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The Perfect Dress Code for a Night at the Casino


Although many people play at an online casino there are still many that love going out with a significant other or with a group of friends and what to know what the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is. The truth is that for many of these people it will be their first visit and are unaware of what to wear.

Bingo Popularity Rising, Hipsters Playing Despite Stereotypes


Once upon a time bingo was seen as a pastime for the elderly who would frequent the bingo halls on a Saturday lunchtime, in fact bingo was riddled with so many unflattering stereotypes it wasn’t funny. Now with bingo popularity rising, it’s a game no longer for the ‘blue rinse brigade’ with a bingo caller making lame jokes as he called the numbers.

Music, Drag Queens, Bingo and A Cultural Revolution


Bingo hasn’t always enjoyed the coolest of reputations. Some twenty years ago, it was firmly the province of little old ladies on a trip to the seaside, nattering endlessly in crowded halls with their daubers in hand, while the rain pattered gently down outside. However, bingo has undergone something of a cultural revolution over the past couple of decades, and quite

Lauren Davidson ‘Love Ain’t Fair’ [Exclusive Premiere]


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 13th, 2020) - Singer-songwriter, Lauren Davidson announces a new single, Love Ain't Fair available on all streaming platforms on February 14th.  Love Ain't Fair was co-produced by Davidson and longtime musical partners Cristian Camilo Castro and David Michael Ricco. "I’ve been working on new music for a little while now and I’m really excited to ...

Top 4 Shoe Styles for 2020


Today we want to share the top 4 shoe styles for 2020.  We all know the importance of a great pair of shoes.  Take it from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. One stand-out quote from her infamous internal monologue reads, "The next day, I was looking for a $7 dress to go with ...

Amy Winehouse: A Unique Singing Voice


Amy Winehouse was an enigma; a unique singing voice, a supreme musical talent and a modern day poet. She graced the covers of magazines through the noughties. She shunned modern day pop and the likes of her fellow chart sisters such as Dido and Lily Allen, and instead wanted music to challenge her, revolutionize the ...