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Do blue light glasses actually work or are they all hype?


While blue light glasses may be the perfect Zoom essential, there’s been some question on whether or not they actually work. Some say they’re just for show, some say they’re for people who don’t really need glasses but want to wear them to look smart (guilty). But what really sparked my interest in the hype for blue light glasses was when I learned what blue light actually was. Turns out, it’s not so good for you. And after looking at my weekly screen time, I figured investing in a pair or two wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

As somebody who spends over five hours a day staring at a screen, I noticed my eyes felt heavier, my headaches were becoming unbearable, and when I started to drift off in the middle of my favorite Netflix series, I knew something was wrong. Naturally, I went straight to Amazon and ordered a pair that resonated with me most, the tortoise cat-eye shape and style of course, and within those two days of prime shipping, I was researching the benefits. Here’s what I found: 

What is blue light? 

According to Blutech, blue light is a high energy light vision that can be seen by the human eye. Turns out, it’s not just on your smartphone. Blue light is everywhere, even in the sky! 

Should I be concerned about blue light? 

Blutech says, “blue light flickers easier and longer than other types of weaker wavelengths. This flickering casts a glare that reduces your visual contrast, affecting clarity and sharpness. This can cause eye strain, physical and mental fatigue and headaches if you use your electronic devices or sit in front of a computer all day.”

What symptoms prove I should probably wear blue light glasses?

The American Optometric Association says the most common symptoms of digital eye strain (also known as computer vision syndrome) are eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. Yikes– I have all those!

What are the benefits of wearing blue light glasses?

For Eyes says the top three benefits of wearing blue light glasses are that they relieve eye discomfort, you get a better night’s rest, and they can help reduce your risk of blindness. In other words, blue light glasses can’t hurt. 

What are the best brands?

Blue light glasses can range anywhere form $15 – $100. Who’s to say what brand is best? But if you’re still a little skeptical, I would advise you first try out a pair from a small-brand on Amazon, then work your way up to a more expensive pair if you feel they are a great addition to your work from home routine. Here’s the under $20 duo pair I started off with and they’re still a fan favorite. 














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Basic Clothing Staples for Every Wardrobe


Changing your style can be a fun way to experiment with fashion and signal a growth in your personal life. But, if you’re anything like I am, you’ll want to change your personal style every few months. That and keeping up with the newest trends can do a number to your bank account. Owning these basic clothing staples will allow you to change your style as you desire without needing to buy a completely new wardrobe. These items will never go out of style and will keep you up to date with the ever-changing fashion trends! 

Quality Denim

Jeans are the single most versatile article of clothing. So, I suggest investing in a high-quality pair of jeans. Durable jeans can last years if not a lifetime. There’s a good reason Levi’s have been around for over 167 years. Levi’s are trusted to be comfortable and fit your desired look. They are constantly making new styles, but my favorites are always the vintage finds. 

Leather Pants

No surprise here! Per our previous article, leather never goes out of style!  If handled with care and delicacy, leather pants can also last a lifetime. The hefty price tag may be a deterrent, but vegan leather is becoming more widely produced. Still, nothing beats scoring the perfect leather pants from a second-hand store.  

White and Black Tank Tops

Tank tops are basic, but basics are important for an ever-changing wardrobe! The tops linked below are made with stretchy and chic fabric that can be worn professionally with a cardigan or worn casually on their own.

Little Black Dress

A classic staple with a long and infamous history. Originally designed by fashion icon Coco Chanel, the LBD can do it all – professional, casual, and chic.

Black Boots

If I were a minimalist, I would say black boots are the only pair of shoes needed in a wardrobe. Boots have the extra benefit that they can be worn all year round. If you pick up the right pair, they can be durable, comfortable, and versatile. Whether you prefer a higher heel, chunky platform, or flats, black boots are quite possibly the only shoe you need! 

Hoop Earrings

Gold or silver, hoop earrings can complete any look making you look and feel put together. 

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5 Fashion Accessories Everyone Should Have


Today we want to share 5 fashion accessories everyone should have.  As we approach the end of 2020, we are all hoping the New Year will bring with it some kind of normality, and if you are fashion-conscious and want to get ahead for the spring/summer of 2021, here are some essential add-ons you should acquire.

accessories everyone should have

  1. Wide Belts – Wide belts have been popular for the past couple of years and they are a great way to break up the top and bottom garments. This is a chance to add some rich color and contrast to your look. Besides, if you have that hourglass figure, why not show it off?
  2. Polarized Sunglasses – It is possible to source ladies polarized sunglasses from an online designer sunglasses retailer, with supercool Wayfarers and Aviators that are unbreakable, and prices are such that you can afford getting polarized wholesale fashion sunglasses. Buying a couple of pairs or even more wouldn’t be a problem. Shopping online is generally 15-20% cheaper than when you shop at a traditional bricks and mortar store, as the online retailer does not have the huge overheads of a retail store, plus you don’t even have to leave your home when you order products on the Internet.
  3. Apple Watch – If you want to be seen as a tech girl, Apple’s latest watch is the accessory to acquire. With a range of attractive colors, you can select one that works with your outfits. This gadget is not only an attractive add-on, it is very useful and after a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without your Apple watch. We are now up to Series 6, with upgraded hardware and software, plus they have some cool designs and colors so you can match with your outfit.
accessories everyone should have

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

  1. Bucket Bag – These are both stylish and very practical, as you can fit everything you need snugly into your bucket bag, with Louis Vuitton and Chanel creating stunning designs. Bright, rich colors like pink, blue and marigold are in this year and next, and with the online boutique, you pay wholesale prices.
  2. Yoga Tops & Leggings – Pastel colours and animal prints will be seen in all the right places in 2021, as the sports bra look still holds our attention, which is great for the active, outdoor woman. You can browse a great selection from the online boutique, or even visit a yoga specialist website, where you will find Spandex designs that will stand the test of time. They look great with white sneakers and a pair of football socks in a contrasting colour completes the off-duty model look.

The trend for the sporty look isn’t going anywhere, with wrap around shades and tight-fitting casual clothes, and with all of the above in your wardrobe, you will be wearing the right accessories in 2021. Rather than shopping at the local mall, it is much easier to shop online and you will get the best deals from the online boutique, usually 15-20% lower than the recommended retail price, which is great.

