Now You Can Buy Sotheby’s Diamond With Bitcoin at Hong Kong Auction


In October 2010, a single Bitcoin cost just 10 cents. At the time of writing, the value sits at just over $30,000. Talk about return on investment. With major companies like Tesla and MicoStrategy now holding significant portfolios in digital assets, it’s clear that Bitcoin is worth taking seriously.

Companies are taking note, increasingly accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. From gaming and online casinos, to retailers, food and beverage, and now Sotheby’s – more and more names have been joining the crypto movement.


Sotheby’s has announced they will be accepting Bitcoin (and Ethereum) for an incredibly rare 101.38-carat diamond. It’s expected to go for over $15 million, and the auction is taking place on July 9 in Hong Kong.

The auction clearly has symbolic appeal, with Sotheby’s accepting humanity’s first digital currency in exchange for a diamond, one of the oldest representations of value. It’s not just for show, however. With Bitcoin’s value experiencing exponential growth since its launch, it may end up being Sotheby’s best financial move yet.

What Else Can You Do With Bitcoin?

When Bitcoin launched in 2009, its value was negligible. Now, it’s a legitimate store of value, and it is widely accepted as a payment method:

Retailers: Overstock 

Overstock is big on crypto, accepting a wide range of digital currencies for their products. Not only that, the company is heavily invested in Bitcoin, showing their belief that the cryptocurrency is here to stay.

The next retailer to accept Bitcoin? Don’t be surprised if Amazon experiences some FOMO and decides to enable crypto as a form of payment. If you are super keen to spend your Bitcoin at Amazon, there are ways to buy gift cards to spend at the retailer. For example, companies like Bitrefill do this.

Food and Drink: Starbucks and Subway

Yes, you can now buy your daily cup of Joe using Bitcoin. You have to use a payment app called SPEDN, but it’s totally doable. The app also accepts other cryptos, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollar.

Subway was one of the first fast-food chains to accept cryptocurrency; the first foot-long bought using Bitcoin was in 2013! There’s one issue though, as not all franchises accept it as payment. It depends on the individual location, making it a little tricker.

Another company that has dabbled in cryptocurrency is Burger King, with outlets in Venezuela accepting Bitcoin since 2019. This shows perhaps one of the most powerful ways that cryptocurrencies can be used; Venezuela isn’t exactly a stable country, and using Bitcoin instead of the local Bolivar is perhaps a safer way for citizens to protect their assets.

Tech: Namecheap and Microsoft

One of the leading domain name companies accept Bitcoin as a way to fund your account, allowing you to convert the currency into its dollar equivalent. You can then use your balance to buy domain names.

Microsoft almost deserves its own headline, being one of the largest tech companies around. Microsoft was one of the early adopters, accepting cryptocurrencies for payment on the XBox network. However, it’s still somewhat limited, with not all Microsoft products offering Bitcoin as a payment method.

Gaming and Casinos

best casinos in Ireland

Photo by Aperture Pro on Pexels

The gaming and online casino industry is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. It’s no surprise that many companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. We’ve already mentioned Microsoft with XBox, but it also extends to the iGaming industry.

This is particularly pertinent for users in developing countries like India, South America, or the African continent where it can be a little harder to pay using local currencies; Bitcoin isn’t just an alternative form of payment or a curiosity, but has a legit utility that opens up options for more people. In South Africa, for example, players turn to Bitcoin casinos because of how safe the process is. It may take just a bit longer to make deposits and withdrawals than using traditional methods (it can take up to 10 minutes per transaction), but the safety and potential that come with it are exceptional.

Travel Industry: Flight Centre and Expedia

Flight Centre and Expedia are just two major companies that now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Expedia is particularly interesting, as it has an established relationship with Coinbase, the most popular crypto exchange at the moment. This is important, as it makes the buying process easier, a hurdle that is sometimes still a little too complex for the average user.

Other companies such as airBaltic, PrivateFly, and JetFinder are also expanding their payment methods to include cryptocurrencies. While these aren’t necessarily household names, they’re nevertheless significant players in the travel industry. Expect other companies, such as AirBnB and to join the fold in the coming years.

Will Bitcoin Become Legal Tender?

Various cryptocurrency on table

Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels

It already is. On 9 June, El Salvador announced that Bitcoin would become legal tender. The country’s Congress approved the proposal with a significant majority, with 62/84 voting in favor. This law is significant, as it means businesses must accept Bitcoin as legal tender, alongside the US dollar.

