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7 Confidence Killers You Can Do Something About


Today we want to discuss 7 confidence killers you can do something about. Women face insecurities and challenges each day that could derail their self-confidence. Thought patterns and physical factors could increase these difficulties, and they may need new ways to manage them. By addressing confidence killers, ladies develop more confidence and avoid negative outcomes.

Heavy or Excessive Bleeding During Periods

Confidence Killers

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Heavy or excessive bleeding during their period is called menorrhagia, and for many women, it presents embarrassing moments. Heavier bleeding requires them to change their pad or tampon more frequently, and if they do not change them quickly enough, they could bleed onto their clothing. All women have experienced these moments in their lifetime, and it is an immediate confidence killer, and it makes some women want to stay home as much as possible during their periods.

The Curse of Overthinking Everything

Everyone is guilty of overthinking at one time or another in their lives. It is normal to consider all angles of a situation and make a well-informed decision. It is another thing to obsess about the situation until the person has created the worst possible scenario in their head. To avoid overthinking, they can sit down and create the pros and cons of the situation, and then let it go.

The Dramatic Script In Your Head

Overthinking often leads to a full-blown dramatization of the situation, and the dramatization may be nothing close to what is really happening. By creating drama in their heads, ladies could create a problem that isn’t even there. They will lose self-confidence based on this unrealistic drama they’ve created by overthinking and dreaming up different scenarios. Communication with the person in question is better than solving problems through dramatizations.

Surrounding Yourself With Negative Thinkers

Confidence Killers

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The people that are around the person every day that affects how they think, how they react to anything, and their confidence levels. If they hear nothing but negative thoughts and comments, the person adapts to these thought processes and internalizes them. If their friends are always negative, maybe it’s time to find new friends.

Convincing Yourself That You Aren’t Worthy

Self-talk must remain positive. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t call themselves out on their own negative behavior patterns, but it is the things they say to themselves that have the greatest impact on how they see themselves. If a person continues to convince themselves over and over that they are not worthy, they will believe it. By breaking this cycle, they can rebuild their confidence and recognize their worth.

Creating a Mental Catalog of Failures

Some people spend hours cataloging their failures, and for most, these thoughts arrive when they are trying to go to sleep at night. By taking on a fresh perspective, they can begin by viewing their failures as attempts. The truth about failures is that they are proof that the person is trying, and if they take on this mindset, they restore confidence and avoid sabotaging their efforts.

Self-Sabotaging Everything Good in Your Life

Self-sabotaging behavior patterns not only diminish the self-confidence, but they also stop the person from accepting anything good that comes their way. These behaviors force conflict and create the outcome the person fears the most. Instead of opening themselves up to good things, they pick them apart until they force others to react in the way they expected.

The best practices to stop self-sabotaging behaviors are to identify these behaviors and take steps to avoid them. Whenever they feel that they are about to start these actions, the person can separate themselves from the situation until they uncloud their mind and find their center.

For women, there are several confidence killers that don’t just affect their confidence, but the factors affect their lives, too. By identifying confidence killers and how to avoid them, women can improve their lives. They can also create a better life for everyone they care about the most.

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6 Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight


Today we want to share 6 tips for positive affirmations while losing weight.  Trying to lose weight isn’t an easy thing to do, and won’t happen in a day. Losing weight involves hard work, determination and consistency. While you’re already changing how you normally eat and allotting extra time for your daily workouts, the process doesn’t stop there. You have to keep yourself positive, so that you’ll be more motivated to work towards your goal. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll achieve your goals faster, as you’re constantly reminded of why you’re doing it.

When deciding to lose weight, add positive body image to your routine; identify why are you doing this. Are you doing it for yourself or the people around you? You need to want to lose the weight to keep up any kind of motivation.

Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

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Here are some tips on positive affirmations that you can use when you’re losing weight:

  1. See Motivation Everywhere

If trying to lose weight is a huge challenge for you, you should try to keep yourself motivated all the time. This may be hard, especially when you try to motivate yourself on your own, and when you’re just starting to work out. You might forget your positive affirmations minutes before you go to eat, or remember them just as the meal has finished. 

You should surround yourself with the most motivation possible. Set your phone wallpaper to motivational images or text that encourages you to keep on pushing. Along with this, you can add sticky notes with positive affirmations about losing weight. You can place these notes on the fridge, bedside table, bathroom mirror, workstation, or anywhere that you’ll be able to see it organically. This will help you to keep motivated before leaving your home and throughout the day. 

  1. Start the Day Right

When you start the day right, you’ll have the best chance of ending it right.   When you wake up, remind yourself immediately of your goal and how you can be one step closer to it. Eat a healthy breakfast, and try to do a light workout. It’ll get you energized, and start the day full of positivity that you can do everything you’ve planned to do. 

  1. Be Consistent
Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Pexels

When it comes to losing weight, of course, you have to be consistent with your actions. If your diet includes a cheat day, make sure that it’ll only last a day and won’t stretch into a week. Speak to yourself in front of the mirror, and give yourself positive affirmations that will help you to be consistent. 

You could even add positive affirmation as a task on your daily schedule, so you don’t miss out on keeping yourself motivated and happy.

  1. Stay Away from Temptations

No matter how many positive words you say to yourself, once you see your favorite bar of chocolate, all the positive affirmation generally tends to go out the window. While one bar may seem harmless, it’ll only lead to more mistakes; it takes more effort to fix a hole than it does to make it bigger.

