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Messenger Bag, the Unisex Fashion Accessory


The messenger bag has developed over time from only being a working man’s necessity. To now being, the accessory for men. Mailmen used this style bag in order to carry loads of assorted mail door to door. Businessmen used this bag to carry all their papers and pens. Young men in a University studying to become a working man used this style bag to carry their school books. Now, the messenger bag is more than just a life necessity for men. It has evolved into a lifetime desire for both men and women.

Why has the purpose of a messenger bag changed?

Although the messenger bag is still dominant in the workplace for its work use. It has migrated into street style fashion and has become the main accessory piece for the fashion-forward. Since the bag has become so popular in street style, the original smooth leather bags are not the only styles out there anymore. They now come in multiple fabrics, colors, and sizes. Men want to be fashion-forward too, men want options for their accessories, men want to be fashionable. Men found a new way to style the messenger bag and because of the popularity the look created, this bag became more than just a work bag. It is now a fashion statement.

How should you style the messenger bag?

Styling the messenger bag is all up to the individual wearing the accessory. For a white-collar business style, the bag in dark brown with a tailored navy colored suit can easily create that work-ready outfit. If you want a relaxed business style, a white button-up with grey slacks and a black bag will give you a casual workday outfit. For street style, you could be mono-toned. A black T-shirt with ripped black jeans and a black bag. Or you could use the bag as your accent color, like pairing a red bag with red sneakers. You could even pair a small bag with a big over-sized sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, and skater shoes.

Weixier messenger bag

The future of the messenger bag.

This accessory is not going anywhere anytime soon. The overall function of the bag is what makes it essential in life. The size and how it sits on the body makes it comfortable for the customer to use. The never-ending style choices are what makes this bag universal to all genders and styles. This bag has grown into more than another work bag, it has become a fashion trend and will continue to grow and evolve accordingly.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY


This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is a great way to transition your favorite bright summer scarf into the cooler months. The knotted fringe adds a luxurious, cozy texture without being too warm and bulky. This DIY is super easy and requires no prior sewing experience. If you are adding knotted fringe to an infinity scarf, just add it along one side.


This tutorial can use a new or old scarf; for this demonstration, I used a vintage thrifted scarf with bright, jewel tones. A gauzy scarf will be much easier to manipulate than a thick, wooly one. An awl, a sharp tool for piercing fabric, will also be used for this project and can be found at most hardware or craft supply stores for a low cost. Instead of cutting the fibers, an awl merely pushes them aside, allowing the yarn fringe to be attached. If you decide to remove the fringe from your scarf, ironing over the holes created by the awl will help them disappear.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY



A skein of yarn



Measuring tape or ruler


Step 1:

Begin by cutting pieces of yarn that are each 10 inches long. It is difficult to calculate exactly how many pieces of yarn you will need to cut, but working in batches of about 15 or 20 pieces is manageable. The fringe will end up being approximately 5 inches long, but you can cut longer or shorter pieces to suit your style.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 2:

With your awl, punch a hole near the edge of the scarf, wiggling the awl through to gradually widen the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 3:

Take a piece of yarn in your hands, and twist it tightly between your fingers. Fold the twisted yarn to create a small loop, and slip the loop through the opening created by the awl. You can also use the awl to help you pull the loop through the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 4:

Pull the tail ends of the piece of yarn through the little yarn loop and tighten. Your fringe is now secured to your scarf.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 5:

To make the knotted fringe, grab tail ends from adjacent pieces of fringe. Forming a loop with your fingers, slide the tail ends through the loop and tighten, creating a knot about a half-inch away from the top of the fringe.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is very easily adapted to suit any length of fringe and any number of knots. If you decide to cut pieces of yarn that are longer than 10 inches, two or more rows of knots along the fringe add a visually stunning textural display.

All photos courtesy of Gabriela Salvador.

Stephanie Dawn Handbags


If you’re looking for a new accessory to add to your outfit then you really need to take a look at some really amazing handbags made by Stephanie Dawn. Not only are these handbags stylish, but they’re made from high quality quilted cotton. With us women always being in a rush and having to bring along some extra baggage, who wants to put all that in some dull, lumpy, gigantic bag? No one; I speak from experience. Stephanie Dawn handbags give you the choice to look stylish while carrying everything you need in your bag.

