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5 Up & Coming Beauty Vloggers


The anticipation that comes with a new video notification never gets old. Once my phone lights up to that beautiful note, it’s time to halt everything and click play. It’s safe to say that I’m a YouTube beauty vlogger addict—shout out to my fellow beauty babes out there that admit to being the same! There is no shame in the game, though. Gals empowering gals is something we should always encourage. Whether you know it or not, it’s just what you do when watching a beauty vlogger’s new video. What better way to spread that love than with up & coming beauty vloggers you should keep an eye out for? It’s a win-win for everyone! I’m fully encouraging your beauty vlogger obsession with these 5 up & coming beauty vloggers to put on your must-watch list. You’re totally welcome. Happy watching, beauties!


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1. Ellarie
You’ll instantly become smitten with Ellarie’s infectious smile. She’s a gorgeous soul who can always rock a colorful lips, has some serious makeup tricks, and is the incredible mother to a baby girl named Zara. Click on over to her Youtube channel and get ready to grin while bopping your head (or dancing around your room) to her catchy, beautiful, and extremely helpful videos.

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2. Alva Velasco
There is no denying that Alva Velasco (also known as @Alvajay on Instagram) is beautifully talented with a makeup brush in hand. She’s all about experimenting with looks and being an inspiration to her loyal viewers. Check out this sweet pea’s versatile videos and try out one of her mesmerizing looks yourself!
Simply Kenna

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3. Simply_kenna
It’s all about laidback vibes and self-discovery in Kenna’s world. She’s a young free spirit who isn’t afraid about being herself and sharing it with anyone who watches. Fall for her simple, cozy lifestyle by switching over to her channel.
Becca Rose

via www.youtube.com/user/voussontbeauetbelle

4. Becca Rose
The darling soul of Becca Rose shares with her viewers the most adorable shopping finds, along with stunning makeup tutorials. I for one am absolutely taken away by her cute flat. Did I mention she even created an Adele makeup video? You’re so going to want to watch that!

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5. Babylailalov
Nura is a young mother and wife that expresses herself through her one-of-a-kind beauty looks, while showing off her scarf wrapping skills. She thrives on sharing her authentic self with viewers and we’re all about that. See how she uses makeup as a tool of empowerment for women everywhere!
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