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Product Reviews

FabFitFun Summer 2014 Box Review


It’s no surprise that beauty subscription box services are totally in right now—who doesn’t love a monthly care package delivered to your door each month? Filled with the latest, smartest items in beauty and lifestyle, FabFitFun is another serious contender to consider adding to your monthly subscription lineup—and their Summer 2014 box doesn’t disappoint.
For the price of only $50 (valued at over a whopping $240), you’ll receive 11 full-size beauty and lifestyle items handpicked by the FabFitFun team, plus various coupons and gift cards. Interested in learning more? From the stash, we’ve narrowed down the supply to our Top 5 favs!
POPchips (in Sour Cream and Onion)$1.39 per single-serve bag
Let’s be honest—snacking during the summer is practically inevitable. While attending cookouts and barbeques, you’ll reach for something salty to go along with your burger or hotdog, and while venturing out on long road trips, your stomach will growl greedily for a snack between bathroom stops. So instead of reaching for that bag of boring fried chips, try the low-calorie and healthier, popped alternative, POPchips! Our Summer 2014 box came with the Sour Cream and Onion flavor (a personal favorite), and we savored every airy, light, crispy bite. At only 100-130 calories per bag and packed with flavor, feel free to shamelessly snack away (and prepare to share).
Zoya Nail Polish (in Thandie) – $9 per bottle
Being the nail polish lover that I am, I couldn’t resist trying out the Zoya nail polish from the box first. Used by professionals across the country, this vegan-friendly formula is not only long-lasting, but is even safe for your nails when you are expecting! We received the shade “Thandie,” a vibrant, creamy orange, and immediately fell in love. Second only perhaps to coral, orange is definitely the perfect summer shade. After first applying a base coat, it only took one coat of color for the varnish to completely cover and shine. Apply this shade to toenails (paired with a set of brown strappy sandals) and fingernails (go crazy with stackable rings) and you’re ready for the boardwalk!
pur~lisse pur~protect SPF30 – $55 per 1.7 oz tube
If summer means anything at all, it means sunshine, and we at Cliché are very serious about protecting our skin from those burning, harmful rays. Sure, basking in the sun for hours and hours sounds and feels like the perfect remedy after a long winter, but sunscreen is a very important step in that enjoyment (after all, getting sunburned after all that basking isn’t fun). Cue pur~lisse pur~protect moisturizer, the perfect protection for your skin. Why do we love this so much? Not only is it super moisturizing for your face, but it’s also packed with SPF30, meaning extra coverage from the sun’s rays! This lightweight, anti-aging formula is your two-in-one summer essential.
Sonya Dakar Flash Facial $95 per 1 oz bottle
Since we are awfully big on skincare here at Cliché (as mentioned above), it’s no surprise this Flash Facial from Sonya Dakar made our Top 5 list. Cherished by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow herself (you have to admit she’s got one of the most glowing complexions in Hollywood), this one-minute exfoliating treatment promises instant results. After applying onto your clean face for 6o seconds, you’ll witness noticeably softer and plumper looking skin. Sound too good to be true? Try it out yourself (or, you know, just look at Gwyn)!
Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch$35
Well, now you need somewhere to stash all your summer travel essentials, right? And it has to be cute, right? Well, look no further, because the Summer 2014 box comes with this adorable Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch, which easily doubles as a makeup bag. A miniature version of their best-selling away bag, this cute accessory is not only practical, but stylish, too! The inside is lined with nylon and has a metal zip closure, and let’s not forget the adorable electric blue statement purse print on the front! Seal all your cherished cosmetics away in style.
Still not convinced that you absolutely need this box in your life? Then take $5 off your Summer Box purchase with the code CLICHEMAG! You’re very welcome.
The FabFitFun Summer 2014 box also includes: FabFitFun Water Infuser Water Bottle, Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil, Kisstixx Lip Balm, Skintimate Shave Gel, Slimfast Have Your Cake…™ Protein Meal Bar, and Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners. For more information, visit today.
FabFitFun Summer 2014 Box Review: Photos courtesy of FabFitFun

OSEA Malibu Review


organic_undaria_body_polish_osea_1There are many skin products on the market made with dangerous chemicals and hazardous ingredients that can harm our bodies. That’s why we at Cliché are into the vegan, organic, and gluten-free skincare line OSEA Malibu. This brand, whose name stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, uses certified organic ingredients in their products, such as Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, and their #1 key ingredient: USDA Organic Algae. Check out my thoughts in this OSEA Malibu Review!

