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Alt-Pop Artist Violette Announces New EP “In Her Beauty Lies My Death And My Life”



Debut EP to be released 8/13/21 via Siren Creative

Emerging alt-pop artist Violette has reached everyone’s radars today with the announcement of her debut EP In her beauty lies my death and my life following an acoustic video preview of her electro-pop single Stop – set for release on May 14th of this year. The five-track EP comes to all streaming platforms August 13th.

“‘In her beauty lies my death and my life’ is my favorite collection of songs I’ve ever written. I’m incredibly proud to have produced this with my best friend in our home and show people the most personal music I’ve made.” – Violette


Creating innovative music that tells a timeless story is a difficult feat, but for Violette, the ability to harness both originality and universality is the underlying strength that defines her artistry. After a successful chapter of her career as a rock-pop front woman, Violette is stepping into the spotlight of her own stage, opening the curtains to reveal a solo project that is a bright reinvigoration of her past achievements. A force that is as bold and brave as it is alluring and enchanting, the Baltimore-based singer/songwriter has cultivated an inspired, anthemic sound that captures a rare balance of daring fearlessness and refined sensibility, savoring strongly of a woman of perceptiveness who has much to say, and a world that is eager to listen.

Head over to Violette’s YouTube channel today for an acoustic preview of her upcoming singleStop.” The debut EP In her beauty lies my death and my life reaches all DSPs August 13th.

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4 Artists Who Should Try Another Genre


There’s been a few times we’ve listened to our favorite artists sing a particular note or cover a particular song, and us as the listeners choose to question what if they take it a step further? What if they create an original work in a different genre, giving us a seamless gift of music? With current works and vocal capabilities in mind, here a few artists who should try another genre.


An artist with a very flexible voice that spans numerous hits, stages and audiences, Beyonce is at the top of any list when it comes to venturing into another genre, and doing it well. With her most recent release Lemonade, she swam into various musical styles and spoken word, but her collaboration with Jack White for “Don’t Hurt Yourself” was especially thrilling for those stubborn to understand her artistry. Aside from it coming from a place of anger and betrayal, this song definitely showed her vocal capabilities to own a funk rock song with no hesitation. With something just as enthralling, intensive & a chance to show off her vocals, a performance-heavy track would be interesting to hear (and see!).


Let’s Try: Beyonce meets Lenny Kravitz’sTunnel Vision


FKA Twigs

This artist created a space for herself and her listeners, with her electronic, alternative R&B style & effortless performances. Twigs constantly pushes the expectations of her fans aside, keeping true to her sound but giving results that are unexpected yet still very much appealing and almost hypnotic to listen to. Twigs has a few songs where she gives her listeners a stripped-back feel such as “Good to Love.” Because her musical sound encapsulates her very careful and sweet sounding voice, it would be very interesting hearing it with more acoustic rock instrumentals that complement rather than take over her voice & songwriting.


Let’s Try: FKA Twigs meets The Cranberries’ “Roses”


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an artist evoking classic and modern styles across her discography. Taking on jazz, glam and dance pop, house, rock and little bit of country, narrowing down what genre Gaga should take a gander at next gives pause. Though some didn’t care for it, “Perfect Illusion,” featuring production by Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker, definitely kept in-style with Gaga & showed she’s capable of continuing with a synth & rock infused track. It’d be interesting to hear her bring her extravagant vocals & poetic lyrics to a song with more synth and carrying beat (the Eurythmics anyone?).


Let’s Try: Lady Gaga meets Eurythmics’ “Forever”



Usher is an artist that got his start in his early years, and thus grew up with a variety of different sounds, and wasn’t afraid to make his velvety-smooth voice a part of it. Everything from classic and contemporary R&B, dance pop, hip-hop, trap, indie pop & electronica, can be found somewhere in his discography. Along with various appearances in time for his love life, Usher has caused various debates among fans regarding sticking to a sound that enhances his vocals rather than drowning it in heavy production An example of a mature sound was “Here I Stand,” that featured on his fourth album. The love ballad featured various instruments, like the keyboard, soft drums, and piano that were layered to give harmony to Usher’s voice. It was slow paced, but rhythmic. It evoked comparisons to Stevie Wonder influences with production from Drev & Vidal (Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild) and Polow da Don. It would be complimentary for Usher to try more within the soul genre among the wide universe that R&B has taken over the years.


