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Why You Should be Watching The Bay on Amazon Prime


There was a time when daytime television in the United States was appointment television for so many people, especially for stay-at-home moms and housewives. It flourished with countless talk shows and soap operas such as All My Children and One Life to Live. Fast-forward to 2019, where there are now just four daytime soap operas to watch. But even so, we are also living in a time when traditional television viewing is declining, and more people are turning to streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as alternatives to catch their favorite shows.

In 2010, director, producer, and writer Gregori J. Martin began production for a new digital drama series called The Bay. The show stars a number of well-known actors in the daytime soap opera world, such as Days of Our Lives star Mary Beth Evans, as well as a number of prime time stars and even several newcomers, like Karrueche Tran (pictured below). It takes place in the very posh seaside town of Bay City, where “the privileged residents find themselves entangled in a series of dilemmas involving rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Their lives riddled with forbidden love, malicious lies, and never-ending scandals, the town’s privileged tangle with those who confuse obsession for love, vengeance for justice, and power for success.” Starting in the Summer of 2016, the show moved to Amazon Prime, after initially being shown on the now-defunct Blip.tv. It is now in its fourth season.

A scene from The Bay, featuring Karrueche Tran as Vivian Johnson along with costar, Kristos Andrews as Peter Garrett

The show has been critically acclaimed for its acting, visuals, production values, writing, directing, and storytelling, In 2015, Entertainment Weekly named the show “one of the 4 best soap operas on the web.” Because of this, the show has won over 20 awards, including several Daytime Emmy Awards. The show is also known for its large, interconnected, racially diverse cast. It feels like an actual community, leaning on each other during times of need. If you loved Dynasty, Melrose Place, and Desperate Housewives, you will most likely enjoy binge watching The Bay. It has everything you ever need and want in a good, juicy, compelling drama. A murder mystery, a dramatic court case, and all the twist and turns you could possibly imagine. Need I say more?

Click here to watch The Bay on Amazon Prime


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Why You Should Be Watching The Bay on Amazon Prime: Featured Image Credit: thebaytheseries.com

Grey Griffin Draws Comedy From Family Life In “My First Comedy Special”


Before she knew it, Grey Griffin had successfully parlayed a childhood penchant for clowning around with silly impressions into a full-blown voice acting career. Throughout nearly two decades in the industry, Grey has lent her voice to memorable mean girls and other classic cartoon characters like Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Her focus is currently on comedy, drawing inspiration from the trials and tribulations of family dysfunction in her new comedy special on Amazon, My First Comedy Special (naturally). Check it out HERE! Grey also has the rare opportunity to work with her 11-year-old son Tex on Nickelodeon’s hit show, The Loud Family. She affectionately embraces the controlled chaos of her daily life with characteristically dry wit. And she is unafraid to let her opinions be known about current events. Her hopes for 2019? Well, ideally, an impeachment is waiting in the wings as we speak. 

Cliché: Did you always know you wanted to go into the entertainment industry?

Grey Griffin: Yes! Ever since I could form words, I’ve been doing impressions and trying to make people laugh. I didn’t realize the thing that made me the weirdest girl in my class could actually be a career!

You’ve voiced many iconic villains of every millennial’s childhood, including Vicky from The Fairly OddParents and Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. What attracts you to playing rebellious teen girls? As an actor, how do you connect to the character when they’re the antagonist?

My grandma bought me a boom box when I was 8 and I used to spend hours recording little audio telenovelas to amuse myself while she was working. It’s weird that I play so many meanies when I’m such an incredibly kind and selfless sweetheart in my everyday life! Ha! I’m exaggerating but I truly am a pretty happy, low-conflict lady. I guess I must store up a ton of resentment after letting all of those people with less items go ahead of me in the checkout line then I unleash it all behind the mic!

Tell us about your new comedy special on Amazon, fittingly titled My First Comedy Special. Where do you draw inspiration for your material from?

I have a little red comedy notebook in my car and I write “funny” things down all day. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher a particular idea because I probably wrote it as I was swiftly careening towards a bus. I draw tons of inspiration from my family. I’m raising 3 kids by myself and for a while I was also caring for my 94 year-old disabled grandma. My ex-husband currently resides in my guesthouse. I often have to laugh to keep from sobbing uncontrollably.

