6 Tips for Coping with Migraines at Home


Today we want to share 6 tips for coping with migraines at home. Migraines can be debilitating and frustrating in equal measure, especially if they strike at an inopportune moment and leave you in pain for hours on end. To see you through these unpleasant experiences when they arise, here are a few tips that will let you push through to the other side of a migraine at home.

Escape to a quiet spot

coping with migraines

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If you have the option to do so, leave the busy areas of your household and cloister yourself somewhere quiet as soon as you spot the signs of the onset of a migraine.

Shutting out the daylight and lying down without disturbances or distractions is a great way to avoid exacerbating the situation.

Change your diet

What you eat impacts your overall health, and it may be that certain foods act as triggers for migraines. You can test this for yourself by cutting out particular items and ingredients one by one to see if anything improves.

Alcohol, chocolate and dairy products might be worth substituting or steering clear of altogether in this context. Caffeine is an interesting case, as while it can help you cope with milder migraines, it might also be a catalyst in certain cases.

Take pain relief

While store-bought painkillers may not be sufficient to entirely eliminate a migraine, they can certainly provide some relief.

You might also try alternative remedies, such as the increasingly popular CBD oil. Just be sure to follow CBD dosages for migraines to get the best results, and consult a medical professional if in doubt.

Get some sleep

coping with migraines

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While a disrupted sleep pattern may cause a migraine in the first place, if you feel one coming on then getting some shut-eye will be a good way to cope with the worst effects.

Most importantly, do not pressure yourself into falling asleep, as this will only lead to longer periods of wakefulness. Let it come naturally, and do not get vexed if it does not happen immediately.

Remove yourself from stress

It may be easier said than done, but stress is a key trigger of migraines, and so if you are experiencing it in your everyday life, then taking yourself out of the situations that cause it will reduce the likelihood of a flare-up.

Managing stress is achievable in a number of ways, and sometimes all that is needed is to take a break during your working day to relax, rather than going full-throttle from dawn until dusk.

Stay active

While it is obviously a bad idea to start exercising when you are experiencing the effects of a migraine, physical activity can be used as a preventative measure.

You do not need to become a total fitness fanatic, but getting small amounts of exercise several times a week can be enough to ward off the worst effects of a migraine, and will also protect you from a wealth of other health issues, making it well worth integrating with your routine if you have the opportunity.

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5 Tips to Help you Sleep Better


Today we want to provide 5 tips to help you sleep better. There is nothing worse than an inability to sleep at night. Tossing and turning on the comfiest pillows and blankets is uncomfortable, and the more you toss and turn, the less you will be able to sleep. If you want to be able to get a good night of rest, you need to work out what’s stopping you from sleeping in the first place – though this isn’t always easy! You deserve to be able to sleep well and get a proper night of sleep every single night.

tips to help you sleep better

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No matter what you are doing every day and every evening, you may find yourself pushing back through all the exhaustion just to have some time alone in the night, whether that’s for gaming, watching TV or simply to stream and listen to your favorite Royalty Free Piano Music. You need to learn how to wind down and relax yourself so that you can sleep as well as you can, and if your sleep sucks right now, here are a few amazing tips to ensure that you can relax better.

  1. Screen off. Laying in bed scrolling Facebook? Yep, we all do it and we’re all guilty for it in some way. Staring at our phones while we are comfy under the blanket is what we all do every night, but it’s time to stop. The blue light emitting from the screen is going to trick your brain into staying awake for longer, and prevent the release of that sweet melatonin that your body needs to shut down and sleep well. While you’re at it, put your phone away and leave it away from the bed at night. Bedtime is for talking and sleeping and – well, you know.
  2. Schedule it. You schedule your meetings and you make a point of ensuring that you fit your work into your day. Well, sleep should be something you schedule in, too. If you have a bedtime – yes, even as a grown up – you can help your body to adjust to this new sleeping time. This will then mean that you go to bed and wake up consistently, which your body needs to function well. You can adjust your bio-clock this way, which is handy to do when you have a goal with your sleep schedule.
  3. tips to help you sleep better

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    Eat well. Food is not medicine, but you can ensure that you get a better night of sleep when you eat well. Protein-rich foods are very good for helping you to sleep well, but you also need to consider oats, bananas and other carb-rich foods that will fill you up. These slow release carbohydrates will take time to release overnight, allowing you to digest your food easily and feel fuller. You may even be able to sleep well.

