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Chain Of Islands Release Pop Rock Driven Debut EP, Ochre


Pop duo Chain of Islands debut EP release, Ochre, is now available for streaming on all DSPs. The pop rock-driven EP features a collection of familiar singles such as, “Shelter,” “Foreign,” “Pink Hotel,” “Homesick,” “Maybe It’s You,” and two new tracks, “It’s Obvious” and “Good Love.” From electric guitar-driven tracks to soothing ballads, Ochre is an EP that showcases the different sounds Chain of Islands is influenced and inspired by in the world of pop music. Available for streaming on all DSPs today, the duo is excited to finally share their body of work with the world: 

“We’re so excited to put these songs together in a collection for the first time. They are all songs we’ve been slaving over and listening to pretty much on repeat since we first came together as Chain Of Islands. Being able to put them side to side to curate an album listening experience honestly never gets old and we’re so proud to be able to share this with all of the people who have listened so far and are yet to jam along with us. Now we just need to get on stage and vibe with the family!” – Chain of Islands

Chain of Islands (Nick Sera and Derek Vautrinot) is a pop duo originally formed in Boston, MA and currently split between Orange County, CA and Providence, RI. Nick and Derek both met through playing in heavier rock acts (Lions Lions and Que Sera) from the New England area. After years of heavily touring the rock/hardcore scene, both members decided to collaborate and pursue new creative avenues leading to the birth of Chain of Islands.

With songs traveling between moody and ambient R&B amd windows down, upbeat pop – their sound is reminiscent of the weather of their place of origin. No matter which end of the spectrum, their music is sure to share deeply personal lyrics accompanied by diverse melodic instrumentals that will color the setting of the listener..The band is excited to release their debut EP Ochre, to the streaming world today. 

Take a listen to the debut EP here, and watch the official music videos for “Foreign” and “Shelter” on Chain of Islandsofficial YouTube channel. 

Follow Chain of Islands Online:






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New York artist Cade Hoppe Releases Anthemic Pop Heartbreak Single, “Click Boom Run”


New York artist Cade Hoppe Releases Anthemic Pop Heartbreak Single, “Click Boom Run”

“Click Boom Run” is a song about losing someone before you ever really had them.  You can fall deeper in love than you ever have before, but none of that matters if they don’t ever love you back.  It’s a very specific type of heartbreak to see a clear future with someone and never have a chance to make it a reality—it leaves you asking yourself one of the most dangerous questions one can ask: “What if?”

This song is centered around a pulsating guitar stack and a strong vocal.  While the focus remains heavily on the lead throughout the song, what begins as simple support production becomes a massive cinematic experience with punching percussion, sleek synths, and reverse guitars.  Produced by Harper James of indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety, “Click Boom Run” is an anthemic pop song about heartbreak that lives in the same world as other heartbreak anthems such as OneRepublic’s “Apologize” or Coldplay’s “Fix You”.   It’s the kind of song that many people will relate to, but if they can’t they’ll wish they could.
Image provided by Cade Hoppe



July 29, 2021 — Boleyn Records is releasing two singles this Friday – artist Vince Lichlyter’s

“Things I Need To Say” and Jonah 33’s “Bullet From A Gun.” They will be available on

iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and I-Heart Radio.

After taking a break for over a decade to focus on family and special projects including starting up a student ministry, teaming up with long-time friend and former tour mate, Derrick Fury, to write and record the soundtrack in its entirety to Fury’s debut film feature “Lion Killer” and played bass in Benjamin Del Shreve for an album and a couple of years of shows, Vince and Jonah 33 decided to release two singles this month to keep the music alive with their label, Boleyn Records. Vince has also appeared on Fox News on the Mike Huckabee Show performing the song “American Dream” off his

album Helium Re-visited.




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July 28, 2021 – Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Sally Boy announces his signing to Loud Robot/RCA Records today. In celebration of the announcement, he releases his new track and music video “Bad Habits” (listen here). “Bad Habits” is the third track to be released this summer and will be featured on his forthcoming EP Lies I Tell Myself coming later this year.

