Not So ‘Bad Moms’ Take Over


Let’s face it. Being a kid in today’s world is very difficult and very different than it use to be. That makes being good parent that much harder! Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis (Amy), Kristen Bell (Kiki), and Kathryn Hahn (Carla) was inspiring, hilarious, comforting, relatable, and everything in between. It made me appreciate my mom, her crazy rules, her leniency, her mistakes, and all the love she gave me growing up.

Amy is a mom raising her kids in the suburbs of Chicago who can’t seem to catch a break. Being late is her middle name (like my mom lol). A lot like most of our moms she’s trying to make sure her kids are happy, her husband is happy, and her boss is happy. If it isn’t spilling coffee all over her work clothes, it’s side swiping another car and knocking the side mirror off, if it’s not that, it’s falling completely out of love with her husband.

As active as she can possibly be in her children’s lives, Amy is a member of the PTA. Let me stop right here and say that I have never seen a more luxurious PTA in an elementary school in my entire life. It includes 2-3 hour meetings after school, strict bake sale standards, and elaborate powerpoint presentations all hosted by the president, Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate). The most perfect mom of them all.

Tired of being judged and walked all over by Gwendolyn, Kiki and Carla decide to be bad moms. They decide to stop doing all of their appointed mom duties, stop going to PTA meetings, stop their kid’s homework, and just live a little for themselves (by a little I mean full on boozed up party animals). This is where it gets really good. Amy decides to run for PTA president and end the perfect standards that Gwendolyn has put into place and ease the lives of busy moms across the land!

Her speech for presidency is what really brought the entire movie together. She basically says that it’s okay to take things one day at a time. It’s okay to have no clue what you’re doing sometimes. It’s okay that you make mistakes and it’s okay that life is constantly changing. What matters is being a good person and pushing on through whatever obstacles we face. For every bad day there is an even better day.

I strongly recommend this movie of course!  It’s totally a chick flick so it would be perfect for a girls night out (without the kids for once lol). I walked away feeling like even though I’m not a mom, it’s okay to be absolutely clueless about where life is taking us. As long as we stay positive and find a silver lining.

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