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The Best Self-Tanners


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? Probably the beach (hopefully somewhere tropic, with palm trees, crystal-clear water, and fruity cocktails with little umbrellas), and what does one do at the beach? Tan. Although we all want to be bronzed goddesses, we know that overexposure to the sun’s ...

Melt-Proof Must-Haves


We have been waiting all year for brilliant sunshine and enviable tan lines, but with summer comes heat—and a lot of it. The rising temperature is a welcome warmth when you’re lounging poolside or lapping through the ocean, but when you’re standing on line at Starbucks during your lunch break in the middle of July ...

DIY Blackhead Remedy Mask


Blackheads are the Worst, with a capital W. The occasional breakout and “bad skin day” are frustrating obstacles but otherwise manageable. Blackheads, however, are a breed of dilemma that usually calls for the drastic measure of plaster-like strips that rip the junk out of your pores in a satisfyingly barbaric kind of way. The problem ...

Floral Fragrances


The gradual flush of blossoming flower buds and blissful sunshine calls for the scent of spring to linger in the air—and in our perfume! Winter wrapped us up in warm amber and spicy bergamot, but with a new season comes new, fresher notes that smell just as sweet in bouquets as they do in our ...

All-Natural Makeup


It’s common knowledge that makeup isn’t the best remedy for the wellbeing of your skin. Makeup riddled with synthetic fragrances, added oils, and harsh pigments can lead to clogged pores, oily T-zones, and unwanted breakouts. But before you toss the contents of your makeup bag into the trash bin, we’ve compiled a list of all-natural makeup ...

Pastel Nail Polishes


With spring knocking at your door and the sun melting away the bitter chill, it’s time to swap out fingers dipped in black cherry reds and deep currant hues for shades that will reflect the golden sunshine right in the palm of your hand. Pastel nail polishes are a timeless spring trend—fashion’s way of welcoming ...

Colorful Spring Eyeliners


Tossing the contents of your junk drawer, donating the dress in the back of your wardrobe that hasn’t been worn since the day you bought it two years ago, moving around furniture until everything looks shiny and new - it’s the time of year to turn the phrase “out with the old, in with the ...

The Power of Vitamin C


With the sun peeking through flurries of snow and stormy, gray skies, it’s likely that your skin is suffering from the dull bite of the cold. Lack of sunshine and Vitamin D means drab, lackluster skin, but you don’t have to succumb to winter blues if you have the power of Vitamin C! Vitamin C ...

Hairmergency? Coconut Oil To The Rescue!


With the chilly winds blowing your hair about and sucking the moisture from your tangly tresses, it’s likely that you’re experiencing the dull, lifelessness that comes with winter-damaged hair. Instead of packing on the heavy hair masks laden with harmful silicones and overly fragranced fillers, try opting for a more natural option: coconut oil. You can ...

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