What You Need To Know About Gogol Bordello’s New Album


Gogol-Bordello-album-cover-Pura-Vida-ConspiracyGogol Bordello is quite probably the only gypsy punk band you’ve ever heard of, and possibly because several of their songs were used in 2006’s Wristcutters: A Love Story. The band hails from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and has been touring almost non-stop since 1999. Pura Vida Conspiracy is their eighth studio album to date, and definitely worth a listen. Eastern European accented vocals combine with a latin-infused folk sound in a beautifully weird harmony. It’s your regularly scheduled Gogol Bordello album, with a twist.

The album has a definite upbeat feel throughout and there is nothing quite like Gogol Bordello on the mainstream airwaves, which makes Pura Vida a delight. The impossibly unique blend of sounds combines with deceptively deep lyrics to make a must-have addition to any end of summer playlist. Or any playlist at all. The nice thing about such a unique sound is that it kind of goes with everything, because it doesn’t really match anything else.