If you can, always stay away from temptations. Be strong in the face of food; after all, it is just food. The next morning, it may not matter to you whether or not you had the chocolate bar, but your waist will either be bigger or smaller. Remind yourself that you’re a strong person, who won’t give up on something you really want just because a piece of candy is in front of you. You’re stronger than you think, and will continue to be the more frequently you resist temptation. 

  1. Enjoy It

Never incorporate negative thoughts with what you’re doing. Always try to turn your negatives into positives. The quote “no pain, no pain” is truly effective when you’re trying to lose weight, and mostly because it’s true. When you see the results, the hard work that you’ve done is always worth it. Looking back, everything you did often seems so much easier than it was at the time.

Treat everything that you do as a one-step close on your weight goal. You can speak to yourself, saying things such as: 

  • I enjoy training
  • This will help me feel better
  • This is just temporary
  • I love the taste of my food
  • I love exercising
  • This is easy

When it comes to positive affirmations, it’s mind over matter. Fake it till you make it. You won’t even realize how much weight you’re losing when you keep yourself motivated.

  1. Believe in Yourself
    Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

There’s no better motivation than that which comes from you. Always reassure yourself that you can make it. Take inspiration from others, and ensure yourself that if they can do it, then you can do it too. Each day is a chance to make yourself better than you were yesterday. 

As discouraging as it is to your weight loss mission to see others hitting their goals when you’re only halfway there, this is normal. We go at our own pace. The important thing is that you reach your goal through hard work. Don’t worry if it’s taking you too long; just focus on getting there. Stop comparing yourself to others, and instead use them as your inspiration and motivation. When you choose to be kind to yourself, it’ll go a long way. 

You can say these words to yourself to help you keep motivated:

  • I can do this
  • I deserve to be slim, healthy, and beautiful
  • I have a naturally healthy mind and body
  • I believe in my ability to lose weight and keep it that way
  • I am disciplined
  • I am getting fitter, stronger and better each day


As difficult as the path may be, motivate yourself with positive affirmations about how the hardship will end, and you’ll be able to reach your goal. Always try to focus on the result, rather than the process. This will help you to keep motivated and be able to achieve it.

It’s important that you surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people, to help you stay encouraged all the time. And finally, remember that nothing beats hard work.

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Simple Tips For Feeling More Attractive & Confident


Today we want to share some simple tips for feeling more attractive and confident.  The world can be a tough place sometimes and doesn’t always make you feel good about yourself. However, it’s up to you to ensure you’re steady and stable on the inside so that external matters don’t shake you.

There are simple yet useful tips you can implement to help you feel more attractive and confident overall. Be willing to give these ideas a try and then notice the positive impact they have on your attitude and life. Enjoy the benefits of you working on yourself and finding ways to increase your happiness and confidence.

Set & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

tips for feeling more attractive

Photo by Tim Savage on Pexels

One simple tip for feeling more attractive and confident is to exercise and break a sweat. Set and achieve your fitness goals to help you feel better about your looks and improve your mental state. Exercise is good for your mental and physical health and will help to boost your mood. Your clothes will fit better, and you’ll like what you see when you look in the mirror. Reaching your goals will give you the boost and confidence you need to know that you’re fully capable of overcoming obstacles when you set your mind to it.

Accept Compliments from Others

You may be feeling down about yourself because you always brush off compliments from others. Instead, try embracing these remarks and believing what others are telling you for once. You can feel more attractive and confident when reviewing all the positive and unique characteristics that make you who you are and encompass all your talents. Keep a journal and write down what you like about yourself and what nice comments people tell you so you can ensure they stay at the forefront of your mind.

Flash A Smile

simple ways to improve your smile

innamikitas / Pixabay

Another simple tip for feeling more attractive and confident is to flash a smile more often. Smiling makes you feel happier, and you’ll appear friendlier and more approachable to others. If you’re embarrassed by your teeth or have issues that need fixing, then consider contacting the professionals at Harmony Dental. You’ll walk away with a brighter and whiter smile that you can be proud to show off. Smiling more will improve your mood and make you feel more confident about yourself in general.

Take Risks

You’re going to be happier when you’re using your skills and abilities and meeting and exceeding your goals. However, to do so, you can’t sit around waiting and hoping that good things come to you. You must be willing to take risks and challenge yourself daily to get and stay ahead. You’ll feel more attractive and confident with yourself when you’re overcoming roadblocks and proving that you have what it takes to succeed. For instance, it may mean finding a new job that is more gratifying or moving homes or neighborhoods to improve your environment and surroundings. Focus on what you have control over and then make changes based on what you believe will bring you the most happiness and joy.

Challenge Negative Self-Talk

Your self-talk also plays a role in how you feel about yourself and your confidence. It’s not helpful to always pick on yourself and your looks and tell yourself what you can’t do. Instead, challenge negative self-talk and replace these sentences and thoughts with more positive and uplifting words of encouragement. Be your own cheerleader and give yourself a pep talk once in a while. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, and you may soon lose your way and get down about your future. Try being kind to yourself and notice that it gets you a lot further and is a lot more helpful than always being negative and pessimistic.

tips for feeling more attractive

Photo by Rebrand Cities on Pexels

Dress for Success

Your clothing is another aspect that impacts your appearance and confidence. If you want to be successful, then you should plan to dress like that’s what you want. Update your wardrobe and buy clothes that fit you well and show off your best features and assets. Get rid of anything too tight or out of style, and treat yourself by getting clothes that make you feel and look great. Even if you work from home, get up and get dressed each day and out of your sweats. You’ll feel more attractive and confident when you get a good night’s sleep and start your day off right by getting yourself showered and dressed. Think about how you want to present and portray yourself when you go out in public too. Wear not only attractive clothing but also stand tall and have good posture.  