This is a landmark moment for cryptocurrencies, and it is likely that El Salvador will be the first of many countries to make the move. Does Bitcoin have a future as currency, however, or will it become the store of value of choice? That’s a question for another day.

But there’s one thing we can say with certainty: Bitcoin’s chances as a legitimate form of payment and/or store of value look very good indeed. Sotheby’s step to accept it for one of its biggest auctions is just one bit of evidence that Bitcoin has arrived into the mainstream.

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Mobile Slots – Download or Play Online?


Today we want to share some great info about mobile slots. Should you download or play online? Online slot machines represent the most popular, as well as the most diverse online casino games
category, with thousands of different online pokies in the “database.”

Some of the reasons for such popularity lie in slot’s simplicity, the potential to award massive payouts,
especially through progressive jackpots, and the feeling of game personalization, which is a direct
consequence of a vast number of available online slot machines. And with the introduction of
smartphones and tablets, things got even more exciting, while online slot developers started competing
for a brand new market – the online mobile gambling! Allowing players to enjoy their favorite online
pokies even on the go has increased the popularity of these already worldwide popular casino games
almost exponentially!

Slot machines

Photo by Daria Sannikova on Pexels

Nowadays, the players can stumble upon a high variety of online mobile casino slots, including retro-designed ones with classic 3×3 reel patterns, then standard video slots with a 5×3 grid, as well as those with unusual reel designs. The number of paylines goes from 3 up to a couple hundred of thousand, included in some special reel mechanics, such as the popular Megaways system developed by Net Entertainment. New slots are available in desktop and mobile versions for free on review sites and developers official pages, so you can try Lucky Lady Charm free play mode on your mobile any time.

 Online casino slots are so beloved by the players mostly because of the following features:

1. Ease of access – since they are mostly HTML5-based, they can be accessed directly through the web browsing app installed on your portable device. Such is known as “instant play” and is available in all online casinos and specialized online slots websites.

2. Demo & Real Money – online slot machines are, in most cases, available as free demo versions,
which serve as a good training method before you start wagering genuine cash in real money

3. Features & Bonuses – no other online casino game type introduces so many additions in the
form of features and bonuses as an online slot machine. You can benefit from wild symbol
substitutions, free spins and re-spins, sticky, stacked, or multiplier wilds, as well as extra bonus
mini-games, progressive jackpots, and many, many more online slots additional features.

4. Availability – the last but not the least of their features – mobile slots are always available since
there is no person today that leaves the comfort of the home without carrying a mobile phone.
This means that you can access and enjoy your favorite online slot machines at any time and
place, assuming that you have your portable device with you and access to an Internet

Young man with earphones and tablet on street

Photo by Eren Li on Pexels

Download vs Instant Play
Here are some of the advantages/disadvantages of both of these ways of playing online slot machines.

Instant Play


● Mobility – instant play allows you to enjoy your favourite slots from virtually any location on the
planet that provides access to the Internet.
● Game Portfolio – in instant play, you get the chance to try some of the most popular online slot
games developed by renowned software development companies. If you don’t like the available
game selection, you can always switch to another casino operator without downloading and
installing anything.
● Storage – instant play saves the storage space of your mobile device, while you don’t need to
download or install any specific app.
● Free demo – instant play games allow the player to access and play for free before deciding to
wager real money. And such can be done without having to install and uninstall the game if it
happens that you are not so fond of it!


● Internet-dependent – instant play mode requires a constant and stable Internet connection in
order to avoid game lagging and crashing due to poor wi-fi signal. However, this is slowly being
overcome, along with the worldwide implementation of 4G and 5G networks with enormous
data traffic speed.
● Game quality – the quality of Flash, Java and HTML5-based games is not yet the level you need
to download and install on your PC to play. However, this is a field still open for improvements,
and they are expected to come pretty soon!
● Login – in order to play your favourite online mobile slot for real money, you would need to log
in each and every time you visit your preferred online casino operator. However, such is dealt
with through various password save & protect software, such as the one built within the Google
Chrome browser.
Download & Play


● Quality – download & play casino games, logically, are expected to introduce better quality in all
terms, from design and graphics to the gameplay itself. However, it is usually the rule that the
greater the gaming quality, the more space on your mobile phone will be taken by the game.
● Reliability – since such games run on an already installed software, totally independent of the
Internet connection quality, the chances of crashing and lagging are virtually down to zero. Lags
can appear only due to excessive storage space usage, which is related to the device and not to
the slot game itself.
● Safe & Secure – games already installed on your device present no risk of potential fraud or
● One-time login – when playing already downloaded games, you need to log in just once – the first
time you run the installed casino software.
● Gameplay – the gameplay of downloaded slot games tends to be much faster and more slick
compared to instant play casino slots. This may vary depending on the type of portable device
used by the player, as well as on the free storage space.


