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Rapper, Future, May Have Created The Album Of The Summer With His Latest Release, Beast Mode 2


Future released three mixtapes in a five month period: Monster, Beast Mode and 56 NightsBeast Mode 2 dropped shortly after the last release with little warning.

Beast Mode 2 is only nine songs and 32 minutes long, but it is filled with a variety of moods. Hate the Real Me highlights Futures struggles with substance abuse and fame, while Doh Doh provides a more upbeat song that glorifies the power of having money. 

The album hinted several times that Future is gearing up for another mass release of music in the near future. Both critics and fans eagerly await what his new music will bring to the Hip-Hop/Rap industry as the industry itself seems to be changing every day. 


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Photo courtesy of Timeout

New Music Roundup ft. Lykke Li, Snail Mail, and Kids See Ghosts


Nothing says new music like a Friday, and this week was no exception. From the fiercely poignant indie rock of 18-year-old Lindsey Jordan, better known as Snail Mail, to the crisp comeback pop of Swedish singer Lykke Li, to the long-awaited collab from Kanye and Kid Cudi, this week we truly saw it all. Keep up with our top picks from this weekend’s releases below with Cliché Magazine’s new music roundup.


The Debut:

Lush by Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan made a name for herself long before the release of her first full-length album, which is pretty indicative of the level of talent to be expected from Lush. Her overwhelmingly well-received first album taps into the melodramatic well of adolescent feelings known to all — her lyrics often cutting open time-worn cliches with her biting sarcasm, while her vocal lilt conveys all the peaks and valleys of serious emotion. Only 38 minutes in length, Lush is a concise and carefully curated work, letting no minute go to waste. Jordan has definitely been one to watch since releasing the Habit EP in 2016, but Lush discounts her from being some sort of one-hit-wunderkind. If she isn’t on your radar already, you better start paying attention, otherwise you risk falling head-first off a very fast bandwagon.

Favorite tracks: “Speaking Terms”; “Golden Dream”


The Comeback:

New Music Roundup ft. Lykke Li, Snail Mail & Kids See Ghosts: Featured image courtesy of Snail Mail

so sad so sexy by Lykke Li

It’s been four years since the Swedish alt-pop sensation Lykke Li released an album, but so sad so sexy may just have been worth the wait. The tender release teases trap influences, while staying true to the danceable soul that Li has become known for. Featuring the first collaboration of her solo career with Good For You rapper Aminé, this album is, in many ways, a fresh start for the singer. Since 2014’s I Never Learn, she’s become a mother. When releasing the video for the closing track “Utopia,” she added the caption “Utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me and all I ever want for him,” referencing her son, Dion. She’s also flirted with other endeavors, trying her hand at acting, collaborating with other artists on their projects, and joining supergroup liv. In short, so sad so sexy lives up to its name completely, and shows Lykke Li reinvented, holding her head high.

Favorite tracks: “deep end”; “utopia”


The Highly-Anticipated:

New Music Roundup ft. Lykke Li, Snail Mail & Kids See Ghosts: Featured image courtesy of Snail Mail


Even if the discussion of Kanye West’s politics (specifically, his penchant for certain red hats) was completely tabled, it’d still be safe to say he’s had his highs and lows this summer. His highly-anticipated ye album, while receiving mixed reviews, left fans and critics alike missing the experimentation he’s made his name with. Regardless of whether or not you liked it, it’s hard to argue that he took any risks musically. And then in comes KIDS SEE GHOSTS. This high-energy collaboration with Kid Cudi shows West’s production at its best, while Cudi’s verses hit hard.

Favorite track: “Reborn”

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that this album, like ye, once again interrogates the way in which people separate artists from their art. This album makes it tempting to separate West from his politics, but that is not always the right thing to do. While West has proven he is on his game musically, this in no way justifies any problematic behavior. The choice to separate West from his art, or not, in an increasingly volatile political climate is a decision that can only be made by each individual listener.


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New Music Roundup ft. Lykke Li, Snail Mail & Kids See Ghosts: Featured image courtesy of Snail Mail

Summer Albums We Can’t Wait For


Summer 2017 is headed our way and so is great new music! There are some exciting new albums coming our way from lots of artists. Whether it’s beautiful lyrics, pop music to hype you up, or songs to add to your poolside playlist, there is something for everyone. Here are the summer albums we can’t wait for!

