Bethan Leadley ‘Inside her Head’ Review


My favorite part of the end of each year, aside from the seemingly endless feasts and festive atmosphere, is the flood of new music. Every year around this time my iTunes (and debit card) become overwhelmed with the endless downloads of new tunes. This week in particular though marks the release of Bethan Leadley, or as the internet knows her ‘musicalbethan’, second EP titled Inside Her Head. Her latest installment of music has headed in a noticeably different direction than her previous EP and I couldn’t be more excited.

On the surface, these four tracks show us how influenced she is by both pop and punk music – two vastly different sounds which she masterfully weaves together to create a semi-rock album. Catching up with Bethan, I asked how she goes about writing music like this. “Usually it’s either me with a keyboard or guitar and usually a line will come into my head and I’ll then think of a melody for that particular line and then work everything around that,” she said. “Then once we get it over into producing we work in all of the electric guitar, drums, and heavier stuff that gives it that rocky sound.”

While it’s easy to just take these songs as the belt out sing-along eargasms that they are, I suggest you sit down and really listen to the lyrics, all of which are painfully honest and personal, and showcase what a talented songwriter she actually is. Going through the whole EP, Bethan gave me a little breakdown of what inspired each song. “Your Storm is about depression in relationships, Fall For You is about a crush on your friend, and Inside Her Head is about my homelife and past. Then If It Still Hurts Me is about being used.”

As a quasi ‘big sister’ to more than two hundred thousand followers on her YouTube channel, Bethan shared that she felt a responsibility to not hold back. “I think because I have a teen audience a lot of them would be going through this sort of stuff now or soon. I’m hoping it may give them a bit of guidance and help them know they’re not the only ones.”

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Bethan Leadley ‘Inside her Head’ Review: Photograph courtesy of Bethan Leadley

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