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Future Thinking and the Options to Make it a Reality


Future thinking can be an exciting but scary prospect. It’s all an unknown isn’t it? The chapter of the book yet to be written. But many of us think about our future, especially if we are in relationships or have goals we want to achieve. We can sit and chat about what we want out of life. But do we make plans to make those dreams a reality? Possibly not. With that in mind, here are some of the options to consider. When planning for the future, these things should at least set you on the right track.  

Workout what the future entails

future thinking

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Whether you are sitting down discussing the future with your partner. Or you are working it out on your own. Thinking about exactly what the future entails for you is the first big step. You have to be realistic. You need to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. Does your future have marriage in it? Are you in a relationship? Perhaps now might be the time to make steps into the dating world to help with this goals, such as chatline dating given the current circumstance. Does it involve buying a house? Are you planning on starting a family? All of these things will have big financial implications for you. So they need to be well thought out and planned for as much as possible. A good way of doing this would be to try and ask yourself where you will be in five years and ten years? What do you envision for yourself? This will be a great indicator of what you want out of life. 

Clear off debt

Like many of the bigger things a future can present. Like marriage, mortgages and babies. There comes a financial cost. So if any of those things are in your future, you need to try and put yourself in the best possible position. This means if you have a little debt, then that should be your first port of call to clear it off. A great way to find out what situation you are in is to get a free credit check and credit report. This will show you every financial association you have and what is impacting your credit score. Even if you don’t have much debt. These reports are an excellent insight into savings and mortgages, and may even highlight any mistakes on your record. 

Get a good savings plan in place

future thinking

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

A house can’t be bought, a wedding can’t be paid for, and a baby can’t be provided for without money. It’s an obvious one. So you need to try and save as much money as you can to prepare yourself for those costs. A great way of doing this is to set up a regular savings account and work out what you can afford to save each month. As you get used to this, you can increase the amounts over time. 

Set obtainable goals

Once you understand what your future entails, you then need to lay out detailed goals. It’s important to have steps on how to achieve these goals too. Ultimately, the goals should be SMART or:

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Achievable
  • Relevant 
  • Time Orientated

For instance, you might be interested in achieving a change in your career and gaining a new position. This can be a SMART goal if you take the right steps. As a starting point you’ll need to get new degrees or qualifications. Luckily, there are lots of qualifications you can complete in your spare time such as a Christian psychology degree online

Create a vision board

A nice way of keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind is to create a vision board. This can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Some people use big pin boards and stick everything they want out of life all over it. Some use a page in their diary as a reminder. But looking at your vision board each day will remind you what you are doing everything for. It’s a great way of keeping everything in mind, and they can be a lot of fun to create. 

Let’s hope these tips help you get on the right track for your plans. 

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The Changes Most Likely to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Are you looking to boost your self confidence?  These changes will most likely help you do so.  If you’re someone who’s been lacking self-confidence for a while, it’s probably time to make some changes in your life. The way you see and think about yourself will have a huge impact on how other people see you as well. So if you want to start growing in confidence and feeling better about yourself, we’re going to talk you through some of the changes you might want to make. So read on now to find out more.

Spend More Time on the Things You Enjoy

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Candid_Shots / Pixabay

First of all, you should think about what’s behind confidence. When a person is confident, they’re also usually content and happy. So it makes sense to start working on your happiness if you want to work on your confidence, and that’s something that can be done by spending more time doing the things that you really enjoy in life. It’s something we should all do more of.

Put More Thought Into Your Outfits

If you feel self-conscious and lack confidence in the clothes you wear, it’s something that people will notice more than you realize. If you don’t feel confident in the outfits you’re wearing, you’ll look uncomfortable and those clothes won’t hang well on you. So try to put more thoughts into your outfits if you can. It’ll go a long way towards making you feel more positive and confident.

Fix Your Smile Faults

If one of the things that tends to get you down and dent your confidence is perceived problems with your smile, you should think about how you can fix those issues. Find a practice that offers first-class & family friendly dentistry and then pursue the changes you want to see. Even if there aren’t any specific interventions you’re looking for right now, regular check-ups remain vital.

Stop Worrying That the Whole World is Looking at You

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Briam-Cute / Pixabay

One thing that far too many people do is worry that the world is watching them and looking at them when they’re usually not doing anything of the sort. So stop worrying about that. You’re always your own harshest critic, and you don’t need to be. Try to tell yourself positive things and stop worrying about what you might think other people are thinking when they look at you.

Find Your Signature Fragrance

Finding your signature fragrance is something that can have a big impact on how confident you feel and how you carry yourself. It sounds like a small thing, but until you find that signature fragrance, it’s hard to fully convey just how transformatory it can be. So try out some scents until you find the one that you think works best for you.

Self-confidence is a strange thing and there are not guaranteed ways to improve yours. But the things we’ve talked about here should set you on the right path and help you to start feeling more positive about yourself, and that should carry through and impact each and every area of your life.

