PINEO & LOEB Team Up with Sparkee & Viiq to Bring Upbeat House-Pop Vibes to Heartbreak Track “Attached 2 U.” Out Now as a Self-Release


PINEO & LOEB are back with a new release – “Attached 2 U,” for which they teamed up with their fellow Canadian producer Sparkee and Filipino/Italian singer Viiq. The track is a perfect mixture of house music and pop, opening with heartfelt vocals and groovy, upbeat melodies. It’s almost hard to believe it started as a downtempo record until Viiq recorded her vocals, which shine through lyrics about trying to get over someone with other people, only to find it’s not the same. It’s a subject that should relate to many listeners, and the artists even throw in a Prince reference with the “2 U” in the track’s title. “Attached 2 U” follows PINEO & LOEB‘s recent “Good Vibe Feeling” with rapper FUEG and Saxophonist Ellie Sax, as well as Sparkee‘s remix of Tiësto‘s “The Business,” while Viiq could be heard on Bing Players & Disco Fries‘ “Forever Love.” Check out the inspiration behind the track below.

The ‘Attached 2 U‘ project started when we were listening to the radio and heard Viiq singing Bingo Players & Disco Fries‘ track ‘Forever Love.’ We were immediately hooked by the amazing vocals and uplifting vibes, so we reached out and connected with Viiq. We sent her a few instrumental demos to see if she would be interested in working together, and she picked out a groovy downtempo tune to record vocals on. When she sent us back what she’d done, we were blown away and inspired to rebuild the track to be more upbeat and centered it around a big synth drop for more impact. The track was sounding great, but we wanted it to be even funkier, so we called up our good friend and frequent collaborator Sparkee, who added his slick guitars and synths throughout, really gluing everything together. After painstakingly refining the track to make it hit just right, the end result is ‘Attached 2 U,’ and we’re so thrilled with how it’s come together! We opted to pick the numeral ‘2‘ and the letter ‘U‘ as a reference to Prince, who always spelled the words as such and is known for his funky and uplifting pop songs.” – PINEO & LOEB

If it weren’t for a schedule mix-up, Canadian duo PINEO & LOEB might never have joined forces. The two artists were booked for the same show, but both were left to play with only 1 time slot available. Instead of duking it out for the single slot, they decided to do a back-to-back set and haven’t looked back since. Some of their most popular original releases include “Daydreaming,” “Circles,” and “Body Right.” Uplifting, Funky, High-Energy & Good Vibes are just a few words that describe them. With chart-topping remixes, collaborations, and support from BBC Radio 1 or Virgin they are steadily making a name for themselves in the electronic music scene. On top of releasing original music and remixes, PINEO & LOEB have toured extensively across Canada and abroad, headlining their own shows as well as supporting major international acts such as Zeads DeadGrandtheftKeys N KratesThe Funk HuntersSkratch BastidStylustz-Trip, to name a few. Slowly returning to the road with dates across Canada this year, you can also find them on Twitch streaming high-energy DJ sets weekly to a loyal and growing audience.

More info on PINEO & LOEB / Sparkee / Viiq:

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Marc Benjamin Releases Dance-Pop Crossover Gem “Turn Back Time.” Out Now on Protocol Recordings


Marc Benjamin returns to Protocol Recordings with his new single “Turn Back Time,” a dance-pop crossover gem with melodic roots and a euphonious male vocal. Reminiscent of progressive hits like Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up,” Benjamin explores a more organic sound with guitar riffs and a gently building drop that will leave the listener feeling hopeful despite the track’s wistful lyrics. His previous Protocol release was “Hold Me Down” with Timmo Hendriks from earlier this fall, and since then his music has also found homes on Sam Feldt‘s Heartfeldt Records and Universal Music. “Turn Back Time” sees Marc Benjamin returning to Nicky Romero‘s record label with his solo work.

Founded by Nicky RomeroProtocol Recordings is one of the leading imprints for innovative house music; it boasts a roster of heavy-hitters complemented with immensely talented up-and-comers, all with a diverse range of sounds that are guaranteed to light up a dance floor. Veteran producer Marc Benjamin has a reputable taste for impeccable productions, evidenced in his successful previous collaborations with heavyweights Laidback LukeBenny Benassi, and Yves V, and his remixes of Zedd‘s worldwide hits “The Middle” and “Happy Now.” He has performed around the world, including Ultra Bali, a 5-year residency at Amsterdam‘s club EscapeBenjamin‘s dynamic productions have piqued the attention of industry heavyweights like TiestoZeddMartin GarrixSteve Angello, and Avicii. Keep an eye out for more new music from Benjamin coming soon!