“I’ve been keeping touch with my younger self the past few months and he’s hyped. This is what we wanted way back when I started making music, so it’s surreal to say I’m a signed artist. I’m ecstatic to work with a label like Loud Robot/RCA that can keep stride with my hyperactive energy — I’m glad we’re doing it together :)”

Additionally, Sally Boy is excited to announce the second season of his variety show The Sally Boy Show. The 4 episode season will showcase a mix of talent from the singer/songwriter as he performs, writes and directs the musical performances, comedy sketches, monologues and more. Watch the trailer here.

Earlier this summer, Sally Boy released two additional tracks “Chess & Checkers” and “Good At Being Lonely ft. Hong Kong Boyfriend both of which received several spots on playlists from Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music and have over half a million streams between the two. Early Rising said “Good At Being Lonely,” “is purely infectious” and Variance Magazine said “Chess & Checkers” is “addictive,” and “delivers just the perfect summer vibes.”

Loud Robot, the record label from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, announced its partnership with RCA Records last month. Sally Boy is the second artist to be signed to the label.


“Sally Boy (Erez Potok-Holmes) is just getting started, but his upcoming debut project is a cohesive, sun-dappled slice of modern pop music.”
Pigeons & Planes

“Sally Boy shows off an unmistakable musicianship as he fluidly brings genres together that might never be caught dead on the same mixtape.”
Flaunt Magazine

 “The perfect antidote for any early onsetting seasonal ailments … a shot of warmth for everyone … Perhaps it was all just a dream.” 
C-heads Magazine


A heavy song can make you feel just that: heavy. The intense emotions gathered up into a single piece of music become baggage the listener is invited to carry. Imagine a backpack full of sadness, or frustration, or heartbreak, or tearful anger. You put on that backpack, if only temporarily, when you play the heavy song. Erez Potok-Holmes, better known to listeners as the multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Sally Boy, knows that sensation. After years of making indie rock in the Philadelphia suburb where he grew up, the 21-year-old poured his heart and soul into his first solo project, 2020’s EREZ EP. It told coming-of-age stories about love, finding yourself over, and other raw emotions over minimal production and guitar; it was a backpack.“Playing it, you felt slightly drained,” he says.

But his new music is about lightness, energy, and unabashedly being yourself. It encourages liftoff, even as it continues to explore the topics that made EREZ so compelling. It’s playful, with drums that get into your system at the molecular level, forcing you to move; the lyrics have swagger, even when dabbling in self-deprecation. It’s an amused celebration of accepting yourself, flaws and all.”

Self-acceptance is at the root of Sally Boy. Erez adopted the name after writing the song “SallyBoy,” his first real solo effort outside his work with his band. It’s a dreamy conversation with his younger self set to beautiful acoustic guitar. As a child Erez was sometimes teased for being soft. Emotional. Feminine. The bullshit machismo that young boys absorb and inflict on others made him feel stifled and strange. Like he didn’t belong. He tried to bury that side of himself and craft a persona that felt tougher, more masculine. But it wasn’t true. By dubbing himself SallyBoy, Erez dispenses with inauthentic self-presentation.

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Elyssa Plaza Releases New Single “It Was Summer”


[23rd July 2021] – Today, Elyssa Plaza releases new single “It was Summer” produced by Ryan Patrick O’Grady. “It Was Summer” is a perfectly composed record that reads like a journal entry from Elyssa as she speaks on her current mindstate reflecting on past relationships that reveal a new lense.

When speaking on the inspiration behind the song Elyssa tells us: “I wanted to express the feelings that follow summer love. When I first began writing ‘It Was Summer’ I based it on past feelings of fun and healthy relationships I’ve been in. During this process I decided to change the focus to a particular experience I went through with a summer fling. We had initially decided to just be friends but I thought I had fallen for them afterwards so we decided to give it a try. When I wanted to end it in person, I was blind sided by them doing it first over text. I was hurt in the beginning but realized it was good nothing got too serious because I don’t think that relationship would have ever worked out long term.”
– Elyssa Plaza

