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About: These are for INSIDE the Magazine and are easy to sell. Who are they best for? Clothing Brands, New Fashion Lines, successful and budding independent business owners, (Think women or young entrepreneurs who started their own business or are involved in a successful company) and high profile lifestyle professionals (reconstructive surgeons, doctors, dentists, etc….we get a lot of these) who need a cost effective way to leverage digital.

Strategy: Most of the time these people have web people who will just ask any publication to do an interview or story about them for free just to say they have press. We charge because we are able to. Please understand that we partner with over 200 PR firms so most of our content comes from them but for these prospects, they don’t have a PR firm repping them and to be able to get into a publication like our is a big deal for them.

As an example, we partner with companies like and work with their clients so DON’T be afraid to go after these types of companies.  Not easy to get in, but once you do they open up their entire roster to you and it’s a relationship you can count on.  There are tons of ways to learn more about up and coming brands/leaders/entrepreneurs or established high profile doctors, surgeons, dentists, etc. who’d love to say they were featured in our magazine.


Subject Lines:

We’d love to feature your company in Cliché Magazine
We’d love to interview you about your recent success
Drive brand exposure through Cliché Magazine


I’m YOUR NAME with Cliché Magazine and we love promoting successful (STATE WHAT THEY ARE: Entrepreneurs, business women, company’s, professions -dr., dentists, surgeons, etc.).  I wanted to see if you’d be interested in having us promote your (LIST WHAT’S RELEVANT company/products/services) in our next issue?  Besides getting published in the top digital fashion magazine online, we’d share your interview/editorial with over 250,000 of our followers on social media and it would also reach all of our mobile fans through our iPhone app.  As an added bonus, we’ll even ship you out a hard copy at no additional cost if you are within the continental U.S.

If this sounds good or if you have additional questions, please feel free to reply to this email so that I can assist you further.  Cliché Magazine highlights the best of pop-culture and lifestyle.  We are passionate about celebrity interviews, fashion trends, beauty products, successful companies and leaders, independent musicians, art.  To learn more, please view our fashion blog and celebrity fashion editorial sites.


Our Latest Issue

Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Jade Chynoweth talks her passion for acting and dancing, her role on Step Up: High Water, and more; cover star Ciara Riley Wilson discusses her journey as an actress and Kim Possible; actress Siena Agudong talks her first starring role on No Good Nick; we chat with the founders of the wellness podcast Elevate the Globe; and much more!