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Our mission is to inspire and bring out the best in the modern woman: to know her worth, to feel proud of her individuality, to love each and every one of her flaws, and to not fear who she really is.

Makeup as a Vehicle

Brands have for so long told us that we’re not good enough; not poreless enough, skinny enough, tall enough, conforming enough. RealHer was built on the idea that the thoughts we imbue to our daily makeup rituals can have a profound impact on our confidence and well-being.

RealHer was founded on the idea that, with each application, it can help to inspire the wearer: to be herself, to love herself, to be powerful, to rule the world. It doesn’t ask us to be perfect, to be a mother, to be a CEO, to be the perfect beautiful doll, but rather invites us to continue being ourselves, and that which defines us as an individual—and it’s liberating.

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Charity and Non-Profit

As part of RealHer’s initiative for positivism and empowerment, we donate 20% of all gross profits to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), a non-profit organization that advances empowerment, self-fulfillment, and actualization for women and girls through leadership programs, advocacy, education, and research. AAUW has been around for over 100 years and is a leading, highly respected charity organization.

AAUW conducts groundbreaking research on issues related to gender equity in education and the workplace. Their work influences the national discussion on topics like the pay gap between women and men, sexual harassment in schools and on college campuses, and the under representation of women in science and engineering. Through new and traditional media, targeted outreach to policymakers, and member efforts, AAUW research serves as a catalyst for action.



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