Kate Micucci of Garfunkel & Oates dubbed you “the real-life Mrs. Maisel.” That’s quite a compliment! Do you think there’s a lot of comedy to be mined from your personal life and observational humor?

Kate is such a sweetheart! She plays Velma on Scooby-Doo and I’m Daphne! She’s actually the one who kept urging me to do comedy. I was always screwing up her takes in the booth by making her laugh. When I first started doing shows, I was telling her that I always beg the booker to go first (even though nobody likes to do that) because I have to get back to my babysitter! Kate goes, “Oh my God! You’re the REAL-LIFE MRS. MAISEL!!!”

What was your favorite topic to discuss during your special and why?

I love doing impressions of my late Grandma, Eva Flores, because it makes me feel like she’s still alive and finally getting her moment in the spotlight.

You and your 11-year-old son Tex both have roles on The Loud House. What’s it like having the opportunity to work with your son on the same show?

Working with Tex is a dream come true. I’m so dang proud of him! He is such a great talent and so funny. I respect his opinion so much. I help him with his auditions and he helps me punch-up my jokes! It’s a pretty fair trade. We have had a standing “date night” on Fridays for years but now it’s much more convenient because instead of going home to pick him up after work we can go straight to sushi from Nickelodeon!

Your twitter feed is very unabashedly political. Why is political activism and letting your opinions be known so crucial to you in our current climate?

Ugh. I tried not to go there for SO long but there just came a point where I couldn’t be silent anymore. A colleague warned me that I needed to be careful because my activism might be “off-putting” to some people. Knowing something is wrong and not speaking up is WAY more off-putting to me!

If you could give your teenage self life and/or career advice, what would it be?

Don’t go to college unless you have to. If you already know what you want to do and it doesn’t require a degree, just go DO IT! If you have something to “fall back on”, you’ll probably fall back on it.

Any plans for your next comedy special?

I’ve been pretty busy creating some original cartoons and a live-action educational show for preschoolers that I’ll co-star in with my son but stand-up is truly where my heart is. I’m trying to write my hour and I’m about halfway there. I’m excited to divulge even more about my crazy life but I think it’s also important for me to continue showcasing undiscovered comics. There are SO MANY funny people out there. It’s like going to an animal shelter! I WANT TO HELP THEM ALL!!!!

What are your hopes for 2019?

Impeachment? 🙂

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Grey Griffin Draws Comedy From Family Life In “My First Comedy Special”. Photo Credit: Deidhra Fahey.

Christmas On A Budget? No Problem, We’ve Got Holiday Shopping Tips


Once the month of November hits, most of us start to panic about holiday shopping. December comes fast and whether you’re a college student or a full-time employee, the amount of money we shell out during this time of year can make for high stress. Most of us aren’t rolling in dough, but that’s okay. There are plenty of cheaper options out there to make the holidays less stressful and easier on your wallet. We’ve got some holiday shopping tips to relieve some of that headache.

Holiday Shopping Tips: Surf Websites Like Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon

Yes, this is sometimes a little too obvious, but if you prefer to do your shopping in-store rather than online, you’re probably missing out on some great gift opportunities. Shopping online is one of the best holiday shopping tips, because it opens up a lot more options than simply going to a shopping mall. If you have a best friend who loves collectables, art and craft items, or unique and personalized gifts, you can find just about anything under the sun on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Ebay Auctions Can Make Your Gift

If you hit the auctions on eBay, you could get lucky and score a mint condition, sealed vinyl that’s hard to find at a record store. A lot of vinyl records on eBay start on auction for cheap. I’ve found some pretty obscure ones for well under $20. There are so many unique things on eBay if you give your search a lot of thought. If you can think it, you can probably find it. Plus, eBay has their own deals section that can really helpful. Keep in mind that a lot of e-commerce deals are limited, so keep your eyes out for the good ones you can’t pass up!

