Christmas Playlist


Christmas Playlist by Greg Trutner


With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us at Cliché have different tastes in holiday music. Some of us like joyful, festive music, some like hard rock, while others might prefer dubstep. My choice fits outside the radar a bit. I have a very sensitive ear, and as such, I like peaceful and mellow Christmas music. These are some of my favorite songs and albums:


1) “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” – John Lennon

This is one of my favorites because it brings hope for the New Year. It is also a very peaceful and hopeful song, not to mention melodic. It is one of the few songs featuring Yoko Ono that I like.


2) Winter Carols – Blackmore’s Night

How can I leave out an entire album featuring Candice Night? Her voice is very soothing to me, and the music is incredibly peaceful.


3) A Midwinter Night’s Dream – Loreena McKennitt

Again, another soothing album complete with vocal harmonies that definitely helps me relax!

4) “Dickens’ Dublin” – Loreena McKennitt

This song stars a child reading from a Christmas story for the most part in the song with McKennitt singing her verses in-between the child’s reading. I find this song to be fascinating and complex for that reason.


5) “Wonderful Christmastime” – Paul McCartney

And, finally, the relaxing voice of Paul McCartney coupled with signing that is just cheerful and joyous and relaxing all at the same time!

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