How to Ask for her Hand in Marriage if it’s the Right Time


Today we want to share insightful tips on how to ask for her hand in marriage if it’s the right time. Asking your girlfriend to marry you is the next step in your relationship. You want to tie the knot, and you have to be confident about this decision. When you’re already thinking about it, it’s a sign that you want to spend forever with her. You also can’t imagine your life without her by your side. While it’s good that you consider your feelings, you should also think the same way about her. You might be ready, but she’s not. Timing is crucial in deciding to pop the question.

There should be talk about marriage

If you didn’t reach the point where you talk about getting married, you shouldn’t do it. You imagine a life with her, but she doesn’t. You have to be on the same page before you ask the question. She might still be thinking about building your relationship and getting to know each other deeper. If you decide to take the next step when she’s not ready, it could be terrible for your relationship. You’re destroying something that is yet to bloom. Once you start talking about the future, it’s a good sign. It means that she’s ready to move forward.

The number of years doesn’t indicate anything

Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you’re ready to take the next step. Some couples who decide to tie the knot after being in a relationship for many years still get a divorce. Years don’t indicate anything. It’s how you spend time with each other and how deep your relationship is. While it helps that you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider before asking the question.

Look at her career trajectory

If you decide to marry her, it will change your life, but it will do the same to her. You will build a family together. She might be unable to fulfill her career goals if you decide to have a child. If she’s not yet ready to give up what she has now, you should respect it. She enjoys her career, and she deserves it. You might also be on the same path right now. Take your time to celebrate the peak of your career before getting married. Once you have a family, a work-life balance might be challenging.

Buy the perfect ring when you’re ready

Take your time to think about this difficult decision. Once you’re confident that your girlfriend is the right person, the next step is to buy the perfect ring. You can consider purchasing an oval diamond engagement ring that you can find here. If it matches her personality, you have to get it. Show her that you know her well, and you found the perfect ring that will look great on her.

Once she says yes, it calls for a celebration. Don’t rush planning the wedding details. There’s always an opportunity to think about them later. For now, you have to enjoy what you have.

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How to Get Back Into Dating After 50


Today we want to share some valuable tips on how to get back into dating after 50. Getting back in the love-game can be scary for people over 50 especially if you haven’t dated for a while. But there is nothing to be scared of. As long as you know what you want and where to get it, jumping back into the love-game will be easier than jumping in the pool.

Age is Just a Number, Don’t Be Shy About It

You have to know that being over 50 and dating isn’t embarrassing. Age is just a number. Yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Because it’s true, everybody will respect you if you wear your years with pride. And everybody will mock you if you try to hide your age. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Be yourself and relax.

Dating After 50

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Dating Site as a Way to Find a Like-Minded Person

Experts agree that online dating is the simplest way to get back in the game. You can meet a lot of like-minded people from the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

If you are over 50 and think it’s not the time to start dating online, this site will show you another side of age. When you’re over 50 you know what you want from relationships and will not waste your time. Other people on that site don’t want to waste time either, so your chances of meeting your new partner are very high.

Start from a Conversation Online

Another benefit of online dating for people over 50 is the possibility to talk (text) online. That will soon give you a better image of the person you’re talking to. If you click from the beginning, you can arrange a meeting the next day. If you feel like it could be good, but it needs time – continue texting for a while. Sometimes you’ll know from the beginning that nothing can happen between you two. In those situations – stop the conversation after a message or two. That makes online dating a perfect time-saver.

Choose the Best Image for a Profile, But Be Honest

man sitting beside woman looking at laptop

Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

While making an online dating account, you’ll have to put your photo there. It’s normal for you to try to look good so you’ll choose your best image. But some people try too hard and post fake photos. That screams desperation. Everybody will see you used every filter in the world or spent 2 hours in Photoshop to look younger and better. Don’t do it. Be confident and believe in yourself. Other users will admire you because of that.

Don’t Give Up Just Because Your First Date Wasn’t Perfect

When you start dating after a while, you may expect too much from the first date. It’s normal, but keep in mind that your first date probably won’t go as you planned. As long as your date doesn’t become a disaster, you can work from there (with your new partner).

Another situation is when you start dating in your 50s, and your first date really turns out bad, so you become scared to look for new partners. Don’t let one bad date ruin the rest of your love-life. There are many people over 50 looking to start dating. You can try again.

