’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Is A Pointless Follow Up


When 13 Reasons Why was first streamed on Netflix last year, it felt like a show like no other and made a huge splash. Now, a season 2 just got underway. But why? To be honest, it’s not even necessary.

Season 1 followed the journey of Hannah as she introduced people at her school—who were either partially or directly—responsible for her suicide and explained the reasons why. However, the season left viewers with some lingering questions. For example, would Hannah’s parents sue the school for their negligence or would they reach a settlement? Most importantly, though, who is responsible for Hannah’s suicide? This new season veers away from those untouched questions. What for?

Season 2 shifts its focus to the students on the tapes, and we start to realize there was more to Hannah’s story than just the tapes. Really? So, season 2 is not a continuation of the previous one. Rather it feels just like a reboot. In other words, both seasons are very similar. But, instead of building on the interest built by the first season, it makes a buzzing show become a dying show.

I must say, there is one difference between both seasons, though not a big one. In season 2, our central mystery is not what drove Hannah to kill herself, but rather who’s sending threatening notes to her classmates in order to prevent them from speaking out about those events. Interesting? Sure.

I’ll leave it at this: This new season just rehashes past events and proves to be more problematic than the previous one. So ask yourself, “Is it really worth my time to watch this second season? Or could I be doing something much more productive with my life?” I know what I would say.


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’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Is A Pointless Follow Up. Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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