More info on Marc Benjamin / Protocol Recordings:


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DJ SODA Releases Euphonious Dance Single “Closer To The Sun” With Hard Lights & Flaremode. Out on Purple Fly


Multi-talented artist DJ SODA joins forces with Hard Lights and Flaremode with her new single “Closer To The Sun,” which is out now on the NFT-fueled Purple Fly label, featuring vocals by Storme. Opening with a deep, tech-house influenced bassline, SODA artfully weaves in jazzy instrumentals and breathy vocals for a track that feels truly groove-worthy. “Closer To The Sun” calls to mind sunset cocktails and dancing by the water on balmy summer nights, creating the perfect vibe whether you’re on vacation or simply dreaming about it. This new single follows Purple Fly‘s exciting launch of streaming- and design-backed NFT pool series on Project X platform, which premiered with DJ SODA‘s NFT drop, designed by Damiano Clemente of Dsquared2. “Closer To The Sun” is DJ SODA‘s follow-up to her Purple Fly debut from August – “OKAY!” with Lost Chameleon and Ahin of K-Pop group MOMOLAND.

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. Purple Fly‘s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. The label releases an NFT directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity. DJ SODA has proven herself to be more than just a successful DJ; her stellar fashion sense has earned her brand partnerships and modeling gigs for DIORGUESSK-SwissNew BalanceNikeMacJoy RichNixonDiamondChanel, and more. She released earlier on Barong FamilySpinnin’ Records, and more. On the other hand, Hard Lights‘ earlier releases include “Up All Night” with Afrojack & VINAI, which currently has over 35M streams on Spotify, “Over and Out” with KSHMR and more. DJ SODA and Hard Lights are in good company with the likes of Laidback LukeBLVD.Fatman ScoopShaquille O’NealSevenn, and more as part of the Purple Fly family. Keep an eye out for more groundbreaking releases from Purple Fly in the near future!

More info on DJ SODA / Hard Lights / Flaremode / / Purple Fly:

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Cade Hoppe follows up debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ with Deluxe Edition


Today, New York-based indie-pop newcomer Cade Hoppe is follows his debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ with an 8-track deluxe edition.  Tacking on three bonus tracks, Cade reimagines and gives new meaning to three songs previously released on the EP with a piano version, featured artist duet, and original voice memo recording.  While the original EP hits the sweet spot between hazy indie-rock and catchy pop, this three track addition provides insight into the songs’ singer-songwriter geneses, as well. 

“When I decided that I wanted to do a deluxe edition of the EP, it really became about giving listeners a look into how these songs started because one of the most important parts to me about my music is the songwriting aspect of it,” Cade explains.  “‘Afterparty’ was written with and about my girlfriend, Maddie Regent, so it made sense to me to do a version where she sang with me.  The piano version of ‘Loverly High’ is truer to the way the song was written and how I perform it live—and I like it even better than the original record in many ways.  And the ‘Borrowed Time’ original voice memo shows how all of my songs start before I decide that I like it enough to record it; this voice memo even has a different bridge than the one on the record.  Each of these bonus tracks give a new dimension to the songs and hopefully a new reason for people to love them.” 

Originally released on October 22nd, Cade’s debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ delivers meaningful vignettes of love, loss, transition, and desire through his baritone vocals with lyrics that wade through a gamut of emotions and experiences. He may be a newcomer on the scene but with the release of ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’ and its deluxe edition, the 21-year-old singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist shows promise of becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

On his debut EP, he showcases his raw talent and knack for making tracks that are catchier than a cold, even without extensive experience in the industry yet.” – Lunar Sonar

Cade Hoppe is exactly what the indie-pop genre needed.” – New Scene Magazine

This is an artist to keep tabs on.” – CelebMix

Listen to ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It (Deluxe Edition)’ on all streaming platforms:

