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‘Kim Possible’ Returns as a Live-Action Movie with Christy Carlson Romano and Patton Oswalt


Aside from churning out superhero film after superhero film, it seems like Hollywood is all about resurrecting old television shows, movies and cult classics lately. Just when you thought that this nostalgic phenomenon was going to stop, it gains momentum! Recently, we have seen announcements for reboots, prequels, and sequels in nearly every genre. For example, we have the impending sequel to the classic 80s film Top Gun and the prequel to The Sandlot slated for 2019 release. There seems to be a never-ending onslaught of these sort of projects. Whether you’re excited by it, annoyed by it, or simply indifferent, it’s hard not to notice that film companies and networks are jumping on board. And, it would seem that the Disney Channel is no different.

Just When You Thought it Was Impossible. Think Again. ‘Kim Possible’ Returns as a Live-Action Movie

'Kim Possible' Returns as a Live-Action Movie

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and Rufus. Photo Credit: Disney, Digital Spy

Rather, it’s Kim Possible. Yeah, you haven’t misread anything or imagined this one, folks. There is a live-action Kim Possible film on the way to the Disney Channel in 2019.

In case you need a refresher, Kim Possible aired on the network from 2002 to 2007. We followed the title character, Kim Possible, as she dealt with everyday life in high school, growing pains and, of course, her ongoing quest to save the world from villains. The animated series was immensely popular and even received an Emmy nomination in 2003. Ask any young adult who watched Disney through the early 2000s about their TV habits and they will probably mention Kim Possible.

Christy Carlson Romano and Patton Oswalt to Star in the Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’

Because Kim Possible is so well-remembered amongst the fans, it’s only right that the casting is done with care. Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible, will appear in the film in a cameo role. It wouldn’t be Kim Possible without her. Patton Oswalt is reprising his original role, the villainous Professor Dementor. The movie will also host some newcomers to the Kim Possible cast. Taking the role of Kim is Sadie Stanley and co-starring as her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, is Sean Giambrone. The live-action film is written by the original Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, as well as Josh Cagan. If you want to catch the live-action movie, keep up to date on the Disney Channel release.


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‘Kim Possible’ Returns as a Live-Action Movie with Christy Carlson Romano and Patton Oswalt. Featured Photo Credit: Getty Images, Disney

Amy Adams Stars in ‘The Woman in the Window’ Set for 2019 Release: A Thriller You Won’t Want to Miss


Who doesn’t love suspense? Fans of Hitchcockian-style psychological thrillers will want to mark this on their calendars! The film,”The Woman in the Window,” based on A.J. Finn’s New York Times’ best-selling novel of the same title, will hit theaters on October 4, 2019. The story centers around the title character Anna Fox, a child psychologist who lives reclusively in her New York home. As an agoraphobic, Fox’s character is a nod to Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” spying on neighbors in her isolation and witnessing a terrible crime. Amy Adams stars in ‘The Woman in the Window’ and Joe Wright directs, which means this movie already has incredible promise.

Could ‘Woman in the Window’ Win Best Actress or Best Director in 2020? It’s Very Possible.

With Amy Adams as the lead and Joe Wright directing, there is a great chance this film could end up on the list of Oscar contenders. With five Oscar nominations already, Adams is a formidable contender. In the past, Adams has snagged four noms for Best Supporting Actress. These films were 2005’s “Junebug,” 2008’s “Doubt,” 2010’s “The Fighter,” and 2012’s “The Master.” She also scored a Best Actress nomination for her role in 2013’s “American Hustle.”

Director Joe Wright has an impressive list of films under his belt, such as 2005’s “Pride & Prejudice,” 2007’s “Atonement,” 2009’s “The Soloist,” and 2017’s “Darkest Hour,” yet Wright has never snagged a Best Director nomination from the Academy. His films have, however, performed well at award ceremonies and received great recognition. For instance, Wright’s “Pride & Prejudice” received four Oscar nominations: Best Actress for Keira Knightly, Best Art Direction for Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer, Best Achievement in Costume Design for Jacqueline Durran, and Best Original Score for Dario Marianelli. “Atonement” was nominated for seven Oscars, winning Best Original Score. And more recently, 2017’s “Darkest Hour” took two Oscar wins, with six total nominations. How Wright has yet to be nominated remains a mystery, because it isn’t due to poor films and poor direction!

With all this in mind, it’s very possible we will be seeing “The Woman in the Window” during 2020’s Oscars. Whatever the case, with Adams and Wright involved in the project, this film is certain to be one to watch! 


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Amy Adams Stars in ‘The Woman in the Window’ Set for 2019 Release: A Thriller You Won’t Want To Miss. Featured Photo Credit: Collier Schorr, nytimes.com