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Presidents’ Day 2016


Presidents’ Day, or Washington’s Birthday, is an American holiday that is celebrated each year on the third Monday of February to honor the presidents of the United States. Traditionally celebrated on George Washington’s birthday (February 22), the holiday also honors Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is also in February. It was first established in 1855, and the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which was a push for there to be more three-day weekends for workers, had a major influence on the popularity of the holiday.
Presently speaking, each state has different views and traditions regarding the holiday. Some states have individual holidays that honor Washington and Lincoln, but overall it is popularly viewed to honor all of the United States’ presidents, whether they are in the past or present.
The celebrations and traditions during the observance of Presidents’ Day has increasingly become widely uncelebrated. Most schools are still in session and most delivery services offer regular service on this day. Nevertheless, a lot of stores, such as Macy’s, hold sales during Presidents’ Day weekend (which we are certainly not complaining about!).
The holiday is excitedly celebrated in Washington’s hometown, Alexandria, Virginia. There are month-long tributes, along with a huge parade, along with groups staging celebrations and reenactments of Washington’s reign. The White House, being the political icon of the United States, is also a celebratory powerhouse on the holiday with children and tourists bustling through and getting the opportunity to meet the President.
How do you plan to celebrate this Presidents’ Day? Let us know in the comments below!
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Image Courtesy of U.S. Department of Defense

British vs. American Style


As a British girl who has visited The States a number of times, I’ve noticed just how different American style compares to ours. From overalls to plaid shirts, leather jackets to brogues, here’s my lowdown on how British style contrasts to our friends across the pond.
British Casual:

  • Overalls

05P10FBLC_large      topshop-blue-moto-short-dungarees-product-1-17922860-1-746540881-normal_large_flex
I don’t know about other Brits, but I LOVE dungarees (overalls). When I visited America, my friends were surprised to see me wear them. What isn’t to love about overalls?! They’re comfy, cute, and they go with just about anything! Band t-shirts in particular are my favourite item to pair them with. You can find these on topshop.com.

  •    Pinafores

asos-blue-pinafore-dress-in-floral-jacquard-product-4-9902008-678289976_large_flex  asos-blue-pinafore-dress-in-floral-jacquard-product-2-9902008-503582422_large_flex
Similar to overalls, pinafores are another popular trend among Britons. Especially cute with knee high socks, pinafores are eligible to wear all year round, particularly floral patterned ones in Spring! www.lyst.com

  • Brogues

Brogues are my all time favourite shoe. Not only can you wear them during the day with a cute smock dress or the overalls I mentioned earlier, but you could rock a pair of T-bar flats with a smart/casual dress for a night out on the town or a fancy meal! topshop.com

  • Peter Pan collars

26D08JYLW_large topshop-contrast-dress-2
A favourite of mine, peter pan collars on t shirts, dresses or playsuits automatically make any outfit look adorable. Adding an element of class, collar dresses are perfect to wear during the summer to achieve that cute ‘girl next door’ look. misselfridge.com
American Casual:

  • Denim

image1xl  river-island-denim-denim-jacket-product-1-8108589-387484719
This is probably the fashion item I saw people wear the most, especially jackets! Denim is a great fashion accessory any can make any statement look casual. asos.com

  • Plaid Shirts

00137027-02  topshop-pink-oversize-check-shirt-product-1-16548240-0-050918481-normal_large_flex
Plaid checkered shirts teamed with denim shorts was a very popular choice of outfit I soon discovered when I visited the states. topshop.com

  • Leather jackets

11P01GBLK_2_large 11P34EBLK_large
Another popular fashion choice in the USA, especially to parties, the leather jacket can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts to create that edgy biker look. topshop.com

  • College Sweaters

31011602 img-thing
This may be stereotypical, but the amount of people I saw wearing university pullovers was unbelievable! In the UK, we don’t very often sell jumpers (sweatshirts) for our university’s, so it is rare to see someone wearing one. As a Brit, I love it! I think they give off the coolest vintage vibe. It’s great to be able to represent your university and be proud of it! polyvore.com
What do you think about British vs. American Style? Let us know in the comments below!
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