I’ve heard many positive comments on OSEA Malibu, and I, being all for relaxing bath and shower products that reduce stress and focus on tranquility, was very interested in trying their Undaria Body Polish. While taking a warm shower, I took a handful of the grainy body polish and massaged it into my legs and arms until the pumice grains diminished. I really like products that contain tiny grains because I like feeling the grains remove dead skin cells and detox my pores. The minty and refreshing scent of the body polish was invigorating; it instantly woke my mind and body.

The Undaria Body Polish is only one of the many brilliant products by OSEA Malibu. They produce an array of skin products ranging from moisturizers and serums to masks and exfoliators. With products specializing in anti aging, skin brightening, and rosacea calming solutions, OSEA Malibu takes pride in their organic and natural philosophy: their products are free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance. To learn more about OSEA Malibu check out

The One Hair Removal Tool You Need This Summer


Photo Courtesy of
Countless tweezing, waxing and threading sessions have you on the outs for hair removal this summer. You wish there was an easy, affordable fix for your unavoidable hair growth.
If you’re a tweezer, you wait for the natural light, and spend hours in front of the mirror each week in order to catch every betraying hair. If you’re a waxer, you plan your days around the tell tale reddened brows and pack jumbo sunglasses to avoid embarrassment. If you’re a threader, you prepare yourself for the painful pinch and sometimes bring a friend to hold your hand for comfort sake.
Let’s face it, hair removal is a prickly subject. But this summer, you may discover a solution to your life-long battle.
Remington’s Smooth & Silky® Body & Bikini Grooming Kit is a sufficient self-hair-removal tool that every girl should have on their bathroom shelf. This battery operated tool has three different heads that allow for quick and simple hair removal in the hard-to-keep-up-with places of the body.
Photo courtesy of
Use the round Exfoliator to prepare your skin for hair removal. Then use the Bikini Trimmer to painlessly zip through unwanted hair “down there.” Also included is the Angled Foil Shaver to remove downy hair on any other small locations like your face and arms. Finally, this kit provides an adjustable guide with 4 length settings to get rid of any other unwanted hair-monsters you may run in to. Store all of these items in the included beauty bag, and you’re good to go!
Remington’s girl-friendly tool can be bought at the low price of $24.99 – which is equal to a couple of eyebrow waxes – and certainly pays off in the end. With the it’s built in two-year limited warranty, the only extra buy you’ll make in the future will be a battery replacement for the one AA provided upon purchase.

Keep your body silky and smooth on your own terms – feel beautiful every day this summer! Purchase Remington’s Smooth & Silky® Body & Bikini Grooming Kit @ for only $24.99!

Taste Nirvana Review



Coconut water is rejuvenating and healthy, and the drinks by Taste Nirvana make us coconut crazy! Not made from concentrate, the yummy coconut water makes us feel like we are relaxing on a secluded tropical island. Even though the drinks come in recycled glass bottles, Taste Nirvana’s coconut water products taste like we are drinking them right out of coconut. Check out what we thought on the four different coconut waters in this Taste Nirvana review!

Taste Nirvana sent Cliché Magazine four of their products: the Real Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract, Real Coco Aloe, Real Coconut Water, and Real Coconut Water with Pulp from Taste Nirvana’s line. The Real Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract is definitely for someone who enjoys a little spicy kick in their drink. The Real Coco Aloe flavor contains chunks of aloe vera. It didn’t make the coconut water taste any different, just added more texture to the beverage. For a smoother choice, you may want to go with Real Coconut Water–no aloe vera or chili pepper, just regular good ol’ coconut water. My favorite was the Real Coconut Water with Pulp because not only was it refreshing, but I enjoyed the pulp’s texture.