About Elyssa Plaza: Toronto native Elyssa Plaza is an R&B Alternative singer/songwriter. Plaza’s passion for music began in church and continued throughout her years of vocal lessons. Much like her inspirations Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Daniel Caesar, her lyricism is based on vulnerable moments brought to life, with her breathtaking voice. Once signing to Tomboy Records in 2019 she released her first EP titled ‘EP by EP’. She started 2020 with exceptional success on TikTok from her unforgettable covers ranging from Wale and Miguel’s ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’, Doja Cat and Jazmine Sullivan, surpassing 5 million views. Her previous release “Is It Really Love” has gained over 20K streams and earned support from music publications and platforms Co-Sign Radio and RNB RADAR. Elyssa Plaza continues 2021 with a new release and multiple virtual concerts including BIPOC Fest, Waveland’s Everbloom, and Kapwa Fest, with more lined up throughout this year. le virtual concerts including BIPOC Fest, Waveland Everbloom, and Kapwa Fest, with more lined up throughout this year.

Connect with Elyssa Plaza: Instagram | Youtube| Press Kit

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Chianne Unveils Empowering New Single, “Truly Free”


Conscious-Pop Artist  Describes Shedding Insecurities in a Cookie-Cutter World

Los Angeles, CA – International singer-songwriter and conscious-pop artist, Chianne, has released her new single “Truly Free.” The powerful, multi-talented artist takes listeners on an emotional journey as she describes breaking away from tradition, limiting beliefs, and social conditioning while learning to accept her truest, most authentic self. “I hope this song inspires you to always be true to yourself, truly free to be you and to freely express yourself,” Chianne explains. “Stay firm and committed, trust yourself and walk the path of your dreams, guided by your heart and intuition, despite what others may say or think of you.” Her new single, “Truly Free,” is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

Chianne arranges a beautiful pairing of orchestral and percussion instruments that merge with her personal lyrics to form an emotional, moving melody that leaves fans feeling uplifted. The conscious-pop artist aims to make music that heals, inspires, and empowers; adding a layer to that, she has incorporated reiki vocals into her music to send healing frequencies to listeners everywhere. For “Truly Free,” Chianne drew upon her own experiences struggling with self-love and the pressure to conform to society where she often felt not fitting in.  After doing what she felt was expected of her for many years, Chianne continued to ponder if she may very well be limiting herself by suppressing her true nature. For years, she’s looked for validation outside of herself, seeking to know her worth and herself through the limited perceptions and projections of the people around her. Along the way, she internalized their voices as her own and the negative talk in her head held her back from expressing her truest self and her gifts, which led her to hold back and doubt her abilities, gifts, and talents.

Over time, insecurities and self-doubt began to pile up for the young singer, and she went back and forth between following the path that society and her family expected of her to follow versus following the path of her deepest heart’s desires. Even though she often felt lonely,  ultimately, she chose the path of her dreams and rekindled her passion for music. “I started to remember childhood memories where I always dreamt of singing, dancing, performing, creating shows, choreographs and imagining myself in musicals, etc. I started to remember how it felt so good doing so,” says Chianne on her inspiration for the song. In “Truly Free,” she is able to beautifully capture this enlightening endeavor to explore one’s true self and reminds listeners to embrace their individuality.

Chianne’s journey with music began at the early age of six when she was taught to play classical piano. Coming from a family full of talented musicians, music was always a ubiquitous presence in her life. Her passion started when she fell in love with idols like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. As a young adult, Chianne earned a degree in International Relations and in Fashion Design and began working in fashion around the world.  However, her talent and love for music simply could not be held back. While living in Australia, Chianne began to go after exploring her passion for becoming a serious musical artist. This led her to Los Angeles, where she dreamed of one day becoming a singer, cultivating her passion. She has taken classes at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood and the Songwriters School of Los Angeles, and is a member of BMI.

“Truly Free” is available now wherever you stream music. To learn more about Chianne, visit her Instagram page at @chianneozgur

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July 21, 2021 Today, R&B artist Sani Knight released his new single “Dark Place.” Sani Knight is an 18 year old Los Angelesnative, who fell in love with music at age 10 through influences The Weekend and Eminem. Within the last year, he’s released music for the first time, and “Dark Place” is the first of 5 tracks that make up Heaven Seems So Far Away.

Sani Knight is a selftaught pianist whose versatile sound encompasses Middle Eastern influence, R&B, rap, and electronic music. He hopes to bring Middle Eastern representation to popular music, while “speaking to anyone going through something that makes them feel stuck or misplaced.” With an organic approach to his writing, all songs capture his personal experiences and are brought to life with those he works with. He’s found a great team with producer Bosquet (1/2 of Pixel Terror) and creative director Nikoli Party (Wallows, Foster the People).

