Halloween Party MUST Haves


Today we want to share some incredible Halloween party must haves. As all of you Ghouls and Goblins prepare for the spookiest day of the year, make sure your bar cart is stocked and ready! BACARDÍ rum is serving up skele-fun cocktails sure to bring out your wild side! Whether you’re entertaining guests at home or getting ready for a spooky night out on the town, BACARDÍ has everything you need to celebrate Halloween right this year!

Say R.I.P. to your haunting cocktail habits and conjure up a new brew with these four BACARDÍ cocktail recipes. These scary-good recipes are made with the new limited-edition bottles of BACARDÍ Superior, BACARDÍ Spiced, BACARDÍ Limon, and BACARDÍ Coconut. Enjoy two new BACARDÍ cocktails, the Bat Brew and Diablo Colada, as well as old haunts – The Goblin and Blood Moon – to tickle (or torture) your taste buds this spooky season.

Re-entering the costume contest this year is the new limited-edition, haunted BACARDÍ Superior Rum bottle! The beloved bottle has traded its glow-in-the-dark jack-o-lantern smile for a frightful bat swarm! Back for a limited time with a new design, this bottle is the perfect gift for your Halloween-loving friends or to bring to a costume party to concoct BACARDÍ cocktail potions that creep it real this Halloween season! 


If you want to make your Halloween one to remember, try out one of these delicious BACARDÍ cocktail recipes! Remember to keep it spooky & always drink responsibly!


The GoblinBacardi - Goblin


  •         1 ½ oz BACARDÍ Superior
  •         1 oz Lime Juice
  •         ½ oz Midori
  •         ½ oz Reàl-Coco
  •         ½ oz Pineapple Juice
  •         Pineapple wedge as garnish

Instructions: Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge. Enjoy!


Blood Moon

Bacardi - Blood MoonIngredients:

  •         1 ½ oz BACARDÍ Limon
  •         ½ oz Monin Blood Orange Syrup
  •         ½ oz Lime Juice
  •         2 oz Ginger Beer
  •         Blood orange slice and amarena cherry as a garnish

Instructions: Shake the first three ingredients with ice and strain into a Collins, highball, or pint glass. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a blood orange slice and an amarena cherry on a cocktail pick. Enjoy!


Bat Brew

Bacardi - Bat BrewIngredients:

  •         1 ½ oz BACARDÍ Coconut
  •         1 oz Cold Brew
  •         ¾ oz Monin Vanilla Syrup

Instructions: Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass or serve chilled in a shot glass. Enjoy!


Diablo Colada

Bacardi - Diablo ColadaIngredients:

  •         1 ½ oz BACARDÍ Spiced
  •         1 oz Reàl-Coco
  •         1 oz Pineapple Juice
  •         3 Frozen Blackberries
  •         1-3 Dashes Bittermens Hellfire Shrub
  •         1 Dash Cholula Hot Sauce
  •         ½ cup Ice
  •         Blackberries and pineapple fronds as garnish

Instructions: Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and pour into a Collins, highball, or hurricane glass. Alternatively, shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass filled with crushed or pebble ice. Garnish with three blackberries on a cocktail pick and three pineapple fronds. Enjoy!

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Hosting a Cocktail Party? 5 Tips to Keep It Stylish and Fashionable


Hosting a Cocktail Party? Here are 5 tips to keep your cocktail party stylish and fashionable.  A cocktail party can be both intimate and charming. It gives you time to reconnect with friends and family as you meet new people and enjoy good food/drinks. For such an occasion, you don’t want it to lack that touch of style and fashion. This means getting it right on planning, from picking your party theme to deciding on a cocktail party dress code. This is not to forget the budgeting part, decorating, guest list management, and making arrangements for food and beverages.

While we can all agree that hosting a cocktail party is no easy feat, it also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or make you pluck the last strand of hair from your head. A little bit of information and planning tips could be all you need to make your soiree grand and spectacular. Without further ado, here are some helpful tips you could use to keep your cocktail party stylish, fashionable, and unforgettable.

1. Choose an ideal party theme

 tips to keep your cocktail party stylish

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels

Cocktail parties are hosted everywhere these days. If you want yours to be unique, fashionable, and stylish, pick an appropriate theme. There are several options to pick from, including:  

  • Black & white
  • Dessert party
  • Hollywood glam

Whatever theme you come up with, go ahead and attach an appropriate dress code. This will introduce the sense of fashion you are looking for.

2. Have stylish accessories for the party 

To make your party even more unique and memorable, you will need to be creative. Among the many things you can do is invest in accessories that bring style and add functionality. If you and your guests will be preparing your own cocktails from scratch, the functional home accessories from the Tom Dixon collection can be a worthwhile investment. From plates to glasses to decanters, vases, diffusers, and even candleholders; go for unique and stylish pieces that will take your party to another level.

3. Have a signature drink

 tips to keep your cocktail party stylish

Photo by Alem Sánchez on Pexels

It’s okay to have several cocktails available for your guests since we all have different tastes and preferences. However, having a signature drink can help make your cocktail party even more stylish and memorable. The signature cocktail should be tasty rather than too strong or too sweet. Let it be a simple drink.