Melodrama – Lorde
This album is super hyped up and everyone is eager to listen to it. Lorde posted on her Facebook that this album is “about what comes next” and that she is going to “show [us] the new world.” Lorde is known for her hauntingly beautiful sound which will hopefully shine through on this new album.

Kaleidoscope – Coldplay
Since their performance in the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime show, Coldplay has kept very quiet about their new music, but they are officially putting out this new album in the summer! This album will kick off their European tour, which will make its way to North America. Coldplay’s music has always stood out because of their great songwriting skills and we will hopefully see some of that in Kaleidoscope, due out this June.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom – Halsey
Halsey announced her new album via Twitter with a very subtle tweet: “I Will Be Releasing My Sophomore Album in June 2017” and has said virtually nothing about it since. Halsey is keeping her fans in the dark and will hopefully come out of the blue with an amazing new album. No one really knows what to expect from Halsey, but with a build up like this, we expect it to be a solid new album.

Katy Perry
After her Super Bowl Halftime performance, Perry retreated to her house in California for a break, but she is coming back strong with this new album. She has released two songs on the album, “Chained to the Rhythm” and “Bon Appetit” which are a good sneak peek to her new untitled album. Perry hopes this album will be different in a good way and we’d expect nothing less from Katy Perry!

We have high expectations for these new albums and we hope they don’t disappoint! We could all use some new songs to add to our summer playlists, and we are confident we’ll get some great new additions with this new music!
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Summer Albums We Can’t Wait For: Photo Courtesy of Lorde/Facebook

Singles That Give Us a Taste of Albums to Come


When it comes to music, artists are always searching for that one song that will become a hit and also gives listeners a taste of what the theme of their album will be until its release. This process usually isn’t perfect – some artists may release four or five singles before the drop if the responses aren’t as expected or instilling fan thoughts of, “This is gonna be a good one!”
But, we’re talking about Lorde & Lana Del Rey in this case. And as of today, I’m expecting growth and a departure from both artists who may provide a memorable first listen.

We “Love” Lana Del Rey

On February 18th, Lana Del Rey released “Love,” from upcoming album Lust for Life. The song opens with a simple hum of a vibraphone, and a bass guitar flowing with Lana’s voice as she pauses for a bit while the drums and the rest of the atmosphere fills our ears with hope. The song speaks for people who don’t seem to care about anything despite any hardships,“It’s enough to make you go crazy, crazy, crazy…” Lana reassures the feelings of love, making simple actions seem so so ordinary, they seem peculiar; getting dressed to go nowhere, clocking in, breathing. So long as you have that person by your side, “Don’t worry baby…”
The title of the song and its overall vibe may fit in line with Lana’s upcoming album. One can only think it’ll be more of a mix of her debut release Born to Die, but less gritty than Ultraviolence. Lana maintains her consistent (lauded as cinematic, even the video is a mini movie with its own poster) sound but with a name and direction reading optimistic and just in time for some cozy feels and warm breezes.

Rebirth of Vinyl


I’ve always been an old soul. I remember finding my dad’s old record collection in our basement when I was about 10 years old. Ever since then, collecting vinyl records has been one of my passions. However, when I was younger, listening to records was not the “in” thing. When I would show friends my record collection, they’d be confused as to what the albums even were. Yet, somewhere in the past few years, a shift back to vinyl has happened. There’s been a sudden mass interest in buying and collecting vinyl albums. Having a record collection is now the trendy and “in” thing.

Right now is a really exciting time for music. Not only are we able to enjoy our favorite artists through digital music, but we are also able to enjoy the music of the past the way it was originally heard. This appreciation for vinyl has helped revive the music of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s and made it relevant in the current day.
It is said that styles and trends tend to repeat themselves. Vinyl is definitely one of those trends. But why vinyl? What has made this form of music so appealing to young people again? For starters, Record Store Day, which began in 2007, really helped boost interest in vinyl and an enthusiasm for collecting music.  
Another reason why vinyl has become so appealing in a world of digital media is the authentic and personal nature of vinyl. The warm, crackling sound that vinyl albums have, as well as the ability to hold your favorite album in your hand and hear the songs the way they were originally heard, have been major contributors to a growing interest in buying and collecting vinyl albums. They provide a more raw and authentic way to listen to music that you can’t get from listening to music digitally.
These contributors are obviously not appealing to everyone. Many people still prefer digital music to the old ways of vinyl. However, for those who enjoy retro music and technology, or who are simply nostalgic for the past, the rebirth of vinyl is both fascinating and exciting. The rebirth of vinyl goes to show that no matter how outdated something may seem, times change and trends resurface. You never know, something that seems completely irrelevant today could in the next few years be the most popular trend.
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Rebirth of Vinyl. Featured image courtesy of NPR.