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Oompa Serves Up Euphoric Summertime Love on “GO” ft. Dan DeCristofaro


July 9th, 2021 – Buzzing Boston rapper, spoken word poet Oompa has returned with her new single and video “GO” featuring Dan DeCristofaro. Produced by Dephrase, “GO ” was written with carefree Summer vibes in mind, or as Oompa affectionately explains “real Gemini season energy”. It’s the perfect soundtrack to those fun-filled, warm Summer days and euphoric new love feels. With an undeniable reference to Chaka Khan and the classic, West Coast G-funk sound, “GO ” is an upbeat, bop with a “catch you on the first listen” hook: “We go, and go, and go” .

Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Oompa says “This is the love where you slap red tinted glasses on, and all red flags look like surrender. We know it will end in flames, or with us having to return to the reality of our lives and our city-girl hustle, but for now, we go. We get lost and hope reality doesn’t find us”

In the accompanying visual, we find Oompa and a romantic interest, played by friend and frequent collaborator, Therlande Louissant aka Tloui channeling a Queen and Slim-style love story, cruising in their retro Ford Mustang without a care in the world. Inspired by the cinematic feel of the cult-classic film Drive, the visual features stunning shots of an endless highway interspersed with mood-setting closeups of the exuberant duo. “GO” collaborator Dan DeCristofaro makes an amusing cameo as the getaway driver as the couple roll up at an undisclosed location, ready for the next step on their insouciant adventure. The official “GO” video forms part of 10 highly thematic accompanying visuals that will be released in the lead up to Oompa’s upcoming EP, Unbothered

With a cadence and energy akin to the legendary Missy Elliott and the poetic finesse of Noname, Oompa arrived on the scene in 2016 with a sound and message that instantly demanded attention. In addition to being praised by NPR, Huffington Post, Boston Globe, and NBC, Oompa has shared stages with the likes of DVSN, Charli XCX, 24KGoldn, Tinashe, UMI, and Rico Nasty. Stay tuned for more from Oompa as she gears up to release more new music over the Summer.

About OOMPA:

OompaOOMPA is a nationally-acclaimed, Boston-born, poet, rapper, and educator, who is forever representing the queer, black, orphaned, hood kids n’ them. She was named one of NPR’s 2020 Slingshot Artists to Watch and her engaging, interactive performing style won her the Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year in 2019, following her 2018 Unsigned Artist of the Year victory among an unprecedented 12 total nominations. In a 2019 feature, WBUR’s the Artery describes the lyric-focused rapper as having a “natural tenderness with language” and calls her verses “funny…incisive and memorable.” Oompa showed this poetic prowess as the winner of the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam and a finalist in the 2016 National Poetry Slam. With the release of her newest album, Cleo, Oompa has sold out the Sinclair and a number of other Boston venues. 

In November 2020, Oompa dropped her most recent single entitled “Closer” along with a striking visual component. The song showcases a new sonic direction for her music and the lyrics convey a refusal to falter or be reactionary in the face of multiple global crises; the pandemic and an intense awakening about what it means to be Black in the world. This song isn’t a promise to be a cure to the world’s ills, but something that aims to counter the effects of the poison. Her next project, “Unbothered” is set to release in Fall 2021.

OOMPA online:


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(Los Angeles, CA) Lyra Star has really stepped up her game with this latest music video. “Light” is a dream-like display of her movement artistry within a candlelit magical forest and a dimly lit doorway combined with shots of Star decked in rhinestones and pearls, looking like a Victorian princess. With costume designs by LA local Kelly Maglia, the fashion can best be described as vintage Victorian meets Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. The lush and whimsical settings are perfect backdrops for showcasing Star’s duality as both the creator of the music and the human body that can bend and move with such grace and beauty.