Etsy Is Perfect For Unique Presents, So Long As You Search For The Cheaper Items

Holiday Shopping Tips

Photo Credit: Etsy

Etsy has just about anything in the vein of creative gifts. Got a boyfriend obsessed with Star Wars? There’s a personalized gift for that. Maybe your best friend is a pop culture freak and a huge coffee drinker. There’s a mug for that. And pins? There are plenty of unique pin sets that you probably won’t find anywhere else. It’s all about being smart with Etsy, though. Sometimes the items can get a little pricey based on the seller. Always keep your eye out for the cheaper deals, as well as the shipping costs. Some sellers offer a discount if you purchase more than one item from them, as well as a combined shipping so you don’t have to pay multiple shipping fees.

Amazon Can Be Way Cheap, Especially If You Sign Up For A Prime Trial

I’m pretty sure most of you already shop on Amazon. If you’ve already got an Amazon Prime membership, even better. If you don’t, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime at no cost and cancel before you get billed. It makes shopping on Amazon a lot easier, since a lot of items are eligible for Prime free two-day shipping. Find a niche item that your friends or family members will love. For instance, if you know a book-lover who doesn’t mind a lightly used copy of a novel, go for it. Know a cat lover? They have some hilarious adult coloring books for just about any subject you can think of.

Want To Give Someone a Cool Outing? Check Out the ‘Things to Do’ Section on Groupon

Groupon is a site that may be slightly overlooked if you haven’t used it a lot. But during this time of year, they have some really good sales, even on events. The ‘Things to Do’ section will show you Groupon deals in your area. If you take the time to sift through what offers they have, you can score a cheap price for local events and fun outings. 

Do You Have Old Gift Cards From Last Christmas You Haven’t Used?

Holiday Shopping Tips

Extra gift cards? Use them to buy gifts for the holidays. Photo Credit: LaniElderts / Flickr CC By 2.0

This is something some of us may not think about, but how long has that gift card been sitting in your desk drawer or wallet, unused? How much longer do you think you’ll take to spend it? If you aren’t against the idea of using it, it’s technically free shopping money. If you’ve got a gift card you haven’t used for any retail store, now is a good time to shop the incoming sales, especially online. And the best part is, if you use a gift card, you may pay little to nothing for someone’s gift. Sort of a win-win, right?


Are You Crafty? Create Some Beautiful Handmade Gifts for Your Loved Ones

If you’re an avid crafter or artist, a great gift idea can be easily achieved if you consider a way to make a personalized gift for someone. A photo memory book for a long-time best friend, a unique piece of jewellery, a painting of their favorite comic book character, organic bath bombs—the list goes on. If you’re up to the task of creating a gift for someone, rather than buying one, it can save you a ton of money—plus, it’ll mean a lot to the person you’re gifting it to.


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Christmas On A Budget? No Problem, We’ve Got Holiday Shopping Tips. Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay

‘Project Runway’ is Losing Hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn


Project Runway began in 2004 and has run faithfully with fashion experts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for 16 seasons. Beginning on Bravo, the reality show eventually switched to the Lifetime network. Finally, the hit reality series will be returning to Bravo its original home. When the show comes back, however, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn will not be hosting. Klum made a statement about the show recently, announcing her departure: “After 16 incredible seasons, I am saying ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Project Runway, a show that I was honored to host and help create. I am incredibly proud of the show, and it will always have a special place in my heart.” Klum goes on to state her appreciation for fans and the many talented designers who appeared on the show over the years. Don’t get upset yet, though! Klum made it clear that her “journey with [her] dear friend and colleague, Tim Gunn, is far from over.”

‘Project Runway’ Is Losing Hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, but Amazon Is Gaining the Two Fashion Experts in a New Show

Amazon’s announcements about the new show are few. But they have revealed that “the series will be a fresh take in the reality space” and there will be a “shoppable experience for viewers.” With Amazon gaining Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, Project Runway will be getting a bit of a facelift with new mentors. “Bravo is proud to bring Project Runway back where it all began, and Heidi and Tim will always be a huge part of the legacy,” the network said. “The series will continue its iconic impact with Bravo’s reboot for the next generation of designers and fans. We are excited to announce our new host and mentor very soon.” Tim Gunn also made a statement about leaving the show and transitioning to the Amazon series. “I am indebted to our incredible fans, they are the heart and soul of what we do and continue to inspire us to raise the bar in this arena. I’m excited for them to see what’s next, as I partner with Amazon and Heidi Klum on our next great ‘fashion’ adventure.”