● Lack of flexibility – if you choose to play games from a downloaded online casino software, you
will be limited only to those devices possessing such apps.
● Lack of demo – if you want to try a particular online slot, you will still have to go through
installing the entire casino app and then uninstalling it if it turns out unappealing to you.
● Memory – each casino app installed takes a piece of your storage space, which may affect the
device’s overall performance if you go and install several such apps.

● Game selection – nowadays, there are only a few online casino software developers that still
offer downloadable games, which means that the range of available games is far more inferior
compared to the instant play online slots offerings.
● Safety – although, when installed, online slot games are less likely to be the object of mischief or
fraud, you still need to download and install the casino app. You can avoid such issues by
installing only apps coming from trusted, reputable online casino operators or other trustworthy

What Should I Choose?
When deciding whether to download and play or to access online slots directly through the web browser, you need to first ask yourself what do you want from the game and your gaming time? If you
want to try out as many online slots as possible, then you should pick instant play, while it provides
access to a much greater number of games.

However, if you want 100% stable gameplay without lags, then download & play should be your way
since it doesn’t depend on the Internet connection strength. One thing is certain – whether you choose
instant play or downloadable online slots, you will enjoy your time playing them, and there is a great
chance of scoring some money along the way!

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How Lottery Winners Spent Their Money


Before you decide whether to play real money casino games, have you thought of how you will spend your millions if Lady Luck is on your side? Playing casino games like progressive jackpots gives one the opportunity of winning a life-changing amount of money. At first, we all think of how we will invest our wins and avoid indulging in a lavish lifestyle. But the truth on the ground is quite different. This post covers some of the things that the biggest gambling winners often spent money on.

how casino winners spent their money

ceparedonda / Pixabay

Cars, Yachts, and Private Islands

One of the common things among big winners is buying luxurious cars and yachts. Since many people are uplifted from poverty to riches, they tend to rush for things they never knew will afford. Most popular jackpot winners around the world drive some of the latest and sophisticated cars such as Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s, etc. Some of them go the extent of buying sizeable yachts where they throw private parties as they like lavish life on their private islands. Some of the things that are purchased are unnecessary; it is just a way to show off their new living standards. The problem of not knowing how to spend money is that you may end where you started.

how casino winners spent their money

Chikilino / Pixabay

Long Oversea Vacations

When there is enough to spend, we create time to spend it. This is a typical mindset of a jackpot winner. Many of them always go on long vacations to some of their dream destinations. This can be a moment with friends and family to appreciate their efforts and embrace a new lifestyle. Vacation is quite a positive way of spending your wins as it leads to creativity and more exposure to the world.

Early Retirement

Who will want to continue working with millions of dollars lying in the account? Some of the biggest winners have resigned from their places of work and invested in their dream businesses. Once you have invested enough, the remaining thing is to enjoy life. But not everyone will go for this option. There are disciplined people who stay loyal to their jobs, even after winning big jackpots.

Clear Outstanding Debts

After banking millions of dollars in the account, it’s time to be free. Many winners start with paying off all the debts they had with people or financial institutions. It is only a foolish person that will not think about the mortgages, credit cards, loans, etc. after winning massive jackpots. Clearing all debts will help you to budget with the remaining money without any worries.

Remember Friends and Family

Always remember to share your wins with the people that journey with you in life. Treating your family members and friends is one of the kindest and nicest things you can do. Besides treating them, some will require you to share a portion of the money so that they may solve their personal problems. However, you should be careful about ‘New Friends’ who pop up once you start shinning.

how casino winners spent their money

1778011 / Pixabay

Buy Houses

Another common thing that big winners do is changing the living condition, and this includes the house and even the environment. Those who were struggling with mortgages take the opportunity to clear at once. This is a brilliant way of keeping a souvenir of your jackpot win.

Invest in Gambling

Some winners will be wise enough to return some of the money to casino games. This can be through playing at high roller tables for a chance to win bigger payouts. Other jackpot winners have bought sports clubs, thrown gamblers parties, and hosted different events.

Charity Donations

Several jackpot winners have donated part of their wins to charities around the world. It is the best way of giving back to society. This is done through the construction of orphanages, helping the needy, and provision of free medical services. The most famous is Tom Crist, who donated his entire $40 million jackpot to a charity in honor of his wife.

