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Talitha Bateman On Her Role in ‘Annabelle: Creation’


In 2013, a new doll was introduced to haunt our dreams when she made her debut in The Conjuring. (So long, Chuckie!) It’s the ladies’ turn, so enter Annabelle. It’s hard to deny the creepiness of the Raggedy Ann doll and the legends that come with it. As a result, dolls have been portrayed as the antagonist in many horror movies. We don’t blame you for being scared of them.


This year, Annabelle: Creation—which explores Annabelle’s exact origin—will be wrapping up our summer blockbuster movie line-up. Actress Talitha Bateman stars as an orphan named Janice who moves into an orphanage where, of course, Annabelle lives. As you can already imagine, orphanages are never a safe place when it comes to horror movies. We had a chance to chat with the lead actress about her career as an actor, what it was like on set, and where she hopes to see herself in the future. 

Cliché: Being in a family of other fellow actors and being one of eight siblings, was it a natural instinct to follow the path of pursuing a career in acting? How did it come about for you?
Talitha Bateman: I grew up in a very creative and artistic family, so it makes sense that some of us are actors now. Nearly all of my family is actively involved in the arts. When we were younger, my siblings and I would perform plays for our parents. We’d write scripts and pull together costumes from our closets. That’s kind of how it all started.

When you first started acting, what was your number one dream role? Is it still the same today?
One of my goals when I first started was to star in a horror movie. And now that I filmed Annabelle: Creation, I can check that off my list! I have so many roles I would love to play. I like complicated characters. I would love to play a bit of a daredevil or someone with a deep and compelling backstory. With each project, I take a bit of the character and leave a bit of myself. I recently finished a supporting role in a blockbuster film Geostorm and watching all the effects was awesome. There are just so many avenues to explore. I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

Now that you’ve had a few gigs under your belt, how do you go about choosing what roles you want to audition for?
I don’t exactly choose. I have a whole team of people who join the discussion. They submit me for certain roles that they think I might be interested in and we talk about it throughout the process. I have a great team of people supporting me.

Just watching the Annabelle trailer gives me shivers. What was it like being on the set of one of today’s well-known scary movies? Were you ever scared after wrapping up a day of shooting?
No. I never really got scared on set because I knew it was very safe. There were always so many people around me who were looking out for me. But when I started filming a scene, I was scared because I was in character, and I had to feel the fear Janice felt.

How did the role come about for you in the first place?
I didn’t know a lot about Janice during the audition process. They were very “hush hush” about it and they didn’t give me much to go on. When I booked it and read the script, I figured out who she was and how I was going to play her, which ended up being completely different from how I was originally playing her during the audition process. I think David F. Sandberg, as a director, has tremendous insight into whether an actor can bring what he needs. His audition process is quite unique.

What was your biggest takeaway from playing the lead role in a film?
It was hard. I was working Monday through Friday for a month straight. Even though it was difficult, it was also a blast because I had Stephanie and all of the girls to hang out with. Our dressing rooms were right next to each other, so we’d all eat lunch together the days we were all there.

My favorite genre would probably have to be drama. Not only to film, but also to watch. I like films that make people think.

If you had a chance to star in an upcoming remake of any classic horror movie, what movie would it be and what character would you like to play?
It would have to be The Sixth Sense. I love that movie! It is horror in the truest sense. And I would want to play Cole, even though he’s a boy. Haley Joel [Osment] gave one of the best child performances ever.

You’ve taken on many different roles in your career so far. Has there been a genre or role that you’ve been drawn to the most that you’d like to pursue more of?
My favorite genre would probably have to be drama. Not only to film, but also to watch. I like films that make people think. I have a supporting role in the upcoming movie Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and I know this movie will start a lot of conversations.

I also read you’re a fan of Vera Farmiga. If given the chance to work alongside her, what kind of movie would it be and what roles would you two play?
I would be happy playing a guest star in Bates Motel, just as long as I’d get to meet her.

When you’re not acting, what can we find you doing?
I love hiking, archery, martial arts, basically anything active, or outdoors. But I also love reading. Give me a good book and I’ll be happy anywhere.

Where do you hope to see your career five years from now?
I have no clue. In five years, I could be anywhere, doing anything. I’m happy where I am right now. I’m doing what I love and I’m having fun with it.

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Talitha Bateman On Her Role in ‘Annabelle: Creation’: Photographer: Michael Becker; Stylist: Sarah Kinsumba; Makeup: Grace Phillips; Hair: Steven Mason

Fall Movies to See


The fall season has arrived, and with it, a slew of horror, drama, and holiday flicks to satiate the movie needs of the cold and huddled movie-going masses. Listed here are my ten picks of what, I believe, will be the fall movies to see.