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Emerging Canadian Teen Popstress Cmagic5 ignites Your Soul Through her Latest bop ‘Dancing On My Heart’


Canadian teen pop sensation, Cmagic5 is back with a riveting party anthem Dancing On My Heart” inspired by the universally relatable struggle of moving on after a breakup when your ex-lover finds any opportunity to let themselves back into your life. In her own words “I wanted to write something upbeat that would inspire energy and confidence into my listeners”. The track’s infectious tune showcases my abilities as a vocalist by enabling my voice to soar through its wide range and emphasizes my soulful vocals through the melodic structure. I absolutely thrive on powerful beats and catchy melodies that are accompanied by my energetic delivery”. Following the recent success of her debut Album “Ready To Run”, she has garnered an impressive 10 million+ plays and counting across all digital streaming platforms.

 “Dancing on my Heart” is the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’, crafted with top writers and producers. The track has already surpassed 10 million views on TikTok just within 3 weeks of its release and was the #1 Twitter Trending hashtag #Dancingonmyheart on its release day.

Get ready to dance your ex off your heart! Check out the music video here:

“Dancing On My Heart” emphasizes the ‘moving on’ phase after falling out of a relationship and the frustration that develops when you’re falling in love with the same person all over again, knowing they’re not the one for you (but hey, it happens!). This can be summed up in the lyrics

 “I keep giving in and that’s my crime”. In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your Ex responsible for your inability to move on. It’s almost as if your Ex is your guilty pleasure. The track is definitely filled with lots of feel-good vibes, mature and clever lyricism, sassy undertones, and sugar-coated gooeyness that will surely get your heart racing and dancing while whining about your Ex trying to manipulate their way back into your heart! 

It is her dedication to excellence that keeps Cmagic5 at the top of her game. However, crafting radio-ready bangers isn’t the only thing on this up-and-coming Canadian pop artist’s mind. Cmagic5 is focused on aiding her listeners through that one breakup that still lingers around, like venom in their veins.


Instagram – @Cmagic5
YouTube – Cmagic5
TikTok – @Cmagic5music
Website –
Spotify – Cmagic5

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NAZAAR Releases Hard-Hitting Personal and Meaningful Vocal Trap/Bass Single “WITH U”


Talented up-and-comer NAZAAR just released his newest track “WITH U,” a vocal trap and bass gem that also tells a deeply personal story of finding self and purpose. Opening with a haunting dialogue between two lovers, the introduction then moves into heavy serrating synths with a heavy-hitting drop. The sultry, distorted vocals serve as a contrast between the light and dark elements of “WITH U,” bridging the gap between NAZAAR‘s hopeful message and the track’s dark sonic style. He originally started writing the release while at a low point in his life, on a beach in the wee hours of the morning; his surrender to the feeling of being lost is evident in the production’s wistful and yet positive vibe.

In February of 2020 I was in Los Angeles, trying to find my purpose within dance music. On one of these days during the trip, I found myself at Santa Monica beach at 2:00 AM with my laptop and headphones, recording the sounds of the beach. It was during that impromptu studio session that I started writing ‘WITH U.’ In that moment I felt so lost, not sure where I belonged, but writing music helped this confusion all go away. ‘WITH U‘ is a story about how feeling lost is a beautiful thing and how chasing the feeling of being yourself will always feel better than anything else. If it wasn’t for a calm night on the beach, I would’ve never realized that I could be whatever I wanted to become and do whatever I wanted to do.” – NAZAAR

Raised between Pakistan and AmericaFarhan Zahir – better known as NAZAAR – has made his signature sound a combination of his roots and his western upbringing, the hidden riches of the Middle East, with the prominent sounds of electronic dance music. He has previously worked with Carnage on “Blitzkrieg” and had a stream of solo independent singles, such as “Jinn” or “Guru.” His past releases have found homes on Never Say DieSpace YachtBassrush, and Columbia Records, where NAZAAR has put out his remix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Sick Boy.” In 2018, he released a single titled “A Dance With Death,” which enjoyed unprecedented DJ support from the likes of ExcisionRL GrimeZomboy, and many more. The success of this single forged the path to NAZAAR‘s debut 5-track EP titled “The Legacy” on Never Say Die in early 2019. Keep an eye out for more new music coming soon!