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How Can You Stand Out From the Crowd?


Today we want to share with you simple tips that can help you stand out from the crowd.  While there are times when we’re happy to just blend into the background, there are other times when we really want to stand out. There’s something pretty special about stepping out of the home knowing that we look at our best and that we’re going to be turning heads for all the right reasons. But of course, this is easier said than done. If it were so straightforward, then we’d all be doing it! The good news is that there are things you can do that can help push your look in the right direction. We take a look at some tried and tested tips below. Incorporate them into your style, and it won’t be long before you’re getting attention!

stand out from the crowd

Dress for the Occasion

You’d stand out from the crowd if you were radically underdressed for the occasion, but for all the wrong reasons. When it comes to fitting in with the dress code, most people take the “bare minimum” approach. If it’s a more formal event, then they’ll wear something that’s smart but rarely spectacular. And that’s understandable since people generally don’t want to buy new outfits just for one occasion. Still, if there’s an event you’re going to where you really want to make a splash, look at putting in a bit more effort than usual. A good idea is to look online for outfit ideas — it could be that there’s one particular style that’ll suit the event perfectly.

Be Bold 

You’re not going to stand out from the crowd if you’re playing things too safe. You’ll have an acceptable appearance, but it’s not going to cause any waves. So when you want to make a splash, why not look at stepping things up a little and being bold? There are plenty of ways to do it. On a day to day basis, it’ll be your sense of style that’ll give you a bold look. It can take time to figure out what your style is, but it’s a process worth engaging in! A good way to do it is to play around with a few different styles, and then slowly put your own spin on things. In many cases, the people who stand out from the crowd aren’t the people who are simply dressed well; it’s the people who have taken the time to put together their own kind of outfit together. 

stand out from the crowd

pashminu / Pixabay

Accessories and Jewelry

But it’s not as if you only have your clothes to work with! An excellent way to liven up your look is to add some accessories and jewelry to your outfit. Which exactly you choose will depend on the time of year, the event you’re dressing for, and what you’re wearing. If you’re going to add jewelry to your look, then make sure you’re getting your pieces from top-quality jewelers; they’ll help you to find beautiful pieces that really stand out from the crowd. When it comes to accessories, you can be a bit more playful. It’s one of the few areas of your outfit where you can bold without taking any risks. Colorful scarves, gloves, and funky sunglasses should all be a part of your wardrobe.

Salon Ready Hair

It is possible to do your hair well yourself, in the comfort of your own home. However, it’s also true that unless you’ve got plenty of experience, then it’s not going to be as beautiful as what a professional in a salon can do for you. Obviously, unless you’re rich and famous, it’s not as if you visit the salon every weekend. But if there are occasions when you know that you want to make waves, then look at booking an appointment. There’s just something about leaving a salon after a great treatment that has us walking on cloud nine. 

Makeup Style

As well as your hair, the other big part of your overall look will be your makeup. Most people are pretty good at making themselves look presentable with their makeup, but can you step things up, and be a little bolder? If you don’t know where to start, check out some of the best YouTube makeup channels. There are many excellent tutorials that are easy to follow along! Alternatively, you can look up a professional makeup artist in your area. They can be expensive, though, so maybe only use them for the big events of the year. 

New Threads

Many of us can accidentally harm our overall style by wearing old clothes. All the colors may work together well, and it may once have all worked, but if the clothes are past their best, then it’s not going to work as well as it should. Don’t underestimate the power of high-quality clothing! We know that it can sometimes be difficult to say goodbye to those old favorite items of clothing, but at some point, it just has to be done. You’ll fall in love with your new items of clothing soon enough.

stand out from the crowd

From the Ground Up

If you’re in a rush, or you’re going somewhere where you don’t really need to dress up at all, then try this trick: dress from the ground up. If you’ve got high-quality shoes and legwear on, then you can wear virtually anything you want up top and still look good. This is an effective trick because you’re able to look fantastic even when it seems as if you shouldn’t; people won’t know why they’re drawn to your style.


Being social isn’t always easy, but there are some things you can do to help yourself. The first is to be well-rested. If you’re going to an event where you know you have to chat with people, then you can make things much easier for yourself by getting plenty of rest beforehand. You’ll find that you’re much more conversational and your mind is sharper and more witty when you’re rested and relaxed. It’s also important to bring plenty of energy reserves, so you don’t crash just as you’re beginning to make an impression on people at the party. 

Have Fun

There are times when it pays to be mysterious and aloof. We’re thinking: when you’re in a cafe or taking a journey on a train and stuff. Then you can just gaze out deep in thought, and you’ll probably get people’s interest. But when you’re at a party, that approach won’t work — indeed, it’ll come across as boring or arrogant. People like people that have the capacity to have fun. You can still act classy and also have a great time. A confident, fun person who is dressed to the nines will always be the hit of the party! 

Walk with Confidence

Finally, remember the golden rule when it comes to standing out from the crowd: walking with confidence. Indeed, this point might be the most important on the list. Only celebrities can stand out in a crowd when they’re low in confidence. If you’re going to do this, then you need to stand and walk tall. That means shoulders back, head straight, and generally acting self-assured and confident. If you’ve taken the other tips in this blog, then you’ll probably naturally feel confident anyway, but there are also plenty of things you can do to give your confidence a nudge in the right direction too.

So there we have it. While everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, if you’ve taken our advice, then you’ll find that, more often than not, you’re getting attention from friends and strangers alike, for all the right reasons. 

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Fashionable Accessories and Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her


Fashionable accessories and jewelry are an essential part of a fashionista’s wardrobe, taking an outfit from fine to fabulous just seconds, whether it is a pair of shoes, a new bag or a simple hair accessory. Whether she wants zebra-print boots or a Simone Rocha tote, she’ll be delighted with a gift that helps her both look and feel amazing.

Fashionable Accessories and Jewelry

zannfauz / Pixabay

Fashionable accessories gift ideas

Designer bags

One of the last bags designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel 19 Bag is inspired by the classic 2.55 bag which was designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 and is likely to become the brands next classic.