Giving it a name will add to the signatory purpose. You can set a particular time to raise a toast and let everyone get their first sip simultaneously. By doing so, you will just have added a sense of style right there.

4. Provide good music 

Alongside other forms of entertainment, music sets the mood at any party. But to be honest, playing the music hits in your local area from your android phone might not cut it in a cocktail party. To keep your guests cheered up, you may need to invest in some quality sound systems along with a carefully selected playlist.

Now, people have different music tastes, and it’s difficult to tell what each of your guests likes. To make sure everyone at the party is catered for, you could consider hiring a deejay or band that can work in different music genres or playlists depending on the mood present. Nonetheless, your choices will depend mainly on your budget, the theme, and the size of your party.

5. Décor, duh!

Whether or not your party has a theme, you need to choose the right decorations. Let your venue have the party vibe even before your guests start showing up. Flowers and balloons are a simple yet great way to set the mood for any party. You can pick a color theme that should be spread all over the venue, so the party has some uniformity. Just don’t sit back and allow your party venue to look dull.

Setting up a cocktail party isn’t everyone’s cup of Joe. However, it’s nothing close to rocket science either. The simple tips above can help anyone turn what could have been a rather boring party into a memorable bash people will talk about for months or years to come. Don’t forget to have fun because… You deserve it.

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12 Decoration Ideas for a Baseball-Themed Birthday Party


Today we want to share 12 decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party. Does your kid live for baseball? If so, a baseball-themed party can be an awesome way to celebrate a birthday. In fact, if your child is truly obsessed with the game, you might already be fielding requests for a baseball-themed birthday party!

decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party

Source: Talaj/Shutterstock

Decorations are one of the most important aspects of a child’s birthday party. A fun set of themed decorations really helps the party feel special. What kind of cool decorations and activities can parents buy or create to help turn up the excitement and make everyone feel welcome at their child’s baseball birthday party? These 12 baseball decor ideas will give you tons of inspiration.

  1. Baseball Wall Decals

Peel and stick wall decals make ideal decorations for a baseball-themed party. These large-format vinyl cutouts are made to stick to your wall quickly and easily, and you can find them with all kinds of awesome MLB wall art designs, including team logos and life-sized images of MLB superstars. Be sure to choose a brand of wall decals that uses wall-safe adhesives to ensure that the decals don’t damage your walls.

  1. Baseball Pinata

What’s more appropriate for a baseball-themed party than swinging a bat at a ball? Of course, the ball is enormous, made of papier-mache and filled with candy, but we don’t think your kids will complain. Make sure to find a spacious area to hang the pinata so that everyone can get a good swing at it and no one gets run over in the inevitable mad dash for candy.

  1. Baseball Balloons

decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday partyBalloons are a classic part of kids’ birthday parties, and baseball-themed balloons will make a great addition to yours. Team-themed balloons with the logos of your kid’s favorite teams are a great choice, as are general baseball-themed balloons. For a vibrant look, try mixing in some baseball-themed balloons with a handful of simple colored balloons. Red, white and blue are always popular colors for this all-American sport.

  1. Ballpark Vendor Food and Trays

Munching on hot dogs, popcorn and other stadium staples is a key part of the ballgame experience for many folks. So why not bring the fun home? Choose a selection of classic ballpark foods and serve them as party food on a baseball-themed party spread—or, for a little extra fun and atmosphere, parents can grab a vendor tray and pretend to be the ballpark vendor! Don’t forget to include options for any of your child’s friends with dietary restrictions.

  1. Inflatable Baseball Bats

Providing kids with real baseball bats is both expensive and potentially dangerous if the kids are too young to handle them responsibly. Thus, for many parties, inflatable bats are where it’s at! These oversized bats are made from soft plastic and can safely be used for all kinds of goofiness. They’re tons of fun to strike a pose with, so make sure everyone gets the chance to grab some photo ops.

  1. Baseball Cake
decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party

Source: Karen Roach/Shutterstock

We couldn’t forget the cake, right? Your local bakery or grocery store can almost certainly provide you with a baseball-themed cake that will act as a tasty centerpiece for the party. Depending on your budget and your kid’s tastes, you might choose a simple red and white baseball design, or something a little more complex like a baseball diamond with miniature plastic players.

  1. Baseball Table Settings

On a high fly to center field, it’s…cupcakes! Get yourself a baseball tablecloth to set out your party refreshments on and consider pairing it up with baseball-themed cups, baseball napkins, baseball party plates or whatever else you think your kids would enjoy. Most MLB teams offer baseball table settings like plates and napkins with their team logos.

  1. Baseball Photo Booth

A baseball-themed photo booth is a fantastic addition to any kid’s baseball birthday party. Kids will be able to take their own baseball-themed photos, and you can bet they’ll be lining up to do it. Depending on your photo booth, the concept can include anything from bat and glove-themed props and a stadium background to actual baseball rookie cards that guests can take home as party favors.

  1. Game Ticket Invitations

Many baseball fans treasure their tickets from favorite games. Why not turn tickets into a cool memento from a great birthday party? Many invitation printing services offer baseball ticket formats that your kids (and their friends) will love. If you really want to go all-in on old-school fun, grab a hole punch and punch everyone’s ticket at the door.

