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Your October Must-Haves!


As we approach the end of October, it’s time to reflect on some of our must-haves this month! Every year, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout October, and all year round, it is important to commemorate, honor, and support all those affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in American women. 1 out of every 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. For this reason, it is so important that as a community, we focus on accelerating research and providing vital support. The products we loved this month, all support research in breast cancer treatment and honor those affected by the disease. 

August + Monroe

  1. August + Monroe Tote Bag

    • 100% of the profits from this limited edition tote bag will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The bag reads, “Checking your breasts is more important than Instagramming them.” This trendy beauty brand wants everyone to “think pink” this October and always, as you sport this trendy bag on your errands. 
  2. PureWinePureWine

    • Do you dream of that glass of wine at the end of the day? Imagine indulging in a bottle of wine and avoiding the headaches or other side effects that come after. Thanks to PureWine, you no longer have to suffer as it offers two unique filtration systems that eliminate the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies. It does all of this without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites. We will cheers to that! PureWine is partnering with the Me Squared Cancer Foundation to give back 10% off all sales from the following pink items:
      • The Phoenix Reusable Wine Purifier
      • Pink Wand 4 PackFEBE
      • The Pink Wave
  3. FEBE Candles Luxury Room & Linen Spray

    • FEBE Candles Linen Spray in scent Weekend Getaway is going to be giving 20% of its proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Organization. This scent is fun, flirty, & classy. A perfect mix of flirty citrus berry, summer magnolia, and warm sandalwood. Made from only the most premium, non-toxic ingredients. Luxury fragrance & juicy essential oils mixed to perfection with organic gluten-free sugar cane alcohol. As it is safe and long-lasting, you can also wear it as a perfume or clothing spray!



    • DIPHDA is all about supporting the cause this month. The Los Angeles-based brand creates high-style pet and people accessories for the modern pet owner. All of October, they will be donating 10% of their proceeds from their LOVE collection of collars and leashes, as well as, from their Rose Quartz Sliders to an organization helping young people diagnosed with breast cancer, Young Survival Coalition. Check out their best-selling LOVE 3 PACK for your pets or any of their ROSE QUARTZ SLIDERS (MOON, DIAMOND, or PYRAMID) to add to chains for people.
  5. Prep-Obsessed – TeletiesPrepObsessed

    • Voted “Florida’s Best Boutique”, Prep Obsessed is donating portions of every Teleties purchase to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered), a non-profit organization that aims toward improving the lives of people and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers. Versatile and stylish, Teleties is the hairband that looks and feels as great on your wrist as it does in your hair. The comfortable, no-rip design prevents kinks, indentations, and damage to the hair after use. Click on the link to see the specific BCA collections: Pink Warrior, Pink Power, Think Pink, Pink.


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Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2021


Today we want to share some affordable anniversary gift ideas for 2021. Surprising the person next to you, whether your spouse or partner can sometimes be stressful, especially when the day of anniversary is coming up! Moreover raving for innovating gifting ideas followed by budget constraints may leave more puzzled. And exactly at this point, if you’re seeking a way out of these, you’re at the right place. Take a glance at these 12 unique anniversary gift ideas that are flawlessly economical and startling at the same time.  

12 budget worthy anniversary gift ideas to surprise your partner

  1. Gift card, message bottle & a bottle of wine

Shop gift card at: Target $9.99| Amazon $6.99

affordable anniversary gift ideas

Photo by Tanya Gorelova on Pexels

Two lines of description, enough to remind how much you care for your partner. Being it your 1st year anniversary or 25th, the strategy works well for all. However you may personally customize the quotes on the gift card. As an alternative to a gift card, you may shop or use a pair of old bottles from the house and fold-n-drop soulful messages inside and put these near the bedside table or couch, the favorite alcove of your partner. While the idea will melt your partner it charges almost nothing on another hand to make it. However, if you wish to curate a bit more resonating and memorable, cart a bottle of wine of his/her choice. You know your partner’s taste right?

  1. Cute Map art

Shop T: Etsy  $58

If your bae is an adventure freak and steps out to rock climbing ventures whenever manages a couple of holidays, choose a map art photo frame as an anniversary gift. As it could be customized additionally, place both of your names under the image with the date you got hitched.

  1. Personalized gift boxes

Shop custom mug at| Amazon $24.90

When you’ve budget confinement to ladder up for an expensive anniversary gift, a box of custom gifts would serve as impressive alternatives. You can put together a printed pillow with a heart touching quote along with a pair of couple mugs inside the box. The whole gift set will perfectly fit under $30.

  1. Whiskey glass set
affordable anniversary gift ideas

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

Shop at: Amazon $46.99

A classic box with a pair of whiskey glasses absolutely blows off your husband’s mind, as your 5th anniversary gifts. Additionally if you can accompany a bottle of his favorite brand, then simply the day will be a lifetime experience.