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Staying Creative During COVID-19


Today we want to share some important tips on staying creative during COVID-19. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. If your social life has come to a standstill and you’re stuck working from home, it’s likely you’re feeling more than a little bored and despondent.

However, embracing your creativity can be a great way to use your time. Whether you’re dealing with local lockdown restrictions or you’re not quite ready to start socializing just yet, take a look at these top ways to stay creative during COVID-19:

Close up of hand over white background

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels

Use Negative Emotions

The pandemic has affected people in different ways, but many people are reporting an increase in anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Understandably, these issues can be tricky to deal with when your usual routine is disrupted. Fortunately, channeling negative emotions into a creative project can be an effective way of addressing them and dealing with them.

Bullet journaling is just one way to rid yourself of negativity but it’s surprisingly effective. What’s more – it’s a great way to start being creative if you’re lacking motivation or energy.

Start a Group Project

If you miss spending time with friends, dating, or simply grabbing a coffee with a colleague, you’re not alone – ironically! You may not be able to socialize face-to-face due to COVID-19, but you can stay connected online. Starting a group project can be a great way to get people together and the united goal will give you something new to focus on.

From forming an unbeatable online quiz team to creating a master playlist of all your favorite tracks, there are endless ways you can team up with friends to do something different despite coronavirus.

Close up photo of drum set

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels

Learn an Instrument

For many people, missing out on live events, like concerts and gigs, is one of the most difficult aspects of life in lockdown. However, you can develop your own musical talents while the pandemic is still present. With easy to follow tutorials, like, you can teach yourself everything you need to know without leaving the house. Simply order the instrument or equipment you need, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Staying Creative During COVID-19

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels

Decorate Your Home

If you want to combine your creativity with your practical skills, then decorating your home could be an excellent way to spend your time. From minor projects, like installing a photo wall, to something more adventurous, like repainting walls and ceilings, you can transform your living environment. If you’re going to be spending more time at home due to COVID-19, you may as well enjoy your surroundings!

Embrace Your Creativity

If you think the world is split into ‘creative’ and ‘non-creative’ people, think again. While some people may be more naturally talented at some forms of creativity, we all have some form of creative talent. Whether you use yours to entertain people, create artwork, or to process your own emotions, unleashing your creative power can have a positive impact on your well-being.

What’s more – being creative and embracing a new hobby can be a fantastic way to reduce your stress levels and brighten your mood.

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How to be the Best Version of Yourself


Today we want to share some incredible tips on how to be the best version of yourself.  If there is one thing that we alone have control over in our lives, it is who we are and how we choose to live. Sure, there are lots of external factors that can have an impact on how we feel about ourselves and the choices we make; but ultimately our life decisions are ours and ours alone.

If you want to take steps to improve yourself, then chances are that you will want to know the best way to do this. So,

how to be the best version of yourself

pasja1000 / Pixabay

to help to inspire you to make the change, we have put together our guide on how to be the best version of yourself.


It is all too easy to tell yourself that you can’t do something, but how do you know unless you try? Your mind is a powerful tool, which means that if you put it to work, then you never know what you might achieve. The best thing that you can do to try and improve yourself is, well, try. You might not always be successful, but who knows what can happen if you put your mind to something?

Know your own best version

Whilst it is okay to be inspired by someone else’s journey, you should always walk your own path. You should know what the best version of yourself can be, in your eyes, rather than asking someone else what you should do to improve yourself. After all, what works for one, might not work for another.

Don’t try to cut corners

how to be the best version of yourself

BernardoUPloud / Pixabay

Improving your life takes time and it is important that you don’t try to cut any corners along the way. Avoid any short-cuts, whilst they may seem like a good idea at the time, in the long run, they might end up not helping you at all. It is much better to make the effort throughout the process and then you can really enjoy the results that you achieve.

Accept help

As we have already said, you do need to do most aspects of self-improvement alone, but that doesn’t mean that you should say no to any offers of help or support. This is particularly true if you have any issues such as addiction or mental health issues. These kinds of problems can mean that you need specialist and professional support which is something that a variety of sources can help you with, including places such as Enterhealth. There is no shame in getting the help you need, so do what you have to and hold your head up high.

Keep a journal

There are going to be lots of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come up with personal development. This means that you will want to keep a note of how you feel and what your emotions were. A journal is a great way to do this, not only will it give you a reminder of how you made those changes, but will also give you the chance to process the emotions that you feel right then and there.

The quest to be the best version of yourself is not easy, however, it is definitely worthwhile doing. Not only will it help you to feel better about who you are, but will also make you a better person to be around for your friends, family members, and other people who are close to you too.

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5 of the Best Fitness YouTube Channels you Need to Subscribe to!


Today we want to share 5 of the best fitness YouTube channels you need to Subscribe to.  The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up our daily lives; everything from the way we work to the way we shop has had to undergo serious changes in order to keep up with the year that is 2020. The way we exercise is no different. Where before, Planet Fitness and the YMCA where all the rage for getting in those 10,000 steps, we must now become more creative with the way we stay in shape in these crazy times.

With colder weather just around the corner, many forms of outdoor exercise will soon be taking a backseat. Where can we turn when a run outside means a run in snow boots? What is there to do when you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on at-home equipment? Not to worry, because today we would like to tell you about 5 of the best Fitness YouTube channels you need to subscribe to!