  1. Baseball Paper Lanterns

If you’re having an outdoor party that might stretch into the evening hours, bring in some baseball paper lanterns for a fun vibe after dark. Paper lanterns are easy to hang and clean up, and modern electric paper lanterns are safe as long as they’re used with supervision and have low-heat bulbs. Hang a couple of strings of them in your backyard and have a friendly evening game!

  1. Batting Cage

For parents whose kids are seriously nuts for baseball, see if you can rent a portable batting cage from your local party rental company (the kind of place that rents bounce houses). These cages are usually equipped with an auto-pitch machine that tosses tennis balls at a safe speed, and some may even offer a game with prizes for hitting your ball toward a target. For safety, make sure that the batting cage rental includes the services of an attendant.

  1. Baseball Gift Bag

What kid doesn’t like a gift bag from a birthday party? Grab some party favor bags with baseball patterns on them and fill them up with cool baseball-related swag. Baseball candy, packs of baseball cards, actual baseballs and, of course, Big League Chew are all choices that won’t disappoint.

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6 Simple Tips to Host a Successful Party


Recently we attended an extravagant party inspired by the popular children’s novel Alice in Wonderland and wanted share 6 simple tips to host a successful party. Once we arrived at the front door, a man dressed up as the Cheshire Cat welcomed us and smiled. Top chefs and bartenders served up small bits of cake and  “drink me” cocktails. The Queen of Hearts was also there, singing with her army and the hosts were dressed up as card soldiers. As the atmosphere was themed but also playful, a White Rabbit slot game would have been a great addition, or a tea corner where we could try and guess different tea flavors. There was so much hype around this party that it was probably the best one we’ve attended in a while.

So we were thinking, what makes a party successful? We have narrowed it down to a few key elements that are essential if you want to host a party everyone will remember. 

Write invitations

One ingredient is often overlooked but shouldn’t be is the invitation. This sets the tone of the party. With an enticing invitation, your guests will immediately be impatient for the party to come. Invitations come in all styles and sizes. Think about a cool thick calligraphy handwriting or maybe a coded invitation. Include all necessary information like time, occasion, dress code etc and any other fun details – the more personal, the better. 

Take care of the décor

At the Alice in Wonderland party, the entire space was transformed into a park with benches and themed serving. Everywhere around us we saw details that caught our attention. However, do not put the pressure on yourself if you want to arrange the decor on a budget. The setup should not be over the top and glamorous. You don’t want to splash all your money buying expensive decorations, but definitely consider transforming the place for the party, even if it takes place in your apartment. Buy fresh flowers, pretty tablecloths, aroma candles and you’re ready to go.

simple tips to host a successful party

erkanyavas / Pixabay

Choose the playlist

Without proper music, a party can feel like a meeting. Set up the mood and volume with a lively playlist. Be sure to plan several hours of great music and choose songs that will move the party up and down. Keep the atmosphere mellow during the meal or the break, and then bring out the dance songs to get your guests moving. If you plan a bigger party like an anniversary or engagement party, consider a live singer or a band. It will set the atmosphere and surely take the pressure off the host.


The food brings us all to the table so be sure to get creative here. It doesn’t matter if your party starts earlier or later in the day but be sure to prepare small tasty snack bites for your guests to nibble on. You don’t have to be a perfect cook to set up a cheese platter. Go through some arrangement ideas on the net or ask a professional to help you out. Plate it on elegant serving platters to keep the food warm and nicely presented. If you are going for a menu of homemade dips and comfort food, do as much as you can in advance. You don’t want to spend your party time in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying themselves.


We know that alcohol is not necessarily a party element but it’s always good to have it as an option. If you don’t want to be in the role of a bartender, make various types of cocktails in advance both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Other options are to set up a bar where guests will make their own drinks or ask someone to help you behind the bar. If you have a flexible budget, hire a professional bartender that will keep your guests satisfied and impressed and who will surely get creative with the beverages.

Drink Champagne Glass

Gellinger / Pixabay

The element of surprise

Whether it’s a performance by a famous artist, a chocolate fountain or a photo booth where guests can make memories, there should always be an element of surprise to the party. It doesn’t have to be an outrageous idea, just something that no one was expecting. Serve cookies from the famous new bakery in town or bring a magician to entertain your loved ones – it is a party after all. The surprise element is one of the things your guest will talk and text about tomorrow, so get creative!

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How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party This Summer


From Mothers day to the 4th of July to Labor Day, there are a ton of opportunities to have fun this summer so why not celebrate au naturel? No, not a party wearing your “birthday suit” but a garden party in the great outdoors!  Did you know that the Queen of England hosts garden parties throughout the summer? Boasting 30,000 guests, 27,000 cups of tea, and 20,000 slices of cake, she makes the most of the warm weather.

So, take a leaf out of Queenie’s book.  Get outdoors, kick back, relax, and enjoy the weather this summer with a garden party.  If you’re looking for some amazing garden party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Are you ready? Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide on how to throw the perfect garden party this summer.

jill111 / Pixabay

What is a Garden Party Anyway?

What is a garden party? It’s a social event that’s held outdoors, most likely in the warm summer months. Just like indoor parties, garden parties can give off different vibes.  For example, it could be a Queen Elizabeth-esque lawn soireé with tea, cake, and sandwiches. It could be a pumping house party, but outside by the pool instead. Or it could be an uber cool, laid back BBQ with hammocks, and chilled music.  Whatever your vibe, the aim is to bring the party to life in an outdoor setting.

