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Why You Should Be Using the Hush Beauty App


Let’s face it, most of us millennials are on a pretty strict budget. We don’t have the money to always get that new makeup palette that we’re dying to have. Or if you’re like me, you’re so busy that you don’t notice when you’ve run out of foundation before you could purchase a replacement. You love trying all of the new trends, but you don’t always have the budget to purchase new, brand name products. Sound familiar? Then this is why you should be using the Hush beauty app now.

If you are on a beauty budget and you haven’t heard of Hush, stop here and download the app. You’ll thank me later. This app is the reason why I never panic or worry when I’m about to run out of products.

Using the Hush Beauty App: How it Works and Why it’s Awesome

I discovered Hush last year, in mid-2017. The current form of the app, launched in January of 2017, offers countless beauty products for cheaper prices. And the best part? Shipping is always free, no matter how much or how little you purchase. If you choose to purchase via the Hush website, there is a shipping charge of $5 if your order is under $25. The creators of Hush intended the app version to be the primary interface for shoppers. It’s simple to navigate, with a scroll-through menu at the top, and tabs at the bottom to switch between a user newsfeed, a search bar, the main menu, notifications, and of course, your personal Hush account and profile. According to Racked.com, one of Hush’s advisors, Alexis Maybank says that Hush is like “if Snapchat and HSN had a love child.” And it’s true! The app’s interface feels like a social media app, which makes it really easy to use from the get-go.  Another awesome reason why you should be using the hush beauty app

Hush carries well-known makeup brands, as well as high-quality dupes. The company is based out of Los Angeles, so if you reside in California your package will reach you pretty quickly. Otherwise, expect a general shipping time frame. Hush is a lot more convenient than going to the nearest Sephora, Ulta, or Mac Cosmetics store when you’re in a time-crunch. Or maybe you just don’t wanna leave the house! The best part is, you don’t have to.

Some of the Most Popular Products on Hush

Why You Should Be Using the Hush Beauty App

Photo Credit: Hush (@hush) on Facebook.com

There are plenty of great, brand name products you’ll find on Hush, like Batiste Dry Shampoo, Almay, and The Original Beauty Blender. But what is truly great about Hush are the dupes and the little guys. I’ve tried a lot of the products offered on Hush and they don’t disappoint, especially for the money value. Some featured brands are Bad Habit and Face Candy, both of which are cruelty-free companies based out of Los Angeles.

They also have frequent sales and discounts. Plus, if you join the app, you’ll get Hush rewards points for every purchase you make. Eventually, these points add up to dollars off a purchase!  So now do you see why you should be using the hush beauty app

Looking for some new skin care products, but not sure what to purchase? Check out our article, The Best Products For Beautiful and Dewy Skin.

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Photo credits: Hush (@hush) on Facebook.com

Apps Every Millennial Needs to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis


Just about every Millennial that scrolls through their various social media feeds experiences a roller-coaster of emotions when they get a glimpse of the journeys their friends are taking in their lives, whether it’s a glitzy trip through Europe, a dream wedding, or a career milestone. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s easier than ever to watch how the rest of the world is living life. Generally, a greater sense of interconnectedness and global awareness is a really good thing but such a high level of knowing what everyone is actually doing on a daily basis produced an unexpected side effect: the quarter-life crisis.

social media photoThe quarter-life crisis is a phenomenon that began in the last decade with the rise of social media platforms. More and more people between the ages of 20 and 30 are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, and the majority of it stems from watching the accomplishments that friends and family boast on social media. Since no one really turns to Instagram to share a photo of, say, a bad hair day or an embarrassing moment, it’s easy to fall victim to the idea that other people’s lives are pure perfection (or at least, better than ours). Since only highpoints are being shared, people often feel that their lives are not in the right place, and a quarter-life crisis ensues.

Are you feeling the slow burn of a quarter-life crisis? Don’t panic!

We’ve put together a “survival kit” for those who are ready to expand their horizons and battle their early-life blues. These apps are exactly what you need to give yourself a change for the better if you feel like you’re stuck in the same old routine. Maybe your dating life needs a revamp or you have a traveler’s itch you just need to scratch – or maybe you simply haven’t picked up a book in a while and have a thirst for knowledge. If you feel like there’s more to be done in life, why not go for it? Just remember, the key to combating a quarter-life crisis is not to imitate others in pursuit of happiness but rather make your own version of it. Take a look at apps every millennial needs to help sorting out your quarter-life crisis today:

Get up and go somewhere with Skyscanner & Airbnb

traveling the worldTraveling is never a bad thing! If you haven’t explored enough of the world and believe now is as good a time as ever, start looking for tickets and planning your dream vacation right away. Of course, not all of us can afford a ski trip in Aspen or a lux Paris getaway but there are apps out there that will help you make the most of your budget. The hassle of finding a cost-efficient and time-convenient flight can bring down even the strongest of us but Skyscanner cuts out the majority of the work. Obnoxiously expensive ticket prices and poorly-timed flights are a thing of the past: Skyscanner is an online travel aggregator that help you find the right flights, hotels and car hire firms based on your needs and info. Users can book flights based on budget, choice of flight time and even book hotels all from the same app with a few simple clicks. To make it even easier for the weary Millennial, Skyscanner is constantly updating their app with lists of the best hotels in each location, ticket deals and flight times, low cost car rental services and even guides to the best restaurants for a tasty bite no matter where you are.

Now that you have your ticket, you’ll be needing a place to stay. Everyone knows that staying in hotels can be quite costly, and it often deters from the experience of living like a local. Airbnb is the world-renowned hosting app that allows users to open up their homes to travelers, and gives travelers an interesting variety of lodgings depending on their budget and needs. What separates Airbnb from other hotel booking apps is that it allows you to be as creative as you like with your journey. Have a knack for adventure? Rent out a boat in Amsterdam for a few days. For those who want a bit of luxury, you can stay in a duplex apartment in the center of London. If you can’t quite afford that, you can rent out a single room in someone’s home instead. With a huge range of prices and styles of accommodation, finding a place to stay for a week, a month or even a year is incredibly easy with Airbnb, an essential app for the wandering millennial!

Be a social butterfly with Badoo

using Badoo

Work often eats up all of our free time and keeps us too busy to have as many social interactions as we’d like. Whether you aim to meet new faces, casually date or start on your search for “the one”, it’s never easy to find a place to start. That’s where Badoo comes in. Badoo is an online chatting app boasting over 300 million users from around the world who come together to talk, flirt, meet and date. Users sign up on the site and start constructing their profiles by answering questions designed to mix and match personalities, ensuring that you’ll have something in common with the person on the other side of the chat.

As a Badoo user you would essentially get profiles of people with similar interests hand-delivered to your phone, so gone are the days of scouring bars or clubs for a potential date. It’s up to you whether you’d like to swipe left or right to get the conversation going or move onto the next. If you feel like there’s a spark, you can start a chat and get to know them. The possibilities are endless from there.  Badoo is definitely one of those popular apps every millennial needs. It’s a fun way to talk to different characters nearby, meet with someone for a drink, or have a shot at finding your soul mate (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Get in the know with Reddit

expand your knowledge with RedditFor the avid consumer of words, knowledge, pictures and information, Reddit has it all. If you want to really see what’s going on in the world, get a book recommendation, or just read for hours about varying experiences, Reddit is the place to go. As one of the world’s leading social news platform, the entire world is connected through images, current events, scientific breakthroughs, literature and much more than you can possibly imagine. Each category on Reddit holds countless “subreddits” dedicated to the category, leading users to explore the massive database of information held on the site. One popular example is the “Ask Me Anything” thread, a subreddit where celebrities, scientists, web-developers and pretty much any expert of all sorts of fields answer questions users may have in regards to a corresponding topic. Want to know how an astronaut showers in space? There’s a subreddit for that. Need help figuring out what a movie was actually about? There’s a subreddit for that too. There are even subreddits dedicated to helping users from all around the globe with everyday problems such as official paperwork, taxes, university courses, travel and any other subject on your mind. Ask Reddit how to get through your quarter-life crisis – there’s probably a thread for that too!

Good tunes & good vibes

listening to spotifyIf you’re someone who can’t leave the house without your headphones attached and your music on blast, Spotify is another fantastic addition to your quarter-life crisis app vault. Regardless of how you feel or what you’re in the mood to listen to, it’s going to be on Spotify. This app contains a massive database of music from old, new and upcoming artists in any genre from around the world. There’s no end to the type of music you can access, so you can reminisce about a time before your crisis with “Hits of the 90’s”, or you can find new music to listen to on the plane to your next destination. If you’re in a jazzy mood or want to mellow out to a sad violin, you can find it all on Spotify. Videos and podcasts are also regularly available to make sure every user is updated on the best and latest. Exciting features include the ability to create your own playlists and share them with other users, explore new music and custom playlists filled with your favorite genre, and keep things fresh and fun by allowing Spotify to recommend music you might like.