This decadent visual eye candy is her second release with director Tonya Kay (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ‘Curious Christmas’ on The CW, The Ascension of Ava Delaine on Amazon Prime and Shorts TV) and cinematographer Andria Chamberlin (known for the films ‘The Nightmare Gallery’ and

‘Seven Days in Mexico’), and it far surpasses what was done in their first release, “Under the Water.” Kay and Chamberlin incorporated the use of prisms and chandelier glass as an in-camera effect to alter the light as well as utilizing unique angles and shots to capture the flexibility and movement art in a way that has not been done on film before. The viewer remains entranced by the luxurious backgrounds and shots of Star playing the piano within a candlelit chamber in between the contortion pieces, and the clock imagery throughout reflects the message behind the song that timing is everything.

There are very few artists that are able to blend their talents so seamlessly, and Lyra Star’s graceful contortion, which is such a niche skill, truly encapsulates the beauty of this emotional single, which features her powerful, ethereal vocals at their best, complimented by the dreamy drums and gorgeous cello parts.

The “Light” music video has a surreal quality that transports the viewer into a fairy tale landscape where Star’s amazing capabilities in all realms can be experienced on so many levels… she has been tenaciously following her dreams since moving to Los Angeles in late 2018. It is clear that she did not let the pandemic stop her from creating art… in fact, this is her best release to date. Lyra Star’s music videos are sure to put her on the map as an artist, not only in the music world, but in the world of dance and performing arts as well. She is truly a unique talent that is starting to make herself known.

Video Directed by Tonya Kay
Cinematography Andria Chamberlin
Editor David Deseo
Costumes Kelly Maglia
Makeup Meredith Lim
Hair Lindsay Nunnelee
Styling Elise Miles

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“Be a woman” Live Performance by DeLaurentis


Already praised by the press in Europe, DeLaurentis was solicited by Ableton for several masterclasses in Europe and in the USA.

The emerging female artist DeLaurentis, is the producer, composer, writer, musician and singer of her unique project and concept-album : “UNICA”.

For two years, the artist bonded with her machines, developing an almost mystical connection between the human and digital worlds.

DeLaurentis brought to life her digital sister: Unica. UNICA will be released on September 3, 2021.

The 10 tracks album is a digital-tale that brings forth the emotions between a woman and her machine. It’s a strong and sensitive story about the fusion of two contemporary beings, in an enchanting mix of reality and imagination, flesh and processors, in contact with heady and effective tracks.

Life” was the first single to be released, in October 2020. The song symbolizes the birth of Unica, narrated by a handshake between a human and a machine.

The music video combined 3D technology referring to Black Mirror and contemplative scenes of nature, inspired by Terrence Malick.

The 2nd single, “Pegasus, was released in February 2021. The song represents Unica’s emancipation. As a young artificial intelligence, she grew up and observed our compulsive lives by imitating our human behaviors and thoughts : DELAURENTIS – Pegasus (Official Video)

The 3rd single Be A Woman by DeLaurentis, is the initiatory journey of a woman and her machine…

« DeLaurentis’ music finds its way to a sensitive, orchestral and necessarily cinematic electronica. » Les Inrocks

« Mystical, a virtual love story» General Pop

« Hypnotic, questions the entire mystical universe around machines and

technology» Trax Magazine

« An electric lunar and ethereal pop » Modzik

« DeLaurentis, the gap between Maurice Ravel and Daft Punk » Ableton ©dominiquegau


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Images provided by ©Dominique Gau

Brittan Smith Explores The Feelings of Coming Out With New Video For “Peach”


Emerging pop artist Brittan Smith is introducing audiences to another chapter of the Going Rogue universe. Following the release of “Fiend,”, Brittan Smith is back with the music video for his latest single, “Peach.” The video for “Peach,” directed by Heather Ballish and Brittan Smith, is a visual representation of the different emotions felt when putting on a facade of being happy to the outside world, but feeling alone on the inside. For Brittan, the video is a reflection of his personal journey as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the headspace he was in before coming out:

“The Peach cinematic explores a fantasy universe inside the head of a solemn, pre-out of the closet version of me. The pre-out version of me pops soma, a euphoric drug reference to Brave New World, in order to escape into this flower field with a very lively version of myself that doesn’t feel quite right. One that is euphorically happy to a level of being almost creepy.