Albums to be Excited for this Fall


Nothing gets me quite as excited as music does. Music is such an integral part of my life, and has been for as long as I can remember. I see music as a powerful way to connect us to others, inspire us, and make us feel like we’re not alone. New music always feels a little magical, kind of like Christmas morning. I’m especially excited for this fall because some of my favorite artists are releasing new albums. Here are some of the albums that I’m most looking forward to this fall.

Regina Spektor – Remember Us to Life
I’ve loved Regina Spektor since her hit single “Fidelity” came out when I was in middle school. Since then, I’ve followed her music closely. What I really love about Regina Spektor is her unique voice and choices she makes with her songs. From an undeniable talent to off-the-wall sound effects to an intense piano focus, Spektor always brings something new to her music. Her songs are raw and heartfelt, often addressing heartbreaking topics and larger social issues.  
She started her career in 2004 with the album Soviet Kitsch and has been producing incredible work ever since. Each album Regina Spektor releases is better than the last. She is an artist that continually strives to make powerful music that people can truly connect to. That being said, I am unexplainably excited for her new album. It’s been four years since her last record, and I can only imagine the astounding work she will present us with this new album. It already looks promising with the release of her single, “Bleeding Heart,” with its pop-punk sound but deep, underlying message of isolation and exclusion. Remember Us to Life is out now.

Green Day – Revolution Radio
Just when we thought our favorite punk-rock band was gone forever, Green Day snuck back into the music scene. Without announcing it, Green Day regrouped to record a new album in complete secrecy. The band first formed in 1986, finding success in the ‘90s with songs such as “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” and “Brain Stew.” However, it wasn’t until 2004 with their album American Idiot that the band really took off, winning a Grammy for Best Rock Album of the year. Since then, the band faded out of the limelight, eventually deciding to take a break in 2014. Now they’re back with their 12th studio album, Revolution Radio, with anticipation from fans. For me, Green Day brings back all the memories from my punk/scene phase. I remember being in fifth and sixth grade rocking out to Green Day in my bedroom. Staying true to their sound and politically-charged songs, their new single “Bang Bang” brings back all those rocking out vibes that are staples of the band’s music. The album is out now.

Bruce Springsteen – Chapter and Verse
The Boss is back with a new album sure to blow us all away. The new album Chapter and Verse is being released as a companion piece to Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run. Bruce Springsteen began his career in 1964 and has been changing the world of music ever since. With his iconic songs such as “Born to Run,” “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born in the USA,” and “Glory Days,” Bruce Springsteen is a legendary artist. I grew up listening to Springsteen and he’s always been one of my favorite artists. I’m really excited for his new music—not just because it’s Bruce Springsteen, but for the unique nature of this album. The new album is set with much anticipation because of its career-spanning compilation as well as the accompanying autobiography. The songs featured in Chapter and Verse were chosen by Springsteen to reflect the themes of the autobiography Born to Run. Both are out now.

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Albums to be Excited for this Fall: Featured image courtesy of @reginaspektor on Instagram

5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Listen to


2016 has been another year of both surprise and highly-anticipated releases. Between Rihanna’s ANTI, Beyonce’s visual album LEMONADE, and even Drake’s long awaited VIEWS; to Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman and Fifth Harmony’s 7/27, it has been a good year for music, and it’s only a little over halfway finished. Although there are a number of albums coming out in the second half of the year and on, here are the 5 albums we can’t wait to listen to.


Courtesy of Rae Sremmurd/Facebook

1. Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife 2 (Date: 12 August 2016)

The follow-up to the brother’s 2015 debut album Sremmlife, which featured hits like “No Flex Zone,” “No Type,” and “Throw Some Mo” is heading towards an August release. Of the three songs released from the album so far, the latest single “Look Alive” is the one that inspires the most excitement for the album. Hopefully the album builds on this sound.