How to Throw a Garden Party — Step by Step

how to throw a garden party

congerdesign / Pixabay

Now you know what consists of killer garden parties, it’s time to start planning. Read on for the ultimate guide to throwing a garden party.

Step 1: Be Prepared

This scouts motto is what you need when planning your garden party. You have to think about seating, food, drinks, entertainment and more.  But don’t worry too much. Your party doesn’t have to be elaborate to make it a success. Garden parties are well-known as relaxed gatherings where the guests sit back, relax, and enjoy the weather with a drink in hand.

But it’s especially important to prepare when it comes to the weather. Don’t blame it on the weatherman, prepare beforehand for the worst. For example, invest in a marquee or gazebo.

Step 2: Scout the Perfect Location

Pitsch / Pixabay

Are you blessed with a landscaped back yard filled with gorgeous blooms and foliage trimmed to perfection? If you have such a location on hand, take advantage of it!

If you don’t have an amazing back yard, ask one of your friends who does. Or rent a community garden, rooftop deck, terrace, or even a country home.

Step 3: Provide Ample Seating

A key element in garden parties is ample seating. Nobody wants to stand around all day, even if the weather is great.

If you’re hoping your guests will dance the night away, remember that it may take a few hours before the dance floor really gets moving.  They’ll need plenty of seating before the dancing kicks off.

Of course, “seating” doesn’t necessarily mean chairs. Opt for blankets, beanbags or hammocks instead. There may also be natural seating available, such as logs or tree stumps.

Step 4: Create a Show-Stopper Menu

how to throw a garden party

stux / Pixabay

What is a garden party without an awesome menu? If the weather’s going to be sweltering hot, it’s always best to choose light meals. Light meals and bites are generally easier to prepare too.  For example, salads, tea sandwiches or bread, cheese, and meat platters are all great ideas.  One of the best garden party ideas for the menu is to have a BBQ.  Burgers and hotdogs are favorites for kids and adults alike.

Dyna Glo Grills have always been a crowd favorite for BBQ lovers. Reading the Dyna Glo Grill reviews is the perfect way to find your match for your summer garden parties and don’t forget your sweet treats!  Ice lollies, smores, marshmallows, and cupcakes are perfect for summer evenings.

Step 5: Drinks All Round

Because it’s summer, and the weather is fine, your guests will need plenty of drinks to quench their thirst. Always have some non-alcoholic options prepared, and make sure there is plenty of drinking water too.  A garden party isn’t a garden party without summer cocktails. You can also prepare a fruity punch or offer a light wine or Sangria.

To keep your guests cool you could make colorful ice cubes with extras frozen inside. Such as rose petals, cucumbers, rosemary or violets. It’ll give a pop of color and cool down your guests.

silviarita / Pixabay

Step 6: Don’t Forget Decor

When planning garden parties, don’t rely on the natural greenery of your garden for decoration. Gardens, like our homes, need colorful decor to give it a party vibe.

Here are some garden party ideas for decor:

  • Colorful bunting
  • Vases with freshly cut flowers
  • Decorative tableware
  • Flower garlands
  • Balloons
  • Statues

You don’t need to overdo it with the decor, especially if your location is stunning in itself but a few decorations here and there will turn your normal back yard into a vivid fiesta.

Step 7: Back Yard Illuminations

Keep your party going even when the sun goes down. All you need is some well-planned elegant lighting. Use lighting to decorate the table, hang them in the foliage, or use them to light up steps or pathways.

pixel2013 / Pixabay

Here are some cool garden party ideas for lighting:

  • Solar lights (for pathways and steps)
  • Mini lanterns
  • Mason jars with candles
  • Tiki torches
  • Glow sticks
  • String Christmas lights
  • Scented candles (to keep the bugs away)

Christmas lights all year round, why not?

Step 8: Play that Funky Music

The perfect playlist will set the mood for the entire evening. Have a low-key playlist for background music, and have an upbeat playlist ready for when the dancing begins.  Plan your playlist ahead of time and make sure you have enough songs to play over the duration of the party. You don’t want your guests to hear the same few songs on repeat, after all.

Work Hard, Party Harder

Now you’ve read the ultimate guide to throwing a garden party, you can create the best bash of the summer. All you have to do is be prepared, choose a great menu, and light it up.  But whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Work hard, but party harder!

Of course, when planning a garden party, not everyone has a huge budget to work with. How can you plan a party on a shoe-string budget? Find out here.

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The New Year Natural – A 2019 Guide to Outdoor Partying


With the new year comes a new calendar of events to celebrate in style so here’s a helpful 2019 guide to outdoor Partying.  There are plenty of beautiful venues out there, but nothing turns heads quite like an outdoor party. Get party tents that are suitable for all weather conditions.Once you decide on that direction, you’ll find that every patch of grass or waterside stretch is fair game.  Here’s what you need to consider before you throw an outdoor party.