Our Take

How you spend your jackpot wins is not our concern. You can do with the money as you wish. We suggest that you be smart in your budgeting and welcome advice from different experts. The worst mistake you can do is going back to a miserable life after squandering everything on luxury.

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The Trend of Mobile Casino Games Continues


There is no doubt at all that the mobile industry has revolutionized our lives in many different ways, and now if we lose one in the back of a taxi on the way home after a night out, or even worse have the device stolen it is a minor disaster.

casinos photoThis is because our phones are totally personalized to our needs, in fact a smartphone is as unique as its user.

As a must have fashion accessory the smartphone has become a lucrative income for those offshoot businesses, cases can cost well over the price of the phone itself, indeed there are cases that should have a case to protect them.

Not only do we use our mobile devices to carry out tasks like banking and browsing the web or keeping in touch with family and friends, we also source out leisure activities which have been affected greatly by the rapid advance of technology.

Today we can easily take part in a free online bingo  game or enjoy the spin of the reels on one of the many excellent themed slots without having to worry about games crashing half way through. Not only have games like bingo transferred over to the smaller screens really well, players can also enjoy exclusive bonuses and promotional offers and even pay for their games via their monthly contract or ‘pay as you go’ balance using Boku.

casinos photoBeing able to play a game whenever or wherever we choose is incredibly important as we all lead busy lives. It is far more convenient to take your mobile out of your pocket rather than wait to get home to access your computer.

Recent statistics also show that more people now use their mobile devices to have a bet or wager and this is on all forms of gambling like sports betting, bingo, slots, and other casino games. The move favoring online casinos is also having an affect on the land based venues.

Much like what happened to the DVD stores on the high-street, land based casinos need to rethink their business models if they are to succeed or even keep in line with the online industry.

Mobile gambling in all its forms is here to stay, and as technology advances further, and wi-fi becomes even more widely available (and reliable) the mobile explosion we are now enjoying is set to carry on for some time yet.

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Top 3 Mobile Casino Apps


Even though Donal Trump may have lied about gaming and Florida casinos, those of us in the real world know how big mobile gaming is these days. Chances are you’ll be playing a game on your iPhone or tablet later on today. Millions of apps can be found at Google Play and Apples app store. Did you know that you can win REAL money playing casino games on your Android or Apple phones? If you love playing slots, blackjack, roulette or even video poker perhaps you should try downloading an app. While it can be difficult to find an app that allows you to pay for and receive real money via your cellphone it is possible. We’ll go over the top 3 Mobile Casino Apps that allow mobile payments.

Poker Stars Online is an app that replicates an actual poker room.  You can download this app and play on the go. It’s available for iOS and Android.  Once downloaded you simply create your account within the app and start playing.  What sets this app a part from others is that you will have access to their “mobile cashier” where you can easily deposit money and manage your Poker Stars cash account.

Another big perk of downloading this app is that you qualify for Poker Stars live poker events.  Other reasons you should use the Poker Stars mobile app is because they have the best games, the biggest Poker prize pools, live events and the fact that their app is secure and safe.

Fruity King

Fruity Kind is the King of mobile casino games and a top pick of ours since you can play directly from your iPhone or Android which makes getting started super easy.  They have really exciting games that include table games, scratch cards, jackpots, slots and more.

A really unique feature that people really love about Fruity King is that they have the most flexible payment options and operate one of the only mobile billing casinos in the world.  When it comes time to put money into your Fruity King account you can actually deposit via your mobile bill.  How does it work?   Pretty simple really.  They use payment system called PayForit which allows you to make direct payments into your Fruity King account which is then charged to your phone bill as a prepaid balance.  Pretty slick, right?  We definitely thought so.  To top it off once you sign up, you can free spins and a welcome bonus.  Additional terms may apply.

Unibet Casino

celebrity poker photoUnibet Casino rounds out our top 3 online casinos that offer a cool mobile app.  They offer the most games that we’ve seen which include lottery, tournaments, poker, live games and even bingo.   What makes Unibet pretty awesome is that they have separate apps for casino, live casino and poker.  Placing bets and managing your account from your mobile is super easy as well.  Once you download their app you will have full access to their live betting updates.  You can also see all pending transactions, history, deposits and even withdraw funds or contact support.  What’s not to like?

If your into online gaming but didn’t know you could actual use a mobile app to make real money, check our one of the best 3 options we found for safe and secure mobile casino apps.

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