  4. Quiet. Reducing the noise in the space in which you sleep is so important if you want this night to be a good one. You want to ensure that you surround yourself in as much quiet as possible, save for noise machines and white noise that will ensure that you have something to lull you to sleep. Use earphones specific to sleeping if you need to, or keep a sleeping noise machine by the bed to help you to drop off and relax. Other than that, you need some quiet!
  5. Workout often. If you are going to workout, doing it before bed will help you to keep fit as much as it will help you to sleep well. Cardiovascular exercise will get your adrenaline pumping and this can leave you feeling fit enough to sleep, too.

We hope you loved our 5 tips to help you sleep better at night. A good nights rest can make all the difference in the world.

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How To Love Your Body in 4 Simple Steps


Today we want to share some great tips on how to love your body in 4 simple steps. Do you dread looking in the mirror? Are you so terrified of seeing your body that you almost always never undress in the light? If you don’t like your body, you are far from alone. Many people wish they had different bodies or that they were slimmer and fitter. 

But people come in different shapes and sizes, and each body is beautiful. If you want to appreciate your body more, here are a few things you can do.

Rethink Your Ideals

how to love your body

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You may not love your body because it doesn’t fit society’s description of how a beautiful body should look. You watch TV shows, scroll through Instagram and read magazines and the people you see probably don’t resemble you in the slightest.

The best way to get around this mentality is to know that the media, often, does not portray what ordinary people look like. Aspiring to look like your favorite model or celebrity can only make you feel worse about your body.

Accept that you have a beautiful body and that you don’t have to conform to society’s definition of a gorgeous body. Be kinder in your self-talk, and by all means, avoid comparing yourself to others.

Get Cosmetic Surgery

You can also improve your looks by getting cosmetic surgery. Like getting Breast Implants or Botox injections, most of these procedures are minimally invasive and produce near-instant results.

Contrary to popular opinion, cosmetic surgery does not have to be extreme to improve your looks. If anything, the best surgeons make subtle changes that enhance your overall look without being too conspicuous.

Be More Present During Intimacy

how to love your body

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If you don’t like your body, perhaps you also don’t like having intimate relations. And even when you do have them, you may be prone to switching off the lights, so your partner doesn’t see your body well. 

If you are to be more comfortable in your skin, you need to change this. Always leave the lights on during intimacy, and be fully present. Experience the fullness of your partner’s love for your body. With time, you will start reflecting this love to yourself too.

You should also work on being more comfortable in your nakedness. Walk around your house or apartment naked sometimes, and be sure to walk by the mirror several times. The more you see your body, the less terrified you will be and the easier you will accept it.

Look To The Future

Often, people dislike their bodies because they are consistently comparing themselves to their past selves. Loving your body means accepting that it will change with time and preparing for this change instead of lingering in the past.

For starters, change your closet if it no longer serves you. Donate or sell clothes that no longer fit you comfortably, and buy those that showcase your body in the best light. When you walk out the door, you should feel happy and confident in your looks.


In this digital age, feeling confident about your body can be a challenging task. What with the constant bombardment of people with seemingly perfect bodies on social media, mainstream media and even magazines!

But this doesn’t mean that you are powerless. By being more accepting of who you are and taking measures to improve your confidence, you can fall in love with your body. Start by following the steps on this post and watch your self-love grow.

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Weight loss trends of 2021


Today we want to share the best weight loss trends of 2021. Weight loss is a major issue as a lot of people get more intentional about healthy living and maintaining the right weight. These days, it has been made easier as nutrition and health experts are always coming up with new weight loss trends. As we step into 2021, there are a few trends you need to be familiar with if you are keen on your weight loss journey. To that end, below are some of the most popular weight-loss trends to expect in 2021.


You probably already know about prebiotics and probiotics. When fermentation takes place in the gut, probiotics are broken down into postbiotics. While these are some of 2021’s weight loss trends, they are still under study to establish whether they carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are said to be beneficial to the immune system and are also linked to the prevention of diabetes type 2 and leaky gut.

Keto diet

The popular keto diet is also a popular weight loss diet. It works by increasing fat intake and reducing

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carb intake. This results into a metabolic state known as ketosis where the body breaks down its own fat for energy. In addition to aiding with weight loss, keto diet is also known for managing epilepsy and other medical conditions. To boot, keto gives the best results when combined with high interval intensity training(HIIT).

Paleo-inspired diets

It has been 10 years since the paleo diet was started and is still one of the best fad diets for losing weight. The diet encourages the consumption of wild-caught animal meat like fish and chicken, etc, as well as nuts and berries, high impact proteins such as collagen peptides and grass fed whey. Processed foods such as sugar and industrialized farming techniques like corn, grains, and wheat are excluded from this diet.