Kicking off the month of Halloween is a movie that has come to unsettle us by digging up the casket of children’s fears we’ve all buried long ago. Annabelle is a spin-off of the supernatural horror film The Conjuring and shows the origins of the movie’s titular nightmare-doll incarnate. Don’t compete in a staring contest with this creepy doll, or she’ll haunt your pants off.

Release Date: October 3, 2014

Gone Girl
After watching the trailer to this mystery-thriller, I’m thinking that I don’t know what to think about Ben Affleck’s character, and because of that, I’m intrigued. After reporting his wife missing, Nicke Dunne (Ben Affleck) faces the onslaught of the mainstream media while dealing with the judgemental and suspicious leers of his small town neighbors, friends, and family. Personally, I’m into mystery-thrillers, and I’m sure this flick will keep me guessing, even to the end.

Release Date: October 3, 2014

The Judge
Robert Downey Jr. That’s pretty much all I have to mention to get those movie-watching juices flowing, amiright? If not, how about this: RDJ plays a hot-shot lawyer who jetsets back to his small town home after receiving notice of his mother’s passing, but when he meets up with his estranged father, a renowned and well-respected judge, he discovers that he has represent the judge in court, over charges of… murder.

Release Date: October 10, 2014

Dear White People
At first glance, this movie looks funny, so I’m definitely interested in this biting satire about four black college students who attend an Ivy League college where white students host an annual black-themed party. Hilarity, I’m sure, ensues.

Release Date: October 17, 2014

During World War II, Wardaddy (Brad Pitt), and some other guys (among them, Shia LaBeouf), hop in a small tank, armed to the teeth with machine guns, turrets, and enough grit to make a grown man’s eyes calcify after watching the first official trailer of Fury. This war-hardened squad of skull crackers are tasked with driving their hell-on-tracks straight into enemy territory to stop an oncoming onslaught of vicious Nazi soldiers; so yeah, of course I’ll totally be there.

Release Date: October 17, 2014

Let’s just be clear about one thing: Christopher Nolan can do no wrong. He’s brought Memento, The Dark Knight, and Inception.  Add a recent Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey, and we have ourselves a potential hit on our hands. Interstellar is about a man who must explore the far reaches of space, time, and possibly — I don’t know — an alternate reality; I mean, let’s not kid ourselves, we’ll probably leave the theaters awestruck and disoriented and likely spend the rest of the following week sewing back the unraveling of our collective minds. So, what I’m saying is, don’t miss this movie because you’ll be asking yourself twice as many questions, beginning with, “Why didn’t I see this movie?”

Release Date: November 7, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
left audiences with an awesome cliffhanger, and the sequel to complete the faux-trilogy will be following the recent trend of splitting a single finale into a two-part series. Harry Potter has done it, Twilight too, and hell, The Hobbit split their single source material into three freakin’ movies! Anyway, I was never a fan of THG, I even have a copy of the first book, but I’ll have to admit that Catching Fire was a pretty decent movie — I’m wondering if the first part of Mockingjay can keep the fire coming.

Release Date: November 21, 2014

Horrible Bosses 2
The world’s worst criminals are back, and despite their attempts to return to a life of calm and normalcy, their unexplainable thirst for crime has them jonesing to commit more outlandish felonies. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day brought the laughs in the first go around, and honestly, I was surprised that Horrible Bosses did so well, but here we are, the sequel.

Release Date: November 26

Exodus: Gods and Kings
Despite the outright whitewashing of the biblical story of Moses and his exodus, I’ll say that I’ll watch anything directed by Ridley Scott at this point. The man makes epics.  The scale of the scenes are captivating and the music he employs — all that chanting and yodeling — really hits the spot. Come for the epic, and stay for the Christian Bale yelling.

Release Date: December 12, 2014


Courtesy of www.thehobbit.com

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
So Smaug, a huge gold lusting dwarf killing fire-breathing dragon, is on his way to bring fire and death to the lowly townsfolk of Laketown… Did I mention that this will be the hit of the fall? No, I didn’t, but I’ll say this: everyone is going to watch the finale of The Hobbit.

Release Date: December 17, 2014

Honorable Mentions:

Automata (Limited Release)
I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi and anything that involves Antonio Banderas wielding a gun. This flick contains elements of both Blade Runner and Isaac Asimov’s book, I, Robot.

After watching the trailer to this film, I instantly thought of the movie Young Adult, and began realizing that there has been a recent surge in movies about arrested development for the 20-somethings out there. I think it could be a sign of our times, and a rom-com would be one way to put it.

The Theory of Everything
A young Stephen Hawking unravels one of the possibly infinite mysteries of space and time whilst conquering burgeoning feelings of love, and the fair lady who precipitated said feelings? Alright… I’m listening.