More info on NAZAAR:


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Thomas Newson Returns to Protocol Recordings with Groovy Tech-House Track “Skin”


After releasing “Ocean Deep” with Tim van WerdThomas Newson is back on Nicky Romero‘s label with his sultry, groovy new production “Skin.” Opening with breathy vocals and dreamy melodies, the Dutch producer layers in cinematic synths and a deep but subtle bassline, creating an atmosphere of both, seductivity and darkness with plenty of ethereal vibes. This intersection of tech-house and melodic influences represents Newson‘s new signature sound, which sees him straying from the big-room style that he established in the early years of his career.

Founded by Nicky Romero in 2012, Protocol Recordings is one of the leading imprints for innovative electronic dance music. It boasts a roster of heavy-hitters, complemented with immensely talented up-and-comers such as Thomas GoldDeniz KoyuTeamworxFuturistic Polar BearsTrilaneMarcus SantoroStadiumxTim van WerdTimmo HendriksMarc Benjamin and Nicky Romero himself, to name a few. All with a diverse range of sounds that are guaranteed to light up a dance floor. Thomas Newson first burst into the scene back in 2013 with a stream of big room releases on RevealedMusical FreedomArmada, and more. “Skin” follows his “Turn Back Time,” released on Tomorrowland Music, and Armada Music single “Wild Life.” He is the son of veteran DJ and producer Marco V, with whom he has collaborated multiple times. The recent years saw him focusing more on groovy house sounds, which is well represented on the new release.

More info on Thomas Newson / Protocol Recordings:

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Nicky Romero Returns to Virgin Records/Universal Music With Heartfelt Dance-Pop Release “Why Do I Call”


Nicky Romero returns to Virgin Records/Universal Music with the new dance-pop crossover gem “Why Do I Call” to follow up on his last year’s debut “Nights With You.” The Dutch veteran producer once again showcases his dynamic abilities by opening with soulful vocals and organic instrumentals, letting the heartfelt lyrics shine before leading into a deep house-influenced chorus. The song plays to anyone who has chased the past, adding a rhythmic dance twist to an otherwise radio-friendly track. Nicky Romero began his partnership with Virgin/Universal and forayed into the softer side of the electronic dance music spectrum just last year after also launching his underground side-project Monocule while heading up his imprint Protocol Recordings, so we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

After taking the world by storm with early hits such as “Legacy” with Krewella and the #1 single “I Could Be The One” with AviciiNicky Romero quickly proved that his talent is ever-evolving and here to stay. After launching his Protocol Recordings imprint in 2012, the renowned performer, producer, and label head continued his personal successes with a string of high-profile releases, ranging from collaborations with Armin van BuurenDavid GuettaDimitri Vegas & Like MikeW&WTimmy Trumpet and Steve Aoki to remixes for the likes of Robin SchulzKygoRita OraSteve AokiMartin GarrixJess Glynne and more. While showcasing his label’s roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve, and with his annual “Nicky Romero & Friends” ADE showcase and the launch of Monocule alter-ego, he keeps proving his ability to turn into gold everything he touches.

More info on Nicky Romero:

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Mike Emilio, Flakkë, and Quando Join Forces For Feel Good Dance-Pop Fusion Release “Deep Breath” on Purple Fly


Swedish star producer Mike Emilio joins the ranks of Purple Fly together with Brazilian Flakkë and Singapore-based Quando for their collaboration “Deep Breath.” Combining the trio of artists’ unique backgrounds and styles into a dreamy, feel-good sonic experience, the track opens with ethereal vocals that shine over a complementary instrumental bassline in its introduction. The cinematic vibe builds into a distinct four-on-the-floor beat, giving “Deep Breath” dance credibility to its otherwise pop-swayed sound. Purple Fly has established itself not only as the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, but as a home for a diverse array of sounds; EmilioQuando, and Flakkë follow recent Purple Fly‘s releases from the likes of IZKODanny OresDrezloChris BurkeAudiosonikBehmerDJ SODAAhin of MOMOLANDLaidback LukeBLVD.SevennShaquille O’NealFatman Scoop, to name a few.

