What’s Your Favorite Social Network?


When Instagram first became popular I thought, “Not another social network, this is getting ridiculous.” Later, I did my homework, joined the site and realized that Instagram is both entertaining and a great way to promote businesses.

If you compare Facebook and Twitter with Instagram, you may find that they share many of the same similarities. Pictures, videos and a chance to share your thoughts with the world all sum up the features within these social networks. I am a member of all three networks but if I had to choose, Instagram would have to be my favorite of all. What I love about Instagram is the fact that it is updated on a consistent basis.

With Instagram you have a timeline that never stops. Pictures get uploaded every second of the day, so there is always something different to see. Many businesses and promoters rely on Instagram because of its popularity and immediacy. When you post a picture or a flyer for a business, your followers can immediately see because it will upload on their timeline.

Most celebrities are hooked on Instagram, which gives fans another reason to join the movement. When celebrities upload photos, the world is able to get a close up of their lives and whereabouts. The video feature was recently added to Instagram, so you can view videos and pictures all in one network. How cool is that! Facebook has features with videos and pictures, but individuals tend to join the new and the popular. Instagram has become that and more! Celebrities from Justin Bieber, Rihanna, to Taylor Swift all have an Instagram with Millions of followers. They post videos on a daily basis, so audiences get a chance to look at them constantly.

Personally, I love Instagram.  What is your favorite social network?

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