Leave Your “Life” Baggage at the Door

Everybody has baggage—even people in their 20s. If you keep thinking about bad things that happened to you before, you’ll never be relaxed, and you’ll never trust anybody. That doesn’t mean you have to trust everybody, but being open will get you a long way. Don’t dig too much into the past of your new partner. Let the past be past. You have a present and a future to enjoy. But you’ll never do it if you can’t let go of your life baggage.

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Where to Find the Best Asian Brides


Today we want to share valuable information on where to find the best Asian brides.  Having a good love life can mean having a more fruitful and fulfilling life, ready to reach new heights.  Besides, having someone that you cherish and love is one of the most endearing sentiments in life.  Finding that special someone who you can share forever with is not as easy as many people assume. Indeed, it may take years to find someone you feel really comfortable with and who shares all of your values.  One of the reasons for failing to find a perfect partner is that you are searching in the wrong direction.  The truth is, your true love might actually live in another country,  say Asia, for example.

find the best Asian brides

Googoole / Pixabay

If finding real love is the only thing that is missing to make your life complete, you might want to open your mind and experience dating with Asian mail order brides.  As odd as it may seem, searching for “buy an Asian bride” might lead you to the best websites that have such experience in helping potential couples meet.  The latter phrase is used commonly as a reference to learning more about mail order Asian brides, since you cannot literally buy an Asian bride.  If you are curious where to find potential matches and Asian brides, take a look at some of the possible options below.

Appropriate dating websites

If you are curious about what Asian brides are like, you may go directly to an Asian mail order bride service. First of all, referring to a dating website will usually give you enough information about Asian women. Secondly, you can immediately create an account if you are confident with the information provided. What you have to do in advance is evaluate each website you visit, check security features and anti-scam policies.  From there, you can select the best dating site for you.  You may also need to check the quality of the dating profiles: you will instantly notice if other users’ accounts are unrealistic or seem phony.  After you are finished assessing a website, you may register and discover more about Asian women by view profiles and communicating with profiles you like.

Dating websites reviews

find the best Asian brides

GypsyGirlS / Pixabay

Another way to learn more about Asian brides and various Asian bride websites is to read reviews by other customers or visitors.  While you can spend hours looking at some key facts about Asian women in blogs and dating websites, it is always good to rely on real reviews.  Normally, men always leave their comments regarding their dating experience and whether they are satisfied with the quality of their relationship. With the help of such reviews, you will get a general understanding of what to expect.

Travel abroad to find your bride

If you prefer to browse profile online, it’s best to check out a dating website.  On the other hand if you are open-minded and willing to actually travel to you Asia to meet prospective Asian brides, you will find the experience quite unique and unforgettable.  You will get a chance to see first hand how they behave, their habits, etc.  If you are ready to travel to Asia and meet singles in real life, now is the time to get started!

Social media and Internet in general

find the best Asian brides

sfetfedyhghj / Pixabay

Last but not least, social media can be pretty helpful if you want to find out more about Asian brides. You can discover Asian women’s profiles on social media and make some conclusions based on their accounts. Besides, you may refer to travel blogs where people describe their experiences traveling to Asia and exploring Asian culture, traditions and people in general.

The bottom line

If your goal is to find and marry a beautiful Asian woman, then it’s imperative to learn more about their traditions and culture.  Because we all have access to the internet, websites and social media, this information is readily available whenever you are ready to take the first step.   Of course traveling abroad will give you the best perspective and experience in learning more about Asian culture and women.

Jamie Polsters is a dating coach, thanks to whom many people from all over the world managed to meet their other half.  Jamie has been putting every effort into guiding people through the dating process and assisting them in the online dating process for more than fifteen years. Together with YourMailOrderBride team, Jamie strives to help people engage in a healthy relationship that successfully ends up with a marriage.

