Album Review: Mac Miller ‘GO:OD AM’


It’s good to see Mac Miller having fun again.

A year ago, he was on a dangerous path consuming far too many drugs including cocaine, codeine cough syrup, and even angel dust. While that kind of intake produced some raw, depressing music on his last album Faces, it’s also just not a good style for Miller’s brand of music or for his personal health.

He’s more sober now (he still smokes cigarettes and parties, but he’s no longer pulling three-night bingers), according to an interview with Billboard, and it shows a lot on his new album Go:od AM. He’s back to having fun in life and translating it to his music.

“The world don’t give a f–k about your loneliness,” he raps on “Rush Hour,” which precisely sums up how he and a lot of fans view some of his previous work. The new life philosophy of Miller is “ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bit of fun,” which he repeats on the following track “Two Matches.” People gravitated to his old-school style approach to hip-hop because it sounded spontaneous and fun. He moved away from that for a while but this album has him back to form.

His 2011 breakthrough album Blue Slide Park had that spontaneous feeling to it. There was nothing remarkable about that album but it was fun and you could jam to it. That’s the same way Go:od AM is and why it’s his best release since that debut.

There are plenty of gripes to be had such as the excessive length of this album at 17 songs running an hour and ten minutes, the repetitive flow of all his lines and the lack of much substance in the lyrics. However, those critiques seem to miss the theme of this album. No, he’s not winning any accolades for this album and you probably won’t hear any of these songs blasting at the club, but there’s an infectious quality to it anyway that can only come from an artist enjoying life and the music that comes from that space. In this case, that seems like enough.

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