Josephine Relli – No 1 (feat. Kay-Ree & Wavy Baby)


Josephine Relli is a recording artist, model and actor. She released her debut album “Miscellaneous” in 2016 and has continued to churn out an eclectic array of music ever since. She attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and has participated in high-end events with the likes of the mega-brand Macy’s. And she made her onscreen debut in Chloë Sevigny’s short film, “Carmen.” Josephine is now writing and producing her own music as she fine-tunes her unique sound. She prides herself on intentionally avoiding genres, and is as equally at ease in the hip-hop and R&B worlds as she is in alternative or pop space.

Josephine’s duology album “Slow Down/Falling” was recently released as well on all major platforms. For more information on Josephine, please visit:  Instagram:

Featured Image provided by Miranda Penn Turin
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