Karma’s Not Pretty


Karma’s Not Pretty – she may sing about it, but Temara Melek’s future is looking pretty bright. After performing for Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour and releasing her pop-sugar hit single “Karma’s Not Pretty,” Melek talks about her songwriting inspiration and a future tour.

Cliché: What was the inspiration behind “Karma’s Not Pretty”?
Temara Melek: I wrote this song with my friend Cassadee Pope (The Voice 2012 winner), and it’s about how I have a boyfriend who flirts with my best friend and confronting him. I then move on to this amazing guy, and my ex realizes he messed up and wants me back but it’s too late. So basically, watch out or karma will get you. I feel it’s a song many people can relate to.

How would you describe the sound or vibe for any future songs you’re working on?
My sound is pop with a slight edge. I want people to relate to my music, and I love making music people can sing along or dance to.

How would you describe performing at a concert with Demi Lovato? What was that experience like for you?
Sharing the stage with Demi was an amazing experience. I admire Demi so much, and she’s such a inspiration to me. It meant the world to me that she believed in me enough to have me open her show.

Temara Melek

How do you feel being compared to Katy Perry? Is that an artist you feel inspired by?
I absolutely love Katy Perry. She is such a great performer. I love her shows, videos, and songs. To be compared to her is so flattering. To have a career like hers would be a dream come true.

What are you looking forward to for your own upcoming US tour?
I am excited to start touring and really looking forward to meeting my fans. They are such a huge part of my life and are so important to me. I also love to travel and see new places. Really looking forward to it.

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