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5 Tips for how to get Over Your Ex


Heartbreak after parting with your lover is one of the worst feelings in life. Some people get so affected that they even get depressed. If no one comes to the rescue of such a person, the situation could even be worse. However, the affected person holds all of the solutions.   Learning how to get over your ex can be much easier when you follow the 5 tips for how to get over your ex we are going to discuss below.  However, you only pick those that will work perfectly in your case since this differs vastly from person to person.

how to get over your ex

AdinaVoicu / Pixabay

Hang Out With a Friend

By now, almost everyone has a BFF that they feel comfortable around. When things have gone south between you and your partner, now your ex, your best friend may come in and help you get over it. They will encourage you to take heart and crack jokes so that you can forget about your ex. Your BFF is one of the best solutions that you have when learning how to get over your ex.

Talking things through with the people closest to you, such as your BFF, is a great way to work through the pain of the break-up. Your BFF is sure to have plenty of words of wisdom to offer you about the break-up, and you can find more of these at Inspirational quotes provide a great way to help you get your life back on track and to move on from your ex with the help of your BFF. 

Travel the World

After breaking up with your partner, this is the best time to go out and adventure around the world. It is time to take that vacation that you have always postponed because you have been too busy juggling between your work, studies, and relationship. When choosing a destination, ensure that it is full of activities that will make you forget about the past. The best thing is that vacations are never boring, especially if you take them with family and friends.

Try Online Dating

If some time has passed and you are still struggling with how to get over your ex, maybe it’s time to consider online dating to find your perfect partner. The best thing about this option is that you get to pick someone with the qualities that you need. In fact,according Happymatches blog, most people who visit the platform have been hurt before and are looking for a straightforward relationship that will work for them. It is easy to get someone who is as serious as you if you take your time to scroll and peruse through all of the profiles.

5547001 / Pixabay

Try Sports & Exercising

Sports and exercise are a great way to get over your ex because they keep you busy and are healthy. You can either join a local sports club or try something new like skiing or rollerblading. The idea is that you want to have something that will distract your mind from thinking about your past relationship that did not work out well as you had wished. Better still, sports will keep you fit and trigger the “feel good” hormones that are crucial in making you happy.

Accept It

The last thing you need to do is to accept that this has happened. If your ex has moved on and there is no hope for reconciliation, then you should just move on as well. You will be amazed by how well it will work when you have accepted that this happened and life must go on. Reading some breakup experiences is a good idea when you want to move on. While these tips for how to get over your ex doesn’t mean it will be easy, we hope it will provide options so that you aren’t left torn a part.

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What to Wear on a First Date


One of the biggest things to think about when preparing for a date is what you’re wearing. You may be able to make your date laugh and you may hit it off by sharing things that you have in common, but that comes later. A first impression is made in just seven seconds, studies confirm, and with your outfit being the first thing that they’ll see, that’s what that first impression will probably be built on.

With a wardrobe full of little black dresses, beautiful blouses and heels so high they’d make a skyscraper jealous, it may be difficult to choose. However, you can narrow down your options by looking at a handful of aspects.

Color Says Speaks Volumes About Intentions


After selecting which clothes fit you properly and show off your best attributes, it’s time to sort your clothes by color. The color of your clothes says so much about you. The color blue says that you are loyal and confident, while red communicates passion, and black shows a love of luxury. 

Picking the right color can quickly tell your date what you’re looking for and how you see the occasion. Not everyone wearing red will be looking for a hookup or something casual, but a woman wearing muted or neutral colors may give the impression that she is looking for something serious.

Style Shows off Your Personality

The clothes that you wear on a first date can also be used to show your personality. A woman who wears animal prints may be communicating that she has a “wild” personality, or, at least, that she doesn’t adhere to all fashion trends. A man who shows up to a date with a polka dot or stripey tie to go with his suit gives the impression that he has a sense of humor and likes to have fun.

what to wear on a first date

nastya_gepp / Pixabay

This doesn’t just go for the first date, though, as the clothes that you wear in your profile photo will give your date an idea about what kind of person you are before you’ve met in person. There are so many online dating apps and sites and millions of people choose them, making it so easy to find who you’re looking for. Sites like Zoosk have 38 million members and you will want to use the photos in your profile to stand out from the crowd. A man wearing a suit in all of his profile photos may be a hard-working professional, while a woman who only wears cocktail dresses probably enjoys going out more than most.

What you wear is just one of the things that you have to think about, with the place that you’ll go on the date and what you put in your online dating profile also coming into play. However, with what you’re wearing having such a bearing on the success of the date and how your date feels about you, make it the very first thing that you think about when you plan to meet up.

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