I was able to get my hands on two of these gorgeous yet resourceful bags, the Hobo and the Shoulder Bag, and I just love them. If you’re like me and like to carry a lot of things around, the Hobo bag has more than enough space. One thing I noticed about this bag was that it didn’t collapse within itself like other bags do when there is not too much in it. The bag could be empty and it still maintains its structure; that just shows you how durable the fabric is.

If you’re into cute long-strapped bags, then the Shoulder Bag is a must. I love that the straps are adjustable so you can get a custom fit, and there is a pocket for just about everything — four interior pockets and three exterior pockets give you plenty of room.
A major plus about all the handbags made by Stephanie Dawn is that they come in about fifteen different colors and patterns. With so many amazing designs to choose from, you can find the perfect bag to go with any of your outfits. Also, if you’re like me and are dying to get out of this winter catastrophe, you’ll go for the bright colorful bags that scream “spring!”

All photos courtesy of Stephanie Dawn

The Statement Scarf


The cold weather has kicked itself up a notch this month and most definitely isn’t letting any of us forget it. Cue the oversized layers, gloves, and of course various hats to keep our ears from being bitten by the never-ending freeze. With all this going on, it can feel almost impossible to have time to show off our outfits (or even style for that matter) without feeling the nip of the cold.

Get ready to say goodbye to that fashion struggle! The statement scarf has proven to balance both style and warmth for this season.

Scarves are an easy accessory to pair with any look you are styled in. Not only do they come in a vast array of prints and colors, but you can tie them in various ways. The fun part is that you can never go wrong with it. A tip to stand out are bold scarves that come in plaid, animal print, and rich colors.

Below are some of our choice scarves for the bitter cold.

Snugg iPhone 5 Pouch Case Review


Before I begin, let me preface this review with a confession, I’m a complete and total klutz.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my stature: I’m about 6’3” and 160 pounds.  Now match my gangly figure with the coordination with of an infant and you’re just starting to get the picture.  I’ve come to accept that nothing in my immediate circumference is ever safe, and my smartphone is no exception.  So naturally, I began to counter my boundless butterfingers with protective cases for my beloved iPhone.  However, I’ve tried everything from Otterbox to IvySkin, and every case seems to meet the same fate: either falling off or falling apart.
Then, www.thesnugg.com contacted me, asking if I could I could do a review on one of their cases, and I thought, Sure, why not?  I had just upgraded to the iPhone 5 and my anxiety was increasing alongside the deterioration of my short-lived Apple store case.  While I awaited my Snugg iPhone 5 Suede Pouch Case, I began to do some research on the company.
To my surprise, Snugg tablet and smartphone cases had a pretty impressive resume.  Their cases are the not only the biggest seller in the United States, but the best sellers on Amazon.com in the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan.  Also, it’s not just anyone purchasing these cases, there are big names using Snugg merchandise including Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman and Simon Coweland.  Plus, they’ve supplied custom branded cases to Cadillac, GMC and even more prestigious: The CIA.  Basically, these things are selling like hotcakes, Snugg told me that they’re selling many as one every 90 seconds.
And sure enough, my very own Snugg case arrived in the mail.  I picked out their Pouch Case Style for the iPhone 5, which comes in Tan Suede, Black Leather and Brown Leather.  After I finished caressing the soft, creamy exterior of my Tan Suede case, I slid my phone into the pouch opening.  Not only does case appear to mold to the shape of your phone, but once it’s in the pouch, it’s virtually unscratchable.  Also, to say that my phone fit ‘snugg’ is an understatement, it’s practically impossible for your phone to fall out.  And if when you do want to remove your phone (this is where it gets cool), the case has this little magnetic tab on the front that pulls out a retractable elastic band while simultaneously releasing your phone.  Extra bonus: on the backside of the case, there’s an extra pouch that holds business cards and cash!
Overall, the Snugg Pouch Case, like their other products is luxurious, trustworthy and affordable.  Not only does it feature high quality materials and craftsmanship, but it also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Normally, I believe their iPhone Pouch Case retail price is an affordable $34.99, but on Snugg.com, they’re currently at the insanely cheap price of $14.99.  Visit www.thesnugg.com.