Relighting the Fire: An Interview with New Empire


Australian rockers New Empire are starting the year off with the North American release of their newest album In a Breath (the album was released in Australia in October). The quartet consists of Jeremy Fowler (vocals), Kale Kneale (drums), Kyle Lane (guitar), and Nathan Cairns (bass). From soft intimate moments to tunes that make you jump out of your seat, In a Breath captures the essence of New Empire and the creativity they bring to the table. They are starting off with a bang and taking their fans along for the ride. 

Cliché: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Jeremy Fowler:  I think every artist is constantly drawing inspiration from every facet of life everyday. To me, it feels like creative people are like sponges that observe and absorb their surroundings. I don’t feel any different to this, but I have to make sure my mind and heart remain open so I don’t miss anything that comes my way. Relationships, dreams, and faith are three things that inspire me.

What has been the most surreal moment so far?
Probably hearing 12,000 people sing our songs with us in Queensland, Australia. Those moments don’t fade away quickly! Every time we jump on a plane to go somewhere, I’m always so grateful for this adventure; I just love traveling.

Favorite song off of the upcoming album? Why?
It’s kind of like choosing between children, although I am yet to discover the feeling, but I’d say “In a Breath” because its meaning is really close to us. It’s a song about having hope through the tragedy of losing someone you love to disease and looking towards eternity.

Check out the rest of the interview with New Empire in the Feb/March issue of Cliché

Featured photo: Tim Ashton

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