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Fashion Director Picks


Happy summer, my wonderful readers! I hope all of you are kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a good beach read or perhaps doing my favorite summer activity: attending an al fresco on a city roof. Now to the phenomenon that has been fascinating me ever since I got back from Manhattan today: mens-inspired pieces. It is everywhere and I am loving it! Why, you ask? Because I feel like it is a wonderful representation of the time we live in and a representation of how far women have come in our society. Men wear pastels now. Women wear suits, and fragrances made especially for ladies are muskier than ever. How exciting is this?! Freedom! Feminism! While I will forever be a lady, dressing like a man isn’t half bad. You should try it some time. Perhaps listen to the latest Arctic Monkeys album while you do so.
1. White Barn Three Wick Candle in Mahogany Teakwood
Bath and Body Works
2. Warby Parker Glasses in Kimball
3. Revlon Nail Enamel in “Iconic”
4. AM by Arctic Monkeys
5. Birkenstocks
in Arizona Suede
6. Factory Printed Classic Button Down Shirt
French Blue
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Fall In Review


Fall is officially here and below I’ve reviewed the albums you need to pick up today. Whether for the weekend road trip, a night on the town with friends, or just for simple listening pleasure, here are four Fall albums worth checking out. BY LAURA ANDERSON

John Legend – Love in the Future


John Legend is back after a five-year break since his last album. Love in the Future touches on love, life, and relationships. “The Beginning” sets the tone for the rest of the album; it’s a breezy, piano-centric R&B song. Kanye West had a hand in Legend’s latest production and listeners will certainly pick up on Kanye’s influence. This album is tailor-made for all those hopeless romantics out there.

Check out:  “The Beginning,” “Who Do We Think We Are,” “Made to Love”

Earl Sweatshirt – Doris


Earl’s first full release since his 2010 mixtape doesn’t disappoint. Earl proves himself one to watch out for, dropping his gore/shock tactics for a more mature outlook examining life struggles and growing up. Dark, murky beats are the backdrop for Earl’s lyrical palette. The album has no shortage of guests; Pharrell lends a hand on “Burgundy,” Wu Tang’s RZA on “Molasses,” and there are a few more including Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, and Mac Miller.

Check out: “Burgundy,” “Hive,”“Chum”

Chelsea Wolfe – Pain is Beauty


Chelsea Wolfe’s latest album, Pain is Beauty, blends a melody of goth, rock, psych, folk, punk, and 90’s noise to create a beautiful and seamless album. The opening track, “Feral Love,” builds slowly and continues throughout the first few tracks. “The Waves Have Come” is a chilling tune about love lost and destroyed by a natural disaster (inspired by the 2011 Japanese tsunami). Wolfe’s dreamy, hazy vocals are both haunting and beautiful, and Pain is Beauty takes listeners on an almost supernatural adventure.

Check out: “The Waves Have Come,” “Destruction Makes The World Burn Brighter,” “We Hit A Wall”

Arctic Monkeys – AM


The fifth album from Arctic Monkey’s is a wild ride exploring themes of sex, love, loneliness, and frustration. The band mixes 70’s hard rock with classic hip-hop sounds, creating a hip-shaking, head-banging masterpiece. Lyrically, frontman Alex Turner takes a cue from John Lennon, painting vivid images for the listener. Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme also contributed to this album, guesting on “One for the Road” and “Knee Socks.”

Check out: “Arabella,” “One For the Road,” “Fireside”

Feature image courtesy of Flickr via user Valentin Ottone
All album work is public domain