on social media in a post-pandemic world needs to focus on what your audience truly needs. It’s essential to acknowledge pandemic challenges and how these have impâcted professionals and individuals in their environment. Therefore, the new social media strategy is built around the creation of a relevant, helpful, and meaningful presence. 

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3 Reasons Why Filing for Bankruptcy May Be a Good Option


Today we want to share 3 reason why filing for bankruptcy may be a good option. Filing for bankruptcy can be extremely embarrassing. When you file for bankruptcy others may think you have been reckless with your finances. All of this can be difficult to deal with.

It may be that you have not been managing your finances well and this is why you have to file for bankruptcy. However, there may be other reasons as well. Whatever your reason for filing for bankruptcy know that you can get through it and financially recover. Here is a look at what filing for bankruptcy can do for you.

why filing for bankruptcy may be a good option

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels

Stop Creditors from Harassing You

Once you file a bankruptcy claim in court an automatic stay is executed. This prevents all creditors from calling and harassing you.

Once an automatic stay is granted you should let your creditors know that it is in place. After that, they are not allowed to call you to ask for payments or file a lawsuit against you.

Stop Evictions

An eviction that is still in progress will immediately stop when you file for bankruptcy. However, this halt is often temporary. A bankruptcy filing can stop foreclosure and repossession of your house. The type of bankruptcy that you file can affect what happens when the stay is lifted. 

If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot help you to keep the property. If you cannot pay off the money that you currently owe then the house will be foreclosed once the stay is lifted.

If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will be allowed to see if you can catch up on the payments so that you can keep the home as an asset. 

Get Rid of Credit Card Debt 

why filing for bankruptcy may be a good option

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels

Filing for bankruptcy can effectively eliminate your credit card debt. However, this is not the only debt that can be eliminated by bankruptcy.

If you have medical bills that you cannot afford to pay, utility bills, and personal loans all of this can be wiped out by filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can also help you to get rid of a mortgage or a car loan that you can no longer pay. You will usually have to give up the house or the car that you cannot pay for.

There are many twists and turns that can come up when you file for bankruptcy. Things are not always straightforward. It is important that you hire a good attorney from a reputable law firm such as the Spodek Law Group, to represent you.

Get Your Life Back On Track

While bankruptcy is never a pleasant option it is often a good way to get yourself on the road to financial recovery and reduce stress. If you can see no possible way in which you can pay off your debts and still support your basic needs the most responsible thing to do for yourself and your family maybe to file for bankruptcy.

Remember that when you are filing for bankruptcy there are several legalities that may come into play. This means that you will need to hire a good lawyer to represent you.

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Exciting Ideas To Drive Your Business Forward In 2021


Today we want to share some exciting ideas to drive your business forward in 2021. It has been a difficult 12 months for businesses, hasn’t it? While a small number of companies have flourished because of the worldwide pandemic, there are many that have felt the negative impact that the pandemic has had. With that being said, we are going to take a look at two ideas for driving your business forward in 2021.

Use Instagram to market your business

There is only one place to begin when it comes to moving your business forward in 2021, and this is with marketing. Marketing is a must if you are to connect with customers and boost your engagement levels. 

There are many different ways to reach people today, yet social media has to be one of the best solutions. Instagram is a great place for businesses because it is a thriving social media platform and you can connect with people visually, which is often much more powerful.

There are also plenty of great guides online that will enable you to make the most of Instagram, revealing everything from how to add music to Instagram story to how to repost posts from other accounts. Instagram live also presents plenty of opportunities for you to market your company to full effect.

One type of marketing that has become very popular on social media is influencer marketing. With this, someone else will do a post that markets your products. You will need someone who has a good reach on Instagram. You need to make sure they align with your brand and that their followers are the same demographic as your target audience.

Consider investing in quality control services

ideas to drive your business forward in 2021

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There is no denying that quality is a critical factor when it comes to any service or product. With the high level of competition in the market today, quality has become a key market differentiator for virtually every product and service. If you are going to meet or exceed the expectations of your customers, you need to find a company offering quality control. This forms the basis of an efficient company that operates to a high level of productivity and reduces waste as much as possible.