For a larger tote bag, consider the acrylic and faux pearl-embellished leather tote from Simone Rocha. This stunning bag is shaped and polished to look like a pearl that can also be worn across the body.

Animal-Print Boots

Tap into her wild side with animal print boots that can be worn with a day dress, denim or her favorite little black dress. It’s your choice for the style of boot, from cowboy boots with zebra stripes to leopard print ankle boots from Yves Saint Laurent. If you’re not sure which animal print to choose, try a simple mixed animal print ankle boot with brown-striped zebra and leopard. Slouchy silhouette boots have a sexy look when paired with a LBD, making it perfect for date-night. Knee-high boots look great with skinny jeans.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are an easy way to change up a look from season to season. Choose from ribbons, scarves, and flowers, but also jewels for fancy occasions, including cascades of Swarovski crystals over the head. Scarves have a hippie and retro vibe depending on the way they are styled, without acting like a cover.

Jewelry gift ideas

Fashionable Accessories and Jewelry

jia3ep / Pixabay

There are major trends in jewelry this year. Some of these are new takes on old themes. This makes your gift choices a lot easier, as if they liked a similar style in the past, they’re likely to love the new take by modern designers.

Bold colors

Jewelry is the perfect way to add color to a look. Bright floral and beaded pieces, gemstones and mismatched colors are all about having fun with accessories to make a statement. This trend means it is simple to find awesome anniversary gifts for her since each year is marked by a particular gem that you can match to your gift. Whilst pearl is for 30 years of marriage and diamond for your 60th anniversary, the lesser-known stones include the fifth anniversary stone is sapphire and the 16th peridot.

Super-sized jewelry

Hoop earrings in gold have been supersized to wear with everything from power suits, to LBDs and jeans. Chain-link necklaces have also been seen on the catwalk at far larger sizes than previously. The key to styling an oversized piece of chain-link jewelry is to contrast the size with something more delicate like a single diamond necklace.

Single earrings

Instead of matching earrings, catwalk models were wearing just one earring. Crystal styles that cascaded past the shoulder and ornate gold version earrings are on-trend in an explosion of color. Bright floral and beaded pieces, gemstones and mismatched colors are all about having fun with accessories to make a statement.

Fashionable Accessories and Jewelry

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay


Pearls are one of this year’s hair accessory trends, pinned into braids, the base of ballerina buns or dotted through the hair for a romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles. You can buy pearl earrings where you have the option of detaching it whenever you wish, leaving a simple hoop earring. 

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From Simple to Simply Stunning: How to Accessorize a Black Dress


So who wants to learn how to accessorize a black dress?  Never before have three letters transformed the fashion industry quite like these: LBD.  A staple in every woman’s closet, the Little Black Dress is synonymous with classic style. Dressed down, it’s the perfect everyday ensemble, taking you from the cubicle to the farmer’s market with ease. Dressed up, it’s an unforgettable formal piece, sure to turn any head in the room.

Yet, for all its versatility, the LBD can feel a little plain when it’s unadorned.  The good news? You’ve never seen a more stunning blank slate. Today, we’re sharing how to accessorize a black dress and add even more options to your closet.  Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

how to accessorize a black dress

mirceaianc / Pixabay

1. Incorporate Statement Jewelry

Of course, the ideal way to dress up your dress is to add a few fun pieces of statement jewelry! While there’s a time and a place for dainty silver chains and delicate gold bracelets, this isn’t it.

Rather, this is the time to go bold or go home! Grab your dramatic turquoise choker, stunning ruby ring or stacks of shimmery bangles. The one rule of thumb? It has to have color and lots of it!  This turns your LBD into a backdrop, allowing your favorite pieces to shine.

2. Add a Dynamic Jacket

Even if it’s the middle of the summer, you can’t go wrong when you pair an iconic, solid-black dress with a shimmery metallic jacket. For a more formal look, opt for more structured pieces that give dimension and flair to your outfit. If you’re heading to the office, you can keep it simple with a lightweight cardigan.

Depending on the cut of your dress, either a long or short jacket will work. You can also take your body type into consideration when shopping for the perfect piece! You want to select one that flatters your curves and accentuates all of your best features!

3. Throw on a Menswear Shirt

Hear us out on this one.  Why would you add a shirt on top of your beloved LBD? And a buttoned-down menswear one, at that?

The short answer? Because it’s infinitely sexy, adds a ton of allure, and transforms your dress into a form-fitting skirt that lets it pull double duty. If you want to look more relaxed, leave the shirt unbuttoned, roll up the sleeves, and let your accessories do the talking.

Otherwise, button the shirt halfway up, cinching it at the waist if it’s too big. This makes it look like you’re wearing a camisole, the menswear shirt, and a skirt on the bottom! You can also try this look with your favorite sweater or blouse. You’ll never by a separate skirt again!

4. Add Sass with Shoes

They might be at the very bottom of your look, but the right pair of shoes can make a world of difference. Few accessories allow you to showcase your style personality quite as these do.

Want to reveal your inner punk rocker? Grab your most formal LBD and throw on a pair of Converse All-Stars! This is a fun way to add a little irreverence to your look and remind passersby that you don’t take fashion too seriously!

Want to add some major sass? Grab a great pair of animal-print heels and throw on a coordinating belt. You can also find great scarves and tights in fierce leopard, cheetah, or zebra patterns!

5. Carry a Bright Bag

Sometimes, it’s less about what you’re wearing and more about what you’re carrying. Not in the mood to dress up your LBD with a belt, scarf or jacket? Why not keep it simple and add a great handbag instead?

From high-fashion to casual, you can find a variety of bags that pop against a black background. If you want to draw attention to it, opt for an ornate version with sparkly, bright jewel tones. Otherwise, you can always carry a classic nude tote for instant style and practicality.

how to accessorize a black dress

6. Don’t Forget Hair and Makeup

What if the brightest thing about your look wasn’t your clothes, but your lip color? When you go basic on the bottom, you’re free to get a little wild on the top! Slick your hair back and swipe on a great red lipstick for a look that screams Aubrey Hepburn.

In the mood for a little more glamour? Tease your hair at the roots and pull it into a half ponytail, tugging at the bump to add volume once you tie it back. Keep the rest of your makeup simple but add a dramatic cat eye with liquid liner. Voila! Your LBD isn’t so drab anymore.