2. Major Lazer – Music is the Weapon (Date: TBA)

Justin Bieber and MØ (who sung on the hit single “Lean On” from their 2015 album Peace is the Mission) feature on the album’s lead single “Cold Water.” Though the features for the album aren’t finalized, some of the people who are featured on the album are Usher, Sam Hunt, Sia, and The Weeknd, among others.

3. Tinashe – Joyride (Date: Fall 2016)

On the back of her 2014 debut album Aquarius (which featured singles “2 On” and “All Hands on Deck”) and 2015 mixtape Amethyst, Tinashe’s sophomore album Joyride is tentatively expected to be released in Fall 2016. The album was preceded by the songs “Player” featuring Chris Brown, “Ride of your life,” and the most recent single “Superlove,” which is expected to have a Baywatch influenced video.

4. Haim – TBA (Date: TBA)

Although the album has no name, single or release date at this time, the sisters are currently in the studio recording the follow-up to their 2013 album Days Are Gone. Some highlights from their 2013 album were “My Song 5” (both original and remix), “Running If You Call My Name,” “Forever,” and “Falling.”

5. Shawn Mendes – Illuminate (Date: 23 September 2016)

Preceded by tracks “Treat You Better,” “Ruin,” and “Three Empty Words,” his sophomore album Illuminate is headed towards a September release. Shawn’s 2015 album Handwritten (and the Handwritten: Revisited re-release) featured the singles “Stitches” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” a duet with Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello.

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Featured image courtesy of Island Records

5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Listen to


There’s a hunger, a craving, when we are longing for some sort of meaning in our lives. Some hope that we will find our way through and yet we never want to do it alone. Being the social creatures that we are, we desire someone to understand us, someone to bring us this feeling that we belong and that we are not alone. Music, somehow always manages to give us this and so we desire it like no other. Though there is never a shortage for the music that fills our world we always seem to want more. So, here at Cliché, we have listed 5 albums we can’t wait to listen to, and just have this feeling that they, too, will shed more light into our lives, just as music in the past has done time and time again

1. The Lumineers
the-lumineers-cleopatraAlbum: Cleopatra
Release Date: April 8, 2016
We know them from their hit single “Ho Hey” which was released all the way back in 2012. Now the anticipation is almost over as they make their way to releasing their second studio album, Cleopatra. You can preview their breathtaking song, “Ophelia,” the first song they released in 4 years, to get a small dose of what’s to come.
Photo Credit: www.thelumineers.com

2. M83

M83-Junk-2016Album: Junk
Release Date: April 8, 2016
French electronic music band leader, Anthony Gonzalez, stated that this upcoming album will showcase a more intimate side, and yet less of him. The album title was created with the message of art being thrown away in certain manners with this imagery of “pieces of humanity floating in space, lost forever.”
Photo Credit: www.ilovem83.com

3. Ariana Grande

ariana grande dangerous womanAlbum: Dangerous Woman
Release Date: May 20, 2016
After the release of her title track, “Dangerous Woman,” Ariana Grande has been providing hints on what we can expect from her upcoming third studio album. With collaborators including Max Martin, Victoria Monet, Lil Wayne, and Macy Gray, it’s a given that we’re in for a treat when May arrives.
Photo Credit: www.arianagrande.com

4. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - if i'm honestAlbum: If I’m Honest
Release Date: May 20, 2016
This upcoming album is promised to be the most personal one yet as Blake Shelton has explained that it takes a direct look into the last year of his life. If this is any indication that we’ll get more of a scoop on him and Miranda Lambert’s past relationship as well as his current one, I only have three words to say: Bring it on.
Photo Credit: www.blakeshelton.com
5. Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara - love you to deathAlbum: Love You to Death
Release Date: June 3, 2016
After taking over the highest spot on 2013 Billboard charts with Heartthrob, these sisters are getting ready to release the follow-up album we’ve been waiting for. Though we don’t know too much of what Love You to Death will sound like, we do know that Tegan and Sara’s music is never a let down.
Photo credit: www.teganandsara.com
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That familiar feeling of dread settles in as summer begins to wind down. August is incredible, but it’s one step closer to a slightly colder September, and I, for one, am just not ready for sweater season. What gets me through it all is the motto “something old, something new.” I’m talking about a 90’s sitcom that is still loved by current generations and a revamped (pun intended) book series that in no way resembles—but is no doubt inspired by—Anne Rice prototypes. This season, I’m all about the classics and the reissues.