If you’re feeling the rumble of a quarter-life crisis coming on, don’t fret. Rather than wallowing in self-doubt, learn more about apps every millennial needs and make a change instead – you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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The New Matchmaking Site You Should Know About


We live in a day and age where finding love is in the palm of your hand. With thousands of dating apps ready to be downloaded, matching with someone is as simple as basic math. A study conducted by Pewter Research Center in 2015 reported that 12% of 55- to 64-year-olds use an online dating site or mobile dating app. While ‘matching’ with someone is essentially effortless, research reports that one-third of online daters on dating apps and websites have not met up in real life with someone they initially found through online services. Although reasons were not listed, I think we could name a few reasons why (think creepy messages and mixed signals).
This was the norm until Three Day Rule. Kiss swiping left or right and waiting for notifications on your phone goodbye, and say hello to Three Day Rule, an online dating service that provides serious singles in search of love with hand-picked, compatible matches who are just as serious as you. Featured in Marie Claire, Fortune, and Good Morning America, Three Day Rule uses facial recognition software, interests, backgrounds, and what you’re looking for to match clients with their best matches. Once you take a short quiz and meet with your personal matchmaker, Three Day Rule searches and meets with candidates that share similar interests with you. “It’s sort of like having someone go on all of your first dates for you, and then sending you all the good ones,” says matchmaker Clancy.
We spoke with CEO and founder of Three Day Rule, Talia Goldstein, on what inspired her to start and how the process of finding a perfect match works.

Cliché: What inspired you to start Three Day Rule?
Talia Goldstein: I was working as a producer at E! Entertainment and noticed that my co-workers were all having trouble finding love.  In my spare time, I would set them up on dates for fun and eventually started hosting singles events all around LA. As the parties grew, I saw that there were so many successful, attractive singles that were struggling with dating. I knew that there was something missing in the market. So, I took a huge leap of faith, quit my job, and started Three Day Rule.
What questions are typically asked by a matchmaker?
We ask the matches the same questions that we ask all of our clients. We ask about their dating history: what worked and what didn’t work in the past.  We talk about their family history, their parents’ relationship, their hobbies and interests, and what type of partner he/she envisions in the future. We’re in the business of making long-term matches so it’s important for us to really understand and get to know each person that we match with our clients. 
What types of qualities make a match compatible between two people?
Matchmaking isn’t an exact science. We use intuition coupled with technology to help make successful matches. One trend that we’ve found is that great couples balance each other out; one person is typically the “star” while the other is the “rock.” The “star” is generally extroverted, outgoing, and more of a risk taker, while the “rock” exudes a quiet confidence and is more of a steady, supporting force in the relationship. 
So what are you waiting for? Ditch the games and get matched at ThreeDayRule.com today!
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Featured image courtesy of Three Day Rule

The Best Fashion Apps to Download


Apps have taken over the world! Okay, not really, but it sure seems like it. There’s seriously an app for just about anything. You can order food on your phone for a restaurant of your choosing. You can send money to your friends through Venmo, PayPal, or even Snapchat! And just recently, you can keep up with your favorite Kardashian rather than waiting for the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
So, how do you know which one is the right one to even download and worth keeping on your phone? Lord knows our phones can only store so much. I can’t be the only one who hates the pesky little notification warning you that your phone has reached storage capacity. THE HORROR. How am I supposed to choose which photos I want to keep the most?! That’s why we’re breaking down the fashion apps that you should consider keeping. You know, next to Instagram and Twitter.
We’ve all got those piles of clothes where you regret spending your precious paycheck on a piece of clothing that you wore once or not at all! Fear not, check out Depop. It’s the latest selling app that many famous fashion bloggers are leaning towards to sell their items. Just think, you can be wearing the same items as your favorite blogger AND make fast cash at the same time!
If you’re familiar with the website, you’ll understand the concept on your phone. Bring Polyvore with you while you’re on the go. When you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll have this in your back pocket.
Fad – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
Let’s say you’re out at some big fashion event and it happens: someone says a term you’re not quite familiar with, so you need to think fast on your feet. Rely on Fad AKA the ultimate helper for my fellow fashionistas who wouldn’t exactly call themselves an expert.
This is like Chictopia 2.0! Post your #OOTDs or #OOTNs and share with thousands on where you got your skirt. Better yet, if you like someone’s outfit and you’re dying to know where they got a particular item from, just click on it and you’re well on your way to adding that cute top or pair of shoes to your shopping cart!
Rent the Runway
NYFW may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done fawning over what we saw! Instead of drooling over an item you think you’ll never be able to own, why not rent it? Seriously!
You know those moments where you’re casually clicking away on the internet and you find that ONE item that you find yourself frantically searching for? Fret no more! This app helps you with that exact problem. Instead of coming up with no results and a heartbreak, this will do the search for you.
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Photograph courtesy of Depop