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. Purple Fly‘s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. The label releases an NFT directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity. As one of the most streamed electronic producers in Sweden (over 100M on Spotify alone), Mike Emilio has earned several awards including “Producer of the Year” at the Swedish “Dalecarlia Music Awards 2021,” a spot on Top 50 Sweden for his 2020 release “I Follow Rivers” together with VigilandSUD and Helion. He has also created official remixes for Flo RidaBloodhound GangLil Nas X and has been supported by artists such as David GuettaTïesto, and many more. Flakkë is one of the rising artists of Brazilian electronic music, with over 62M plays on Spotify and hits like “Me Gusta” (29M streams) and “Sweet Munchies” (12M streams). He has been among the TOP 50 most listened DJs in Brazil for two consecutive years, and reached an impressive 1M monthly listeners on Spotify just one year after starting the artist project. He has been supported by artists such as AlokVintage CultureOliver HeldensMerk & KremontFedde Le GrandR3HABBingo Players and many others. Quando is the owner of Kronos Recordings based in Singapore. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge new music and NFT releases coming from Purple Fly in the near future!

More info on Mike Emilio / Flakkë / Quando / Purple Fly:

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DØBER and Almero Join Forces for Club-Friendly Bass-/Tech-House-Inspired Track “I Got Some” On Protocol Recordings


Dutchman DØBER and French artist Almero team up again for a heavy-hitting collaboration titled “I Got Some” on Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings. Combining the best of bass- and tech-house, these two talented producers created a track that places the focus on a driving, deep bassline and grimy synths, making for a late-night, club-friendly gem. With its four-on-the-floor and bass influences, the track is guaranteed to get your feet moving whether you’re in a dark basement or just in your living room until the early morning hours. “I Got Some” follows DØBER‘s recent release “The Light” with Savage Kids & Rushline on Protocol and Almero‘s single on Don Diablo‘s Hexagon label “Starlight.”

DØBER draws his inspiration from artists such as DogbloodZHU, and Gesaffelstein, delivering plenty of dark, hard-hitting tunes to add to the label’s repertoire. He followed his 2020’s debut “Twisted” EP with a remix for Deniz Koyu‘s “Next To You” and original works, such as “Silence” with Monocule, “Focus” with Almero, and “Bounce” with RayRay, quickly becoming one of the label’s leading artists. On the other hand, we have Almero, who debuted on Protocol in 2020 with “They Don’t Know” with CAMARDA and then followed with “Focus” with DØBER, 2021’s “Good Old Days” with CAMARDA, “Run” with Teamworx, and solo single “Do Again.” He has also releases on Revealed RecordingsSpinnin’ RecordsAnjunabeats, and UniversalProtocol‘s roster of heavy-hitters, complemented with immensely talented up-and-comers, makes for some of the most exciting releases in the game, along with the unlimited potential for collaborations. We look forward to more releases from DØBERAlmero, and the rest of the Protocol team coming soon!

More info on DØBER / Almero / Protocol Recordings:

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Sophie Simmons Returns with Heartfelt Solo Single “Love Turns Lonely”


If you’ve ever experienced a love turned distant and cold, Sophie Simmons has the anthem for you. After releasing “Shadows” with Frank Walker and Nevada earlier this year and teaming up with Felix Cartal on the 2020 Platinum single “Mine,” the singer/songwriter makes a strong return to the scene with her stunning new track “Love Turns Lonely.” Sophie‘s velvety voice shines through the organic instrumentals, and cinematic melodies of the song with a heartfelt delivery of the lyrics that listeners can tell are deeply personal. In fact, for “Love Turns Lonely” Sophie sat down with producers and longtime friends Johannes BurgerJoel Zimmerman and writer Asdis Maria Vioarsdottir to create this organic, romantic ballad about a declining relationship and the loneliness that can go along with it.