As their slogan boasts, Taste Nirvana’s coconut water is “Happiness in a bottle.” At 60 to 70 calories per bottle, you will surely want to add Taste Nirvana coconut water to your beach bags this summer! Find out where you can purchase Taste Nirvana products at



Have you heard the latest buzz about GLAMGLOW® mud masks? Talk of these masks has been swarming my social profiles for weeks straight, so I decided to test these babies out to see if they were actually worth all this hype. I was able to get my hands on both the THIRSTYMUD™ hydrating treatment and the SUPERMUD™ clearing treatment,  and all I have to say is that these masks are a must-have in your daily routine of facial cleansing. These revolutionary masks will have your face looking and feeling more radiant within 20 minutes.

If your face is in dire need of hydration, then the THIRSTYMUD™ treatment can solve most, if not all, of your problems. THIRSTYMUD™ contains a blend of hydro replenishing ingredients for both short- and long-term effects. After just one use, I could see and feel the difference in my face. As I wiped off some of the mask, I noticed that my face already felt smoother, and I loved it. I have not found any other product that has worked that quickly. Also the great plus about THIRSTYMUD™ is that it can be used on all skin types for both men and women. All you have to do is apply it two to three times a week for about 20 minutes, wipe off the excessive product, massage the remains into your skin and just like that you are on your way to healthy, radiant skin.

Pores, and scarring, and acne. Oh my. These are just a few problems that SUPERMUD™ helps to fight against. It also helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles, bacteria and breakouts, and it promotes clearer skin, collagen, and improves our skin’s overall texture. Right when I applied the mask, I felt a cool tingling feeling. This was most likely caused by the peppermint plant used in the ingredients. As I watched the mask dry I could see the oil being absorbed by the mask. What I absolutely love about this treatment is how I actually saw my pores shrink after one use. I always had a problem with my pores being large, but when I say this works wonders it really does. SUPERMUD™ is also applied two to three times a week for 20 minutes and then completely wash it off, leaving you with great looking skin.

Do you want to join the rest of us GLAMGLOW® addicts? GLAMGLOW® masks are available at Sephora and on If you’re a little doubtful about buying the product, there are also samples you can buy. This is a great investment and will fit perfectly in your medicine cabinet!
Photos courtesy of GLAMGLOW

TIGI Review


Photo Courtesy of: google.comWe all know about TIGI and their great hair products that keep our locks looking fantastic. From BedHead and Catwalk to S Factor and TIGI Hair Reborn, the TIGI products all have one thing in common: they get the job done. Check out what we had to say about the salt spray from Catwalk’s Session Series and BedHead’s Headrush in this TIGI Review.
Photo Courtesy of: google.comWe at Cliché love the tousled beach wave look for our tresses, especially in the summer. The last thing we want is to spend an hour straightening our hair only to have it turn to frizz the second we walk out the door. It’s time to give our locks a rest and try the natural look with Catwalk’s Session Series Salt Spray. Not only does this spray–which can be sprayed onto wet or dry hair–give our hair body and volume, but it smells like the salty beach air. It also protects hair from humidity while keeping the waves in tact.
If you’re looking for a silky shine rather than textured waves, we recommend BedHead’s Headrush. This spray adds a healthy, finishing shine to any hairstyle and leaves hair feeling super smooth. Our favorite thing about this product is the light citrus scent. We like to use the spray after straightening or curling our locks to get rid of any smell of burnt hair.
If you need to revamp your hair, then definitely give these products a try. Trust us, you won’t regret it, and your hair will thank you. Catwalk’s Session Series Salt Spray retails for $18.95 and BedHead’s Headrush retails for $20.99. These products can be found at CVS, Target, Walmart, Ulta, and other retailers. Cliché <3 TIGI!

Impala Nail Polish Review


We love painting our nails and the pastel colors from Impala are the latest buzz! With warm spring weather here, it’s time to put away our dark nail polishes and say hello to the fabulous colors by Impala. From blue and pinks to mint green, check out our thoughts in this Impala Nail Polish Review!

We received seven nail polishes from Impala: a light creamy blue called Marina, a pearly purple/grey color called Água Viva, a grey color called Crochê, a pearly mint green color called Sea Shell, a light pink color called Pétala, a pearly pink color called Pérola do Mar, and a clear nail oil called Óleo Secante. The pearly colored nail polishes are part of the Cores do Oceano (Colors of the Ocean) collection. Finish any of these wonderful colors off with a coat of Óleo Secante. They are such exquisite colors, they make us want to lay out in the hot Brazilian sun. Our favorite colors were the Sea Shell and Pérola do Mar because we love the dazzling pearl effect it left on our nails—the colors even compliment each other!

