Jessica Stefan: Bookworms in Dresses



What is your favorite piece(s) from your wardrobe? Do explain.
I just picked up a new raw cut stone necklace that I got for an interview outfit, but after putting it on I fell in love with it and now I can’t wait to pair it with more outfits. It works really well as a statement piece. I also live in my chambray button up shirts. It’s my go-to when I’m throwing something over a tank top or a plain dress.

How do you pick out your outfit for the day? Does it depend on how you are feeling, the weather, etc.?
The weather has a little to do with how I dress. If it’s 60+, I wear a light cardigan. If it’s in the 50’s or below, I wear a sweater! I dress based on my mood or what looks good to me in the moment. I think my moods run in color, and so if I wake up feeling like I want to wear green, I go for green.

Describe or mention the perfect, comfortable shoes for the modern day woman-on-the-go.
Flats that hug your feet and that don’t give you blisters or slide off when you’re running across an intersection while the cross walk beeps. My go-to pair is cinched in the back to hold them against my heel, and they’ve never given me blisters! Not to mention, they weren’t too expensive either! I think flats compliment most outfits well and can be nice to wear to work.

Do you have a favorite place(s) to shop? Why?
Madewell might be my all-time favorite. I love their style and I always want to buy everything in the store whenever I go shopping. I get my jeans from AEO and a lot of sweaters from H&M, since they have good deals on heavy knit sweaters and basics as well!

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