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Handy Advice Before Buying a Used Smartphone


Considering a new phone? Well, why not go for a second hand one? You get the same quality phone at a fraction of the cost and often without the hassle of a contract as you own the phone. Here is what to look out for.

Think About The Features You Want Your Smartphone To Have

You should find out about the features that the model offers you that you are interested in buying. You can conduct an online search to find the specifications of the model you intend to buy. Look for functionalities and features of the phone. This usually includes things like the operating system, touchscreen display, RAM, storage capacity, Wi-Fi connectivity, and camera. You can find a great deal on a used smartphone on the Surplus Database.

Ensure The The Phone Is Not Lost Or Stolen

It is inadvisable to buy a lost or stolen smartphone. Before buying a used phone online, review the complete records of the mobile phone. Check on the IMEI on the phone that will identify the status of the phone and whether it is blacklisted. A blacklisted Smartphone is useless as you won’t be able to activate the phone. Also, read up on testimonials and reviews of both unhappy and happy customers on the site of the seller. You can also call the online provider to ask whether they can assure you that they do not sell lost or stolen phones.

Check For Any Glitches On The Screen Of The Phone

Another important consideration is to check the body and screen-display on the phone. Make sure there are no glitches. In most cases, if a phone has been dropped multiple times by a previous owner, make sure you examine the screen carefully to make sure there are no glitches or physical defects around the body and the screen of the phone.  If you notice any glitches or scratches, you should not be buying the phone.

Ensure That The Battery Life Is Still Good

The battery is an important component of any smartphone. Even though it provides power to a mobile phone, they start to lose their capacity over time and their ability to retain a charge. If the phone is already 1 to 2 years old, the battery capacity will usually be around 80% of what it once was. Make sure the battery still holds power when buying a refurbished or used smartphone.

Ask If The Phone Is Locked Or Unlocked

An unlocked phone is the best option when buying a refurbished or used phone. This type of phone allows you to use your preferred network service. The locked phones may mean that you can only use a specific carrier, which limits you to what service carrier you can use. Make sure that you have asked whether the phone is unlocked or locked to help you save money and time.

Ask About The Warranty

After you have decided on all the important factors that you want in a phone and you find one or more phones that you like, ask the seller to provide you with a warranty that is reasonable. In most cases, resellers and dealers provide 1-year warranties on all refurbished and used phones.

Check On The Return Policy

In addition to a warranty, you should also make sure you understand the return policy of the dealer or reseller. An authorized seller will offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all types of refurbished or second-hand smartphones. This will mean that if your used mobile phone is not matching up to your expectations or it is giving you problems, you can return the phone to the dealer or seller for a money-back refund or to choose another phone. Make sure that you use the phone in the first 7 days of your purchase to pick up any issues.

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The 5 Best Beauty Apps to Download


Whatever your passion is, you can guarantee there is some type of technology to help you get ahead in the game. The beauty world is no different. There are so many apps that can help you get your beauty fix wherever you are. From dermatology listings, shade matching, and even an online beauty community, we put together the 5 best beauty apps to download right now. 
Sephora to Go

Courtesy of Sephora

Courtesy of Sephora

This app, available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, is perfect for when you just can’t make it into your nearest Sephora store. With this app, you can find your favorite products, read reviews, and also keep track of your Beauty Insider rewards points.

Photo courtesy of Lifebooker.com

Needing to find a new place for all your beauty needs can be stressful. Lifebooker makes it SO much easier. It is virtually an online catalogue of a myriad of services from teeth whitening to hair removal to manicures. Perfect for the girl on the go, the app lets you put in a location and find a place near you to get your glam on. Available on not only your desktop, but iPhone and Android, too.
Nail Snob

Photo Courtesy of the Nail Snob App

Have you ever had a favorite nail polish and when it comes time to buy a new one you completely forget the name? This is where Nail Snob comes in handy. An app specifically for organizing your polish collection, all you do is scan the barcode of your current shades, take a pic of your nails with the color on so you can always go back and find the name/brand of a past shade. You can even share your favorite colors on social media and discover new ones to try.
Bella Shoot

Photo courtesy of Bellashoot

This app is perfect for anyone looking to get into the beauty biz or simply get advice from other beauty lovers. You can upload tutorials or beauty tips and can even keep track of your favorite looks. Inspiration on the app comes from all over the world so you never will feel lost for a look ever again. Bella Shoot is available on your desktop and iPhone.

Photo Courtesy of Visada

The most important thing when embarking on your beauty journey is to know the science of your skin inside and out. Visada helps you do this all with one selfie. By uploading a selfie onto the app, you can then find out what type of skin you have and what products will help or harm you. From there, you can get recommendations on product prices and reviews as well as what celebs are wearing what. Available on both Android and iPhone, this app definitely helps you put your best face forward.
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Featured Photo Courtesy of Dean Neville/BFAnyc.com

3D Phone Cases


If you’ve recently checked out our website, you probably noticed a few additions: one being our new phone case shop! We have 3D phone cases that match our outfits, phone cases featuring our favorite brands, phone cases that make a statement, and phone cases that—well, you get my point. If you’re looking for stylish cases that your friends will be eyeing, we’ve got you covered. And the best part: you can also personalize the phone cases right from the website! Below are some of the cases our readers are buzzing about.
Blue Circuit
This decked out blue case is perfect for any stylish tech junkie out there, whether you’re buying it for yourself or a friend. Its overlapping blue circuits combined with its sleek design create a 3D cyber world that you can easily fit in your pocket.
We couldn’t escape from the galaxy print last summer. It was on everything: our sun dresses, swimsuits, and even our tights. So what better way to carry it into the winter season than having it displayed on our phone case? The only difference is we have revamped the galaxy print! This new design makes it possible to view this spacious artwork at every angle. Thank the heavens for 3D technology.
Surreal Landscapes
This is great for anyone who loves to travel or is interested in the beauty this world has to offer. Having realistic pieces of artwork right in the palm of your hands will definitely attract some attention.
If you’re looking for a case to match your outfit, we’ve got this one and many more to choose from. If you’re going for that pale pink vintage look or even the country girl look, you can easily bring your outfit together with this lovely case.
Boris Vallejo
We didn’t forget about our Sci-Fi Fans! Take a look at this case; wouldn’t you agree that it’s just gorgeous? I don’t think there is a better way to represent your love for everything mystical than with this phone case. But it doesn’t have to stop here! Just check out our website for more Sci-Fi cases to choose from.
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