  1. Passionate iron-sculpture couple

Shop at: Amazon $39.99

Young couples who have just spent 1 year of wedding or in a steady relationship for the same time, an affectionate couple artifact is perfect to embrace their feeling on this very special day. The couple sculpture is available in various styles and designs for just under $40. You can go for any of it.

  1. Personalized cutting board

Shop at: Etsy $31.50

After spending 10 years of togetherness, you may feel nothing left more  knowing each other! So, what to gift for the upcoming 11th anniversary, is a true riddle!  Wait! You still have one option left! After discovering your partner’s passion for cooking you could pick a wooden engraved cutter board to encourage his endeavor. You’re absolutely free to indulge your own design upon it.

  1. Anniversary poster newspaper cut

Shop at: Etsy $16

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be grand? In the same way your wife could have secretly wished for an opulent anniversary celebration. However, in case you’re running low on budget arranging a big ceremony on the day, give her a unique poster wedding photo collage printed in a newspaper style.

  1. Scented candles with hilarious quotes
Close up shot of a person lighting a candle


Shop at| Amazon $20.99| Esty $10.20

Without naughtiness and hilarious senses of humor a relationship can’t be completed or be cherished. That’s why on this anniversary to poke your partner completely crazy and drooled, choosing a bottle of scented candles with witty quotes won’t be offensive!

**Note: if you’re too decent, avoid the idea. For the galore of scented candles are full of frantic quotes.

  1. A gift card from Zales

Shop Zales gift card

Women’s passion for jewelery is inexorable all the time. Thus, a gift card from Zales would certainly equate to 1000 carat diamonds if you do consider it as the anniversary gift for your dear soulmate! The gift card from Zales ranges from $50 to $2000 and handy both in physical and electronic form. You may give a round trip at the nearest Zales outlet for details.

  1. A tub of air plants

Shop succulent plants/ lilies at: proflowers $51

When you both played non-stop innings for the last 30 years, you must want to toast the anniversary day either inside 4 walls in each other’s hand or just being accompanied by nature. That’s why as a gift for the day you may order a pair of succulent tubs or lilies. Otherwise you could personally move out and plant a few saplings nearby your courtyard or within the society boundary of your residence.

  1. Sweet and cookies boxes

Shop at: Amazon $36.89| Proflowers $42.90

Sweeten up this special day accompanied by plenty of saccharine deals. That means simply bring home boxes of cookies, chocolates and dipped desserts. Turn the day sweet with flavorsome treats. For, happiness deepens more with sharing love and munching sweets.

  1. Make the surprise with books

Shop Gift of Imperfection at: Target $13.14

Gifting books on the day of an anniversary? No, no, don’t drift away, it’s not a nerdy idea! Rather this book is exclusively popular as anniversary gifts which named as The gifts of Imperfection written by Brene Brown. You could pick a piece of it for your partner!

With these 12 ideas let’s anticipate you’ve amalgamated fair ideas of how to treat your partner extraordinarily on the anniversary day under budget. So, do go for any of these and congratulations beforehand on this special day.

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The Most Creative Gift Choice For Someone Special


If you are searching for a gift for someone you loved, then presenting the bobblehead is a good option. You can present the bobbleheads of anyone they liked most or even the bobblehead of them. It gives more surprise, and it might create their happiest moment. To get it, you can visit the Lucky Bobble site. They are producing different types of the bobblehead. You can select the bobblehead you like or can also customize it by giving the photo for which you need it.

Lucky Bobble

Lucky Bobble is the gift provider providing 100% custom Bobbleheads to celebrate your special events or days with special gifts.

A bobblehead is also known as a nodder or wobbler, is a type of small collectible doll. Its head is oversized than the body. The head is connected to the body by a spring or hook so that it can wobble the head around. It is the finest gift for the child. It can be given as a gift for all events related to that.

customized bobbleheads

How can you get a bobblehead from Lucky Bobble?

They are providing a 100% customized bobblehead with the stock body from their list. If you are not satisfied with the stock and wish to create a bobble with your picture or someone who you liked you can send them a full picture with the pose you want. They can design the bobble as you wish from head to toe and even the pose, shape, and smile can be recreated in their design.

Firstly you need to send the full-body picture with the head and the body. You should mention your requirements clearly like your pose, clothes and everything you wished. The artist will create the bobblehead based on your requirement you send with a photo in an email.

Once the design is completed, they will ask for your approval. You can give them modifications if you are not satisfied with the design. Once you are satisfied and approved, they complete the design and deliver it to you.

If you are going with a stock body or standard body, you can choose any doll with an existing stock body. You need to provide your head photo to design a doll with your head. Any changes like color or other requirements are accepted and design with your approval. After the completion of the doll, it will be delivered to you.