1. Holly Dolke

The first Fitness Youtuber we want to discuss is Holly Dolke. Born in the United Kingdom, Dolke has 1.22 million followers on her fitness channel, where she posts weekly upbeat workouts targeting a variety of different areas from arms to abs. Her videos range in length, anywhere from 4 to 30 minutes long, and are perfect for those who want to squeeze a quick workout in between the many activities of daily home life. We personally recommend the Tone Your Arms Workout- No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE); two weeks of this workout made a noticeable difference that made every second worth it.   

2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga beginners and experts alike can find something to interest them on Adriene Mishler’s channel, Yoga with Adriene. With 8.29 million subscribers, Adriene’s channel has hundreds of videos to try. All of her videos have a theme and focus; whether its back pain, anxiety, balance, insecurity, or a plethora of other areas you want to work on, Adriene’s videos seek to assist people of all ages and experience levels in achieving their yoga goals. This channel is perfect for anyone who wants to try a great yoga class (taught by an experienced instructor) without ever having to leave the house.

 3. POPSUGAR Fitness

Next up is POPSUGAR Fitness, a channel with 5.13 million followers and multiple instructors who upload different videos such as bodyweight, dance, boxing, running, yoga, and core workouts. With the diverse range of videos and instructors, there is something for everyone to try. POPSUGAR Fitness brings the gym to your home, along with recipes and fit or fiction myth-busting videos to encourage a healthier lifestyle. We recommend the 20-Minute STRONG by Zumba Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout for some quick calorie burning.

voltamax / Pixabay

 4. MadFit

For all the dancers out there, MadFit is the channel for you. When it’s no longer possible to make it to Zumba class, Maddie Lymburner provides quick three-minute dances that accompany today’s popular songs, as well as slightly longer dance parties to get your body moving and your stress evaporating. A personal favorite is the 15-MIN TIKTOK DANCE PARTY WORKOUT- Full Body/No Equipment for anyone who wants a mini dance break in between the stresses of life (to some really trendy new music!).  

 5. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting has been a very popular name throughout quarantine and for good reason. With a whopping 14.6 million followers, Chloe’s workout challenges, in particular her two-week ab challenge, have been making rounds on social media as quarantiners try to attain those signature abs. Her workouts are both intense and effective and cover a wide range of areas from booty to waist, making her channel the place to be for those looking to challenge themselves. Join in on the trend and become one of the many this year to take on the Chloe Ting challenges.

There are hundreds of free Fitness channels on YouTube to explore and it’s never been easier to work out from home. Fitness YouTube channels offer a solution for those who do not want to spend money on expensive at-home equipment and are not comfortable working out at the gym. Now is the perfect time to hop into some workout clothes and try something new! Just because the gyms may not be the place to be, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Mental Habits That can Destroy Your Happiness


Today we want to talk about mental habits that can destroy your happiness.  Happiness is one of the only things we want in life for its own sake. Money is a means to an end. So is love, sometimes. And even power. But happiness is intrinsic. When we have it, we don’t long for anything else. We’re content with the way things are and happy for them to stay that way as long as possible. That’s what makes it so different from practically any other feeling out there. 

mental habitsUnfortunately, many of us are prone to negative mental habits that slowly wear us down. Worse still, they can seemingly arise from nothing, out of nowhere. You think you’re having a good time and then, bam – you feel dreadful. 

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get a handle on these experiences and explain them in down-to-Earth terms. You don’t need to be a Zen master or a psychologist. You just need a working model in your mind of what these mental habits are so that you can recognize them. 

Psychologists often talk about this process in terms of setting “healthy cognitive boundaries.” People, they say, should have clear rules for how they speak to themselves on the inside that resemble how they would like people to talk to them on the outside. 

So what are these mental habits that gnaw away at your happiness? And what can you do to sort them out? 

Trying To Please Other People All The Time

If you think you’re a “people pleaser,” you’re not alone. It’s something that millions of people feel like they have to do all the time. They live their lives convinced that the only way to survive is to make other people happy. 

Often, the desire to please others all the time comes from a narcissistic or abusive parent. The child learns that the only way to survive is to manage the parent’s emotions continually. Over time, they develop a habit of believing that other people need to be happy for them to be safe, even when that isn’t true. 

People-pleasing is a terrible drain on your resources. You’re always thinking about whether you said the right thing. And you worry that if people don’t like you, you’ll be harmed in some way. 

People-pleasing is misplaced empathy. You think it’s your job to make people feel better, just because you know what’s wrong. The truth is that you don’t. Trying to please people can backfire, and you can wind up resenting others for mistreating you. If people detect that there’s nothing they can do that will make you dislike them, that can lead to abuse, which is a shame. 

Comparing Yourself To Others

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Despite what you might have heard, we’re all very different from each other. The variation within human populations is enormous. And for a good reason: we all need different talents to make society function. If people were all the same, opportunities for collaboration would be limited. 

Comparing yourself for others, therefore, is a game you can never win. There will always be somebody better looking, smarter, wealthier, or more sporty than you. And there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you try. 

Unfortunately, your mind can walk down this dark path. The journal Science says that people tend to care about their relative wealth more than how much money they actually have in the bank. So if you earn five figures and you know somebody who makes six figures, you’ll be jealous. Interestingly, millionaires in Silicon Valley often feel like they’re losing out because they know a billionaire somewhere with even more money than them, despite having everything they could want. 