This is an especially fun trick to try for a special formal event, such as the prom! While you might not want to make a grand entrance with a pair of bright heels or a bold jacket, a pretty pink lip stain or pin-curled hair can add just the right touch of glam.

Looking for the perfect dress for the occasion? Check out this gorgeous selection of JVN prom dresses!

7. Cinch at the Waist

Finally, let’s talk about shape.  You can find little black dresses in a variety of shapes, from flowing to fitted. For a more bohemian look, choose one with long, flowy layers that include ruffly embellishments and special lace touches. Or, you can also find form-fitting or low-cut dresses that lean more toward the glamorous and sexy side.

Either way, you can add a quick burst of style with a belt! If your dress is tight, mix it up with a loose metal belt, such as a stainless steel chain. Allow it to lay casually along your hips and find a pair of silver heels to coordinate.

If your dress is looser, go the opposite route and cinch it in to shapen it up. You’ll have a greater variety of materials to pick from, including woven designs or classic skinny leather ones. You can even tie a pretty, patterned scarf around your waist!

How to Accessorize a Black Dress and Make It Your Own

True, the LBD is a must-have in almost every woman’s closet. Still, you’re not every woman.

You deserve to know how to accessorize a black dress to show off your personal style! From stunning necklaces to understated handbags, there are plenty of ways to inject your personality into every look you create.

Looking for more fashion advice you can trust? Keep reading our blog and explore the rest of our site content!

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Messenger Bag, the Unisex Fashion Accessory


The messenger bag has developed over time from only being a working man’s necessity. To now being, the accessory for men. Mailmen used this style bag in order to carry loads of assorted mail door to door. Businessmen used this bag to carry all their papers and pens. Young men in a University studying to become a working man used this style bag to carry their school books. Now, the messenger bag is more than just a life necessity for men. It has evolved into a lifetime desire for both men and women.

Why has the purpose of a messenger bag changed?

Although the messenger bag is still dominant in the workplace for its work use. It has migrated into street style fashion and has become the main accessory piece for the fashion-forward. Since the bag has become so popular in street style, the original smooth leather bags are not the only styles out there anymore. They now come in multiple fabrics, colors, and sizes. Men want to be fashion-forward too, men want options for their accessories, men want to be fashionable. Men found a new way to style the messenger bag and because of the popularity the look created, this bag became more than just a work bag. It is now a fashion statement.

How should you style the messenger bag?

Styling the messenger bag is all up to the individual wearing the accessory. For a white-collar business style, the bag in dark brown with a tailored navy colored suit can easily create that work-ready outfit. If you want a relaxed business style, a white button-up with grey slacks and a black bag will give you a casual workday outfit. For street style, you could be mono-toned. A black T-shirt with ripped black jeans and a black bag. Or you could use the bag as your accent color, like pairing a red bag with red sneakers. You could even pair a small bag with a big over-sized sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, and skater shoes.

Weixier messenger bag

The future of the messenger bag.

This accessory is not going anywhere anytime soon. The overall function of the bag is what makes it essential in life. The size and how it sits on the body makes it comfortable for the customer to use. The never-ending style choices are what makes this bag universal to all genders and styles. This bag has grown into more than another work bag, it has become a fashion trend and will continue to grow and evolve accordingly.

Style Sonata Offers the Link Between Fashion and Artistic Expression


The hunt for beauty and art is an entire wondrous life-style filled with adventure and imagination. It takes a certain artistic spirit to want to explore every last corner of the world’s potential in both travel and creation. Style Sonata offers the link between fashion and artistic expression with their countless collections of unique accessories. These treasures are designed by artists inspired by their life’s unpredictable journey day after day. We were lucky enough to speak with Marketing Manager Micha Alleyne who puts passion into every word and wrings out every last drop of such a beautiful life.


Cliché: What is it about Style Sonata that rings “adventure” and “freedom?”

Micha Alleyne: Bunny initially started Style Sonata as a true love for creativity and art. She is someone who is very involved in that world and started as a passion to create a platform to expose all of these different types of artists. We hand pick designers that have that artistic spirit. What you’re getting is a masterpiece and a unique vision of self-expression that come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or hand-bangs. The women that we speak to, they know themselves; they operate on the highest level of self-expression and self-awareness. Style Sonata does the dirty work for them and exposes them to this array of truly one-of-a-kind pieces that allow them to express themselves on a higher level. It’s about that individual perspective.


In Bunny Touby Fayne’s message, she talks about how much she loves the “process that artists go through to make art.” What part of the process is Style Sonata a part of when designers are creating their accessories?

We let them do their own thing; we are just the platform that connects each designer to create these unique inspirations. We think of ourselves as providing a new type of luxury and that luxury is the luxury of the rare and undiscovered. Some designers are inspired by travel, some are inspired by art, so we let the them do their own thing. We really want to bring these pieces to life and bring justice to these pieces and the story behind them. We provide that connection, that front-row seat. You speak of your followers as people who don’t settle for the status quo and we really relate to that because we don’t settle either. We attract people who are discerning and on top of anything that is cutting edge, or just different.


What is meant by “a new type of luxury?”

People crave experiences and things that are exotic and different. We want to offer that experience and that’s the luxury that we’re talking about. Maybe you can’t take a visit to Cuba, but you can look at one of our collections by Katie Bartels who was inspired by her experiences in Cuba and created a vibrant collection. It’s all about an experience and knowing that you’re getting something that’s one-of-a-kind and something that was inspired by living life. Kind of like when you have “farm to table” we have workshop to closet where you can’t get these pieces anywhere else, but you’ll find Madonna wearing them, Gabrielle Union, Meryl Streep, Blake Lively, Halle Berry, JLo, the list goes on. We give them the front row seat to designers that are on the verge of their own breakthroughs. They’re not mass market, so they are special, they are the new luxury. We speak to the wanderers at heart. Bunny, the founder, is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. She’s witty, she’s quirky, and she loves to live life to the fullest and express herself at the highest level possible.


What kinds of stories do Style Sonata and the designers behind the collections tell?