Suitable for any occasions

customized bobbleheadsDifferent styles of the bobblehead can be created with Lucky Bobble and these are super fun as a gift choice for someone special. Some of the bobbleheads available in Lucky Bobble are male, female, wedding, Sports & Hobbies, family, couples, kids, works, graduation, doctor, Police Officer, and leisure & casual.

These different styles can be presented to different persons or different events. For example, if you can select a male bobblehead to present for your best male friends. You can create your wedding moment doll; you can create with your family member’s heads to present to the member of your family living far away.

You can also go for a bobblehead to represent the different styles of work moments to give you a friend. Some of the work moment dolls are doctors, police officers, nurses, and more.

The casual and leisure bobblehead can be presented to best friends.

In addition to these the dolls representing or remembering special days are also like Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day, and Mother’s Day.

Why Lucky Bobblehead?

Bobblehead of Lucky Bobble is made of polymer clay and 100% handcrafted. It is providing high-quality dolls. The materials used are non-toxic, highly durable, and high-end certified. Dolls are crafted by experienced master artists.

Bobbleheads are available in standard quality with a customer affordable price. You are provided with unlimited free proofs until it is approved.

There is no extra charge for color selection, tattoos, helmets, caps, hats, sunglasses, and other add-ons.

The money-back guarantee is there if you are cancelling the order within 24 hours. The 15% sign-up offer is there for first orders, new arrivals, and other promotions.

The gifts for every moment or event can be presented with dolls that remember the moments. It is not hard to just send your photo and other requirements in an email to Lucky Bobble. You will get a customized doll to your home.

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Love Matters: Here’s How To Select A Perfect Gift For Your Spouse


Once Sarah Dessen said, the best gifts come from the heart, not the store, and we couldn’t agree more. While spending to buy a precious gift for a loved one, the amount of thought put behind always weighs more than the amount spent. No wonder buying a gift is considered an art; and not a chore.

If you have been scratching your head, trying to think of a gift for your spouse, let us lend you a helping hand. Here is how to select a perfect gift for them. 

Try to be thoughtful

ow To Select A Perfect Giftt

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

More than the gift wrapped in a festooned paper, your partner will appreciate the effort and time you have put into the gift. Hence, be thoughtful while selecting a gift for them.

Make your gift special in every way you can. Instead of rushing to a store and picking the most expensive thing, plan your gift ahead. Find something that will strike the right chords with the recipient. Select a pretty packing and wrap your gift in love. 

Although you may not let a single word escape from your lips, your partner will know the thoughts concealed behind the gift. So, make it count. 

Buy a gift that matches their personality 

Buying a gift that goes with the personality of their partner is the best idea to go about it. For instance, if your partner leads an eco-friendly lifestyle, buying something organic would be apt for them. If your spouse is a fashionista, a high-end handbag will bring an ear-to-ear smile on their lips. If they are passionate about gadgets, buy them a gizmo. If they are romantic at heart, select a gift like exotic flowers or champagne.

Select something they’ve wished for 

ow To Select A Perfect Gift

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

If your partner ever wished to buy something and have shared it with you, you’re winning this game already! We mean, wouldn’t it be a great idea to gift them something they have been meaning to buy for a long time? 

If you don’t know what your partner wants (which is not a great thing and less likely), talk them into telling you what they want and then buy it for them. 

Choose a personalized item

Giving a gift is a special gesture in itself, but personalizing a gift makes this gesture even sweeter. Think of a personalized gift that speaks about your partner, your relationship, or some memories you always cherish. For instance, gift them a custom bobblehead depicting a memory or small photo magnets. Gifting a travel accessory set with their initials engraved on them would also be a good idea.

Pay attention to their hobbies 

When selecting a gift for your spouse, consider their hobby and buy something they are passionate about. 

Person holding black slr camera

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels

If they are into music, give them a musical instrument. If they are avid DIY-er, give them an art kit. If they love photography, gift them a camera or a short photography course. 

Do it the DIY Way

Handmade gifts are very special. They are thoughtful and speak of the love you have for your partner. 

When talking about handmade gifts, the sky’s the limit. You can make anything and everything for your spouse. If they have a sweet tooth, bake a cake or their favorite cookies. Create a photobook containing your most adorable pictures together. 

 The bottom line 

Giving gifts is an expression of love. With your gifts, you convey your feelings to them, and hence, they should be nothing short of perfect. While your spouse will love almost anything you gift them wrapped in love, being a little thoughtful and giving them something that they really appreciate would make your gift more worthy. 

So, take a cue from these tips and select a perfect gift for your spouse.

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5 Personalized Gift Ideas For Her


Today we want to share 5 personalized gift ideas for her. Whether there’s a special occasion or you just want your loved one to feel special, giving a gift is always a great idea. Nothing feels better than feeling appreciated and remembered by someone close to their hearts. When it comes to gift-giving, you can purchase something online or in-store that they like and put it in a gift bag. While that can be an easy way to give someone gifts, you can always go the extra mile by giving personalized gifts. 

