Why Constantine is Worth Watching


With Constantine well into its run, it seems to be struggling to gain its footing. There are so many different types of supernatural based televisions shows, such as Sleepy Hollow, Lost Girl, and Supernatural, that it may be getting lost in the shuffle. It’s a real shame because the show has a chance change things up. So, here’s why Constantine is worth watching.

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Constantine, the titular hero of the series, is a bit of a bastard. He has a dark past, that he knows he’s going to Hell for, and hates himself for it — but he owns up to it. He’s a selfish hero, in that he wouldn’t offer up his body or soul if it meant saving a life. Unlike Supernatural, where the brothers have each other, Constantine, on the other hand, is a loner. Although, he does have one friend; but everyone still else hates him. Constantine is consistently unchanging as a hero, he doesn’t make excuses for who he is and treats life, people, and all things under the sun as a chore. He’s got this whole, “I guess I have to help these people, but don’t ask me to enjoy myself or care” and “why do I even bother” thing down pat. It’s no wonder that pretty much everyone under the sun can’t stand him. Even the humans, demons, dark spirits and angels, who fight each other, can all agree on their hatred of Constantine. He’s rude, full of himself, and pisses everyone off. Everyone he’s ever called a friend is either dead, wants to kill him, or begs him to leave them alone. He deserves to be punched in the face, thrown across the room, and anything else he gets.

Matt Ryan as John Constantine and Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite

Matt Ryan as John Constantine and Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite

While many shows focus on people and helping others by fighting evil, Constantine fights the things that go bump in the night, because he’s there and he can. There’s no great purpose, no nobility to him, and that makes him very human which is a big bonus. Constantine doesn’t wrap things up with a pretty bow. People are left to die. Issues aren’t cleared up fully and life goes on. Grief, pain, and loneliness aren’t things that are fixed in an episode. Constantine may save lives and spot darkness, but that doesn’t mean he fixes things. Yeah, things may improve for those that he saves, but they aren’t the focus of what he does. He’s the teacher, not the student. He understands what’s going on  pretty quick and knows what he’s doing, most of the time. It’s a welcome change from watching a hero stumble about.

Harold Perrineau as Manny The Angel

Harold Perrineau as Manny The Angel

Oh, let’s not forgot one last thing. Constantine is based off of the DC comics. That means the series can highlight the normal supernatural side of the famed Comic universe. The series already did a nod to Dr. Fate. There are many creatures DC has hidden within its pages. This supernatural series is the perfect chances to flesh out some of the lesser known beings. There’s far more to DC than capes and tights. That’s why Constantine‘s worth watching.

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