Chill Out With A Skinny Freezer



Chill Out With A Skinny Freezer

Super Bowl may be over, but people are always looking for an excuse to party. Of course, that usually requires an expensive trip to the liquor store as well as a designated (and usually disgruntled) mixologist. I’m happy to inform you that there’s another option, thanks to the geniuses at Slim Chillers. They’ve created a product called the Skinny Freezer that is destined to bring you back to the days of your youth … well, sort of. Remember those ten cent Flavor Ices you used to buy at convenience stores as a kid? Imagine that those were transformed into a more “age appropriate” treat, one that was bigger, with less calories and more sophisticated flavors. Enter the Skinny Freezer, the 100 calorie “cocktail” that comes in four unique varieties—cosmopolitan, appletini, lemon drop and my personal favorite, watermelon lemonade. These delicious frozen treats are composed of 8% alcohol, made with 8-times distilled, charcoal filtered Vodka. Despite the nostalgic design, you definitely won’t confuse these with the sugary ices of your youth. These are sinfully good and inarguably adult. With such a low calorie count and a tasty kick in every bite, you might not be able to stop at just one either! Skinny Freezers are a must-have for any party host. I can attest that they are perfect for a fun-filled Friday night! So, as Slim Chillers suggests, go ahead and “Freeze your ass off!” Visit to find a vendor near you, and remember to drink responsibly!

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