Receiving personalized gifts will always be appreciated. The receiver will immediately know that you’ve made an effort to have it customized according to their preferences. With that, listed below are the ideas of personalized gifts you can give to your female special someone: 

  1. Custom T-Shirt
personalized gift ideas

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels

If the person you’re giving a gift to loves wearing t-shirts with fun prints on them, a customized shirt would be the ideal gift for them. You just need to ensure that the printing quality is superior and that they can produce the exact image that you want. You can check out different printing services, like the one from, and you should be able to design and print your t-shirt. 

What’s great with customizing t-shirt is that you can print anything that you want. If you want something more personal, like a creative way to emphasize their birthday or name, you can design your image and put them on a shirt. Plus, they can wear it anywhere they want to go. 

  1. Beach Towel

If both of you enjoy going to the beach as it’s become a weekly or monthly habit for the both of you, your significant other would highly appreciate receiving a personalized beach towel. 

Apart from using her name, you can always use a different image to customize the gift. You can print her pet’s photo, her favorite painting, and more. In that way, you can still give customized gifts without being limited to names. 

  1. Beauty Gift Box
personalized gift ideas

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels

You can truly make someone feel special when you give her something that you know she’ll love with every single piece inside it.

A beauty gift box would be a great gift as everything she loves is in a single package. You can put in her favorite makeup, skincare, body care, face massager, and beauty tools. It’ll be a great beauty kit that she’ll use immediately the moment she picked it up on the box. 

If you don’t know which specific brand, type, and shade she wants, you can ask her best friend. They probably share everything! Just ask her best friend to keep it a secret.

  1. Personalized Necklace

Jewelry is a timeless gift, and girls usually enjoy receiving them. You can spice up a regular necklace by making her necklace one-of-a-kind. 

There are plenty of jewelry stores that you can find online or in-store, which allows you to customize necklaces. You can choose to add their name, your anniversary date, or their birthday.

  1. Monogrammed Leather Toiletry Case

When women go to the bathroom, they need to bring along a toiletry case that includes everything they need for that quick powder room break. With that, giving her something that she can use every day when she goes out would be a great idea. 

Having a monogrammed leather toiletry case would immediately upgrade her usual case into something classier and elegant. With personalization, you can choose to only add in her initials so the text wouldn’t be lengthy. 


Giving gifts for someone can indeed be challenging, especially when your choices are endless. But to allow them to feel exceptional, you can give them a personalized gift fit just for them. Nothing feels better when someone took time in their day to find the perfect unique gift. Everyone appreciates a well-thought-out gift. 

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The Best Christmas and Holiday Shopping Coupons for 2020


Today we want to share the top Christmas and holiday shopping coupons for 2020.  The holidays are fast approaching and it’s never too early to getting some ideas for start Christmas shopping.   With the second wave of COVID-19 affecting all of us, many will undoubtedly be shopping online.  With thousands of retailers advertising and marketing to you, we thought we’d do our own search for the best Christmas holiday shopping coupons for you.

Udemy Coupon

holiday shopping coupons for 2020

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels

With more and more people out of work and forced to stay at home, thousands are searching for a new career path or to gain new knowledge on a particular subject matter.  If you have a loved one or friend in this situation, a Udemy coupon is a wonderful idea.  Udemy has over 130k classes where you can learn on your own time.  We found several great Udemy coupons including one where you can get up t 50% off courses PLUS earn 10% cash back.

Macy’s Doorbusters

If you love Macy’s, then you need to hurry up and take advantage of these Macy’s Doorbusters.  Macy’s has a ton of amazing deals right now that includes early access to Black Friday Deals and up to 6% cash back on select offers.  You can save up to 65% off of handbags and wallets.  From cookware to winter apparel and beauty products, you can find 100’s of amazing offers to help you save money when holiday shopping this year.

Apple Black Friday Deals

Believe it or not Apple will have some offers for us all to take advantage of too.  Shop now and take advantage of Apple Black Friday deals.  One of Apples hottest offers is their iPhone 11 from that you can get for only $24.95/mo.  How awesome is that?  Also for a limited time, you can switch to an iPhone and save when you trade in an eligible Android smartphone.  Do you have kids in college?  Now students can save up to $100 on the new iPad Pro with Apple Education pricing.  Are you a teacher or know someone who is? Right now educators can save up $200 on a new Macbook Pro which includes Education Pricing + Free Shipping.

Doordash Promo Code

We know all of you are going to love this deal.  With so many of us at home more than usual now practicing social distancing, ordering food via a delivery service or app has become incredibly popular.  With so many delivery apps and deals out there it can sometimes be confusing to know which is the best service to use.  Not to worry.  We scoured the net looking for not only the best service but the best deals possible.  After much debate, we settled on Doordash.   We loved their app which was simpler to use versus others.   We couldn’t wait to share with you this great Doordash promo code so that you can get 20% Off 3 orders + a $0 Delivery fee on your first order.  That’s a pretty sweet deal, would you say?  They also have lots of other great deals as well.  How about for your First Month, $0 Delivery Fee on $15+ Orders AND Earn $3 Cash back.