Plant-based flexitarian diet

This diet revolves around the consumption of mainly plant-based foods. Oftentimes, it involves proteins gotten from plant sources, for instance, almond protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein and pea protein, etc. While the diet is majorly plant-based, it also includes free-range chicken and grass-fed meat. Adaptogens such as reishi mushrooms, ashwagandha, and turmeric, which are “whole body” supporting ingredients also make part of the plant-based diet. Apart from being great for weight loss, plant-based diet is also known to have an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Mediterranean diet

It is called the mediterranean diet because it originates from the mediterranean region like Greece and the South of France. The area is said to have few cases of “lifestyle diseases” such as strokes, heart attack, and diabetes, thanks to the dietary norms of the residents there. So it is believed that adopting their diet is creating a healthier lifestyle. The list of staple foods in the region includes whole grains, veggies, seafood, fruit, extra virgin olive oil, seeds, legumes, and nuts. The Mediterranean diet is also known to exclude sugars, refined grains, processed foods, trans fats, and processed meat. In addition to being a great weight loss diet option, it is also known to have long term health benefits.

Weight loss trends of 2021

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Low FODMAP diet

In the US alone, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) is rampant, with an approximate of 10-15% of adults said to have it. While only 5-7% have been diagnosed with it, a lot of people have sought out different dietary strategies to curb the symptoms of IBS. In fact, about $10 million is spent every year on related treatments. To combat IBS, one of the highly clinically recommended diets is the FODMAP diets. 

It is a diet low in fermentable carbs with the initials an abbreviation to the major items excluded from the diet. They include Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. These are foods like wheat, legumes, yoghurt, milk, most fructose-containing fruits, figs, honey, lychees, and blackberries. Carbs are eschewed since they are major culprits for IBS symptoms.

Wrap up

While there are different trends advertised for weight loss, don’t just follow one because it is popular. Every diet works differently, and what might work for everyone else might not necessarily work for you. Research about the weight loss program you are about to start and make sure to consult with an expert, it goes a long way. If followed properly, the weight loss diet you choose should give the results you are looking for in the end. Regardless of what you choose to go with, don’t forget to pair it up with exercise, it helps with fitness and overall long term health.

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3 Reasons To Visit The Spa This Holiday Season


Today we want to provide you with 3 reasons to visit the spa this holiday season.  With most of the world gearing up for another season of cheer and goodwill, some people will be looking for a perfect way to spend the holiday season? Well, after a stressful year, the spa is a good option to giving yourself a great treat. Besides, a spa visit doesn’t just mean radiant skin; it is also a great place to seek mental, emotional, and physical wellness. In 2018, the US spa industry recorded a whopping 190 million visitors, showing how significant spa centers are in people’s lives. Here are some reasons why you should make regular visits to the spa particularly during this holiday season.

1. Pain management options

 3 reasons to visit the spaWorking behind in an office usually means you may have spent several months behind a computer, resulting in back pains you can no longer ignore. Fortunately, you have the opportunity this holiday season to visit an experienced massage therapist at a spa wellness center. A massage relieves muscle tension, enhances internal lubrication, and helps the body to regain its correct posture. Instead of popping painkillers constantly, the spa may end the pain. Going to the spa can also help relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease. Therefore, if you are battling with it, you should consider the array of alternative lyme disease treatments available in a holistic spa of your choice. 

 2. Detox 

Unfortunately, people have to battle daily with a toxic environment. From foods to air pollutants, the body remains under pressure to remain optimally functional. While some people may seem fine, the accumulation of such toxins quickly speeds up the aging process for others This is why you need a spa day to detox. So, how does this work? During a detox session, your body relies on its fat reserves to achieve its aim. When fat breaks down, toxins are released into the bloodstream, and this is when your body’s excretory functions come into play. Professional spas combine deep  3 reasons to visit the spatissue massage and regulated heat to achieve this. Did you know that a simple massage can expel toxins from your lymphatic system? As your skin and muscles are stimulated, excess fluids responsible for bloating and fatigue are removed from your body.

3. Reconnect with loved ones

Did you know that spa time could be a period to reconnect with family and loved ones? This is especially possible if you get a spa day gift card for loved ones. Destination spas are usually excellent getaway moments for individuals looking to bond with each other; since they create a social environment, you can build new friendships there. What better time to meet new people and enjoy the company of loved ones than this holiday season?

There are so many other reasons to visit the spa this holiday season, but why wait to read about them when you can experience it yourself? The treatments you receive there will help relax you physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is time to book a spa day to enjoy some relaxation and pampering before the new year comes.

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