Get A Marquee

The elements are not as predictable as we would like them to be, particularly in Melbourne. Your daytime or evening event has the opportunity to be wet, windy or dry – it’s anyone’s guess. But this shouldn’t put you off, as you can hire a marquee in Melbourne to take care of you and your guests. Marquees also signify a real sense of occasion, and set the scene for a day or night of fun. Marquees are designed to look luxury, but be a blank canvas so you can style and dress them according to your party vibe.

Experiment With Different Themes

Yellow balloon beside white balloon

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels

No one needs to sell you into the idea of a themed party. We all know just how fun they can be, and the commitment guests take to dressing up is always a treat. Why not add a theme to your outdoor event, and get things looking fresh. The best part about themes is that you can take it as far as you like, depending on your guest-list and what you think they would do with the theme. For daytime get-togethers, you may think a ‘touch of floral’ is the perfect theme, or you could take it a step further and make it a ‘70’s disco’ theme for an evening bash. The choice is yours. Watch those RSVP’s roll in, as no one can resist a good old dress up party.

Everyone Loves Entertainment: Be Unique

A DJ is great, and a band always gets people on their feet – but is there something else you could be doing? Capitalise on the outdoor location and stunning marquee, and center the party around a unique entertainment concept. If it is a daytime event, you could have croquet kit set up for guests to have a hit and get competitive. For evening soirees, you could set up a lawn bowls kit or an arts and crafts table. You want your guests to be moving around the party having fun, with no time for them to check their watches. Think outside of the box, and consider something new so you can kick off the first event of the year with something no one has done before.

Don’t Forget Good Housekeeping

When we say housekeeping, we are not addressing the mess that will await us the next day. That’s a problem for your future self to deal with. Practicing good housekeeping at a party is letting everyone know about parking, toilets, restrictions, and all those nitty-gritty logistics. To save the pressure of passing on the details to your guests on the day, include them in the invite and then re-iterate them again at the event with signage. Outdoor events always bring a crowd, so make sure you have considered how your guests will arrive and what comes next. There may be noise restrictions in an outdoor setting, so make sure you clarify the details and plan your party around it.

2019 is set to be another great year for parties, and the allure of outdoor entertaining is too much to resist. With the right planning and a few valuable tips from this 2019 guide to outdoor partying in place, you could have parties that will be remembered for a long time. Your marquee is the key ingredient here, so do go without one.

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5 Amazing Ideas for Your Next Picnic


It’s summer time.  Schools out, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and it’s time to plan an awesome picnic.  Everyone loves picnics.  Mothers, fathers, grand parents, friends, co-workers and of course children.  Picnics are usually accompanies by lot’s of fun, games, activities and lasting memories.  Right now there’s no better time to highlight 5 amazing ideas for you next picnic.  Are you ready?

Pool Party Picnic

Who doesn’t like a summer time pool picnic?  Depending on where you live, most of us experience some pretty hot afternoons during the summer.  What better way to stay cool, have a lot of fun and enjoy some great backyard finger foods and snakes.

ideas for your next picnic

Pexels / Pixabay

Fun Ideas: Water games of course.  You can have swimming races and provide inexpensive medals to all of the winners.  You can play other fun games such as Marco Polo, water volleyball, swim through rings or squirt gun races.

Food ideas:  While the pool might be the main focal point of the day, your going to have a lot of hungry mouths to feed after expending tons of energy playing games and having fun all day.  Children (and yes even us adults) love finger foods, snacks and cool drinks to keep us hydrated which equal loads of food ideas.  Try fresh watermelon sticks, veggie dip cups, rice crispy treats, little bbq smokies with tooth picks, frozen rainbow smoothie pops and of course some fresh squeezed lemonade and plenty of ice water.

Perfect Island Beach Picnic

How many of you think that a summer picnic is perfect for relaxing on the beach?  We certainly do and to help you create a memorable day, we’re going to suggest a few pretty awesome ideas for your next picnic.

Fun Ideas:  If you are with a “significant other” here are a few romantic ideas that could also be fun.  Since your going to be on the beach, don’t forget your blanket.  If it’s an evening picnic, a pair of scented candles adds a sensual and visual element to your picnic.   If your on an afternoon beach picnic, a large sun umbrella will help block the sun and trade winds if they are present.

Food ideas:  Bringing food for a beach picnic is easier than you might think.  No need for fully prepared meals that would go cold if not eaten right away.  Instead opt for your favorite cheeses, crackers, fruit, club  sandwiches or baguette, and lemon bars or brownies for a sweet dessert that won’t require a huge cleanup.   If you are so inclined, you may also bring your favorite bottle of wine.  Just don’t forget the glasses, lighter for the candles and a super cold cooler for the food items that require it.

Scenic Country Picnic

ideas for your next picnic, country picnic

Silberfuchs / Pixabay

Whether you live in the city, suburb or small community, everyone should take at least one day this summer to enjoy a really awesome country picnic. Hop online and find out where the closest state park is or where there might be waterfalls or public recreation areas nearby.  There might even be a few secret estates or wineries with massive properties that you could checkout.  Even better, ask family, friends or even a forum or online community where you might be able to find the most amazing places to enjoy the perfect scenic country picnic.

Fun Ideas: This would totally be up to you and your guests.  Some might enjoy fishing or canoeing if near a pond or lake while others might enjoy, horseback riding, a friendly game of horseshoes or simply relaxing atop a hill with a glass of chardonnay over looking rolling hills and pastures of green grass.