Old Navy Coupons

When we talk about holiday shopping coupons, how could we not mention Old Navy.  Old Navy always seems to have some great online coupons and we find these amazing Old Navy Coupons  that you will absolutely love.  Right now until November 9th you can sign up to receive their Friends & Family Event Offer where you can get 50% of select items.  How’s that for some pre-black Friday deals.  It would be super hard to beat these savings but they also have a huge selection of other coupons and offers.  Now you can get 75% off Clearance + earn 2% cash back.  Old Navy is always one of our favorites when it comes to offering the best Holiday Shopping Coupons.  They have thousands of styles on sale starting at $6.  You can surely find some great deals for all of your Christmas and holiday shopping gifts at Old Navy.

We hope you love our top Christmas and holiday shopping coupons for 2020.  Though we might be going through a horrible pandemic right now, holidays have always been a time for sharing and giving.  We hope that you will be able to use these coupons to buy awesome gifts for your loved ones.

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Doria Adoukè and the Importance of Diverse Gifts


Today we want to talk about Doria Adoukè and the importance of diverse gifts.  Our world is changing before our eyes and though we are stepping in the right direction there are still many things that need to change. Diverse gifts are something that you may never have thought about depending on who you are, but they are something that is becoming more significant for minorities in particular.

Why Are People Frustrated By Not Being Represented In Gift Stores?

the Importance of Diverse GiftsA lot of people have grown more and more frustrated at the non-representation of minorities within gift stores. This is beyond frustrating for many because different races are still being viewed as more sought after, therefore creating a sense of rejection for others. This is even worse for a child as children’s brains are growing and these are key learning stages, by seeing no dolls and toys of their skin color they will start to see one skin tone as better than the others. It is not fair that mostly white gifts are making it onto the shelf and diverse gifts are possibly more important than you think.

Why are diverse gifts important?

Diverse gifts are a huge part of your upbringing and how you later view the world and yourself. During the 1900s, and only in recent years has it really changed overall, toys, in particular, would lean towards a certain look. This was the white skin and blue eyes that were featured on millions of dolls such as Barbies. Luckily now barbies and other children’s toys have become more diverse, such as barbies with hijabs. This is vital for children growing up because it is someone for them to look up to and to see themselves in. It is shown in multiple studies that the models shown to children during their upbringing have a huge effect on them. By adding diverse gifts, we can look towards a diverse and compassionate future, and eventually equality.

How Are People Changing The Gift Industry?the Importance of Diverse Gifts

Many people of all ethnicities and backgrounds are coming together to create gifts that empower one another and show that you are not worth any less because of your skin tone. This is a great step forward and it is one that will change the upbringing and futures of many, many people. Doria Adoukè is a French illustrator that has made artwork that is based on empowering people’s bodies and skin tones. Being the only black person in her class in France, she was brought up in a mono-cultural environment. She now works towards creating this environment for others through her art that shows the diversity that we all need to see. She creates artwork in multiple forms including illustrated prints. These prints showcase women in their multi-cultural background and each print is empowering in a strong way. She also wanted to help join others together to celebrate black women and showcased it in her 2021 African American Calendar that is filled with beautiful illustrations that will catch your eye.

Diverse gift shops are improving but we still have a long road ahead of us.

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6 Customizable Gifts Everyone Will Love


We’re excited to share with you 6 customizable gifts that everyone will love.  Trying to figure out the perfect gift to give someone special can be difficult because you want it to be something they will love and use, but you also want it to have a special meaning.  Sometimes, you find a great gift, but it feels too impersonal.

The best way to make a gift unique and add some extra meaning is by getting it engraved or customized for the recipient. Jewelry like gold chains or a nameplate bracelet are common gifts to give your significant other, or you can opt for something more silly like custom socks or other clothing items. Determine what kind of gift you’re looking for, consider the person you’re giving it to, and assess the occasion—does it call for something funny or something a bit more serious? Then check out some of these great ideas on how to get the item customized.

customizable gifts

fotoblend / Pixabay

1. Socks or Clothing Items

If you’re looking for a silly gift to customize and surprise your friend or family member, there are dozens of places that will create socks featuring your friend’s face, an image of their dog or cat, or basically anything else you want. Maybe your friend is always wearing silly socks and you want to surprise him or her with their very own custom pair.

This is a great gift idea because it’s totally unexpected (who ever thinks they’re going to get a pair of socks with their dog’s face on it?), it’s funny and will get a laugh out of the recipient, and it’s customized specifically for that person. No one else in the world will have those socks. Hopefully, at least.

There are other ways you can customize clothing as well. If your friend or family member loves to cook, why not buy them a new apron with a specific message or their name on the front? They will love that you tried to incorporate their interest and make it special just for them.