As the video progresses we see this internal storyline begin to fragment as the fantasy world cannot remain intact as my waking life remains in disarray. This all comes to a head as different glitches appear in the video including a Rabbit headed mascot, glittering banana and a true depiction of how I feel confident: me in all black wearing looking directly into camera knowingly telling myself to take the leap. On the surface, the video is fun, playful and full of effects so there is broader appeal for those who don’t want to dive too deep into the metaphor.” – Brittan Smith

Emerging from the prairie lands of Kansas with an avant-garde, rockeresque – pop sound Brittan Smith, now a Los Angeles based musician, is crafting dramatic musical worlds bathed in neon. A vocalist from a young age, Brittan turned to his mother in the car one day while jamming out to Bon Jovi and said “I’m going to be a rockstar.” He has been on that artistic path ever since. With inspiration from artists such as Lady Gaga and Chester Bennington, Brittan Smith began to craft his sound while maintaining a message of embracing all the things that make you unique. 

Growing up in the Midwest had its challenges – Brittan being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and someone who deeply struggled with depression and anxiety faced hardships like much of the youth of his generation did. With this, Brittan chose to fuel his art and focus on expressing the different ways music can be used to connect people. His first release Tension was in 2018 and since then he has continued to cement his sound while also delivering stunning visuals. His most recent releases – Eyes On The Road” and Cyborg – have garnered over 35k streams collectively.

Brittan Smith is ready to amplify his message and filmmaking background with his forthcoming EP Going Rogue set for release later this year. He intends to introduce his audience to an entire alternate universe with interconnection between videos, song themes and future albums.Brittan Smith’s Going Rogue EP is set for release later this year with singles “Fiend” and “Peach” available to stream on all DSPs. Be sure to watch the music video for “Peach” here.

Follow Brittan Smith Online:






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South West London-Native, KDVSGOLIATH, reveals himself as one of the most slept-on up-and-comers in the underground alternative scene with his newest single, “SAD.”.

Showcasing once more, his versatility and unique sonic affinity, London’s KDVSGOLIATH will be releasing his second single of 2021, “SAD.”, on Friday, June 25th. While this may be the first time you’ve heard of the name, KDVSGOLIATH, it surely won’t be the last. With two more singles before the release of his “Bipolar” EP on July 17th, the young british talent is looking to take big steps in the coming months. With exposure and a steady release schedule, London’s, KDVSGOLIATH, is a force to be reckoned with in the up-and-coming music scene, especially as his influence begins to expand throughout England and into the West. In just the past month, KDVSGOLIATH has been added to five editorial playlists across Spotify and Apple Music, so expectations are high for “SAD.” as he looks to build upon his recent success. 

From UK Drill to alternative pop-punk, KDVSGOLIATH can do it all and more. While there is no question that KDVSGOLIATH’s sound is unequivocally unique, listeners of artists such as XXXTentacion, YUNGBLUD, and Eminem will quickly fall in love with his melodic style, infectious energy and passion for his craft, and fearless tone.  In “SAD.”, the multi-faceted singer-songwriter tells the story of a young man getting in his own way while in a relationship.

“I made this song a few days after meeting my first girlfriend. The relationship was clouded by the fear that I would one day lose her, and that got in the way of me being able to love her properly…My love became a burden and it drove me to let her go.”

This emotion-filled record somehow blurs the line between pop, punk, emo rap, and indie as it’s unlike just about anything you’ll hear in today’s scene. Produced by SEAN T, the song’s production stuns with a beautiful intro that introduces the infectious guitar line heard throughout the song. With the added rock-influenced live percussion, KDVSGOLIATH’s vocals set sail atop a groovy instrumental that makes the song a sing-a-long that is contagious. 

“SAD.” Official Music Video

With over thirty thousand views on his,“LET ME GO.”, video in just two weeks, KDVSGOLIATH’s visual direction is proving to be a cornerstone in his artist project. In the accompanying music video for “SAD.”, KDVSGOLIATH is found bleeding from his stomach as his partner rushes him home in a panic. The highly symbolic visual portrays KD’s struggle and growing awareness that he has become emotionally burdensome in the relationship, and that it’s best for everybody if he lets go. With the official music video set to release on the same day as the song, mark your calendars for a big day on June 25th for KDVSGOLIATH. 

Spotify // Apple Music // SoundCloud // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube 

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