Food ideas:  Whatever you might fancy, your picnic wouldn’t be complete without a few comforts of a real country menu for your picnic.  If you love the outdoors, you might want to build a small fire to BBQ some chicken or to fry freshly caught fish.  A fresh salad with veggies would be a perfect compliment.  How about some fresh arugula with sun-dried tomatoes, onion circles, herbed goat cheese, croutons and some extra virgin olive oil?  If your more into finger foods, try an Italian sub pinwheel with lettuce, garlic mayo, pastrami, smoked ham, pepperoni and thin slices of Monterrey jack cheese.  Now we know a country picnic just isn’t the same without a home baked dessert of some sort.  You can pick up a fresh peach cobbler pie or make up some apple crisp to round out the menu of your awesome country picnic.  Don’t forget a cooler and wine opener if needed.

Playground Park Picnic

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashion playground park picnic.  This is a great picnic that you can have several times throughout the year and one that is super enjoyable for the entire family.  These days everyone is busy and it can seem difficult to find quality time to spend with your family.  A day at a local park is just what you need unwind, relax and enjoy the company of others.

Fun Ideas: Parks are fun all on their own.  Most parks have jogging trails, slides, merry-go-rounds, swings, tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields and more.  Most community parks also have a swimming pool and a lake where you might be able to go fishing.  No matter what park might be at the top of your list, you are guaranteed to have enough activities to keep everyone active and happy.

Food ideas:  I’m not sure about you but when I was younger, an outing to the park was all about the picnic.  After playing all day, it was very easy to get excited about lunch.  Keep things simple so that you don’t have to worry about a huge clean up or long prep times in the kitchen.  Now a days, you can usually find that most parks have outdoor grills you can use so hotdogs, brats and hamburgers are super easy and cook up in less than 20 minutes.  You can also prepare some amazing steak, pepper and mushroom skewers too.  If grilling isn’t an option, you can opt for the infamous PB&J sandwich which goes perfect with a bag of your favorite chips and soda.  Don’t forget to bring some fresh veggies and fruit for everyone.  Carrots, tomatoes, grapes and strawberries are excellent choices.

Delightful Autumn Picnic

Autumn is by far my most favorite season.  The crisp air at night, the leaves turning orange and seemingly falling to the ground non-stop through the day and while it might be summer now, Autumn will be among us sooner than we know it.  Right now presents the perfect time to plan for an unforgettable autumn picnic for families, friends or couples.

Fun Ideas:  In most parts of the world, autumn means that the weather is getting cooler so make sure you wrap up. A light jacket or cozy blanket will probably do the trick as long as you choose a style that suits your needs.  Autumn is all about being outdoors and enjoying the weather so why not try some of these ideas:

ideas for your next picnic

_Alicja_ / Pixabay

1. Bonfires: Bonfires are just fun period.  People can gather around, keep warm, sing songs, tell jokes and just enjoy the company of one another.  Some like to get together for a fun game of soccer or football.

2. Apple picking: Find a local farm where you can go pick apples.  How fun does that sound and of course you get to keep what you pick.  Hello…… delicious apple pie anyone!!

3. Hiking: The autumn is the most perfect time to go hiking.  Head out to your nearest lake or wildlife preserve that has public access and enjoy a 2 hour hike.  Watch leaves fall at your feet and listen to the sounds of nature surround you.  Get a little exercise and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

4. Visit a pumpkin farm: A pumpkin is always closely associated with fall since that is when they are harvested.  If your luck enough to find a pumpkin farm within an hour from your home.  Guaranteed  you will have a blast.  Some of these pumpkin farms even offer hayrides, food fairs and other activities.

Food ideas:  As with the fun ideas, there are lots of simple recipes that would perfectly compliment a delightful autumn picnic.  If you are having that bonfire, hotdogs and marshmallows are a must as is hot chocolate. Cheese, crackers and a large tin tub full of beer and ice will certainly draw a few smiles from your guests.  If your picnic will last throughout the day, consider a nice hearty chili for your family and guests.  A large crock pot will help keep the food warm throughout the day and into the evening.  For dessert you simply can’t go wrong with homemade pumpkin bread with apple cinnamon butter.  If you are entertaining a lot of guests, add a delicious apple pie.  Don’t forget that antique plates and utensils can add a beautiful sense of nostalgia to your delightful autumn pic.

We hope you really enjoyed our list of ideas for your next picnic.  Picnics are sometimes forgotten about but present an exciting and fun time to spend with family and friends.  Picnics can be taken at anytime throughout the year, even during Winter.  Tell us about your ideas for your next picnic.  We’d love to hear your thoughts or perhaps even your own picnic story.

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5 Tips on Throwing the Best House Party This Festive Season


Whether you’re throwing a party for your very best friends or hosting something to get to know your neighbours a little better, there are some things you can do to ensure people remember it for all the right reasons. Here’s what to do if you want to be known as the person who threw the best house party this festive season:

  1. Focus on lighting and entertainment

party dj photoAs much as food is important at a house party, people don’t tend to come away from it saying “what an amazing pizza that was!”. Or, at least, that’s not what they’ll be talking about months from now. Instead, people remember the atmosphere – and a magical atmosphere is only created with great lighting and entertainment. So, start by putting together the perfect music playlist (theme it depending on your guests or the nature of the best house party your throwing), figure out how you’re going to make sure it can be heard in various rooms, and make sure you have plenty of ambient lighting. Fairy lights and candles are a great idea (keep naked flames somewhere safely out of reach so they can’t be knocked), and if your budget can stretch to it, consider hiring something fun like a disco ball or LED lamps that change colour.