2. Jewelry

customizable gifts

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Depending on the type of gift you’re looking for, jewelry may be the perfect idea. Usually, people give jewelry for a very big occasion because it is a more expensive gift than other options, so, if your significant other has accomplished something big, look into gold chain styles that might suit him or her.

You can customize jewelry in several ways: Order a specific style (i.e., customize the length, width, and pendant), or get a piece of jewelry engraved with the person’s name. These aren’t the only way to give jewelry a deeper meaning—you can also purchase a piece that features a specific gemstone that means something to the recipient or which features a symbol that is special to that person.

3. Blankets or Pillows

People love to display images of their friends, family, and pets, so what better way to help them decorate their home than by buying a completely customized pillow or blanket featuring their very own photos? This type of present can be serious or silly, depending on the type of photos you choose to add, so be sure to determine which one you’re going for before you start designing the item. Check specific requirements on photograph sizes and resolution before you order to guarantee that the photo will look crystal-clear once printed.

4. Scrapbook or Photobook

customizable gifts

StockSnap / Pixabay

For anyone who wants to make a truly personal gift, creating a scrapbook of memories is a really meaningful way to show someone how much you care about them and cherish your time together. Gather photos of you both that you really love and take the time to arrange them in a way that makes sense to you. You can add in writing about your memories together and describe the photos or simply let the images speak for themselves.

Either way, your friend or family member just may tear up when they see your gift. Making something by hand gives an extra-special element to the gift because it shows that you put a lot of your own time and effort into creating the item.

5. Fancy Pen or Desk Plate

A pen may sound like kind of a lame gift, at first, but it’s a very classy idea for certain occasions—namely, graduations or a new career change. You can browse online for expensive fountain pens made by reputable companies like Montblanc or Cross, and then request to have it customized with the recipient’s name, date of graduation, or any other kind of meaningful inscription. This item is a symbol of success and a great way to honor your friend or family member’s hard work and dedication.

6. Cutting Board or Kitchen Accessories

customizable gifts

Guido1982 / Pixabay

For the friend who’s always hosting or who loves to cook, there are dozens of great kitchen items that can be customized. Many of these items double as a decoration and a functional item, such as personalized cutting boards or cheese boards. Typically, these items are decorated with a person’s last name and, if they live with their family, the date of their wedding or the name of their children and spouse, but you can get as creative as you’d like with these gifts.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys DIY projects, you can even try making a basic cheese board on your own and paint it yourself.

Make Someone Feel Special with a Custom Gift

Nothing is more special than receiving a gift that someone has personalized for you, whether they made it by hand or requested it to be customized. These types of gifts show that you went above and beyond to make sure that the gift was only for that specific person.

If you’re looking for a more serious and valuable gift like gold chains or other jewelry, you can find pieces that are perfect for engraving and get the recipient’s name or initials engraved. For a funny gift, try ordering customized socks with a silly picture on the front. Finally, if you’re looking for functional gifts, there are plenty of ways to personalize gifts like kitchen accessories that your friend will actually use and always think of you when reaching for it.

Before investing in a customized gift, decide what the gift is for and how you best want to represent the person through the gift. We guarantee they’ll be excited when they see the level of care and effort you put into it.

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5 Top Best Friend Matching Accessories in 2020


Today we want to talk about the top best friend matching accessories in 2020.  Deep in our hearts, we know that our best friends deserve a proper and suitable gift for everything they had to put up with us. To help you choose the right gift, we compiled a list of presents that you should consider when shopping for your best friend!  


top best friend matching accessories

evalynn / Pixabay

Undeniably, lockets are among the most personal gifts you can give a loved one. Aside from the fact that it will help glam up your best friend, it also symbolizes intimacy and the lasting relationship between the two of you.  

If you think that lockets are outdated, then you will be surprised by Evermée’s new locket line. You will also be amazed at how the company has pioneered digital accessories. Your best friend can instantly choose and change the photos by scanning the gemstone pendant with the Evermée app on her smartphone. Moreover, if your best friend is particular with the chain,  Evermée lets you choose between 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermeil.  

With a price range of $69 to $155, you’ll surely have a hard time denying this great option!  

Bluetooth Speaker

Music will always be a good idea. Giving your best friend a quality portable speaker to enjoy their playlist wherever they may be, is a solid choice of a gift.  

Ultimate Ears, also known as UE, is famous in the industry as the best Bluetooth speaker with the UE Boom 2. With its 360-degree speaker design, fifteen-hour battery life, waterproof and shockproof build, and one-hundred feet range, you can never go wrong.  

Duffle Bag

From weekend getaways, out-of-country trips, gym use, to everyday utility, a duffle is a great gift for anyone, including your beloved best friend!

Everlane’s Twill Weekender, made with water-resistant non-slub cotton, is a stylish duffel bag that will exceed your expectations even on rainy days. For $98, this purchase is a thoughtful gesture for your best friend.