All service providers and manufacturers are continually looking for different ways to enhance the quality of their service or product. In order for the quality of their offering to be maintained or enhanced, there are two techniques that are utilized by manufacturers. These two techniques are quality assurance and quality control. These two practices make certain that the end service or product meets the quality standards and requirements that are designed for the service or product in question.

There are a lot of different methods that organizations utilize in order to achieve and maintain the quality level that is needed. Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts are followed and believed in by some organizations. There are then other businesses and organizations that believe in external and internal standards. The standards typically define the procedures and processes that are needed for organizational activities to ensure quality is maintained in every element of organizational functioning. 

There are a lot of different standards that are in place when it comes to quality. One of the most prominent bodies is the ISO (International Standards Organization). Because of this, a lot of companies offering quality control will make sure they adhere to the ISO quality requirements. Nevertheless, there are a number of other standards that are specific to certain industries as well.

Every business that is dedicated to quality control needs to make sure that they have a quality manual in place. A quality manual will outline the quality objectives and focus of the business. It gives guidance to all of the different departments within the organization.

ideas to drive your business forward in 2021

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When you are looking for a company to assist you with quality control, you need to take the time and effort to research your options so that you can find the best one for you. You need to make sure you opt for a business that has a lot of experience in the industry. You also need to find out what standards they adhere to and the different methods that they use in order to determine quality control. Take the time to read reviews that have been left by people that have already used their services as well. This can really help.

When you take everything that has been discussed into account, it is not difficult to see why quality control is pivotal for all companies today. However, this is something that should certainly be left in the hands of the professionals to ensure the best results. 

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How To Advertise Your Event During A Pandemic


Today we want to show you how to advertise your event during a pandemic. While most events have been postponed at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, some events are still going ahead, either socially distanced or online. Usually it is relatively simple to advertise an event; you can post on social media, make posters or flyers, and inform people via word of mouth.

However, during the pandemic, it has become harder to get the relevant information to the relevant people. With a flurry of online advertising campaigns as companies rush to digitize their operations, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd when advertising your event.

In this blog you will find easy ways to stand out when advertising during the pandemic.

Get Old-Fashioned

One thing that many people forget to consider is the power of traditional methods. Making flyers or posters that advertise your event, to be posted around town, college campuses, or inside public buildings, is still a valuable form of advertising.

Online sites such as MyCreativeShop provide information on how to make a great flyer and have custom templates that can easily be modified and adapted to your brand’s needs.

Woman in flower facial mask

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels

Why are old-fashioned methods particularly relevant for the pandemic? Many people are spending more time than ever online, so surely all advertising should stay digital? While it is, of course, important to advertise your event online, using posters is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise in this day and age, thus drawing more attention. Plus, it’s a cheap way to advertise, compared to PPC advertising or similar methods. 

If you want to link your poster or flyer to further information online, make a QR code to include in the poster! This way, anyone who is interested can find out further information by simply scanning their smartphone.

Use Trendy Designs

As we move through the years, popular forms of digital marketing come and go. Infographics are the name of the game right now; you’ll see them all over Instagram if you search popular accounts that gain followers each day.

It is super important to pay attention to the kind of digital marketing that is getting a response right now – and emulate it. Perhaps consider outsourcing your digital marketing of an event to a company that uses these modern methods to entice a younger audience, if that’s what you are looking for!

Lay Out Your COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Not today covid19 sign on wooden stool

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

If your event is going ahead in-person, it is very important to ensure you are keeping people safe. Most people will want to avoid in-person gatherings for obvious reasons, so as the organizer, it is absolutely crucial to lay out your COVID-19 safety plans when advertising the event.

You don’t have to make this serious or dull – you could even make it fun. Asking all guests to bring their most colorful mask, for example, enforces a mask rule while making it part of the fun event dress code. 

Similarly, you could provide branded masks and/or gloves at your event, so that it is easy for everyone to access these things while making it part of the fun!

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to come up with innovative ways to advertise an event during the pandemic, these helpful tips will light the way to success!

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