  1. Serve great food

christmas cookies photoWhile food isn’t the most important factor when it comes to throwing a good house party, it’s definitely up there. People love going to parties where they’ll be well fed, so put out a platter of bits that can be easily picked up and eaten without needing to sit down or use cutlery. Serve pizza slices, breads, hummus and guacamole, hot wings, spicy wedges, vegetable rolls, smoked meats and cheese, brownies and cookies. None of this is ‘fancy’, but it’s all stuff you can prepare ahead of time, and it’s bound to go down well with everyone. And consider getting something delivered midway through the night – trays of chips will soak up the alcohol a treat.

  1. Chill your drinks ahead of time

There’s nothing that screams ‘unprepared’ so much as a host who’s serving warm alcohol. So, well before the party is due to begin, make sure you’ve got lots of space in your fridge so you can fill it with wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and anything else you’re offering. You can pop bottles in the freezer to cool them quickly before moving them to the fridge – just remember not to leave them in there too long! And when it comes to serving warmer alcoholic drinks such as red wine, make sure they’re stored at the right temperature so that they’re good to go when your guests arrive: most red wines should be served slightly below room temperature.

  1. Make introductions

play cards photoThere’s a good chance that your guests aren’t going to know everyone, so be a good host and introduce everyone early in the night. Bring up common interests, stories that are relevant to both parties and then slowly pull yourself away from the conversation and leave them to it. That way, you won’t have to keep an eye on guests or do any awkward babysitting.

  1. Lay out games

Finally, the best house parties include things that give your guest something to do. After all – you’re not throwing a networking event, so make sure everyone has something to do if the conversation dries up a little. A deck of playing cards will always be picked up, and a simple game of beer pong or table tennis gives everyone something to gather round and laugh at. All you need is a dining table and a few bits and bobs to have the best house party this festive season – the competition will take care of itself.
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The Social Giant – How to Throw a Huge Party on a Small Budget


If given half the chance, we would all throw parties to rival any MTV bash.  However if you don’t have MTV money and still want to throw a party with the same wow-factor, crack out the party hats and follow these simple steps.

Secure the essentials
party photoDefine what assets your party needs to be successful and put your budget towards those non-negotiables. Think of what your guests are going to be talking about the next day and what will immortalize your soiree. Snappy Photobooths are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and gives people a tangible take home to plaster their fridge or work station with.
Great entertainment is another essential, whether you have a DJ, live band or some crowd favorites playing through your iPhone – keep your guests guessing! Once you have booked your booth and entertainment, the rest of the budget can be spent on other things to make your party memorable.
Less is always more
Your guests don’t need to know your budget, and by embracing some fresh party ideas they never will.  Forget set menus or cater waiters and back up the truck, literally. Food trucks are a unique party favor and booking one for the night won’t break the bank.
Low maintenance venue
garden party photoSinking your budget into a hotel ballroom or conference room can get quite expensive. Instead seek out ovals, parks and marquees as they will accommodate all the guests you desire and there will be little to no costs for the space. With nature as your backdrop, watch the atmosphere turn electric as the sun goes down. A wider open space will also afford different areas like a dance floor, fire pit or a spot to simply converse with friends.
Let your guests be the theme
Contrary to popular Pinterest boards, you probably can’t afford those elaborate theming concepts. Pick a theme and let the guests transform the vibe. 70’s, Rocky Horror or Gatsby – the options are endless and nothing builds party anticipation like a theme.
Nobody grows tired of games
Except maybe Spin The Bottle.  Litter your party with jumbo Connect Four or Jenga. If outdoors, croquet makes for a great garden party, and your guests will thank you for the photo ops. Games and activities keep the party exciting and are typically low costs and can be used for future parties.
The success of your party is not reliant on a big budget, although you will need to think outside the box to make the party exciting and memorable. Put yourself in the shoes of your guest list and give them something to be excited about without breaking the bank.
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Holy Bash, Batman: How to Throw an Adult Superhero Party