We think of ourselves as a destination, not just as an online store, but where people can come and share adventures with a fashion twist. We have the Key of B which is our platform to tell stories, some are fashion related and some aren’t. What we’ve really been working on this year is making the personality of Style Sonata shine through, not just the designers that we curate, but with the stories that we tell.


What do you wish to inspire in your customers?

We wish to inspire a sense of wonder and self-expression. We want people to appreciate the curation that we’ve put a lot of thought into putting together and to take it to the next level. We want them to break all of the rules and break their identity and their own sense of style. We want them to use us a medium to do so. We want them to live life and just be bold! Whoever they are, we just want them to embody that 100%, and we are here to help them accessorize it.

How does Style Sonata inspire you?

Yes! Style Sonata is a multicultural team. I am half Trinidadian and half Jamacian, I live in LA, I have lived in over 7 cities my lifetime. I was recently in Australia and it was the most amazing trip ever. I was running through the streets through rain and sun, trying to pack everything I could into one trip! I am always on the go; I’m big on adventure and traveling. When I joined the Style Sonata team at the beginning of last year, my goal was to really capture what Style Sonata meant. Bunny has this specific vision and she really spent a long time trying to curate the designers that we do have and it was important for me to take all of that and put it into visuals and words and stories and motions to make people try to understand what Style Sonata is and gather people with a similar mindset and convey that message.


What is your process to decide which designers and what pieces are featured in your collection?

We really have to be very intentional of the pieces that we’re curating. They have to truly be one-of-a-kind. Quality is important to us, so we’re all about extraordinary craftsmanship. We are trying to curate designers who are extraordinary at what they do- not just creative, but great quality. We are looking for independent designers, we want one-of-a-kind conversation starters, those adventure inspired pieces. We want them to tell a story and be highly self-expressive. If they have those elements, then they are a good fit for Style Sonata.


Which pieces or collections would you recommend to our readers for the close of the summer and beginning of fall?

That’s a tough question; there are so many good ones! I’m obsessed with Amanda Pearl. Her pieces are exquisite. I love that she took a traditionally conservative staple jewelry item and she has just blown it out of the park. She has wrap-around rings, quill bracelets, and her octo clutches. She has a new line of blues, yellows, and lots of other beautiful colors for summer.

We just brought on a new designer, Third Crown. They have these really bold statement pieces of gold and silver jewelry. They’re inspired by architectural and structural lines. They’re good pieces for day and night. I like pieces that have an easy transition like that.

A fun collection for summer is Katie Bartels. She was the one that I was talking about earlier with the collection inspired by Cuba. Her earrings are fun with vibrant colors and tassels.

Andrea Gutierrez has a lot of well made, gold pieces and leather pieces. They work well for stacking, or as a really nice statement piece to really carry out an outfit.

What I really like about all of these designers is that they all use exotic materials such as sapphires and rubies. They pair each of them with inspiration from all of these adventures. So now you get all of this fine jewelry that has been hand-crafted.


How do you see Style Sonata evolving in the future?

We want to evolve beyond our accessories and look at all of the different ways artistic expressions explores. Accessories are really just the tip of the iceberg, so we definitely want to expand our existing inventory of designers and we want to continue to evolve into that destination that we were talking about earlier. You’re not coming to Style Sonata just to shop; you’re coming for an experience. We’re feeding the mind and that craving for adventure.


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Style Sonata Offers the Link Between Fashion and Artistic Expression: Image Credits: stylesonata.com

DazzleBar: Experience the Last Bit of Summer from Long Island


There is a mother-daughter duo of fashion lovers in the heart of Long Island, New York that you just have to meet. Sherree and Ashley O’Shea work together through thick and thin with their mobile women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessory company, DazzleBar. If their exquisite, classic collection of affordable style doesn’t draw you in, their warm, affable nature definitely will. These two women are dedicated to giving their customers individual attention to give each of them that special piece to complete an outfit. They have fun, work together strongly, and even consider most of their customers to be like family.


Cliché: What inspired both of you to create your own boutique?

Sherree: You know when you don’t know what you want to do with your life? I was in my late 50s at that point and I didn’t know where to go. I knew I loved to shop, so what do you do when you love to shop? You create a place that people love to come to. Living so close to New York City, it was easy to get started and follow the trends. I just love to shop and why shouldn’t everybody no matter what your funds?

Ashley: When I started getting involved, I would help them out here and there, but then I started taking vacation days to help out. Around the same time, I was getting frustrated with my commute to my job and they just weren’t going in the same direction that I wanted, so I decided to leave and just do this for the holiday, but by January, I realized that there’s no turning back now! I also enjoy shopping and playing with the pieces.

Sherree: Part of it is growing up with four daughters and one son, we’re always putting together pieces and seeing what each other has. We’re always mixing them and creating something new with them. We always love doing crafts and creating together. We have a lot of fun doing what we do. Everybody says they want to be a part of our family, but they do become family. We enjoy being with them; we have a mutual trust! If something doesn’t look good, we’re not going to try to sell it just to sell it. It’s also very much family backed; everybody is there for each other. We have a lot of fun. You gotta love what you do!

Ashley: I’m telling you, I am the most like my mother! There are days when I say “Oh no! I am becoming my mother!” We have a harmonious style that’s perfect for collecting our pieces.


You’ve mentioned on your website that you donate funds and time to many charities. Where do you guys help out?

Sherree: One of the big ones that we do is the Long Island Beauty Ball. That’s usually around October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They give a day of beauty for women who are survivors or who are still surviving and have a ball at the Crest Hollow Country Club. We were the first actual vendor there and then we make a donation back to them. We also do work with Cystic Fibrosis.

Ashley: We go into schools and we open up sales to teachers and staff and then donate money back to them. It goes towards things like children being able to afford field trips, scholarships, new playground equipment.

Sherree: We don’t tell them specifically what it has to go for. They know their needs better than we do. The schools are really our biggest events. We just did one for the Hauppauge volley ball team.

Ashley: We also have promo codes online that, if used, will go towards a certain charity or event that we’re doing.

Sherree: Also, while trying to find our audience, I called up the principle from my kids’ old school. All five of my kids were very involved, so when I said “Hey, remember the O’Shea family? Can we do an event?” it was no problem and then it became word of mouth.