Listening to: Native by One Republic (2014 re-release)
I am very specific about the re-release for one reason and that is “Love Runs Out,” which I have been listening to all summer at high volume. The vocals are amazing as usual, but I’m particularly drawn to the blend of bass, drums, and what I can only assume are tambourines. While the song was supposed to be the first single on the original release in March 2013, it ended up not being included at all. This year’s addition really completes the album for me, hence the reason I’ve had it on rotation all season. What could be a more fitting way to end the summer than the uninhibited electro pop hit “Lose Myself” or “Counting Stars” where you’re forced to slap your knees uncontrollably because the beat is just that catchy? From start to finish, this album is simply pop-rock perfection.

Black Dagger BrotherhoodReading: Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
Yes, I’m a sucker for romance novels—paranormal romance novels, in this case. I won’t lie and tell readers that these are the most intelligent works of literature that I’ve ever picked up—far from it. In fact, I’ll compare it closely to reality television: it’s so terrible, but admit it, you can’t stop watching because it’s so bad that it’s good. I’ll call it junk reading, and I’m a pure junkie for these vampires and unique creatures called lessers (the undead, so to speak) and sympaths (mind-controlling beings). Throw in the coexistence of humans and I’m bitten!

Playing: Donkey Kong Returns 3D (Nintendo 3DS)DK3
Hashtag O-M-G. Hashtag T-B-T. You cannot fathom my excitement when I heard that they were recreating Donkey Kong Country for the 3DS. Any adult who hasn’t experienced banana collecting, barrel throwing, or even those annoying bees as a child has truly never lived. What I love about this reinvention is that while it feels like a completely new game, the characters, themes, and objectives remain very much the same. There’s nothing I love more than a remastered classic.

SEINFELDWatching: Seinfeld (Seasons 1-9)
Once again, I’ve been invited to the party at the very last minute. I am always a latecomer to these incredible shows that are fan-favorites across the globe. Thanks to frequent reruns of the sitcom, I’ve been catching enough bits and pieces of Seinfeld to realize that I was greatly deprived in my youth. The characters are ridiculous and the situations they find themselves in are ludicrous. The completionist in me had to start from season one. As Newman says, “It’s so great to see a show that’s about something.”

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On The Lookout: New Albums


Ah, summer. It’s that time of year again when everyone is trying to hold on to the last bit of fun before September rolls in and it’s back to the normal routine of school and work. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy that last bit of summer and with that being said, I’ve created a list of the top five new albums to look out for in the upcoming weeks.


Pond – Hobo Rocket
Pond, the Aussie band comprised of current and former members of fellow Aussie band Tame Impala, are returning  with their fifth studio album. They released two singles, “Xanman” and “Tortoise” both of which blend psychedelia, space rock and never-ending fuzz.

Release Date: August 5th, 2013


The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars
Joy Williams and John Paul White are returning with a new album after their abrupt break-up last year. Last year the band cited “irreconcilable professional differences” and abruptly stopped touring. Their single “The One That Got Away” hints at the growing trouble between the two and the album is sure to deliver the same sentiment.

Release Date: August 6th, 2013


Goldfrapp – Tales of Us
The electro duo has promised a “turn for the noir” on the latest album, channeling none other than filmmaker David Lynch. Dark, dreamy and alluring, Goldfrapp’s album will be one for long drives down the highway at dusk.

Release Date: Sept 10th, 2013


Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull
Kings of Leon have had their ups and downs in the last few years and plan to return to the sounds of the early albums while maintaining a youthful sound. Their latest single off the album is “Supersoaker”, an uptempo rocker foreshadows what fans can expect to hear.

Release Date: Sept 24th, 2013


 Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2
If part two is anything like the first album, I’d bet it’s going to be just as great. Judging from the track, “Take Back The Night”, listeners will be in for quite an experience. To make things even better, there are rumors that Questlove (The Roots) was heavily involved in the project.

Release Date: Sept 30th, 2013