Impala is “the color of fashion,” so you better get your nails painted in Impala colors! Trust us, your hands will be happy with their lovely colors. A bottle of Impala nail polish retails at $6.99. To learn more about Impala, check out their website:

Floral Fragrances


The gradual flush of blossoming flower buds and blissful sunshine calls for the scent of spring to linger in the air—and in our perfume! Winter wrapped us up in warm amber and spicy bergamot, but with a new season comes new, fresher notes that smell just as sweet in bouquets as they do in our floral fragrances.s1029941-main-Lhero

Marc Jacobs hit the nail on the head when they released their signature sunny fragrance, Daisy. Gardenia, vanilla, and a touch of musk linger throughout the essence of this lighthearted, breezy perfume. Daisy evokes a feeling of breathing in the fresh, spring air and 10830spinning through a field of bright, white daisies. It’s the perfect fragrance to ring in the new season.

Bodycology has made a science out of perfecting a three-step system that will envelope you in a whirlwind of sweet floral bliss with their Floral Rush fragrance. With top notes of crush greens, sweet lemon, and peony petals and mid-notes of wild rose, gardenia, and jasmine, the fresh botanical blend radiates the warmth and simplicity of spring. The combination of their fresh Foaming Body Wash, lush Moisturizing Body Cream with Rich Butter Complex, and airy Fragrance Mist makes for an exuberant aromatic experience.s1580448-main-Lhero

Roses De Chloé is a delicate fragrance from the ever-classic Chloé that gives you the sweet scent that lingers from an arrangement of roses without the hassle of tangled thorns and fallen petals. The notes of freshly cut roses, rose essence, and magnolia accord mingle to create a soft, luminous sensation that offers a graceful take on the signature rose scent.

pBBW1-15992272enh-z8Bath & Body Works has perfected the blend of crisp warmth in their Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist. The combination of Asian pear, Japanese cherry blossom, and vanilla rice swirl together in a cozy medium that makes this scent the ideal fragrance for the transition period between seasons. This fragrant mist can be layered with their matching body wash and body lotion to amp up the intensity of the intoxicating fragrance.s1480243-main-Lhero

Balenciaga has taken the same passion they have for the runway and infused that liveliness in their Florabotanica fragrance. This exciting, daring fragrance combines carnation, Turkish rose essence, white amber, and vetiver roots to create a flirty scent that is dangerously beautiful. Furthermore, the packaging of this enticing perfume reflects the trendy, unique nature of Balenciaga.

– by Amanda Curran

Photo’s courtesy of Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Bodycology, and C. ha 

G-Loves Review


Attention our strong and fit Cliché readers! We love working out to keep our bodies in shape and healthy, but have you ever hurt your palms while lifting, or worse, formed calluses on your hands? These painful incidents can easily be avoided by wearing workout gloves. However, us ladies have a difficult time finding the right pair of gloves because our hands are smaller than mens’ hands. Luckily we have been saved by the fabulous G-Loves by Hedda Royce. This rocking company is all about functional and fun workout gloves that properly fit a woman’s hand. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a pair (no pun intended!) and you’ll see why in this G-Loves review!

Even though the point of going to the gym is to workout and sweat, not “dress to impress,” it’s still fun to add a little flare to your workout gear. G-Loves come in amazing colors and patterns that make you want to workout just to wear these babies. The gloves come in solid colors, a peacock pattern, and a zebra print with a pink lace trim, to name just a few. I am obsessed with leopard and my favorite color is pink, so you could imagine my joy when I received a pair of leopard workout gloves and hot pink wrist wraps. The gloves cost $45 and come in three sizes: extra small, small, and medium which depends on the inches around the palm of your hand. The lightly padded gloves are made from neoprene and feature a custom engineered no-slip grip. The wrist wraps are $12 and also come in lively colors and prints.