Wireless Charger

Is your best friend the unofficial tech support of your life? If this is the case, then a wireless charger will be the coolest gifts they’ll receive for the year!

Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand is the top choice for many tech enthusiasts, and there are reasons behind this. It features a charging power of up to 10W and passes through phone cases as thick as 3 mm. This wireless charger not only has an impressive performance but also has a stylish and slick look.  


top best friend matching accessoriesYour best friend deserves a pair of slides that will give their feet relaxation.  Aside from comfort, you can also use slides as a complement to your jeans and a plain shirt. Without looking lazy, your best friend will be comfortable on the next grocery run.  

Once you’ve decided, you can choose between the classic Adidas Adilette Slides or Nike Benassi Slides. You can even get slides for both of you!

Your best friend deserves nothing but the best from you. They add vibrancy to our otherwise dull life, and it’s time to return the favor. Without a doubt, you know your best friend well enough to understand what makes them ultimately happy. Follow your instinct, and enjoy shopping!

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The Best Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of the year so we want to share with you our super cool Holiday gift guide.  We wanted to showcase some really cool products that we are totally in love with.  It might not be too late to get some expedited shipping for some of these cool products.

Some Classy Smell Good 

For that special man in your life who your always chasing around the house after he puts on your favorite cologne.  Well Alistar has some amazing deals this holiday season.  Get noticed.  Feel confident.  Up your man’s grooming game with Alister’s formulas that are unrivaled in strength and performance to get him smelling fresh, and ready for what comes next.

Your Go To Watch

Every man needs a go to watch that he can where every day whether to work, a dinner party or hanging out on the weekend watch football.  Check out TOCKR’s new Air Defender watch.  Now you can build your own.  These esquisite watches are crafted with precision and high quality components.

A Copper Water Bottle

Our friends over at CopperH2O have some very healthy (and sexy) copper water bottles for you to grab.  Perfect to take to the gym, the office or for those who have an active lifestyle. For those that don’t know, Studies have shown that copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain.

Vegan Leather Accessories

For all of you sexy diva’s out there that love your accessories and want to use sustainable products, look no further than Baby Turns Blue.  This is a amazing brand of vegan leather accessories based in Paris. They showcase chokers, collars, harnesses, cuffs and belts.  All Baby turns Blue accessories are made of Italian Apple skin vegan leather which is absolutely beautiful, incredibly soft, smooth and very gentle on the skin.  More than a simple alternative to leather, it is a new material.  Highly innovative and sustainable.

Cool Messenger Bags

Sling it up in style with messenger bags and save 50% over at  The word ‘Messenger bag’ has been derived from its use in ancient times as letter carriers, atop horses and more. The messenger bag was a true golden arm candy of men’s day-to-day luggage, strung over the shoulder with a single strap; and they came in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, similar bags have been used by individuals from medical civics to army personnel to local technicians. The general public soon picked up on the trend and beautiful and creative design variations came up to meet up with the rising demand.  Whether you prefer something edgy or classic messenger bags have you covered. Tweak your fashion levels right and invest in the best of the best messenger bags/side bags for men and women, at jaw-droppingly affordable prices.

We hope you love a gift guide for this Holiday Season and don’t forget these are products that you can purchase and enjoy through out the entire year.

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How to Get the Perfect Gift for Your Godparents


The relationship with your godparents is special. The role of a godparent has a religious background. Godparents are usually present at the child’s baptism and may even help teach them religious matters. They can be a single person or a couple who assume the role of guardian in case something happens with the parents. The name “godparent” implies a close familial relationship.  Ideally, the godparent should have regular interaction and a close relationship with the godchild.

The parents of a child should take their time to properly thank the godparents for all their effort and for the presence in their child’s live. There are many ways to thank a godparent. One of them would be purchasing a thoughtful gift. They vary from heirloom quality, traditional, humorous, practical, and homemade with love. Ten Gift Ideas presents many great options, so make sure you check them out. How do you choose the perfect gift for your godparents? When you choose a present for them, you have to take in consideration several aspects.

Perfect Gift for Your Godparents

rawpixel / Pixabay


  1. Personal Preferences

Godparents differ in as many ways as available gifts. The key is to think about the kind of personal preferences they have. If they are practicing Catholics, they may have more traditional tastes. A classic gift for Baptism would be satisfactory. If they are more laid back, a humorous gift may be appropriate. Perhaps they have a love of the arts, and a homemade heirloom would be appreciated. No matter which item you decide on, taking into account the godparents’ personal preferences will be a reliable guidepost for your gift.

  1. Personal Proximity

How close do the godparents live to the child? These days, when moving frequently is normal, there is no guarantee the godparents will live nearby. The relationship may have started out because of proximity in residences, but it is likely that either they will move, or the parents and child will move. Shipping gifts isn’t a problem but picking a gift that will bridge the gap of years between visits can be difficult. In this case, a memory book of the child’s year would be a great pick. These are easy to purchase online, and captions can be added to explain each photo.