Let’s Try: Usher meets Stevie Wonder’s “Moon Blue”


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4 Artists Who Should Try Another Genre. Featured Image Sourced from Wikimedia Commons. All photo credits to Yne Van De Mergel, Bobo Boom, RocBeyonce, and Eli Watson

The Early November Interview


It may not seem like it, but it’s already been three years since Hammonton, New Jersey’s The Early November reunited after a four-year hiatus.  In that time, the band has toured the country a number of times, signed with Rise Records, release their album In Currents, and were one of the featured bands of this passed years Skate and Surf festival.  While working on new material for their next album, the band has continuing their touring and came through Long Island’s Revolution in Amityville for an intimate acoustic set.  Cliché’s Heather Glock caught with lead singer Arthur “Ace” Enders to talk about the band coming back together for more than a one-off tour, holding true to fans of old, while still making new ones in the process, and more.
Cliché: With numerous bands now reuniting for one time, or short term tours, The Early November have now been reunited for over three years. What is it about the music, or the members, that made you want to recommit to performing?
Ace Enders:
I think I have always been committed to music. It’s more–this is going to sound stupid–but more of the other way around. Being able to use it to support life, you know, which is something that everyone goes through is and with every artist and every band, there comes a point where you have to figure out how you can use it to live, as well as perform. I think there is a little bit of growing pains and figuring all that out, but the last couple of years have been great doing this. We’ve done a bunch of touring, but it has also been opening some doors for a bunch of other things that allows us to continue to do it.
You have been on Rise Records for almost three years. How has the label supported you in your return, both in regards to becoming reacquainted with touring, playing older material, and the process of writing new songs?
They are awesome. They are great. Anything that we could ever want, they try to do it with us, so it’s great over there!
With the perspective that you have achieved from maturing in age, do you ever worry about the content of the songs you had written when you first started, in regards to holding true to today, or do you feel that they have stood true with your transcendence into adulthood?
Well, it does hold true in a time and place that we were. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t think differently at this point and time in life. It was a very, as a band, a magical time for us… it’s not who we are right now, but it is a big part of who we are, and why we are where we are. People always ask, “Do you ever get tired of doing that stuff?” To me, if people want to hear something then I’m not tired of it.


Your friends in You Blew It! recently had their van robbed in broad daylight. Unfortunately, this is not the first occurrence this year, and band vehicles now seem to be the hot target of sticky fingers. Do you feel that with this awful event happening more and more you have to worry more about the security of your belongings now than in the past?
Actually, we had gotten our stuff stolen once before. Like everything. Our entire van actually. All of  our gear, and all of our personal belongings, so we know exactly what it feels like to get stuff taken from you. I mean, it’s a bummer and it’s really tough. I mean the biggest thing you can do is to be really careful where you park, especially nowadays. There are so many bands now, and so it is a lot more common. So, know when people see a van, and guys rolling out of it, then they know there is a lot of expensive gear inside to steal, but it’s something that I wish people wouldn’t do, but what can you do?
Your solo project will also be heard tonight. Most artists who decide to write a side project wind up releasing one, maybe two records. You released five, including the newest one Enola, plus a Christmas EP back in 2010. What is it about I Can Make a Mess that keeps you going with the project?
Writing music, for me, has been the only thing that I have been good at… ever. It’s just something I like to do, whether it is self-releasing or coming out with a label, or whatever it is, I like to keep busy and growing along with it. I’m really excited to always play those songs, and every other song. For me it is all the same thing. I write every song the same exact way, whether it for I Can Make A Mess or The Early November, or under my own name. Whatever it is, it all starts at the same exact place for me, and it just gets molded into whatever. I just like to stay busy!
At Skate and Surf, you guys went on just before Saosin, and after that Midtown came on. You were one of three ‘reunion’ acts to play main stage. How did it feel to be a part of such a huge moment for the festival?
It was really cool. There were a lot of older fans there, and it is really wonderful to see people who have been around for a while. I love seeing that and it is such a comforting feeling. It was great because Midtown is a fantastic band, as well as Saosin. They are bands who have not done anything in a while, and it was exciting to be a part of that. It was just an exciting day!
Seeing you guys play, you can see in the crowd that as many “older” fans as there are, a new young fan base as well. These fans are just as passionate about your songs as those who followed you from the beginning. What is it about TEN that you feel can reach out to so many people in so many different age groups and/or stages of their lives?
I don’t know. I can say that I am very fortunate to be a part of this. I wish I knew what grabs that attention. I mean, to be able to do this for as long as we have while growing, whether to young or older people, you know, new or old fans, I am very fortunate to be a part of it in any way.
The Early November Interview: Photographed by Heather Glock