capezIt’s one of those seldom admitted truths of adulthood; one never stops loving superheroes, but in boardrooms and other places of ‘adulthood,’ it’s best to mask one’s penchant for Batman, Superman, and the bunch.
However, there’s a time and place to be open and in costume about one’s eternal love for the purveyors of good, truth, and justice.  Consider the following must-haves unmasked at your next adult superhero party.
Mask Invites
Of course, you can go to the card store and select a bundle of ordinary invitations.  But, you’re not having an ordinary party.  An adult superhero party necessitates special messages drawn on mask invites.  Draw and make multiple copies of your own or find templates of superhero masks online.  Those chosen to attend your party will be delighted to see you’re taking this adult superhero party thing seriously.
Creative Libations
You could serve the traditional juice and punch, but wouldn’t it be more fun and apropos to serve Joker Juice?  Adopt the Joker’s preference for purple; find a blueberry-flavored drink and neon green serving glasses; and then concoct the creative libation.  Do you want to serve a drink fit for the Green Lantern?  Buy glowing green ice cubes and make ordinary bottled water look like magical elixir.
Super Cakessuper-hero-cake
Ordinary birthday parties feature one cake, but super parties provide an assortment of cakes for those with oversized appetites and a love for sweets.  Speak to local bakeries about supplying cupcakes, multi-tier cakes, and other sweets made to resemble favorite superheroes.  Those with a sweet tooth and knowledge of baking can purchase cake pans fit with the likeness of Spiderman, the Batman emblem, etc.
Reserved Capes
Of course, there may be a few invites who are shy or reserved about dressing as a superhero to your party.  That means you’ll need to have a number of costumes reserved in the ‘Vault of Justice,’ aka your closet, to serve those who are ‘forgetful’ in bringing along their alter egos.  Find a number of super costumes at
28641054_9f0c0b821c_zSurprise Visits
Superheroes have a knack for knowing when to show up at the right moments.  Surprise your friends with a visit from Superheroes. Local theatres and party suppliers hire actors to pose as super friends.  It adds another element of fantasy to the existing party already celebrating fictional characters, places, and special powers.
Post-Party Intelligence
Most superhero tales end with a summary, reviewing the good done within a given episode. Use free online software to create a mock newspaper, filled with news stories and pictures from the party.  Of course, you’ll have to get ‘back in character,’ reliving the heroic partying efforts put forth by attendants and reviewing the good deeds done.
If you want attendants to respond with a “Holy Bash, Batman!” you have to go the extra mile regarding super invitations, food, drinks, games, and guest appearances by the most notable of superheroes.  Super parties call for super preparation, so be sure to address the above elements to make your next party extraordinary.
Rachel Lemelin is a self-admitted comic superhero nerd and avid writer. Whenever she comes across a fun idea to spread her superhero cape, she shares it by posting online. Look for her entertaining articles on a number of today’s best websites and blogs.
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Lets Party! 6 Exciting Party Themes


New Year’s Eve: Get Your Party Started

New Year’s Eve. It’s a day we all look forward to but can often be a bit of an anti-climax. The clock strikes 12, we all celebrate, watch some fireworks, and then head home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Oh no, it can be a night where the celebration doesn’t stop, the party never ends, and it really is a night to remember. If you want to party outside, try a strip club for an hour or so. They can be exciting and super fun for both men and women.

If you’re planning on hosting a party this New Year, don’t rely on cocktail sausages and cheesy tunes. Be inventive; treat your guests to something special. We take a look at five party ideas that will keep the party going longer than a Sydney Harbour firework display.

BBQ in the snowWinter BBQ 

Of course this doesn’t apply to those lucky enough to be enjoying the sunshine on December 31, but for those in London, New York, Chicago, or anywhere it’s more than a little chilly, then get outside, light the fire, and watch the fireworks illuminate the sky above.
There’s nothing that quite beats the brisk, fresh air when you’re all wrapped up, hanging out with friends. Swap the chips and dips for marshmallows, burgers, and sausages, and why not even treat your guests to a few fireworks of your own?

Casino Party

Bringing the party back inside, you could turn your home into something reminiscent of a Las Vegas casino, encouraging your guests to dress to impress as well as putting on a range of games to transform your party into a thrilling evening of poker and casino games.

Get out the cards and the green felt for a poker tournament, and load up your TV and computer screens so you can  play online roulette and blackjack via the Pokerstars, and you never know – you may make a return on the  lavish canapés and caviar that you’ll obviously serve throughout the night.

Masquerade Party 
Not want to know who you kiss when the clock strikes midnight? Want it to be forever shrouded in mystery? Or do you simply plan on being so drunk you don’t quite want to know who you’re kissing to enter the New Year?
Either way, a masquerade theme is probably the answer. Masks can be picked up fairly cheap but add a whole heap of sparkle to an evening. Adding a bit of glamour alongside great food will liven up your evening to no end. And after all, it’s how Romeo and Juliet met. Could there be fireworks at your ball?

book, sherlock holmes, mystery

Photo by bluebudgie on Pixabay

Murder Mystery 
Not only will people be asking “whodunit?” while trying to solve the evil murder, but also be thanking you for putting on a memorable night of detective work.

There’s something rather thrilling about a murder mystery; it’s why we love Sherlock  and Luther, and a night getting into character and solving you’re very own real life game of Clue will be a fine way to welcome in 2015. Was it Detective Johnson in the lounge? The trusty butler in the pantry? No. But it was you putting on the amazing New Year’s Eve party.

Around The World Party 
Forget limiting your party to a suburban neighborhood in Nevada or a county house in the Deep South. Send your party around to the world – or at least bring the rest of the world to you.

An Around the World party will bring the best cuisines, drinks, and of course customs directly to your home. Theme every room a different nation and you could be having pre-midnight tacos followed by a slice of pizza in the opening minutes of the following year.

When turning your home into a tour of the globe, you can start in Paris, with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower hanging over with croissants, cheeses, and frogs legs (if you’re brave), before moving through Italy, China, Mexico, and wherever else strikes you. And who knows; you could even finish in Vegas and have that casino night too.

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