Comparing yourself to others, as with so many things, has its roots in childhood. It often starts when parents rank one child against another. There’s the “smart” child or the “social” child. These comparisons then stick with people throughout their lives, and they become obsessed with how they “measure up.” Beating everyone else is virtually impossible, and yet that’s what you find yourself trying to do. 

Feeling Guilty All The Time

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Feeling guilty about how you spend your time is something that can eat you up in life. You worry, for instance, that you’re not dedicating yourself sufficiently to your career, children, or self-improvement projects. And you believe that if you don’t spend time doing these things, you’re automatically some type of failure. 

For many people, this takes the form of never permitting themselves just to chill out. But sometimes, going for a weekend break in the country, getting a foot massage, or buying a smoking subscription box is vital for your well-being. Remember, the only reason you work so hard is that you want some sort of reward at the end of it. You endure pain so that you can experience a life that is more fun. It’s that simple.

Feeling guilty all the time isn’t a sign you’ve done something wrong. Instead, it’s a false belief that your actions are harmful to other people. Usually, though, these feelings aren’t warranted. You haven’t actually done anything wrong by not working all weekend. Instead, you’ve taken a bit of time to yourself

Even if you are hurting somebody, you can usually quickly make amends. If you’re not ready for a relationship, you can step back, work on yourself, and then enter the fray once you’re in a better position. Similarly, you can take courses if anger is an issue in your life.

Believing You’re A Failure

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Believing you’re a failure is usually a mental habit that relates closely to comparing yourself to others. When you were young, you had this idea that you’d get a college degree, find the perfect partner, settle down, and then work in a high-paid dream job. Sometimes, though, that’s not how things pan out. Life isn’t just a gradual gradient to the top. It’s lumpy, and all sorts of things can get in the way of where you are right now and where you’d ultimately like to be. 

When you get to your 30s or 40s and look back at your life so far, you can have a gnawing sense that you’re way behind where you should be. Everyone else seems to be storming ahead and forging these incredible lives, and you’re stuck in the mud. Debt, divorce, and dead-end jobs can make you feel like you’re not able to progress in the way you’d like – and that can take its toll. 

Failure mindsets, however, are often self-fulfilling. Once you start believing that you can’t have success, that feeling remains with you long-term. Eventually, you just get used to the idea that nothing in your life will work out, and you make a kind of peace with it. But it isn’t a good stalemate. Instead, you always think about it, experiencing sensations of regret and depression. 

The way out of this mental habit is to change the way that you think about time. Many people look back at their lives in middle age and assume that the best years are behind them. What they don’t realize is that they’ve actually just been building the foundations. Success is lumpy and tends to come in fits and starts. Some people get it in their twenties, and then it fizzles out. Others achieve it in retirement – an unexpected result. 

Acting insecure, though, is a significant drag on your ability to get where you want to go. If bosses detect you lack confidence, they’re less likely to put you in positions of authority and power. And that’s not good if you’re a career-orientated person. 

Thinking You Have To Be Perfect All The Time

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Having extremely high standards is a form of self-abuse. Nobody is born without flaws. Instead, we all have to go through life, carrying them with us. When perfectionism develops, it goes squarely against our nature. 


Perfectionists have what psychologists call “conditional self-worth.” The idea here is that their self-worth is okay, as long as they’re doing well. If they make a mistake, though, they immediately think less of themselves. 

People who suffer from perfectionism are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. They’re also much more likely to experience fibromyalgia symptoms – a condition that causes pain throughout the body. Remember, nobody can be the perfect person all the time. Those who believe that they must be the best all the time tend to get burned out. 

So what can perfectionists do to change this destructive mental habit?  First, you need to become comfortable with believing that you’re “good enough.” Getting comfortable with this idea is a challenge because you have to rethink how you value yourself. But once you do it, life becomes infinitely more bearable. 

Second, you need to give yourself a chance to focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes it helps to think of your life as less significant in the grand scheme of things. When you take a step back from yourself and view your life in a broader context, it changes your perspectives. 

So, do you have any of these mental habits? 

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Embracing Self-Care and Taking Better Care of Yourself


While we are still in the middle of a dealing with Covid19, you should be very interested in taking better care of yourself.  It is that important. But going in depth to take care of your mind, your body, and your soul, each day, is not something that you should only do if you get burnt out or sick. Making sure that you know how to eat well, how to reduce stress, and how to exercise regularly, are all important when it comes to looking after yourself. Being more resilient, healthier, and less stressed, will help in all aspects of your life, so why are we not all practicing self-care? 

taking better care of yourself

Why Do We Often Fail at Self-Care?

Being someone that can practice self-care regularly isn’t something that is easy. So many of us live busy lives, have jobs that stress us out, and live lives that are so consumed with things on screen that we simply don’t find the time to look after ourselves as we should. Not only that, many of us can also feel quite guilty about taking time out for ourselves, so it means that we don’t do it, and can’t justify doing so when we have other things going on. If this sounds like you, then here are some things that you can do to get yourself started with self-care.

The good news is that there are a number of things that we can do to engage in self-care. There will be some strategies or approaches that are going to work better for some people compared to others. You can also look into things like self-care programs, talk to a therapist or coach, or a trusted friend or family member who can support you. No matter who you look to approach this, the end goal is to know what strategies are going to work best for you, and then you need to learn how you can make it a regular thing in your life. 