What is the unique style behind DazzleBar?

Sherree: We hand-pick everything and we pick and what we love. Our style is universal, but near on the preppy-side.

Ashley: We include a beachy, coastal style in our boutique that’s true to Long Island.

Sherree: We also include accessories that you can take from day to evening. We deal with a lot of working women who don’t have time to change before going to an event, so we teach them how to switch up the same accessories to get a new look. It’s also affordable enough for all women and we cover a vast age. We stand behind our products 100%. If you’re not happy with something, we are a text away and we meet our clients to make swaps. Some even text us pictures of outfits and we will take the time to tell them which accessories go best with it. We are customer service oriented.

Why did you choose to be a travel boutique?

Ashley: We are a true pop-up boutique and that’s the way the world is going.

Sherree: We have a website, but most people still want to touch and feel the merchandise. We still allow for that touch-and-feel while still offering you the convenience.

Ashley: We go into a lot of schools and many teachers think “I had to run out and get gifts after work, but you’re here and this is perfect,” so there’s the convenience factor. We’re just trying to make people’s lives a little bit easier and give them more time to just breathe.

Sherree: We are a personal service. With retail, you have to be different from the next guy and that’s our thing.

Ashley: Most people of my generation don’t want to make the connection between us and them, but we will talk to anyone for hours! But we’re also a little cut and dry because you don’t have to wander around a store and talk with a zillion different people. We will help you directly.

Sherree: It’s also a lot of fun. Each experience is new and you never get bored.


How has working together as a family influenced your experiences in creating your boutique?

Sherree: We don’t always agree on everything. You have your moments like in anything, but we are family and we have each other.

Ashley: You also just can’t walk away. Any other job you can just not show back up, but here, you have to face each other whether you want to or not.

Sherree: I think it does inspire a lot of other people. It inspires some other moms and daughters to do more together.

Ashley: Everybody also thinks it’s so easy. They think “you work with your mother or daughter, it must be fun,” and it is, but maybe only 80% of the time, but it gets easier.

Sherree: There’s no escaping! Sometimes we even look at each other and say “one of us is gonna have to change,” because we think so alike in fashion that sometimes we dress the same. We always do all of our buying together; we’re rarely apart. Our vendors that we buy from become like family too. We really enjoy spending time with them and doing business with them. We are really very fortunate in getting to do something that we love to do.

Any funny stories you have from working together as mother and daughter?

Ashely: It’s honestly one of those things where everything is a rite of passage.

Sherree: There was this one jewelry party that we went to that was down to only two guests. We figured, why not? We’ll go anyway. Both ladies were on a dating sight and they started talking about it. One says, “you wouldn’t believe the message I just got from this fellow! He says he just got out of a traffic ticket because the cop pulled him over for texting, and he showed the cop my picture and he said ‘she’s so pretty, I just can’t give you the ticket.’” So then the other girl says, “hey I just got the same message!” It was the same guy! So we spent the night taking pictures and sending messages to this guy for playing them like that! It was one of the best nights we’ve had. We didn’t sell a whole lot, but we wound up engaging in these women’s lives.


Any tips for anyone looking to start up their own fashion boutique?

Sherree: The biggest thing is, it’s easier than you think.

Ashley: Don’t just pick your best friend; it will ruin your relationship. Find someone who balances you. You need someone who keeps you in line. Also, make sure you do it right the first time, even if it takes you longer. Do your research.

Sherree: Be patient. You’re not going to open up a store front and boom, everyone comes to you. People have become so used to that instant gratification that they don’t want to wait for anything. Take the time to make connections and don’t be afraid of failure. There will be good days and there will be bad days; you have to persevere. Also, a big thing that we still struggle with is: did we get enough of it? You don’t want to have any left-over, but you also don’t want to sell out in a week and have to tell your customers that you can never get that again. I think we’re getting better at it. Every day is a learning experience and you’re never too old to learn something new. Lastly, at the end of the day, you can’t go home mad! I think it’s important; life is short. We love what we do.

Ashley: Also, never assume anything or judge a book by its cover. You never know who you’re going to run into one day or who you might help.

Sherree: The people we have met and wouldn’t have met otherwise, is amazing. We are so fortunate. We aren’t breaking records, but we’ll do it until it’s not fun anymore.



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DazzleBar: Experience the Last Bit of Summer from Long Island: Image Credits: www.dazzlebarboutique.com

The Rise of the Chunky White Sneaker


We’ve all seen Adidas’ Stan Smiths in every color and iteration since the shoe was relaunched in 2014, so it’s easy to think that the world has a penchant for white sneakers—but there’s a new kind of sneaker starting to fill the streets. Last September, Balenciaga premiered the Triple S, a retro sneaker with triple-stacked soles and a pre-worn look. Despite looking like something your grandparents would wear, the rise of the chunky white sneaker is definitely upon us.


Dior, Vetements, and Gucci have all hopped on board with this new trend and while it’s a little mind-boggling, there is something appealing about these sneakers. They are no longer the pointedly minimalist Stan Smiths, but a mix of high and low fashion together. The hints of Cubism and avant-garde are balanced with the nostalgia these shoes invoke. These new sneakers are anything but basic or nondescript; they are a twist away from normcore into the extreme.


That isn’t to say that the rise of the chunky white sneaker has been greeted solely with acceptance. They are bulky, overdone, and sometimes referred to as ugly. In the words of one Twitter user, “£500 for these new Balenciaga’s and they really be looking like shoes found in the lost property at school.” He’s not wrong, but isn’t that part of the appeal? They are harkening back to our pasts in a new and exciting way. If they remind me of a pair of Sketchers my dad threw out about a decade ago, aren’t they doing their job in the best way fashion can? Balenciaga and all those now hopping on the chunky sneaker trend are bringing the pasts and future together.

The mixed reviews have done little to stop the rise of the chunky white sneaker. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Migos, and A$AP Ferg, to name a few have all been spotted in a pair of these extreme kicks—and it seems unlikely that they’re going to disappear anytime soon. With spring running rampant and summer on the way, keep an eye out for over the top sneakers and check out garage sales to find your own.


