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The 3 Most Spiritual Celebrities Of 2019


Few people have probably thought about the 3 most spiritual celebrities of 2019 but we did and wanted to share our thoughts with you.  Spirituality is a highly subjective concept. Some people see spirituality as being linked to religion or faith, whereas others would deem it as a deeper understanding and connection to the world ...

How to Pick the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type


No one is ever satisfied with their body. I’m not satisfied with my body. Who is?! No matter what, without a doubt, we’ll always find something wrong with ourselves and you’re not the only one. No one is perfect even though we’d like to think Ryan Gosling is the most perfect specimen ever. Just remember, you’re beautiful just the way you are. I learned that from Bruno Mars. It’s not like there’s nothing we can do about it either! What better way to show your confidence than just working with what you got. Thanks to HourglassAngel.com, we have tips and tricks for you to pick the best shapewear for your body type.

Critics’ Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks


Award season continues with the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards held last night at the Hollywood Palladium, and Birdman, Boyhood, and The Grand Budapest Hotel were big winners once again! Perhaps the only thing better than the awards themselves? The fashion. This year’s red carpet was smoking hot, from Sexiest Man Alive Chris Hemsworth making an appearance ...