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Hair Trends Straight From NYFW


It feels like only yesterday when I was rushing from fashion show to fashion show during New York Fashion Week with Editor-in-Chief of Cliché, Megan. That was last year, though, and here we are again; another season of NYFW having come and gone, one that was filled with endless celebrity sightings, head-turning streetwear, awe-inspiring collections, and models that have you crushin’ non-stop. The addictive feeling created by NYFW is one like no other; it’s a time that makes many people just wanna pick up and move there. And we don’t blame ya! Being engulfed by fashion and inspiration around every corner is something we all would love to have year-round. For a lot of us, though, NYFW may be something we are still drooling over from our computer screens. Luckily, Cliché is always here to share with you what we witnessed during this iconic time that sometimes feels like a split second.