Ways to Get Started in Self-Care

Improve sleep

Sleep can have a massive impact on how you can feel and how emotional you are. When you don’t get enough sleep, then it can cause some health problems, and the stats are there to show that you are more likely to be obese or overweight too. When you feel stressed or distracted in other ways, then it can cause a lot of problems with your sleep. To start with, it can be a good idea to look at your routine each day. Are you having food quite close to going to bed? Are you drinking caffeine or having a lot of water before bed (which could keep you up at night). Caffeine and sugar are best to avoid, as they can keep you awake too. 

Taking steps to reduce your stress is important too, though can be much easier said than done, of course. Work-related stress can keep you up, which is why it is important to write things down, rather than having them going round in your mind before you sleep. You could also talk to your employer if it is becoming a massive problem, as your workload may need to be reduced.

taking better care of yourself

Take care of your gut 

Believe it or not, the health of your gut has a big impact on your overall health. It can even impact well being and how much energy that you have. The food that you eat will normally play a part in how much bacteria lives in your stomach, which can result in some positive emotions, as well as some negative ones. When your gut isn’t happy, then the chances are that you won’t be either, and the other way around. So choose foods that are going to help your gut, such as fermented foods, and foods that are full of fiber. 

If you are someone that suffers from allergies, then you may find that your gut can be unhappy, more often than not. That is why taking a supplement can help. The range that Pure Encapsulations could be a good choice, as they are hypoallergenic. Being research-based dietary supplements, they can be good for those with allergies, but still help you to get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need each day.

Exercise daily

It is stating the obvious to say that exercise is good for us. But even though we know this, how many of us don’t actually do anything about it? When we exercise daily it can help us physically, as well as mentally. It can go a long way to boosting your mood, as well as helping to reduce how stressed you feel, or how anxiou you feel, with the natural release of happy hormones. Not only that, you can feel fitter and stronger, as it can help you to maintain or to lose weight. 

Going to a gym each day can be out of the question for many of us. That is why it is a good idea to look for alternatives. Getting out in the fresh air for a walk can work wonders, as well as other things that you enjoy lik tennis, dancing, or yoga, for instance. The most important thing to be doing is to create somewhat of a routine that is going to work for you, because you will be much more likely to stick at it.

Get outside

When you spend time outdoors, it can help you calm you, which can be great to help you to reduce stress, as well as to help you to lower your blood pressure. Being outdoors can also help you to be more mindful, as you have time and space to think, rather than your face attached to a screen. You can even feel more energised when you are outdoors, which is why it can be such a good thing for people who are particularly anxious, or even depressed or feeling burnt out. If you can, take your exercise outdoors, because then you will be getting the best of both worlds. After all of that, you are much more likely to sleep better too; aloof these aspects are connected, that’s for sure. 

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Changing Your Lifestyle For The Better: The Best Ways To Do It


Have you ever thought about changing your lifestyle for the better? Sometimes we want to feel good about ourselves. This might be physically, in terms of energy levels and the way we look. Or it might be mentally, where we feel confident and self-assured. Life can be quite hard, especially during uncertain times where much of the world has come to a standstill. We look for validation, we want to feel happier and healthy, inside and out, but yet we can all have bad habits and also have damaging vices that can cause us to feel bad. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

changing your lifestyle for the better

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Many of us want to take the opportunity right now to improve our lifestyles and make some great plans for the future. We have the beauty of time on our hands where we can plan for the future, take actions to better ourselves and generally get healthier and happier. However, while you may want to feel this way, often we can put ourselves low on the priority list, which means we take care of everyone else apart from ourselves. Many of us will have partners and families, and sometimes we can feel last on the list when it comes to self care and positive changes to our lifestyle. Not anymore! A healthier lifestyle and a healthier you is in easy reach. With that in mind, here are some of the easy ways you can make those positive changes. 

Lose weight and change your diet for the better 

Losing weight isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to a healthier lifestyle, but a change in diet can often impact your body in this way. Right now you may be seeking comfort in food, and snacking more than usual. Whether you are working from home or find yourself waiting to go back to the workplace, snacking and access to food is at an all time high. A change of diet, and taking a more balanced approach to what you eat can have positive impacts on your health. You may start to notice your energy levels increase, as well as feeling better in your own skin. Focus on making meals from scratch and meal planning so that you have more control over what you eat. You could access plans online as well as researching

changing your lifestyle for the better

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different recipes. Create a routine where you give yourself the chance for regular meal times, so that you are not just reaching out for quick fixes. You will start to see a difference in how you look and feel in a matter of weeks. 

Be more active

It is important to understand that exercise can have a positive impact on your life, both physically and mentally. We are all encouraged to take daily exercise, and even a simple walk can make all of the difference. But exercising and being more active isn’t about attending a gym all of the time and sweating it out on a treadmill. Right now that isn’t even a possibility so you may want to start thinking outside of the box in terms of exercise and what you can do. As long as you are more active in general, then you can start to feel the benefits of regular exercise. It could mean taking a walk each day, doing a workout at home, or being on your feet more. When things return to normal, choose the stairs instead of the lift, walk somewhere instead of driving, or start looking into local community exercise classes. Simple changes can have lasting effects. 

Drink more water

changing your lifestyle for the better

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Water is nature’s natural detox, and so drinking more of it will always impact your life in a positive way. From improving your skin tone and condition, to helping you sleep better at night. Keeping your body hydrated is a great habit to incorporate into your new healthier lifestyle. If you can, avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol could also have a positive effect. Water is one of the easiest ways that you can increase your energy levels as well as improve your skin tone. It can also aid in weight loss, so it can be the one change that has a lasting impact. If you struggle to drink more water, then keeping a water bottle close by can be a great way to remind you to keep regularly drinking. 