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Images provided by Flicker and @kimkardashian on Instagram

Valentine’s Day Accessories with Pixie Mood


It’s February 14. You’re all dressed up in your sexy bodycon dress, your hair is curled perfectly, and your face is framed with dangly diamond earrings that shine as you move. Suddenly, as you’re preparing to walk out the door, you realize that you don’t have a purse to go with your outfit. Talk about a nightmare! We would never wish an accessory crisis on anyone, so to help you get prepared for the big day we have prepared some handy bag accessory ideas from Pixie Mood. Not only does this luxury, cruelty-free, and vegan brand have amazing bags, they have an amazing message as well. Dedicated to producing quality and long-lasting products that are good for the planet, Pixie Mood will guarantee you look your best while feeling your best knowing that your accessories are earth-friendly. 


Jacqueline Pouch ($38, pixiemood.com)

First up on our Pixie Mood must-have list this Valentine’s Day is the elegant Jacqueline Pouch in dusty pink. Doubling as a clutch with its removable strap, this cross body pouch is perfect for those of you who are opting out of the traditional Valentine’s Day colors when it comes to your outfit. Adding this subtle splash of pink to your look will tell those around you that you’re flirty and ready for a great night out. Pair this dusty pink accessory with silver heels and a black dress, and you’re ready to go!


Bethany Tassel Tote ($82, pixiemood.com)

If you’re looking for something a little bigger to hold all of your daily needs, check out the Bethany Tassel Tote. This black and hot pink purse is the perfect size to carry a quick change of shoes, your makeup, and several other items you may need on the go. The dainty tassels give your bag subtle detail while the underlining hot pink color ensures you stand out on your date. And as a bonus, this sleek bag comes with a separate mini-bag inside for your light traveling needs.


Bernice Drawstring Bag ($52.50, pixiemood.com)

Stray from the typical purse design with this unique drawstring bag from Pixie Mood! Aside from its trendy ombre design and adjustable strap closure, the Bernice Drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for your Valentine’s date. Whether you’re heading over to a friend’s house for Galentine’s Day or going out with your significant other on a romantic rendezvous, this bag will be the perfect conversation starter and accessory to any look.


Greta Work Tote ($98, pixiemood.com)

Last on our must-have list from Pixie Mood is the Black Cork Greta Work Tote. While this unique bag is intended for the working woman, it can double as the ideal handbag for your sophisticated and classy date. So whether you’re on the run from work or taking your time to get ready at home this Valentine’s Day, consider completing your Valentine’s look with this trendy cork-styled purse.

It’s safe to say that whatever your handbag needs may be this February, Pixie Mood has got you covered. From your typical purse design to ombrés, corks, and drawstrings, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the night with any of their bag accessories.


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Valentine’s Day Accessories with Pixie Mood: Featured image and all images courtesy of pixiemood.com

STEWART/STAND: The Beauty of Stainless Steel


Stainless steel watches are staples in the fashion industry, but have you ever seen any stainless steel wallets? Probably not. Cue STEWART/STAND, the innovative brand that is redefining how you think about textiles in the fashion industry. Their vegan stainless steel wallet collection is sophisticated and stylish, and their Diego Rivera collection is also filled with personality and beauty. Over the years, they’ve been featured in O Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Journal, and more, so if you haven’t heard of them yet, now you will. Here, we chat with the designers about why they chose stainless steel to work with, their Diego Rivera collection, and the future of the brand, and let me tell you: the future looks grand.


Cliché: What made you interested in working with stainless steel for your collection?
STEWART/STAND: Simply put, we were drawn in by the effect light had on the fabric. We have always been drawn to sustainable and eco-friendly materials; it’s part of our design theory.

We found a stainless steel fabric when we were touring a factory in Italy to produce our first product, a patented cufflink design my brother-in-law drafted for the groomsmen in his wedding. Walking around, we noticed a shimmery, sparkling effect coming from the back of the factory. As the fabric was being woven, hundreds of strands of stainless steel thread were being whipped back and forth on an industrial loom. As light hit each strand, reflections were sent in every direction, creating a mesmerizing light show. The material was being woven for use in architectural applications and for luxury Italian car engines.

We decided the material was so beautiful it should be repurposed for everyday use; we just had to find the right application, something people carry with them every day. We sought out a factory that could make the weave we wanted with the right alloy that was appropriate for handling. The idea of a vegan accessory that was beautiful and strong was so enticing to us. The fabric is as smooth as silk and shimmers in the light. I couldn’t think of anything else I would want in an accessory. Working with a structural textile was so enticing. The material could be molded and hold a form, a blank canvas for endless geometric and natural patterns.

With every bend we made in the fabric, light would be increasingly reflected, creating an incredible effect as light poured over the beveled surface. The idea of playing with light and shadow to obtain a pattern was just thrilling. Back in the USA as we were finalizing our patent application, we were pleasantly surprised that a similar material was on display at an exhibit at The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. This material had been used in space suits to protect astronauts from meteorites while they were spacewalking. The exhibit was named “Extreme Textiles.” The lightweight nature of this material paired with its strength and flexibility lends itself to incredible modern applications, especially in architecture. To be frank, the material still blows my mind to this day. I am inspired by it continuously.


What inspired you to create vegan, cruelty-free products? Do you wish more brands did?
Cruelty-free products…to us, this goes further than just the materials that go into a product. We sense a tremendous responsibility to leave this earth a healthier place than we have left it and to treat the craftspeople who make products with respect. Respect for our environment and the people who live in it are what inspire us to create responsible design. Over the years, I have been pleased to see a rise in makers who consider these things and I hope this trend continues. We have worked with the same team of talented tailors for the past 10+ years. The specialized material means hiring a team full time and employing them year round. To retain the well-trained staff, we need to ensure a comfortable work environment, and more. Our material is made from 85% post-consumer recycled stainless steel and each wallet is 100% recyclable. The stainless steel fabric is vegan, of course, and our top-selling styles are vegan. Paul Stewart-Stand is often quoted as saying, “The last thing the world needed was another leather wallet,” which is our main selling point. There is so much room in accessories design for alternative materials that are vegan. We are one of the few options out there and I expect this category to grow. There are so many celebrities who are demanding vegan design and luckily ours is a luxury look which easily fits into evening attire for events, especially with our women’s designs.