Love Turns Lonely‘ is my first solo release in a long time. I took a break from releasing to focus on writing for other artists. It was a very organic way to get back into artistry. I wrote it with three of my closest friends, and I think you can hear the love in it. ‘Love Turns Lonely‘ is about a fizzling relationship; where the partner in the song is being a bit distant and dramatic. The narrator is lost and the love they had is slowly turning to loneliness.” – Sophie Simmons

Based in Los AngelesSophie began singing at the age of four and never looked back. She has since performed for audiences as large as 20,000 people and has amassed over 300M streams across her releases as a vocalist and writer. Some highlights include, Sam Feldt‘s & Ella Henderson‘s “Hold Me Close“; Felix Cartal and her JUNO nominated, SOCAN award-winning, and Canadian platinum-selling single “Mine,” R3HAB & Kelvin Jones‘ single “Downtown,” and Leah Kate‘s viral hit “F*ck Up The Friendship,” in addition to executive producing an upcoming project with Casey Bear. Her track with Frank Walker and Nevada peaked at Canadian Top 40 radio at #24, and has over 2,5M streams to date. The sky’s the limit for Sophie Simmons, so stay tuned for more new music coming soon.

More info on Sophie Simmons / Physical Presents:

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JVNA Takes Listeners On A Deep, Personal Journey Through 12-Track Debut Studio Album “Hope In Chaos” and Announces Album-Themed 2022 Tour


LA-based artist JVNA releases her stunning debut album “Hope In Chaos,” a deeply personal and emotive body of work with a unique sonic style drawing from pop, rock, and bass elements. The twelve-track LP explores many of her life experiences, covering a range of sometimes dark elements, including the loss of her father, guilt, love, lust, sexism, and determination. The opening track “Chaos” sets an ominous tone for the first half of the album, which represents the first, most painful stages of grief. “Where You Are” sees JVNA expressing a deep longing for lost love with cinematic sonic elements, while “Ghost” showcases a future bass style. “Sins” captures the sultry and turbulent energy of lust and questionable decisions. The first half of the album closes with the interlude “Hope,” which introduces JVNA‘s movement into the healing process of grief. She tries to remember the good times of a painful relationship with “At Least It Was Fun,” while the ensuing tracks all lead up to the cathartic healing process with the epilogue “Fly.” “Hope In Chaos” is a truly beautiful and meaningful musical journey that fans of multiple genres will appreciate, whether they’re going through a tough time or just looking for a track to rock out to. Be on the lookout for album-themed “Hope In Chaos Tour“, starting on February 19. Tickets are available here.

California-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA produces electronic music that plays at the dichotomy of light and dark, bass and melody, organic and synthetic. Raised by Taiwanese immigrants, JVNA studied classical piano from the age of 6 and started writing songs when she was 11. Her studies continued at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she learned to score films and video games. Initially, JVNA made fun edits and remixes of her favorite anime and video game soundtracks; her take on MapleStory‘s “Login Theme” caught fire on the internet, earning half a million views in 24 hours. Her 2018 song “I’m With You,” inspired by her father’s death two years earlier, dared to dive deep into an emotional world. JVNA self-directed the song’s music video. The Follow-up single “Catch Me,” released in 2019, took JVNA on a sold-out tour across the United States. Due to the pandemic, it was canceled, and JVNA returned to the studio to focus on the album’s production. She pushed herself to incorporate more live keys, piano, and organic textures. “Hope In Chaos” is a diverse collection of styles featuring JVNA‘s voice like it’s never been heard before, opening up about so much more than the standard dance floor love songs.

Hope In Chaos Tour” dates so far (more dates TBA, info and tickets here):

Feb 19 – The Republik – Honolulu, HI, United States
Feb 26 – Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA, United States
Feb 27 – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA, United States
Mar 03 – Sessions Music Hall – Eugene, OR, United States
Mar 04 – Neumos – Seattle, WA, United States
Mar 05 – 45 East – Portland, OR, United States
Mar 12 – The Loft – Minneapolis, MN, United States
Mar 24 – Mod Club Theatre – Toronto, ON, Canada
Mar 26 – Liquid – Madison, WI, United States
Apr 02 – The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY, United States
Apr 08 – The Church – Denver, CO, United States

Hope In Chaos” tracklist:

01. JVNA – Chaos (Prelude)
02. JVNA – Where You Are
03. JVNA – Ghost
04. JVNA – Breakdown
05. JVNA – Sins
06. JVNA – 18
07. JVNA – Bullseye
08. JVNA – Hope (Interlude)
09. JVNA – It Least It Was Fun
10. JVNA – Dystopia
11. JVNA – True Colors
12. JVNA – Fly

More info on JVNA:

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Images provided by Ivan Wong