  1. Godparents’ Relationship To Each Other

darkmoon1968 / Pixabay

It may seem strange to consider, but the relation of the godfather and godmother to each other should be taken into account. Are they married? Divorced? They could be two different people, who might not even know each other. In a situation where the godparents are two separate entities, then gifts for each individual should be considered.  You may want to consider individualized and personalized gifts such as ornaments, plaques, or a keepsake box. They can easily go to both godparents but remain unique. If the godparents live together, then one gift is enough. Think about a memory quilt, a framed picture, or a scrapbook.

4. Gifting Protocol

There are as many different practices in gifting the perfect gift for your godparents.  Do you practice yearly gifting? Or maybe you thought about offering one only at the baby’s baptism. The frequency of gifting may help to decide on the gift. If exchanging presents at Christmas is the norm for your family with the godparents, then you can vary the type of gift each year. One year a sentimental or inspirational gift, maybe a humorous gift the next year, then the following year a homemade heirloom. If you plan to make a gift once in a while, you will want to choose a gift that is quality and memorable.

  1. Personal Beliefs and Interests

JosepMonter / Pixabay

Consider the godparents’ religious background. Do they attend church regularly? Inspirational gifts come in many forms such as figurines, home decor, and books. They may also be very strong believers in family ties. A family photo with the godparents in a nice frame may be the perfect gift. Themed gifts are also appropriate. If the godparents are musicians, then gifts with the theme of music or the arts would be appreciated. If they are artists, tickets to a local art show could be a good surprise. Consider what is important in the grandparents’ life as clues for the perfect gift.

Godparents have a special place in every family’s life and heart. Their role isn’t just to be a safety net in case of the untimely passing of the parents. They are also meant to be part of the child’s life. Some godparents are spiritual mentors, and others carry out a long-distance relationship. Finding the perfect gift for your godparents involves thinking about their relationship with the child, their beliefs and interests, and their personalities. Taking the time to consider all these aspects will ensure that the perfect gift for your godparents you give is from the heart.

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The Diamond Advisor: Before Choosing an Engagement Ring


Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision. This is a ring that should symbolize your love and commitment as a couple. Before you make your decision, there are a lot of things to consider. Not only should your ring reflect your passion, but it also needs to be a practical choice that takes into consideration your style and budget. Whether you’re purchasing a ring for your partner or you’re searching engagement rings on your own as a bride, here’s what you need to consider before you make that big choice!

1. Budget

Before you do anything else, you need to consider your budget. This will tie into the rest of your choices like ring type, style, stone, and jeweler. There are a lot of myths and beliefs about just how much money should be spent on engagement rings. The reality is that there are no one-size-fits-all rules when it comes to the budget. It depends on you and your partner. There’s no denying that engagement rings are expensive. The good news is there are engagement ring options for every budget.

Remember that you need to be reasonable with your budget. There is no reason to choose something over the top if you can’t afford it or if your partner would not want you to. You don’t want your engagement ring to be your first big debt as a married couple! Remember that the most important part of your ring is the love behind it, not the price tag.

2. Lifestyle

One of the biggest parts of buying a ring that people often forget to consider is the bride’s lifestyle. If the bride will be wearing the ring for years to come, you need to choose something that will suit her lifestyle on a daily basis. What is her job? Will she be able to wear it to her place of work? If she works in an industry with a lot of hands-on work like as a chef or industrial worker, diamonds might not be a good fit. Does the bride lead an active lifestyle? If so, you’ll need to choose a ring that’s easy to clean and that can handle a rough treatment. Speak to a jeweler about the best type of ring to suit your bride’s lifestyle.

3. Style

The most obvious consideration is personal style. How does the bride like to dress? What styles does she prefer? This is something the bride often will need to decide for herself since this ring will become a staple of her personal style. Think about what your bride-to-be usually wears. Does she like bold statement pieces or simple accents? What colors is she more likely to wear every day? If you’re not sure, try looking at the jewelry the bride already owns to see what she’s chosen for herself in the past. Take this engagement ring quiz to see what style suits your bride.

Image via Pexels

4. Jeweler

Finally, you need to find the right jeweler. There are more jewelers available now than ever before, and that only makes the process more confusing when you’re not even sure where to start your search for the right ring. There are different jewelers for different budgets and styles, but you need to choose one that reflects your needs. Always check for reviews before making a purchase to make sure you’ve chosen the best retailer. To start your search, read Brian Gavin Diamonds Reviews – Must Read in 2018.

Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

There is a lot that goes into choosing the best engagement ring for the bride. From budget to style to jeweler, you have a lot to think about before making that big choice. As long as you’re thoughtful with your search, you’ll end up with something that reflects your love as a couple!

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