What was the inspiration behind the stainless steel collection? What was your design process?
We draw most of our inspiration from architecture. These monuments play with shadow and light on a grand scale, one that I can walk around in. They use reflective materials and voids for illumination and to provide interior light. Louis Kahn is our primary source of inspiration, Frank Ghery, and most recently Zaha Hadid has been fun to explore as well. I pull patterns from shadows and geometric formations from these buildings, create texture blocks and use a 20-ton press to impress the texture into each piece of fabric that is used in our wallets. I also pull textures from traditional fashion patterns; men’s herringbone and women’s quilted textiles are a perfect fit for showing off the reflective nature of our steel textile. For construction, I create most design models from paper and then reverse engineer the pattern. It takes a lot of consideration deciding where the steel can be applied to the model since it can permanently crease when bent at an angle that is less than 20 degrees. The greatest challenge was finding materials to pair with the steel. We sought out upholstery textiles for their durability and strength knowing that they would withstand any friction with the stainless steel fabric best. There was a year’s worth of research finding the right thread that could contain the strength of the stainless steel fabric.


Your So Cal Coast collection was inspired by southern California. Which piece from the collection is your favorite?
The clutch wallet in periwinkle blue + yellow from the So-Cal Coast Collection has to be my favorite; which I think is the same for most women. Driving along the coast, you are presented with a vast blue sky. Every day it’s a similar shade of relentless blue. Between the sky and the water’s edge, there is a marine layer that settles over the horizon. As the sun sets, an electric yellow blends with the blue and creates an incredible effect; they are almost stacked one on top of the other, with this silvery haze between the two. The clutch wallet was inspired by that effect that occurs every day. It’s a recognizable moment for anyone who lives in that part of the world. For me, it’s yet another reminder to be kind to this planet. We are both a spectator of this remarkable place as well as its custodian. Coming up next is a handbag made from this same periwinkle blue, with a similar composition. I think it will be the go-to for 2018.

Tell us a little about your collection featuring artwork by Diego Rivera. How did that collaboration begin?
Collaboration is key, especially in a company that works with unconventional materials. There is a learning curve to every project we approach. I do my best to create a collaborative atmosphere in the studio. I had a wall taken down in our new office, opening the studio to a high traffic area. The result was fantastic. Making the studio so accessible allowed people to wander over, creating opportunities to brainstorm, obtain feedback, and watch people interact with our design as it developed. STEWART/STAND has worked closely with museums and galleries since our company’s inception. We are very lucky to have a PR Firm that encourages these opportunities. We get excited about collaborations that we dream up in meetings with RAW, and because of the relationships Paul has built through the years, we are lucky to see these projects materialize.

We cropped Diego’s work to feature its details as a graphic pattern to tell a color story as well as feature the work as a whole. Recognizing his focal point in such an unusually large mural, we were able to highlight these elements individually as well. We paired the artwork with cool grey tones to emphasize the industrial aspects of the story he told. The largest item, a beautiful tote bag for women, is the star of the collaboration. At the debut event, the museum lobby was filled with women carrying the tote bag. It’s a beautiful neutral item that is an everyday essential. The men’s wallets feature the same archival ink prints that either envelop the entire exterior with a touch of Diego’s artwork inside, or a subtle exterior application of the DIA logo with an all-over display of a mural that spans across the card pockets and up onto the money welt. Working with the DIA was a fun experience. I think people are surprised how receptive we are to collaboration and how open we are to learning about their needs as a client and partner. Our company is always open to collaboration. I am not shy about continuing to get the word out.


Why did you choose Diego Rivera’s work for your collection?
The Diego Rivera project for the Detroit Institute of the Arts (DIA) was so compelling. The piece is a source of tremendous local pride.  When we launched the collection at one of their member’s events, people kept coming over telling stories about relatives who worked at Ford’s Rouge Plant. The DIA was looking to feature this signature installation and we were lucky to have this artwork chosen for us. Diego’s art tells the story of each individual who pulled the levers and stoked the fire at the Ford Factory. His depiction is beautiful and the strength of the factory men are as crucial to the end product as the great machines that they are commanding. Diego celebrated the people behind the production of the automobile, industry, agriculture, innovation as well as the history of indigenous people.  It’s important not to lose the connection to the past, as the world rapidly accelerates. I think this is a very relevant topic today as people in America are concerned about being replaced in a future of automated factories.

With these types of collaborations, we seek to bring focus to local content. From a technical standpoint, we were able to achieve many of the details in the art, translated into the accessory.  Standing inside the DIA’s Rivera Courtyard, we were struck by the innumerable stories depicted by the murals.  Having the opportunity to translate several of these stories into an accessory, carried by people every day, is a source of particular pride for our company as well.

Do you have a particular person or consumer in mind while designing new collections?
Every product we make is a request by a customer, to the extent that we have never designed a product that does not have a customer in mind. The new collections for women were designed due to a need for larger women’s accessories. For years, women have been asking us to make our wallets larger so they can fit their lipgloss or compact or keys inside. It’s a compliment that our wallets are so aesthetically pleasing that women want to show them off. We took note of what our customers were looking for and reformatted the composition to fit the proportions. We were so pleased with the result and the insiders who have had a sneak peak were as well. It felt like such a great success. Our customers range from young fashionistas to the established style icon. I think this question overlaps with our previous answer about collaboration. You might be able to say that our collections are collaborations with our customers?

What can we look forward to next from STEWART/STAND in the new year?
We are rolling out larger women’s accessories in every collection and freshening up the collections with new textures. There are over a dozen new handbags that should be rolling out, each in multiple colorways and a diversity of materials—all still featuring our stainless steel textile, of course. The versatility of our design is something we are pushing to new limits, adding chain straps that can adjust from short/shoulder or satchel length and extending long enough that they can be worn across the body below the hip. We’ve added special features to the interior to keep the chain from roaming around. Our men’s collection will of course expand once again. The demand for well-designed men’s accessories is incredible. The new year is full of exciting new designs for men and women and we are anticipating and prepared for a very busy workflow.

Learn more and browse the collections at http://www.stewartstand.com.

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STEWART/STAND: The Beauty of Stainless Steel: Images courtesy of STEWART/STAND