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‘Project Runway’ is Losing Hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Featured Photo Credit: Lifetime.

5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration


Ever since I received the keys to my first home I’ve been on a home decor craze. To be honest, I’ve been reaching for kitchen goods, flowers, vases, wall hangs and more instead of fashion and beauty picks. I know—who is this woman and what have you done with Cliche’s Beauty Director? Trust me, I’m still me, just with a new obsession that you’ll want to join me in after you read this. I get my interior design inspiration from so many outlets, but most specifically from Pinterest and YouTuber Kate Spiers of Katelavie. When decorating, I try to create a balance between an effortless, rustic, artistic and playful living space. I alternate little details throughout the seasons, some of which include adding artificial flower bouquets for spring, warm tones for fall and fairy lights for winter. Now you may be asking what about summer? For this season of sunshine I’m gravitating towards fruit prints, wicker baskets, orange + pink combinations and stripes. Are you feeling the vibes?

With all the decoration updates that can happen within a year, keeping it affordable, while paying those bills, is a must. Over the past year I’ve found spots that let me make the most of my buck with high-quality and cutesy decor. Don’t allow yourself to be duped by expensive ones that are marketed all over social media. If you’re looking to make your summer home decor as hot as can be, without breaking a sweat, take a browse for places + items you’ll want to call home sweet home.


My #1 spot for finding an incredible bargain is HomeGoods hands down. Not every HomeGoods is a winner though. You have to check the ones near you all out to see which is the best to go to find a steal. Personally, I have been to probably 5 around me and 2 out of the 5 are sure winners. Visiting during early store hours or on weekdays is better too so you don’t have to deal with so much foot traffic. You want to take your time to peruse every aisle without feeling rushed as you move items to and fro. Some of my favorite finds here include candles, artificial flowers, stationary, baskets, rugs and furniture!

A recently new spot added to my list that is well deserved. I know, H&M, who would’ve thought? Don’t let your expectations fool you though. H&M has some of the cutest and trendiest pieces at prices that will make you want to add more than 1 of the same item to your cart. +10 please! Being a primarily fashion company makes them stand out. They always know what’s going to be “in style” before it even hits the market. I like to check out everything on their app. It’s way easier to navigate than their site I think, and you can easily see what’s new with just a tap of your nger. I recommend their vases, kitchen items and decor.

We all saw this one coming. Target is the suburbs fancy version of a Trader Joe’s meets K-Mart and none of us are mad at it. This spot will never get old, especially since it is always creating new store brands! Wondershop, Threshold, Hearth & Hand and more are exclusively Target owned and certainly keep us visiting every chance us decor-crazers get. One of my own Target secrets (although this may not be much of one if you already know) is to always check out their “dollar section” located near the entrance. It may appear to be a hurricane of mix & match items, but if you look, they include adorable items for so cheap. Think of office supplies, outdoor decor, pottery and even letter boards.


Not only can you buy supplies to create what they offer here, but you can purchase eye catching, artsy decor that’s almost always marked down. Michael’s is the bee’s knees for random discounts (i.e. spring black friday, anyone?) and making it known that they have them too (just ask their cashiers during checkout!). Recently, I bought a basket full of artificial flowers at my local Michael’s, all for 40% off. With them I created spring wreaths and added hues of oranges, pinks and yellows all over my living space. My rule of thumb for when visiting: Plan ahead. You don’t want to go here without an idea of what you want/want to create. Things can easily get out of hand and sooner than later you’ll be walking out with pipe cleaners, beads, paint and candy that you don’t know why you have.