What about your career?

Many of us don’t really know what we want to do when it comes to career the minute we leave school or university. In fact, for some of us, we get a job just to make ends meet and find that we work our way up the career ladder in that profession.   Human Resources is a popular field but might not pay well if you don’t have a specific degree.  This career often involves using HR Software, creating internal hiring policies and interviewing prospective candidates for jobs.   The truth is that many people wait until later in life to have a complete u-turn on their careers and try something new.  It might be because you realize where your skills lie, or you just become engrossed and passionate about something specific. It might be time to start thinking about whether a career change is right for you. Maybe going back to learning from home and gaining degrees online. It might be that you want to work for yourself and you create a business or go freelance. Maybe a hobby of yours can now be monetized and be your job. We all spend a good chunk of time working, so it is ideal if you can do something that you feel passionate about.

Work on your mindset 

Your mind is a powerful tool, so you may want to try and work on that as much as possible. A negative thought process and outlook, will impact you in more ways than you realize. Heightening stress and anxiety levels, or leading you down a road to feeling down and depressed. Anxiety and depression could be something that you are all too familiar with, and when there is a change in routine it can often trigger those emotions and feelings to the surface. This is when you need to start focusing on some of the ways you can handle those anxious feelings. Whether you want alternative remedies and seek out purchasing CBD Isolate Wholesale or whether you want to seek out medical intervention, find something that works for you. It could be that a shift in focus from negative to positive feelings and actively making that choice could be the right approach. A focus on positivity and how you think about things in a different way. It could help you to feel much better about situations and boost your confidence. 

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Mylene2401 / Pixabay


Change your skincare routine

Your skincare routine could be a great way to help make you feel good on the outside and improve your confidence levels. While focusing on your diet and drinking more water will help, switching up your routine with the products you use for cleansing and moisturizing may also help speed things along. It might be trying to not use makeup products while you are at home and giving your skin a chance to breathe, or even taking the time to focus on your routine and enhance it in a different way. This could help you to avoid nasty breakouts, reduce adult acne, and overall help your skin to feel and look much healthier. Now might even be the time to embrace face masks and other more indulgent skincare routines. 

Sometimes it is the small things that can make a big difference to your lifestyle, and making those small changes collectively will allow you to start changing your lifestyle for the better. What could you change today? 

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Sorry, But There’s Still No Substitute For A College Degree


A lot of people are skipping college these days for many reasons but we’re here to say sorry, but there’s still no substitute for a college degree.  Steve Jobs dropped out of college and then went on to create the most successful computer company in the world ever known. Bill Gates did the same thing, and even years after retiring from Microsoft, he is still the top three wealthiest people in the world. 

no substitute for a college degree

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The lesson seems clear: if you want to get ahead in life, skip college. It’s a waste of time that only holds you back. 

When you peel back the curtain a little more, however, you find a different story. Sure, there are examples of exceptional college drop-outs – many of which went into the tech sector – but there are many more stories of the failures that you never hear. 

Every year, millions of people avoid going to college, believing instead that they’re better off starting the career directly from school. With the costs of education on the rise, it seems like a prudent decision. Avoid debt and get on the career ladder early so that by the time you get to your thirties, you’re ahead of the pack. 

The truth, however, is that if you want to get into any lucrative sector of the economy, you need a college degree. Over the last fifty years, the types of jobs available have bifurcated. There are plenty of entry-level positions in retail and hospitality, and lots of high-end jobs in the tech sector, but fewer in between. Unless you go to college, you stand the risk of gravitating towards the lower end of the spectrum, earning much less overall than your potential. 

no substitute for a college degree

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The Best Jobs Are In Sectors That Require A Degree

If you look at all of the sectors offering the best jobs for graduates, they all require a college or university education for entry. If you don’t have a degree to your name, you stand little chance of success in these areas. The investment, though, is arguably worth it. 

Take healthcare, for instance. As the University of Southern California points out, the work available for people going into the health sector is going to explode over the coming years. The aging population, combined with high levels of immigration, is going to put pressure on the system and require more people to take on roles. These are major demographic shifts that are already “baked in,” meaning that pretty much nothing can prevent them from taking effect. 

As healthcare is slowly increasing in demand, coupled with the necessity for very specific skills, this is where online nurse practitioner programs and other courses that are exclusively online can make all the difference in the modern age. For those who are looking to change their career or start towards a new life with new skills, online courses can provide a suitable entryway.

In addition to being convenient, ARNP programs online offer other benefits as well. The admission process is usually streamlined, so it is easier to complete, and you can start courses sooner. It is also usually a more cost-effective way to take school since you are not going to pay for housing and books are usually online as well. 

Another area is computing. Traditionally, people didn’t need degrees to enter this sector of the economy, but with more graduates available than ever before, hiring practices in tech firms are changing. They now often seek out people with qualifications. Those without are the exception. 

What about the biotech space? This industry will grow tremendously over the next few years, but employers won’t even review applications that don’t have a degree behind them. 


The writing is, therefore, on the wall: if you want to get ahead, you still have to obtain a degree. Examples of successful drop-outs are the exception, not the rule. Unless you have a fantastic opportunity right in front of you that you can exploit, getting an education is usually the best investment you can make. 

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