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Another Reason to Stay Fit this Upcoming Holiday Season: Beyoncé Buys out Ivy Park


The season of eating is upon us at last! Nonstop family and friend dinner parties with leftovers for a week. Treat yourself! You deserve it! But maybe now you’re feeling motivated to work off all of those extra pie calories. Need another reason to stay fit this upcoming holiday season? I’ve got just the extra push you need: Beyoncé bought out Ivy Park!

Beyoncé co-founded this fantastic brand with Philip Green, first announced in 2014 and then went on sale two years later in 2016. The gym wear brand took off! It seemed like the two were an unstoppable pair. Of course, that was up until this past October when Beyoncé cut ties with Green after sexual and racial abuse allegations. According to The Guardian, Green is denying the accusations, saying that his remarks were nothing but casual banter. However, employees at Arcadia Group are lining up with horror stories of bullying and harassment from Green going on at the company.

Beyoncé wanted absolutely none of that. She quickly brought out his half of the company and decided to take on the entire brand herself. Without the weight of Green’s abominable behavior, there’s no telling where Beyoncé will carry Ivy Park next!

Ivy Park is the haven of all workout clothes. Who knew a sequin covered sports bra was just what you needed to bring out the glow of determination from your sweat and tear-ridden face after running all of those miles and lifting all of those reps? From fabulous leggings that show off that butt you’ve been sculpting, to sweaters that keep you active and warm while you bear the elements of your wintery run, Ivy Park has it all.

You can check out and shop all of Ivy Park’s activewear online just in time for the perfect holiday gift, or the ideal equipment you need to make the most of your new workout regimen. Beyoncé’s brand has got your basics for the traditional workout such as comfortable sports bras and classic tees, as well as a touch of style with the Asymmetrical Stripped Hoodie and the Circular Knit Asymmetric Bodysuit. Ivy Park is the hottest gym wear this season! Get your run gear before they run out!


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Another Reason to Stay Fit this Upcoming Holiday Season: Beyoncé Buys out Ivy Park: Image Credits: InStyle.com, Nordstrom.com, IvyPark.com

Zobha: Fun Fitness Fashion


Fashion beautifully meets athleticism in L.A.-based active apparel company FAM Brands’ newest athleisure creation of Spring 2015: Zobha. The contemporary brand springs forward with designs featuring a lovely combination of fashion and high-power performance in athleisure products destined to transition the modern-day woman from the gym to a day/night out on the town. Grabbing inspiration straight from the runway, Zobha is a one-of-a-kind brand that successfully molds chic and stylish designs into products made to help one excel in athletic activities. Trendy details and patented shape-optimizing technology makes Zobha stand out like a diamond amongst the ever-growing brands in the athletic world. Zobha gives customers a colorful array of styles; whether you’re edgy and casual, or modern and urban, there are a multitude of pieces made to represent your personal style. Being able to cater to the fashionista inside every woman with effortless touches in their clothes pushes Zobha well ahead of any athletic game. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Carrie Henley, describes Zobha in all of its splendor: “There’s a nice balance in the array of styles and fabrications offered, from contoured leggings featuring trim-to-hem, reflectives and functionality. In activewear there’s a combined factor with future and technology and as we continue to expand our horizons, athleisure is becoming the new leading stimulus in fashion today all over the world.” Zobha’s frequent activity in the fashion world through the cyber world has earned it a well-known name in social media through creative use of the tagline and hashtag #whatmovesyou to connect with consumers; by doing so, Zobha creates a more personal level with the people who love their brand, including us! 
Delve into the innovative world of Zobha today by visiting their beautiful and exquisite site, www.Zobha.com, which represents the brand’s aesthetic in all the right ways,  just as their products will do for you. Zobha’s Spring 2015 collection can be purchased on their website or in-store at Dick’s Sporting Goods and in select boutiques nationwide (prices range from $68 to $130). To stay in the know on all topics about the brand, check out Zobha’s social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #whatmovesyou to link with Zobha on social media to showcase any Zobha products you purchase. Check out some of my current favorites (let’s be real, everything was my favorite from the entire collection) from this wonderful bran. I’m sure you’ll be adding more than one item to your shopping cart. Happy shopping, Cliché readers!

(Janet Printed Workout Bra $42)

ZBD158SA_001_2 ZBD158SA_54B_2

(Tummy Slimming Legging $70)


(Helen Cowl Neck Tunic $69)


(Kate Full Zip Vest $82)

ZBM010SA_001_2 ZBM010SA_193_2

(Monica Shape Enhancing Jacket $88)

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Photographs courtesy of www.Zobha.com