Chasing Her Dreams In “California”


Rising star Arielle has proved that she’s more than just another pop star wannabe. From a young age, Arielle decided her passion was music. She was a natural at playing guitar, even earning the attention of Queen guitarist, Brian May. Arielle’s latest venture is releasing a new original song, “California.”

“California” was originally called “Til I Get There,” and it expresses how Arielle felt when she first moved out to California. She says that the song shares her feelings of “the pain, losing myself, and wondering why I wasn’t happy at the place I left everything to come to.” The song was written by Arielle, along with writers from Red Decibel Music Group (Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartney). The melody is catchy, while the lyrics are significant, with lines like “I’m trading scars / 
For that concrete star / And I can’t find the sunshine in California.”

Arielle’s new music video for her song “California” features her singing amongst the captivating scenery of California. Of the video concept, Arielle says, “We wanted to make it look like we were traveling from far away, so naturally we went to the desert.” By the end of filming, they ended up at the Santa Monica Pier and on Hollywood Boulevard.

With the release of this music video, Arielle is now looking forward to releasing her self-titled EP in late April. For the upcoming EP, Arielle explains that “fans can expect a deep, emotional journey that is colored with guitar, harmonies, soaring melodies, and energy.”

You can download “California” for free at, and you can see the exclusive behind-the-scenes video below!

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Chasing Her Dreams In “California”. Photo Courtesy of Shane Wepprich

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