Amazon has become a go-to for me, especially when I need something in a jiffy. It’s much more than just an e-retailer that you can order toilet paper or cat food from and have it delivered the next day if you’re in a hump. Amazon has a plethora of one-of-a-kind, quirky items that can make your home feel as unique as you. I enjoy constantly searching to find “the one” to add to my home knowing that I can have it at my doorstep same-week. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, but that’s what I like to call the thrill of the hunt. Check out their “Amazon Explore” page usually highlighted at the top of their home page. It includes a lot of interesting items gathered from your recent searches you may have never thought to see.


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5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration. Image Credits: H&M, Target

Why You Should Be Watching “Mozart in the Jungle”


Based on the 2005 memoir by Blair Tindall, a former New York City oboist, “Mozart in the Jungle” takes sex, drugs, and ambition and turns it into beautiful music. The Amazon show, now on its third season, has flown under the radar but has not been completely ignored. Winning Golden Globes for best television series and best actor, along with a prime-time Emmy award for outstanding sound mixing. It may be the most awarded, yet underrated, show yet.

These days we get our horror (“American Horror Story”), our politics (“VEEP”), and our dramatic plot twists (“How To Get Away With Murder”) fairly easily. With so many options and endless mediums to which we can access these shows, it’s shocking how little of it is actually something that makes us good. There is no loathsome villain, or even an ever more common, antihero. In “Mozart in the Jungle” you get fun, light humor. It’s realistic, yet outside of the realm to which most of us are exposed. The drama of professional orchestra musicians is not, on the surface, particularly exciting. But when you add a superb cast and a sweet thirty minute time frame, it’s just right.
Gael Garcia Bernal and Lola Kirke have a natural, yet mismatched, chemistry that is entirely realistic. The plot does not dwell on the usual tropes of sexual tension, rather it opts to focus on musical ambition. From millennials struggling with lofty goals, to the retirement aged audience who may be hanging up their hats on their careers, this show touches a very human nerve – the ego.
It’s very easy to identify with multiple characters on “Mozart in the Jungle,” or at the very least feel like you know someone just like them. The eccentric roommate, the territorial hard ass, the unabashedly nerdy music fan, or the retiree trying to find his place in the world – these people are people we know. The show brings together characters that are hard not to love, not in spite of their humanity but because of their humanity. It’s an absolute delight to watch this cast of players.
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Why You Should Be Watching “Mozart in the Jungle.” Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

5 Fashion Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full effect, and with that comes the endless crowds of shoppers hustling through department stores, shopping centers, and local malls. When it comes to checking off gifts on your lists, we know how much of a hunting experience it can turn into. Not only are you searching for presents amongst endless arrays of shiny items, but you’re also trying to make your way through the crowds—without stepping on anyone’s toes. We understand how trying holiday shopping can be, especially when it’s fashion focused. With the growing amount of fashion products out there, it can become quite overwhelming in the decision-making process. Luckily, here at Cliché we’re always ready to lend a hand in being your holiday elves—stylish ones, of course. We’ve gathered 5 fashion gift ideas for all of the fashionistas in your life. Check them out below and put your present worries to rest. Happy shopping, readers! 
Fashion Reads:
What better way to enhance your fashionista’s knowledge than with a hip fashion book all about what they love?



Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, By Andrew Bolton (www.amazon.com, $25.27)

Grace A Memoir


Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, By Design Museum (www.amazon.com, $15.41)

Bling Bling:
Anything covered in gold will light their eyes right up.



Charmed I’m Sure Gift Set (www.baublebar.com, $68)

Shiny Mix Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket


Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket (www.baublebar.com, $23)

Faux Fur Finds:
So they can stay warm and fashion forward at the same time.

Soft Furry Stole


Soft Furry Stole (www.zara.com, $25.99)

Faux Fur Hat


Faux Fur Hat (www.hm.com, $24.99)

All That Glitters:
During the holiday season, it’s their chance to get away with wearing as much glitter as they want.

Metallise Clutch


Metallise Clutch (www.anthropologie.com, $78)

Petite Party Bag


Cooperative Petite Party Crossbody Bag (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $44)

The Coziest Knits:
Whether inside, or out, a high-quality knit will last a lifetime.

Animal Ears Beanie


Animal Ears Beanie (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $29)

J Crew Pjs


Stretch Cotton Sleep Set (www.jcrew.com, $69.50)

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