It’s important to take care of our bodies while working out by taking the proper precautions. Owning a pair of these gloves will make you want to go to the gym just to show them off. Hey, as long as you are motivated and inspired to work out, it is good by all means! G-Loves also carries weight lifting belts, clothing, and men’s gloves. To learn more about G-Loves check out

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Kelly

RealBeanz Iced Coffee Review


We all need an extra boost of energy throughout the day and RealBeanz Iced Coffee is the new coffee to grab on the go! Manufactured in Brooklyn, this yummy and smooth coffee is made with natural coffee beans and wholesome ingredients. It’s a healthy way to get energy and focus without all the chemicals found in other products. Check out our thoughts in this RealBeanz Iced Coffee Review!

RealBeanz comes in seven flavors: Cappuccino, Cappuccino with Coconut Water, Diet Cappuccino, Caramel, Mocha, Dark Roast with Coconut Water, and Decaf Vanilla Nut. RealBeanz is rBST free, containing no artificial hormones, and uses reduced-fat milk. The coffee tastes great at room temperature, but we really enjoyed them over ice for a cooling and fresh brewed taste.

The Cappuccino, known as “A Premium Roasted Wake Up Call,” has a light trace of cinnamon that we enjoyed. The Cappuccino and Dark Roast coffees are infused with coconut water and make you want to hit the beach. These refreshing flavors have a subtle coconut essence and help keep you hydrated.

It was a tough decision, but our favorites were Mocha and Caramel. Made with antioxidants such as green tea and polyphenols, the Mocha had a crisp and clean taste. The sweetness of the Caramel was delectable and we enjoyed the little kick of flavor.

Each bottle of RealBeanz has a fun story on the label from Kurt, “the guy who writes the packaging text.” His humorous commentaries were entertaining as we sipped on the invigorating iced coffee. You can find RealBeanz in retail stores or you can purchase them here. A bottle of RealBeanz ranges from $1.99-$2.69. You will enjoy it to the last drop!

Love+Grace Review


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to sleepwear, I am all about comfort and not always about style; I can never seem to find a good compromise between the two. However, the inner girly-girl in me secretly wants Blair Waldorf’s pajamas style–well, all of her style, really. So when I found out about Love+Grace,  I was surprised by the sense of style and comfort that these chic loungewear pieces brought to the plate.

If you are ready to spring forward into something relaxing and comfortable, then Love+Grace‘s new Spring 2014 collection has soothing designs that will give you something to flaunt. Made in California, the luxury lounge and sleepwear brand offers basic pieces such as pullovers, lounge pants, and tees, as well as sexy and flirty sleepwear options like chemises and nightgowns that are perfect for spring.  Available nationwide at specialty boutiques, Love+Grace retails starting at $52. And with a new online store coming soon, what could be better than treating yourself to a little something special?

For information on Love+Grace,  head on over to today! Sleep well, and sleep stylish.

Love+Grace Review: Photo courtesy of

Fake Bake Tanning Products


Why does it seem that just when the groundhog comes out of his hole, everyone but you has the perfect sun-kissed tan in hours? You patiently wait until the sun starts to shine and often get stuck in the last weeks of winter cold.
Whatever your reason is for staying pale, we’ve found a product that actually gives you a 100% natural and streak-free tan! Meet the Fake Bake Self-Tanning Mousse Instant Self-Tan! At $28.95 for a 4 oz can, Fake Bake Self-Tanning Mousse Instant Self-Tan is a fast drying, easy to apply, super-light mousse suitable for all skin types. The color, transfer-resistant formula can be applied in the morning giving you a healthy, bronzed look throughout the day. I have tried several tanning products but this one is the best I’ve ever used. This is the first product that actually looked like a natural tan and was easy to blend! It also contains naturally derived tanning agents, including DHA and Erythrulose. The mousse is ideal for tan maintenance or to create a subtle glow. It also contains Vitamin D, which is a proven immune system regulator, may assist in weight loss, and may reduce the risk of certain diseases.
For the best results possible, we recommend applying a small amount into your hands while wearing gloves and spreading the product onto one small area at a time in a circular motion. DO NOT shower or bath for at least 6 hours, and be sure to wear loose clothing so excess product does not rub off!
Do you want to try tanning products but not mousse? Fake Bake Mousse Instant Self-Tan is just one of the many products from their entire tanning collection. Other products include a Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid, Airbrush Instant Self-Tanning Spray, and even an Anti-Aging Face Tanner!
All Fake Bake tanning products range from $10-57 and are available on their website and at local Ulta retailers!